Relationship Blues
Roleplaying Log: Relationship Blues
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Supergirl stops by the florist shop to try to find some flowers to apologize with. Babs and Dinah are bemused.

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IC Date: June 07, 2019
IC Location: Sherwood Florists
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Posted On: 08 Jun 2019 23:48
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Wearing a cape is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills.

Renting out rooms, *that* pays the bills. It also means Dinah's got a source of free labor when afternoon shipments arrive for the flower shop.

Dinah's in tan summer shorts and a old men's dress shirt in navy blue, tied off below her ribs. Wading boots and a headband holding back her blond hair undermine any likeness to Daisy Duke.

She sets down the heavy bag of potting soil in the corner of the storage shed and makes a mark on her clipboard. The shed's adjacent to the shop itself and the doors are left open so she can keep an ear out for Barbara, who's minding the till.

"Babs!" she yells. "Can you look at my invoices and tell me if I ordered forty, or fifty, bags of fertilizer?" she requests of the redhead.

* * *

Ding ding ding, the door chime goes. It's Kara, well, a blonde woman of notably symmetrical features and a white tee that says Girl Power on the front, and short enough to expose some of her stomach, along with some fashionably torn blue jeans. Easily kind of moving in, she sniffs the air a bit and is moving up toward the counter.

Grimacing a little bit at the design of this place, looking about all of the plants. She pauses and looks at one of them, kind of picking it up and looking around it, moving her head underneath of the pot, from the side looking at it, and leaning forward to sniff at the flowers before setting it down with a wrinkled nose. "Why would anyone -ever- pay money for one of these captured plants?" She says it to herself, at least that's the intent, but she's clearly audible at any worthwhile conversational distance.

With eyes wide and a bit of a shake of her head, she takes in a breath and moves further down the aisle, picking up another one with brighter colored flowers and kind of poking some of the petals as she stares at it, watching the stem sort of bounce with her light pokes. This amuses her enough to smile at least from her grimace, and she remains, for the moment, bent over and prodding a plant that never did -anything- to her.

* * *

Barbara Gordon pops into view in her own cutoff denim shorts and one-piece bathing suit that is the deepest violet; but she's in dirty and weathered Converse sneakers with yellow laces. She crosses her arms lightly at her chest, leaning into the doorframe with a little twitch of a smile. "Um, you want me to see how much poop you bought?"

She would probably have a lot more fun with this until she spots someone coming in through the door. She tilts her head slightly, red hair swept over one shoulder with the gesture. "You have a customer. I don't think she's here for poop." Then Barbara waves toward Kara in greeting before she heads for the back office to dig out Dinah's invoices.

* * *

Dinah Lance says, "It's not /poop/, it's /fertilizer/," Dinah says with a grimace. "Which is literally the greatest invention in human history, and I'm saving four bags for the garden out back, so keep it up." She wiggles a finger at Dinah. "You'll talk yourself right outta fresh tomatoes."

She kicks dirt and mud from her boots at the entrance and uplifts a chin at Kara. "Hey. Welcome to Sherwood Florists," Dinah calls over to the girl. She eyes Kara's prodding of the plant. "Careful, that one sprays acid if you poke it too much," Dinah jokes.

"I'm kidding. That only happened that one time. And I think Poison Ivy's still in Arkham. What are you shopping for?" she inquires, and starts tugging her work gloves off her hands."

* * *

"What?" And then Kara looks back to the plant and smiles at it, before frowning, "It doesn't? Darn it. That'd at least be interesting." Slumping her shoulders she sighs and settles the plant back down on the shelf. "By the way, I completely agree. Fertilizer IS the greatest invention in ALL of human history." Her head nods a few times, though from the expression of her brows kind of scrunching up it may not be meant as all that much of a compliment.

There's a pause as she stands upright fully and thinks, "I don't know. I was told that if someone is upset, you buy them flowers. I thought that was really stupid, at first, and then… well, a few other people told it to me as I asked them. I did a random survey of a few hundred people, from various demographics, and came to the same weird… conclusion. So, is it true? If you want someone to stop being horribly upset, that you shove flowers at them, smile and they become better?"

