Misplaced Image
Roleplaying Log: Misplaced Image
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Moonstar and Domino are tasked with retrieving a lost image inducer. As it turns out, someone else wants it for themselves.

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IC Date: June 08, 2019
IC Location: Freight train somewhere in New Jersey
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Posted On: 08 Jun 2019 14:35
Rating & Warnings: R for some violence and language
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You know Fate has a way of throwing people together even when they need time to cool off.

For instance, both Dani and Domino are feeling certain things in regards to their friendship, their own personal backgrounds and their histories.

Distance is likely a good thing between the two women, but as it is the wheel-always-turns and it's never the way one wishes for or expects.

It starts off innocently enough. One of the older students with a mutation that is easily seen returns to the Institute. He's beat up, bruised, scuffed. He eventually admits what happened - two men jumped him, robbing him of his money, wallet, phone and any other goods upon him.

Including anything that looked technological in making. What other tech might he have on himself? Why the best kind of tech - ALIEN tech. Specifically an image inducer created with Shi'ar components.

Technology that resides in the Xavier Institute and that the faculty does not want falling into run-of-the-mill thugs.

And while those run of the mill thugs are quite stupid, upon seeing the kid change right before their eyes, they knew what they held in their hands was special. Very. Special.

That is where Domino and Dani come into play.

"Finally." Dani mutters, "It pinged back its location." Her eyes narrow at the computer screen she looks at, "And it's on the move."

The little dot that signifies the image inducer is definitely on the move. Specifically via train.

"Dammit. We better get a move on. No telling what stop the thugs will get off at. Best hurry."

And here, she turns to Domino, "Ready?"

Once the other woman says she is then it's a hustle out of the X-Mansion and into the expansive backyard. Hours have already passed and there's not a moment to lose.

The question of how they're going to get there is soon answered as they step outside. Standing within that backyard is something from the tales of old - from fairy books, the imagination, nursery rhymes even; a Pegasus. He's large, all white, and his wings are already half extended as he waits. As soon as his blue eyes fall upon Dani there's a snort of welcome from the beast, then he high-steps over to the women.

Dani slides another look to Domino and the Valkyrie cracks the smallest of grins. "Hope you like horses." Now the Cheyenne woman pulls herself up into the saddle and once settled, she extends a hand downward to Domino, to help pull her up and behind her.


There may be some healing which needs to occur since a certain confrontation or two. ..Or more. Lying low is exactly the sort of thing that Neena would like to be doing. There are plenty of dark and questionable places in Gotham. Places where she can express her emotions in her manner of choice and perhaps make some money on the side in doing so.

Fate's decided to deal her something of a wildcard, instead. The currency of this gig isn't cash, it's trust. Thus, it seems appropriate that she'd get stuck working alongside another woman whom had not only very recently been threatened by the mercenary but had first met her at the business end of a precision rifle.

It's not exactly Domino's lucky day.

From all angles this is purely a milk run. Run to the train, take the thing back, return to Westchester, Bob's your uncle. Of course she -has- to ask Dani how they're going to make it onto the train.

It's a question which she soon comes to regret.

"I'd rather be flying with Warren!"

Dom's got herself a death grip on Dani as they go flying on the back of a -freaking horse- at speeds and altitudes which no horse should ever travel at. And thus begins their journey into building a little more trust.

"Oh shit! Moonie! This is why seatbelts are a thing! Next time I'll fly myself!"

Landing upon the train is almost immediately followed by an albino lady falling off of Brightwind and dropping heavily onto her back with an echoy metallic *Thuddd* where she remains with the wind tugging at her hair. Pale blue eyes slit open and look at the pair. "You are so not getting a good review on Trip Advisor."


She'd rather fly with Warren?

A few different thoughts flit through Moonstar's mind, but only one is said outlaid and so, Dani shouts above the wind, "Brightwind takes offense to that. He is a superb flyer."

Because a winged horse just has to have a name like Brightwind, right?


The trip is fast and brutal and when Brightwind lands atop the moving train his steel-shod hooves create quite the clatter, bang and shower of sparks.

While Domino's dismount is rather chaotic and messy, Moonstar's is much more controlled. She hops down with quick efficient movements and while there's still some stiffness to the Agent of SHIELD, the jab about seat-belts and Trip Advisor pulls a quiet snort from her.

Maybe even another twitch of a grin.

