Powering Up
Roleplaying Log: Powering Up
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Why get into a meaningful conversation when you can take a trip down to LexCorp for some science stuff?

Other Characters Referenced: Jennifer Hayden, Supergirl
IC Date: June 08, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 08 Jun 2019 19:34
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It's been fairly quiet lately, a blessing in its own way. Daisy's mission has been taking its toll and she's been unable to hide it from Gwen when the two have a chance to spend any time together. Such moments have become fewer and farther apart between her jumping around from Brotherhood safe houses to keeping on the move.

For a brief time it had seemed like Jade's apartment could offer some safety but not long after the offer had been made Daisy hadn't come back. Not since discovering that Jen's social media accounts were connected to very public matters involving Supergirl. Maybe it was her being overly cautious but ever since the lab had mysteriously been torn apart by a localized seismic event she's closed herself off even further from the rest of the world.

Gwen included.

Today has the somewhat sleepy and shadow-eyed 'mutant' sitting along the concrete edge of an open roofed parking garage, a breakfast burrito in hand and her sorry looking van parked within throwing distance. Metropolis is a pretty sight at this hour but she seems way too lost within her own thoughts to fully appreciate the view.


Gwen has been thinking about it for a while. She respects Daisy and wants her to have her space, but on a simpler level is just lonely without Daisy. She emerges from the cold, empty sleeping bag bed in Daisy's van after a while and plops herself wordlessly down next to Daisy, not looking at her, just looking out over Metropolis, or at least as much of it as can be seen from the top of a lowly parking garage. "How do you like this city?" she asks. "The city of tomorrow, and all that."


As Gwen comes to settle beside Quake she wordlessly offers the burrito to the Spider, hardly even looking in her direction at first. "It's alright, I guess. A lot more accessible through the net but also a lot more secure. Can't help but feel like a seriously little fish compared to the other powerhouses in the area."

A lot of tourists come a very long way just to be able to appreciate this view, so easily taken for granted by those who live in the area.

"How about you, finding ways to stave off the boredom?"


Gwen accepts the burrito but doesn't bite. She's not hungry for food. "I've been practicing boredom, actually. None of my leads on getting a new identity have worked out, so I can't keep waiting. I've been doing my best to lose the old climbing and webbing reflexes so I can just try to pass myself off as strong and fast to the Brotherhood. I think I'm ready to meet them, if you're ready."

Casual, Gwen. Casual.


There's something that Gwen says here which makes Daisy stiffen where she sits. On the upside she finally turns to look at Gwen, though there's a troubled look in her dark eyes. "I don't know if this is still a good idea, G. These guys aren't playing around."

Of course it can't be that easy. Heck, Daisy had talked up the idea weeks ago! What eventually comes from the discussion is a faint sigh of defeat and a dip of her head toward the van.

"Alright. Let's go."

Go? Go where? Had Quake been holding out on Gwen this entire time, trying to stall the idea? As the crusty old van comes around to LexCorp it certainly might seem that way. Like the doors had been open all along but Daisy had been keeping it a secret.

It's a secret no more. Daisy has security clearance. She has a line of communication with Luthor, himself. And he knows they're both coming well before they reach the front doors.


"I don't care about playing around. I care about being there when you need me."

What is there to say to that, right? The drive commences, and Gwen follows Daisy through the building, trying to not look impressed, and succeeding if only because she isn't impressed (she's a New York girl, she's seen big buildings before).


The doors to LexCorp open before they even finish getting out of the van. Once they get ushered to the elevator and up towards the lab floors, standing there in the center of the wide doors to a familiar lab space is Lex Luthor himself. His bodyguards, Hope & Mercy, are nearby as always. They seem to be keeping to themselves, this time. Almost as if they are being used to show that Daisy has earned even more trust.

Lex Luthor doesn't need his bodyguards around her anymore.

"Ah, there you are." Lex offers with a bit of a smile. A little one. Of friendship. "I have to say that I'm glad you called. I've made some impressive progress on your gauntlets." is tossed in the direction of Daisy.

"And I'm looking forward to many more challenges." Lex takes a glance in Gwen's direction, still wearing his excited to help smile, as he turns to lead everyone into the lab.


Of course, going back to the lair of the Big Man of LexCorp means that Daisy needs to push aside her own jumbled mess of feelings and try to be more presentable. As far as she can while running around with raccoon eyes, anyway.

"Thanks for meeting us so quickly, Mister Luthor. This is Gwen. We were hoping that maybe something could be worked up that's a little different for her. Power-wise."

For now it's into the lab she goes, hopeful for the moment. Though still concerned for what the future might bring.

What she's -really- hoping is that Lex doesn't mention the semi-recent news.