It's asked in more than a little disbelief. "I mean, I made a custom bracelet out of inconel and it barely got a slight nod of approval." A bit of a shrug as she exhales out her nose.

* * *

"It's poop," Barbara quips back easily. "It's just poop with additives." These words are all said as the redhead passes back into sight behind the counter. She gives her glasses a little nudge up by the nose bridge, and she nods. "Fifty bags," she confirms, handing Dinah the invoice.

Then she turns those bright blue eyes toward Kara once she's settled in behind the counter, leaning into her forearms. She tilts her head slightly with a smile. "All human history?" She flicks a glance toward Dinah. "Well, you two will get along great." Then she's looking back at Kara, perching her chin on her palm. "It's more the sentiment behind it. Flowers are great ways to make… statements." Then her eyes glance back to Dinah again at the mention of the inconel, and she mouths the word curiously before her focus drifted back to Kara. "Are you looking for flowers to make an apology with?"

* * *

Dinah exchanges A Look with Barbara and makes a tiny gesture. The equivalent of a baffled shrug between the women. Dinah's not a technical expert.

"You surveyed… hundreds of people? Like, strangers on the street?" Dinah gives Kara a vaguely uncertain up and down, then shakes her head and focuses on the customer. Still, Babs is given a flickering 'heads up' sort of glance as she takes the invoice in hand.

"But, uh, yeah, flowers are good for apologies," Dinah says. "There's a whole language in how we give flowers to people. Red for love, white for purity, yellow for devotion. All depends on why people like plants. Is this a 'baby I'm sorry I was late for your birthday' apology or a 'I know I backed over the cat, please don't hate me' sort of scenario?" she asks, with a whimsical humor.

* * *

Taking in a breath and shrugging a little bit, Kara looks past Dinah and over to Barbara, "I don't know. I don't really have anything to be sorry -for-. But, if it'll stop the fighting, then fiiine, I'll be the better person and say it." Comments Kara with a little disdain in her tone.

"I mean, it isn't like I haven't always been honest. Or up front. And now it kind of feels like I'm the bad person in this situation." Squinting her eyes some, she gets a bit visibly upset.

Though, with Dinah's words she nods her head a few times, "Isn't that how you do those things? I mean, walk up to someone and ask them for the top 3 ways to make a human stop being angry. Even though flowers weren't always at the top of the list, they were included on the vast majority of them. I even utilized some cross cultural studies, went to Africa, asked there, France, much of Europe. Seems the more Arabic countries aren't big on flowers though." A shrug, and then with the force of her dropping her hands, it makes a small amount of noise as they hit her legs. "I -hate- even calling it an apology. It's a, she isn't exactly as fun as she used to be, and now I'm the one suffering but I still care, kind of scenario."

* * *

Kara certainly isn't speaking to what all vigilantes are constantly dealing with — not being honest, or upfront, or anything like that. Barbara rubs her hand gently against her mouth as she arches her brows slightly toward Dinah before she pushes back off the counter. "Not really," she says honestly to Kara. "Most people have different views on how to make things up to them — you know, we're all different when it comes to that."

Then she frowns with a thoughtful tip of her chin. "Maybe we need more information… what happened between you and your friend?"

* * *

Dinah glances at Barbara when Kara says 'humans'. Then she looks back at Kara, giving Supergirl another, slow up-and-down. Alien visitors are getting more and more common, it seems, though she hasn't put a name to Kara's face yet.

Downside of a costume, sometimes you're more the costume than your own features. "So you went all over the world, asking people how to make up to your … girlfriend?" Dinah says, fishing. She gestures vaguely at Barbara. "I mean, sounds more like you've got a case of relationship blues," she says, tagging onto the tail end of Barbara's thoughts.

She glances at the door. It's a slow day. Back to Kara. "I could use a break from work. You want a beer or something? Sounds like you need a shoulder to cry on, not flowers."