Her touchscreen phone is freed from a pocket and glanced at and upon seeing the blip of the image inducer still stationary, the Cheyenne says, "It's still here. Fourth car looks like. Let's get going."

While her words aren't quite in the shout range like previously, it's definitely close thanks to the wind that whips past the two.

Then it's a hop, skip, jump down the little ladder and through the doors of the car.

Before they get too far in, however, Moonstar adds, "In and out. Hopefully without bloodshed."

As for Brightwind, he just stays atop the car they landed upon, because that's what winged horses just do - really.


'Hopefully without bloodshed.'

"We're on a freight train, Moonie. I don't think the hobos are going to offer much resistance."

Domino peels herself up off of the car and settles into a crouch against the wind, counting out the cars ahead of them and checking for any low hanging obstacles. She's done this a time or two before, those signs like to pop out of nowhere!

It really is a hop, skip, and jump across the ever shifting ground beneath them. It's dangerous work but she's always kind of enjoyed the classic train heist. The night air is cool and sharp, the (not so) lovely New Jersey countryside is rolling by, there aren't many people around, and you always know what direction you're heading in.

When they reach the cargo container in question Dom strikes her fist on the door twice with a "This one?" for confirmation. Then a small piece of detcord gets worked around the lock. She leans back against the door with hands over ears with a "Fire in the hole" and the lock simply vanishes into a spray of hardened steel fragments.

The latch is easily turned. The doors swung open. Out comes a flashlight. Then comes the next leg of their hunt.

"Don't suppose that nifty tracker app of yours can get us any closer?"

Boxes within boxes! And crates and things, too! It's probably somewhere in here, so sayeth the app, but where?

"Unless your magical pal out there can carry the entire container back with him?" Pause. "Hey, I don't know the extent of his powers," she adds with a (mock) look of innocence.


While the hobos aren't likely to offer much resistance, Moonstar still makes her point known.

No bloodshed.

Then at the knock of Domino's knuckles against the door and that question of hers, Moonstar once again looks at the lit-up screen of her phone. "Yup, it's this one."

And now the potentially dangerous part begins. Finding the image inducer.

With the lock cracked, Moonstar darkens the screen of her phone with a push of a side-button. The polished screen of the phone reflects all that's around it - a part of the car behind the two women, a section of the sky, and also Danielle Moonstar herself. And seconds before she slides the phone back into her pocket the image momentarily shifts -

The features of a great brown bear can briefly be seen.

Then it's gone and Moonstar, who's attention is currently focused on Domino and the train car in question, tucks the phone away.

"It doesn't." Dani says, answering the question of whether the app can pinpoint anything further, "Hopefully our luck will hold out and we can find it in the first few boxes, because no, Brightwind can definitely *not* pick up something this size."

While Moonstar can't say she carries a flashlight with her, she can still make her own light. It's magenta in colored and coalesces into the typical form of her bow. It adds to the light that Domino shines around and boy does it ever paint a pretty picture of what they two are set-up against -

Stacks of boxes, containers, and other odds-n-ends, some high, some low and all creating a labyrinth of hidden corners and niches.

Shadows too. A lot of shadows.

And off to the side one of those shadows moves, or something seems to move, which causes Moonstar to jerk around, "What was that?"

Whether magenta or white, when a light shines over in that corner nothing can be seen, only generic boxes and containers.


Maybe this is why Domino is along for the ride? If anyone can find the needle in the haystack… With an only slightly frustrated sigh she starts looking at the various containers, though it does give them a little time.

Time for a conversation rather similar to one that she had with Warren some time ago.

"So now that you all know an uncomfortable amount about me, do you happen to know anything about my party trick?" Her X-Gene, specifically. "Really just curious," she continues with a half shrug. "I wasn't planning on getting into it."

At Dani's 'what was that' Neena rolls her eyes. "Just the sounds of the containers. Standing in here you get the full effect. Don't worry about it."

As soon as this is said her light comes around and she finds herself face to face with a floating pair of eyes. The rest of the person is there, just hard to see while shrouded in so much matte black cloth. This instant moment of contact seems to stretch on for an uncomfortably long amount of time before the light catches a sudden reflection—

—and the blade of a Wakizashi takes a chunk out of a crate right beside where Dom's head used to be.


At the next swipe it's all she can do to grapple the sword arm and twist it past her side, a move which results in another assassin coming in behind her getting speared right through the heart.