Luthor doesn't offer to shake hands, so Gwen doesn't either, just giving a sup-nod to him. Her hands are deep in the pockets of her jacket before following them deeper into the lab. She's the sidekick here, so she keeps her place, both at the back of the line and with mouth shut. Don't speak until spoken to. She does look around keenly at all the science, though. Science is neat in her book.


The Lab is, of course, a world of splendor and wonder! Cool tech stuffs as far as the eye can see! And this is one of the weaker labs that Lex Luthor has access to!

"Well, you've come to the right place. Ever since you Metas have started saving our lives, I've been wanting to do my part to give back. And it seems like giving you all access to my brilliance is the key to beginning to do that."

Lex offers a smile because smiles are meant to keep people at ease.

"Let's see what you've brought me to work with." That's said to both Daisy and Gwen. Might as well let them decide how demonstrations are going to be handled.


Daisy might not be the most sciency-minded person out there but she's almost come to enjoy these labs. They've been doing good things for her, certainly! Not a single micro-fracture ever since the first prototype gloves were handed over.

Although they don't always work quite as she expects them to.

As Lex drops the sales pitch she looks to Gwen with a thin and, hopefully, reassuring smile. Daisy still has a growing list of reservations concerning this idea of theirs but trying to stop Gwen is like trying to stop a force of nature. They may as well try to do it the 'right' way.

Quake's own offering here won't be anything new to Lex. The current iteration of the gauntlets are pulled out of her pack and set on a table, then sleeves are rolled up. Both are looking to be in very good condition, though she does say "Every once in a while it's like there's a hiccup with these. Where I try to do something and nothing comes of it."

It feels a little too much like the power inhibitors from SHIELD but a couple whaps against the wall seem to do the trick.


"Well. That's because those are obsolete."

Lex says this with all the a-matter-of-factness of someone that has been wanting to show off his latest iteration. He moves quickly to grab a metal case and gives it a lift and plants it onto the table, knocking the 'obsolete gauntlets' out of the way. He spins the case around and pops it open to reveal a pair of dark silver and black gauntlets, still designed in the same 'flavor' as the previous pair, but a lot more streamlined and focused. There's purple and green wiring and piping that looks almost like it was designed to look badass.

"Allow me to present, the RS-7s." Lex takes a step back from the open case to give Daisy a moment to look at them and marvel at his amazing work. "They won't activate until you put them on. Genetically Encrypted, of course." Lex grins. "Go on. Let's see if they cure your hiccups."


Presentation is everything, and Lex has it down to a ..well, a science. Daisy almost looks torn when the older pair are so casually discarded and forgotten about but any concern she might be feeling immediately goes away upon seeing the newest revision in all of their splendor.

"Oh… -Wow.- That is ..totally awesome!" They even have a futuristic sounding name and everything!

Yeah, so maybe she's easy to impress with the fancy shiny stuff.

The first glove is pulled out and looked over though she's glancing Gwen's way again while trying it on for fit. Like 'this is what we can expect from Lex.' Polished and refined epicness in a box.

Of course the fit is perfect. When you have access to laser-precise measurements it'd be criminal to be anything less than made to measure.

"These feel -way- better already," Quake reports while curling her fingers through their partial coverings. "Really, I can't thank you enough."

Then turning toward Gwen, she offers "You're up. What kind of power do you want today? Lightning always seemed cool."

At least this got her out of her mental rut for a while!


Gwen's lips quirk a little smile. Its size belies the fondness behind it. "Nah, shooting energy from your body is your thing. I don't wanna bite your gimmick." She takes a step closer to Daisy, and explains, "Dr. Luthor, I already have powers of my own. I'm strong, I'm fast. What I'm looking for is a gimmick that will mislead people who might otherwise think of me if they see me in action, but I need the gimmick to be non-lethal. I got an idea from Daisy as to how I could do all that…"

Gwen removes her right hand from her pocket and brandishes a Super Ball.

No, really. She's serious.

"So I saw Daisy playing with one of these, and I got to thinking. My speed and hand-eye coordination give me great aim, and my strength makes my projectiles dangerous. I'd demonstrate, but I'm not trying to reenact Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones jokes. Do you think you could invent something I could throw that would ricochet like a rubber ball would, diffuse kinetic energy on impact like a rubber ball would to make the strikes less harmful, maybe add some kind of tactical options? Have I sparked your interest?"


Lex Luthor's face lights up as he listens to Gwen. He might as well be taking notes or something but with his super memory it works out that he doesn't miss a single word of what she says. Even while immediately starting to design things in his head.

"I applaud your need for non-lethal arms. There's been enough death in this world. It feels good to not have to add to it." Nevermind that he has over a hundred military and defense contracts.