* * *

"Really? Is it -this- complicated? I just, everything here is stupid." Kara grumbles and shakes her head, "Except the food. Oh, by Rao, the food is so good. And bad for you, but I don't really care about that anymore, but still. A lot of the food that's served should really be illegal, but it isn't, and it tastes sooooooo good. Just the other day I had a picnic with jelly beans as part of it, and still, so good!"

At least she gets excited about something, and is now smiling. Kara was on Youtube not too long ago talking about being Kara Zor-El and all that, though she was dressed as Supergirl instead of in her more civilian get up. Pointing at Dinah, she smiles, with a soft giggle, "Wow, you are like the smartest person I've met thus far." Not meant as sarcasm, but could be taken as such. "Relationship blues? No, I love the color blue, and reds, and xrays. Beer?" A question goes to the others, and she quirks her mouth from one side to the other, and kind of looks 'back' over her shoulder, and then shrugs smiling, "Sure. Beer sounds, different."

* * *

Their look shares unspoken words, and Barbara nods. 'Aliens.' Then she is moving behind the countertop, sliding her hands into the pockets of her cutoff shorts. "Beer sounds great," says the woman who does not frequently drink beer or alcohol of any kind. She leaves that entirely to Dinah — and Black Canary happily picks up the slack.

"By relationship blues, she means… are you sad about a current relationship?" She gestures the girl toward the back, assuming that Dinah is inviting her this way.

* * *

Dinah heads to the little work area behind the counter. It's barely a break room, with a small fridge and a little table. The sort of place where a proprietor eats quickly without being too far from the till, or having to close up shop.

She digs out three beers and cracks the tops with a churchkey on a magnet near the fridge, offering one to Kara, then to Babs, then taking the last for herself. It's Coors. Cheap, but cold.

"Yeah. Blues. You're bummed out. Sad. Feelign let down. How long you and your girlfriend been going out, then? A few years?" she guesses, and finds a spot on the counter to lever her hips up onto for a seat.

* * *

"Beer, sounds … great." Kara mentions, to reiterate the comment that this so-called Babs offered. Unafraid, and unconcerned, Kara just follows the stranger to the back of this shop, going to go where ever the other woman leads her. "Sad about a current relationship? No, I'm not sad. I'm kind of angry though." Mentions the girl of power blonde.

Taking the offered bottle she looks at it kind of strangely. Then she looks down into it, and then sniffs at the top of it. And quirks her nose a bit back and forth, while sniffing it again. Before she tips it back and gulps some down, and then smacks her lips, moving her tongue visibly, with an awkward look. "There is a lot of sugars, in this…" She squints a little harder, like she's analyzing the information her tongue is receiving. "Hmmm, quite a few calories. That's good. I can -always- use the energy." Smiling bigger she laughs a bit, "The sun can only get you so far, and then, beer and pizza. That really sounds good, beer, pizza, jelly beans, maybe add in some chocolate, peanut butter, I don't know how I lived without peanut butter. Cereal, oh… cereal -on- a pizza?"

A bit distracted she drinks some more of this beer, and watches Dinah as she talks. "Oh, maybe a month? But it's felt like decades, and we aren't exactly on the same time scale. So, me, decades, her probably a century or so." Drinking more of the beer, until it's down, and she hands the bottle back to Dinah, shaking it a little, like, she wants more.

* * *

Barbara pads along with the two women, tucking a bit of red hair back behind her ear. She tucks herself behind the counter, finding a bit of somewhere to sit or lean while she awaits being given the cheap beer. She takes a sip from it, and her head leans back against the wall a bit while she listens to Kara. The comment about the sugars has Barbara barely suppressing a smile. "It does, but I won't let Dinah get light beer." She gives her roommate a look. Then she takes another sip from the bottle, only to almost spit-take at Kara's ongoing thoughts about food combinations, and she widens eyes at the idea of cereal on pizza. "Um."

Then she shares another look with Dinah at the talk of time wonk, and then she looks back toward Kara. "Alright, so… what happened?"