So..about that whole 'no bloodshed, no killing' thing…

"Dammit—watch out!"

A few more are already closing in on Dani's location with more still converging around the doors to the shipping container. The only way out of the metal killbox is directly through them. It's like fighting inside of a blender!

Ducking another blade, she yells out the first thought which comes to mind: "These hobos are REALLY pissed off!"


Dani does know something about Domino's power, but will she admit it?

Hard to say.

Thankfullllyyyy, that choice is kind of taken way from her as contact does indeed happen and quite quickly.

The Cheyenne doesn't see that contact until two things happen - the sword kerthunks into the crate nearby Domino's head, and Domino's own shout of contact. Really, Moonstar was still focused upon that spot where she thought that shadowed moved. Now, though, Dani pivots quickly back around to Domino, "Well, guess our luck just ran out.", and while Domino takes care of two she grapples with, Moonstar's gaze switches over to the ones closing in upon her.

That's fine. This is all fine. Everything is ok. Really.

Dani kicks a small wooden crate across the floor of the car at one of the approaching black-clothed men (or women it's hard to tell) and as soon as the crate is off, Moonstar raises her psionic bow.

A few similarly colored pink-purple arrows appear in her right-hand and nocked against her psionic bow, the black-haired woman looses the arrows upon two of the nearest bad-guys to her. "Domino!" Snaps Moonstar, "These are obviously not hobos!"

Not that she really needed to explain that, but this is Dani at her best.

Straight-(wo)man central.

"Send them all my way. I can knock them unconscious."

See, no bloodshed. It's totally possible.


'Send them her way??'

"Yeah!" Dodge. "Sure!" Jump. "Whatever" Spin. "works" Dive. "for you!" -Kick to the groin.-

How's THAT for not shedding blood!

Dom leaps over the assassin now cupping his crotch and dropping to his knees and nearly gets speared through the temples before she can land. The guy's arm is latched onto and yanked downward as she throws herself right to the floor. He gets a psychic arrow for his troubles…

And his blade carves open a box which results in a peculiar watch-shaped object dropping neatly into Neena's palm.

She only has a second to stare at it in disbelief when a shuriken catches her in the back of a shoulder..and sticks. The merc cries out and kicks back in the same motion, wrecking one of the killer's knees. Unbeknownst to her, by 'finding' the alien device she's made herself the prime target for the Shadow Crowd.

Rather than try to fight her way through it she tries for the smart play with head down while running toward Moonstar. "Hit it!"

For a moment it seems like it might actually work. This time a moment is all that they're going to get. Another shadow comes up from behind Dani's side, holding an arm out in the albino's direction. She doesn't know what he's got but it can't be anything good. Neena ducks.

The train suddenly lurches.

The heavy steel door on the shipping container swings around and slams not into the assassin..but into Dani Moonstar.

Just as a spring-loaded blade fires away from his wrist.

It would be a real short trip into the albino's chest.

It'll be an even shorter trip into Dani's back.


The good thing about psychic arrows is the fact that you never run out of them.


Oh alright, eventually they can run out if the wielder grows tired, but Moonstar has been doing the psychic arrow thing for a very long time now.

She can create dozens upon dozens of them without growing too tired.

As such, as the arrows strike home (whether in chest, thigh, eye, or butt) they all dissolve and the 'wounded' crumple to the floor to twitch sporadically.

"How the hell do you think these guys -" That's the start of Moonstar's question, but it never finishes not when Domino cries out in pain. Immediately Dani turns in Domino's direction, "Domino!", and finds the injured albino running at her. It doesn't take much more beyond that and Domino's 'hi it' to push Moonstar back into action. "We need to get out and back to Brightwind!"

Now comes the chaos -

Dani moves for the door, her arrows sent at those that she can quickly snipe out of Domino's way. At the same time Dani runs, the assassin raises his arm and then the train car skips a beat, which causes the door to swing wide.

Dani has a second to realize the door is going to hit her and it's enough for the woman to mutter, "Shit!"

Then with a dull thud Moonstar finds herself shoved back towards Domino, but more importantly into the path of that thrown knife. The Cheyenne has enough time to straighten, to regain something of her balance, before the rug is pulled roughly from beneath her feet again.