"But, to answer your question, my interest is far more than sparked. I'd say you've unleashed a lava of potential." Lex offers a bit of a grin. "Is there a particular style you're like these projectiles in? Would you prefer the ball? Or would you rather something like capsules or discs?" He's just riffing off the top of the head. "Have you given any thought to your overall gimmick or name? Perhaps I can create something new to fit…"

Lex is practically drooling over the chance to do this.


Where Quake is standing the show isn't quite over yet. Those green and purple wires actually start to light up once she's got them all situated and they're 'fed' a little bit of power. "Whoa..no way… This is like the -ultimate- club accessory." Funny how a bit of refinement and some extra bells and whistles can leave a person feeling like they've finally made it onto the A-Team of superpowers!

As Gwen steps up to the proverbial plate Daisy is soon surprised at what is being suggested. "I was wondering where that went," she quietly asides as Gwen produces the superball. This soon turns into something of a sheepish smile at the reference to the first Men in Black movie, again quietly mentioning "I might have already done that."

While Gwen is displaying said ball Daisy can't help but hold a hand up just enough toward it in order to give it a little power-flick out of Gwen's hand to bounce to the floor. She's clearly gaining confidence with her powers, between so much training and so much tech.


Gwen is surprised when the ball gets knocked from her hand, but she knows an opportunity to make a demonstration when she sees one. She drops to a crouch and leaps into a sideways flip, grabbing the ball from above before it can hit the air and landing on her toes in a low squat. It's show-offy, but she figures Luthor may as well know what he's working with.

Casually, as she stands, Gwen explains, "It would depend on a lot of things. Discs would be more aerodynamic, obviously, and the design would allow for more gadgets to be implanted because unlike a sphere, a disc offers clear suggestions of where and what to aim. On the other hand, the reduced surface area of the edges would make the impact area more damaging and more easy to cause unintentional harm on a bad throw; but that can be mitigated by the materials used. Something suitably elastic could take a lot of the harm out of it."

Look at Gwen, talking ballistic physics with Lex Luthor with perfect calm and confidence.

"As for a name… well, I'm pretty bouncy too, so maybe Ricochet?"


"The lights are directly linked to how much power you're putting into them. The more power you use the brighter they glow. I've also taken the liberty of installing a safety measure or two. The primary one being that the wires will flash rapidly when you're in danger of over doing it. If you can't stop or are about to lose control, the gauntlets will shut themselves down, severing the connection as well. That should keep you from hurting anyone during problematic situations."

Lex leaves those words for Daisy to mess around with in her head before turning his attention back to Gwen. An eyebrow raised and a smile as he watches her movements. It's like he's seeing money flip around his lab or something.

"Ricochet. That sounds amazingly marketable." Lex makes a few more mental notes. "You are correct." he states this as if he had just given her a ballistics quiz. "Discs are perfect." And with that, Lex is already designing things in his head.

"One week. I want you both back here in one week. You… to give me a status update on how your RS-7s are working." He nods to Daisy. "And you, to see the first go round of your new meta persona: Ricochet." He grins at Gwen.


Huh. The description about the lights is a curious bonus, although Lex's comment about them automatically shutting down has her wondering..just -how- the gauntlets would know when she's lost control… Then again, she isn't the sciency sort here.

Quake starts by clapping politely at Gwen's demonstration of reflexes. Little by little it becomes more drawn out as Gwen so -very- casually starts getting all science-minded with Lex. She keeps going..and going..and—

"Wow, and I thought I was a nerd," Daisy teases from the side. "Ellie would -love- to meet you."

There's more to the story, however. Clearly Gwen's given this a lot of thought, right down to the name. Previously this would have been something they could have worked on together, but since Daisy had started to shut herself off… The momentary glee of a new shiny is already starting to wear off and reality is edging back in. This really isn't some fun little game they're all playing.

When Lex announces a one week check-in Quake's entire demeanor flicks right back into its former happy-go-lucky version, all bright-eyes and smiles. "One week," she confirms with dipping her head. Then one more look over to Gwen. How's she taking all of this?


Gwen nods. "A week, then." She's taking this all in stride, unflappably calm, her body language relaxed and loose. Daisy probably knows her well enough to know she's only this relaxed when she's STRESSED THE FUDGE OUT but really wants you to think she's okay. "I have some videos on my phone of tests I've been doing with my aim and my throwing strength, if you want them, but I didn't have instrumentation to actually measure speed or impact, so it's mostly guesswork." She shrugs a little, not exactly embarrassed by that fact, but a little uncomfortable for some reason. Like she knows how far out of her league she is here, maybe.

Another thing Daisy might notice is how little Gwen is looking at her. It's another of her tells: she has something to say but isn't ready to say it just yet.