* * *

"Why do you think I keep Coors out here?" Dinah asks Babs with an affectionate combativeness. "You can keep the stout in the fridge for your boytoys, but I refuse to drink anything I can't see through when it's summertime."

She eyes Kara's rattling bottle, then looks at Kara with a steady patience. "Centuries, huh?" The bottle goes unaddressed. "Decades? Well, you look good for being a hundred," Dinah says dryly. "Must be an alien superpowaahhoh, holy shit, you're Supergirl," Dinah says as it all clicks for her. "I know you. You're on the news and stuff. What the hell are you doing in Gotham?" she inquires. "And you're dating another… alien… chick?" she hazards.

* * *

"What do you mean what happened? I thought I said that already." Kara sighs and keeps holding out the bottle in Dinah's direction, shaking it every few seconds, "So, we met, it was a whirlwind of crazy exciting things. We did all sorts of stuff, dance, eat, eat a lot more, ice cream, karaoke-" A pause, "Boy toys? You keep children here?"

There's another tangent, and Kara looks to Dinah, "Yes. I am Supergirl. I kind of prefer Kara though, or Kara Zor-El if you have to be formal, for some reason." A pause and she shakes her head, "No, no, not at all. She's an Earthling. If she were Kryptonian there'd be no issue -at all-. We might of never even been paired, which is a WHOLE other problem with this planet. But, I was kind of flying by and saw the shop was open, and, so I stopped by. Does that answer all your questions?" She doesn't say it in any kind of angry tone, just more matter of factly, but she kind of eyeballs her bottle, and then Dinah, and then the bottle again, and she shakes it a few more times. "Oh, right, I forgot. Can I have another one of these? Maybe six? Without food around… I get kind of hungry, and this is kind of doing the trick."

* * *

The mention of boytoys has Barbara looking a bit crestfallen, and she shifts awkwardly in her place against the wall. "I don't have boytoys," she says in flat dismissal. It has been weeks since John Constantine disappeared, and none of her doors lead to the Mill anymore. So, no more boytoys. She takes in a breath, and shakes her head. "No. It means… men who you are affectionate with."

Then as Kara admits she's Supergirl, she blinks wide eyed at her. "Um. Are you supposed to just… share that?" She feels a sudden panic like Batman has to be listening into this entire conversation. Then she opens her mouth in surprise as more details spill out, only to gently clatter her teeth shut. "Um. Food would be good. It's nice to meet you — I'm Barbara Gordon, this is Dinah Lance. As for — your relationship blues — when you say paired do you mean that you would like to… date this Earthling?"

Look, she's trying her best here.

* * *

Since Kara asked so nicely, Dinah gets off the counter and goes to the fridge. "/One/ more. I'm not running an Applebee's," she says. But it's uncapped and offered to Kara. "Also, can't have you trying to fly around drunk, right?"

She salutes with her beer when Babs introduces her and finds her spot again. "I'm pretty sure she's not pairing with her for a cribbage tournament," Dinah tells Babs with a grin.

"Anyway." Dinah focuses back on Kara. "So, Supergirl's got girlfriend problems." Dinah hedges, thinking. "I mean, I can tell you that it sounds like you're just a little bored with each other. The honeymoon phase is over, y'know— when you can be doing anything and everything and be having fun just 'cause you're with the other person. Now it's slowing down and it's not as new and exciting. It happens to everyone," she says with a level fatalism. "You tried doing fun activities together? Like, uh… I don't know. Going out dancing? Amusement park stuff? Finding ways to make the time more fun is a big part of it."

* * *

"Okay, maybe I should slow this down a little bit." Kara thinks for a moment and takes in a deep breath, "First. Yes. I was asked a question. I should be honest. Don't you have a saying, Honesty is the best policy? It confuses me to no end. I didn't even pick Supergirl as a name, but it… fits, I guess, and now no one will call me -anything- else."