That knife bites deep into her back and acts almost like a physical punch. A 'punch' that causes a grunt to issue from the woman's mouth as she staggers a step forward. She doesn't immediately collapse, not when the danger is still about. Now Dani's gaze focuses upon the gaggle of bad-guys that are chasing after Domino and now Moonstar rips open each of their minds.

All she needs is them in her line of sight and once they are Moonstar pulls their deepest, darkest, scariest of fears.

One by one they drop, twitching and frothing from the attack.

And for that one that threw the knife? His fate is likewise sealed, as suddenly the angriest of horse screams can be heard from above. Then with the sound of sheering metal the roof of the train car rips open wide and with that opening comes a very angry five hundred pound pegasus who literally drops down upon the knife-throwing man and ruthlessly stomps him beneath silver-hooves.

Stomps him to a paste.


Assassins are starting to drop in a big way, with a hitch. If Dani can't see them they aren't yet affected. Whatever she's doing is a damn good trick, why doesn't she just lead with that instead of the doofy bow and arrow skit? If she could always just think her way to success?

Neena's got another assassin pinned to a stack of boxes with a boot against the throat and one of their blades held ready to sink it home when he suddenly turns into dead weight, having gotten him into Moonstar's Peripheral of Doom. That's one less guy who needs to bleed tonight.



It's a complete reversal. Back at the casino Dani got to witness what Domino was capable of when pushed to the edge. Now she gets to see what Moonstar can do when properly motivated. It's..a little frightening. No shots fired. No physical strikes delivered. They just..all fell over.

"Uh. Alright. That's cool, I—holy shit."

Dani isn't noticed just yet. What Neena sees next is a pegasus standing there with bloodied hooves and what she swears is a near maniacal grin on a horse's face. "Mooniiie… How come your horse can kill these fools and I can't?" … "Moonie?"

Just follow the trail of blood, Thurman.

"-Shit.- Dani. Dani, talk to me."

Neena drops to the Cheyenne's side, both hooking the image inducer into her combat rig and pulling out her phone. It only takes a second to call up 'Hot Wings' as a contact, complete with a picture of Warren Worthington sunning himself on the hood of a lovely new bright red Ferrari convertible. It's tossed to the floor, freeing up her hands for a small medkit included with her gear.

"Jeezus, c'mon," Dom mutters while pulling out a pile of gauze to hold around the blade still stuck in Moonstar. Waiting for the call to connect seems to take forever! "Warren! Dani's down, find the coordinates on the inducer, we got it!"

The guy that got nut-crunched earlier somehow missed the Cheyenne's psychic assault. His luck doesn't last much longer. Warren will hear the single gunshot snapping off through the phone's speaker as the albino puts him down.

Something about the shot seems to have also settled her nerves, as if shifting her mind back into level action mode. "It looks bad, how fast can you get here?"


Images appear around the men and women who attack Domino and Dani..

See-through images. Of mundane things, of the not-so-mundane, and of course the downright scary. As the assassins fall unconscious those images Moonstar pulls from their minds wink out in a similar fashion.

Then it's just Brightwind with his gore-encrusted hooves, Domino and … Dani.

Only now Dani is on the floor with a knife in her back. It's definitely hit something bad, blood soaks the back of her costume top. Still that doesn't stop Dani from reacting to the appearance of Domino, especially when the other woman puts pressure on the wound. "Well, at least we got what we came for." Rasps the woman, and then like any good movie scene, Moonstar coughs and with that cough blood bubbles out of her mouth.

It stains her teeth, her chin, her neck, and it's clear with the brightness of that blood that something bad has been hit.

Now her eyes close as the breath in her lungs rattle with each inhale and exhale.

Brightwind tosses his head and mantles his wings and then, like some angered child, he stomps his front hooves upon the floor of the train car.


"Five minutes, if not less," is the immediate answer over the phone, once the distress call connects. No hesitation, surprise or panic: Warren Worthington is quite used to this. When you're one of the team's healers, you tend to sit on-call for exactly situations like this… and fortunately for everyone involved, Warren's main mutation makes him an extremely mobile medic.

Ten miles through some of the densest urban tangle on the planet? No problem. Angel goes as the crow flies.

"What's the injury?" he says, a moment later. It's already a bit hard to hear him, because of the wind and wingbeats in the background. "Are you still under fire?"