"No need. I have everything I need right up here." Lex taps the side of his head and turns back to Daisy now that he has handled the plan for his new meta warrior of justice. "Any questions about your new toys? I tried to make them slim enough to fit beneath some types of clothing. You shouldn't have to ever be without your Gauntlets. They are as much a part of you now as your ability. Treat them as such."


Ho boy. These two are going to have a lot of catching up to do, aren't they. But not here. Daisy's attention keeps getting tugged from one direction to the next, now drawn back over to Lex Luthor when he talks about the idea of her essentially living in the gauntlets. Her eyes go wide and she makes a slight face, hands held out with a shake of her head. Palms are brought together then she says "I think we're good here." Another push brings the smile right back to her face then she dips her head once more. "Thank you..for all of your help."


Gwen drops the act a little bit to show some sincere humility as she nods in agreement with Daisy. "Yes. Really, thank you. I wouldn't have felt like I really owe you for anything you make for me, but what you'll make will let me do something very important to me. I owe you for that, Dr. Luthor."


"No." Lex Luthor looks as sincere as humanly possible. And for him that's very sincere. He's all sincerity. "It is I that owe the two of you. And the rest of the meta community. Without your help, your selflessness, who knows what state the world would be in." Lex lets a bit of his reasoning for being a part of this slip. "What small amount of assistance I can give, if that can help you on your path, then I have only just begun to pay you back for what you've done for mankind."

Lex Luthor clasps his hands together and offers a bowed head towards both Gwen and Daisy.

"Thank you."


So, all in all that seemed to go pretty well. The introductions went well. Progress seemed to go well. Daisy got some wicked new gauntlets. Gwen should have her new persona in a week. It all went perfectly well.

Daisy isn't feeling quite so well.

Not a word is offered until they're back in the van still parked in the lot. Fingers drum across the wheel once, then she releases a long breath. "We can't keep going like this, can we," is 'asked' in a flat tone.


As soon as they have a moment's privacy in the van (not that the privacy is real; cameras are a thing, Gwen), Gwen starts laughing wildly at Daisy's assessment. It takes her a full minute to get her composure back enough to say, "Daisy… do you know that feeling you get when someone you love does something amazing and you're so proud of them it feels like your heart is about to explode?" Tears of laughter, but maybe not just laughter, dry into little salt trails on her burning red cheeks. She reaches across the gear shift for Daisy's hand. "When you knocked that ball out of my hand, I could have died happy, Skye. Whatever else happens, I'm so proud of the person you're becoming."

She's still smiling as she says, "But yeah, it'd be nice if we went on a date now and then or something."


When the wild laughter starts Daisy audibly groans and leans forward to drape both arms across the top of the wheel so she can kind of bury her head within them. It's that bad, huh. All of the secrets and the deceit and Gwen's going to be so completely..absolutely—


Her head jumps back up, staring at Gwen with mouth slightly agape and an expression which begs the question: Have you COMPLETELY lost your marbles?

"I… -What?- Gwen, are you feeling—"

What is even going on here.

"So..wait..you're not mad, or..there's like..nothing…" her words trail off, still utterly dumbstruck by this turn of events. She doesn't deserve someone like Gwen. Both hands come together to cup over nose and mouth then slide downward, ending up in her lap as she sits back against the seat. Staring up at one of the overhanging lightpoles.

"You're amazing, G."


"Hey," Gwen says gently, touching Daisy's cheek, lightly pulling, guiding Daisy to look at her. She's still smiling. "Look… am I lonely? Do I worry that the person you're becoming is someone who doesn't have a place for me in her life? Yeah, of course. But this job is what it is, and you're worth giving the benefit of the doubt to. Especially since I know you'll make it all up to me in spades once the job is done.

"Ya nerd."


There isn't any resistance in bringing Daisy's focus back to Gwen. A clear weight rests within her eyes but she looks and listens. There's a single sniff along the way, then an uncertain smile at being called a nerd.


Then her gaze flicks downward. "It isn't that I'm going to 'grow out' of this or anything, Gwen. I'm more worried that you're going to find out some of the..things..that I've done and want nothing to do with me."

She looks back to Gwen and gently shakes her head. "I don't know if I can keep doing this. ..The mission. I mean. Not…" Sigh. "Stop talking, Daisy."


Gwen nods slowly. "Okay. You want to talk about it, and it sounds like I need to hear it, but… let's put it on the shelf for now?" Her smile is a little strained. "I miss you too much to have that conversation right exactly now, so I'm gonna be selfish."


Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow? Honestly, Daisy's glad to be off the hook for a little while longer. It'll give her a chance to get her thoughts in order. Another smile comes around, this one seeming more genuine. A gauntleted hand reaches for one of Gwen's for a moment. "Consider it shelved."

And surely they can find some nicer scenery than the LexCorp parking lot.

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