Yeah. No. This is really not good. At least Dani was able to say something in response but at the rate things are going that may not be an option for long. Brightwind can still respond in his own way, though Neena's not having any of it. She actually shoots a stare at the pegasus. "Not helping! Go run a perimeter sweep, make sure no one else is creeping up on us!"

This, of course, leaves Warren to wonder if Domino is indeed bitching out a horse.

"Knife wound, still in her. Punctured a lung—goddammit" she hisses then reaches back and -yanks- the shuriken out of her own shoulder. It's flicked aside with an angry motion, then she's back to full pressure on Moonstar's injury. "Maybe more. Negative on contact, she somehow dropped 'em with her mind. I don't suppose you know about this ability of hers? If she passes out I don't want to find us surrounded by pissed off assassins again."


"I know about it," comes the succinct response. "If she hit them, they'll stay down." A pause. "After having a significantly bad time." There is no time to explain more in detail than that, and Domino would get the sense he's saving his breath for flying.

About a minute later, up through the ruined roof of the train car, movement can be seen in the skies above as something crosses the moon in a flickering wink of interrupted light. It's moving fast — very fast. Two hundred miles an hour worth of fast, in fact, in a blistering stoop that Warren pulls out of a bare twenty feet overhead. His wings snap open with an audible crack, feathers catching the night air in a noisy brake that brings him in to a hovering stop. It gets really windy, temporarily, while Warren is beating wings in for his landing.

"Let me see her," he says immediately, once he's down and can hear himself talk again. His wings stay open, a sure sign of tension. "I don't expect any of these people will be getting up — but cover, please."

Kneeling down beside Dani and taking her into his lap, he'll look over the injury, unconsciously mantling wings over them both. "I'm going to lay you down on your front, my darling," he says, voice low, smoothing a hand gently along her face to brush the blood away. "I'm afraid with me, that knife will have to come out. Brace."

The exact opposite of accepted first aid in situations like this; but Warren goes about it without hesitation, grasping the knife hilt and pulling firmly to remove it and expose the open wound.


Not helping?

Not helping! He is so helping.

He so is.

But curiously, as soon as Brightwind hears Warren's voice the horse calms. Well, he becomes less prone to hoof stomps. That doesn't seem to stop the worried air that now permeates around the pegasus. His gaze stays primarily upon Dani, but every so often the horse just looks off behind Domino.

Sure, there's nothing there that regular eyes can see, but Brightwind sure acts like he sees something.

If Dani had a voice she'd agree with Warren; damn straight they aren't getting up. Not with what she ripped from all their minds.

But then it's all a moot point in some regards, as Warren arrives upon scene like some vengeful spirit.

And when Dani finds herself cradled by Warren, the Cheyenne opens her eyes. Something of a bloodied-toothed grimace can be seen upon her features, which only worsens when he advises her what he's about to do -

She understands his powers well enough and knows what he's going to try to do.

As such, when he touches her face to wipe that blood from her skin, she speaks.

"Warren .."

.. don't .." Each word of Dani's is a struggle thanks to the blood that wells in her mouth and from the loss of blood, ".. fight .."

"..what's .. coming."

There are more words that need to be said in that sentence, but she can't manage to say them.

Then she finds herself turned so the knife handle is right there, easily grasped by Warren. It's not terribly hard to pull the knife free from her back, but when he does that's when the blood really begins to flow; both internally and externally.

And while freeing the knife from her back isn't exactly pain-free, the only noise Dani manages to make is a quiet grunt of pain. Seconds later her body goes limp as her consciousness fades from her wound.


Likely to Warren's relief no weapons are pointed in his direction with the sudden and dramatic entrance, though with his eyesight he can darn well see that Domino has a hand ready just in case whatever's heading their way isn't a friendly. She's looking concerned but a flicker of relief shines through upon seeing a literal angel hanging over them both.

Not only does he show up in record time but he's calm and collected. Doesn't seem rattled at all. In the back of Neena's mind it makes her wonder if she really had pushed him so hard the other night that she had managed to break past that iron-clad shell he surrounds himself in. No easy feat, to be certain.

With the request for cover she grunts "Thought you'd never ask." Bloodied hands come away from Dani and, as seems to be tradition with these two lately, she draws her guns. Cover she can provide. Her shoulder isn't all that bad off.

This situation is, unfortunately, also familiar to her. Moments like this are what push her more toward working alone, having to worry about no one other than herself. Now that she's on guard duty the series of events leading up to Dani's fall have a chance to catch up with her and replay through her mind. What happened back there? Where did this all go wrong?

Did Moonstar seriously take a blade that had been meant for her..?

Maybe Warren shouldn't hear the specifics of this mission.

Maybe there will be more pressing matters to deal with, like Dani croaking out not to fight what's coming. Neena can't help herself. "Stop talking shit, Dani. You're getting through this."

Out comes the blade…

And out goes Moonstar's consciousness.

"Warren," is all Dom can say. The one word comes on a voice which does its very best to remain level and resolute, though if Warren's ears are half as good as his eyes he'd hear that Thurman's emotional blocks aren't all holding true. There is genuine worry there.


There is a certain focus people attain when they are exactly where they should be, doing exactly what they should be doing, in the same way they have always done it. Since he was eighteen, Warren has been showing up to firefights as a combatant; since he was twenty-seven, he's also been doing so as a primary healer.

This is exactly what he knows. (The sudden and dramatic entrances are also what he knows.)

He's also very used to just taking over and taking control, in most situations which don't involve Scott, who is one of the only people to whom he will regularly defer. A byproduct, perhaps, of being accustomed to, well, owning everything and therefore flat-out being the most important person in the room at any given time. He assesses Domino in one glance, judges her injury can wait compared to Dani, and sets her to run cover.

He's so focused that he doesn't even really fully register Dani's words. "You should know me better than that by now," is all he says in response, wry but distracted, as he lays her down and draws out the blade. The earnest worry in Dom's voice at the gush of blood is heard, but not really responded to for the moment save a quiet, reassuring assertion: "I will take care of it."

He pulls out his own knife, flips it open, yanks up his right sleeve, and digs the blade into his own wrist. The resulting outflow of blood is pressed directly against the simliarly-gushing wound in Dani's back, in an impressively horrible display of gore.

His blood works quickly, at the least. Both in preventing himself from bleeding out, and — once it mixes into Dani's wound — knitting her flesh.


Before blood can mingle with blood, something in Brightwind's demeanor changes.

There's a snap of his own feathered wings outward, mantling them at his rider. Or, rather, over his rider. They stretch toward Warren's own extended wings, creating a circle of feathers around the man and the injured woman.

A barrier. Protection against the thing that the Steeds of the Valkyrior cannot stop even when it comes for their rider.


But for this day, for this particular night, Death is thwarted. Not by Danielle Moonstar, Valkyrie, but by Warren Worthington the Third; mutant and billionaire.

Blood pours into Dani's wound and like the angel Warren often is thought to be, a miracle seemingly happens. Her wounds begin to knit, to bind, to heal.

It goes on for however long it needs to; until Dani's lung is healed, the arteries whole, and her skin unblemished. And as her body mends, the Cheyenne woman's breathing becomes easier, less labored, her complexion loses that gray cast and life returns.

As for Brightwind, he keeps his wings fully extended however the tension that lined the horse's body lessens. Enough so that he turns one spectacularly blue eye upon Warren.

« Man. »

« Herald. »

« Thank you. »

And it's at this point that Moonstar moves, something of consciousness returning, though perhaps a little delirious-consciousness as her voice a croaks to life, "It's never a dull moment with us."


Isn't it curious how something so perfect and beautiful can also have such a dark and morbid side? Warren can save others and mend their wounds at the cost of tapping right into his own soul. Such an act almost makes what Neena does seem quaint in comparison.

What she thinks but doesn't say is 'you'd damn well better take care of it.' Even so, if Dani does pull through this Dom can't very well bitch her out for what happened. It wasn't the Cheyenne's fault. In fact..it could very easily be argued that it was the -albino's- fault. This just serves to make her more irritated, makes her want to lash out at someone else that much more.

It isn't supposed to happen like this. THIS is EXACTLY why being around others is a bad idea. Never get attached because everyone is lost in the end.

Red-stained fingers roll once around the grips of her sidearms. The wound in her shoulder is something to focus on but it's just not up to the task. The urge to start putting rounds into those assassins where they lie is running high. It doesn't matter if they're still alive or not, destruction is destruction and she's craving anything which might return a sense of control to her world.

It isn't supposed to happen like this.

Neena's never been so grateful to hear Dani's voice.

"Don't you fucking do that again, Moonie."

And she sure has a strange way of showing it.

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