A bit of a grumble there. Then she looks to the beer again, "Alcohols, yes, that makes total sense. With what I was tasting. And, I can't get drunk, or even … tipsy?" Questioning her use of the word, "From your beer. Oh, right, pairing. So, I was meaning genetically paired. We weren't, since, Earth lacks even the most basic fundamental pieces of technology necessary for a civilized existence." Deep breath, and she eyes Dinah, "I'm not sure that's the problem. She was fun all the way up till like 1 day. Literally. When she figured out how to not suffer through some things that made her fun, and now she wants to be… normal. And normal humans…" A pause and she grins, "I mean no offense by this." She keeps smiling, "Normal humans are boring, and also you don't even understand the basics of astrophysics or multi-dimensional physics. It's… well, kids stuff." She snickers a bit but takes the new beer.

* * *

Barbara shoots Dinah a look. "You don't even know what cribbage is." Then she slips forward, her beer barely touched; she takes another deeper drink from it, letting its flavor roll around her tongue before she swallows it down. "Well, some of us don't get to pick our names." She realizes just two seconds too late that she made a slight slip, so she is quick to cover that all up with, "'Barbara' is also my mother's name." No Batgirl here.

Then, just as Kara is giving more details,her phone gives a sudden buzz, and she glances down at it after she tugs it out of her pocket. She frowns at it, and then she glances back up toward Dinah. "It's, um… Pete." Which would be Frank Castle's codename. "He needs some help at the… library." Yes. Library.

"I should go help him out." She glances to Dinah. "You… got this?"

* * *

Dinah eyes Kara at the casual superiority in the woman's tone. "I don't know how they do it on Krypton, but showing up and drinking someone's beer maybe isn't the best time to start hammering on us mere humans for not being 'fun' or advanced or whatever."

She looks to Babs, then rolls her eyes and tilts her head to the door. "Yeah, I can handle it from here. Tell Pete I said 'hi'," she tells the redhead. "Then punch him for me. Just to keep him on his toes."

She looks back to Kara. "If you want some relationship advice, I'm willing to help. Just, uh… just dial back the verbal human bashing a bit, okay?" she requests. Kara doesn't seem to /intend/ to be mean, after all. Dinah sips more of her beer, clearly enjoying the cool beverage given how warm it's getting in Gotham with summer coming on. Moving heavy bags of soil and fertilizer isn't light work, either, even for someone as fit as Dinah is.

* * *

"I said that I didn't mean any offense." Kara seems confused, "I thought that was how I indicated what I was saying was merely factual instead of aggressively opinionated?" A little shrug of her shoulders, and Kara mentions, "Well, that's why I came to get the flowers. I want her to be fun again. You know, zipping around, being fast, exciting, unstable." Smiling Kara sighs, "She says that is really… bad, for her cause like everything feels like it's going in super slow slow slow motion."

Drinking down some of the second beer, Kara waves to Barbara, "Have fun with your boytoy Pete." She smirks lightly and then looks back to Dinah. "I will endeavor to not bash any humans in the course of our conversation. It would be really bad for you, probably, because… I hold up buildings. Which is so amazing, and people STILL complain about me saving the day. Can you believe that?"

* * *

Barbara is just about to step out into the front when Kara calls Frank her boytoy, and she raises a finger to argue just as a bit of a blush hits her cheeks. She stands there, half-ready to argue the point that Frank Castle is not a boytoy, let alone her boytou — but then she sighs, drops her hand and gives a wave. "Be home later, Di."

Then she says to Kara, "Good luck." And off the redhead goes to make sure The Punisher doesn't kill anyone in Gotham.

* * *

"Hey, remember to use protection!" Dinah yells after her friend. It's more affectionate tease than anything else.

She looks back to Kara and shrugs at the woman. "Look, accurate or not, it's still rude to stand around telling someone how inferior they are to you," she says with a patient tone. "In my experience, someone saying 'no offense' usually prefaces someone saying something super offensive. So why say it at all?"

She sips her beer and smacks her lips. "Look, so, focusing on lady problems. Girls are tough to date," Dinah explains. "Guys are easy. Flirt with 'em, don't put out early or often, you'll get a solid six or nine months out of it." She frowns, brow furrowing. "Sounds like your girlfriend's a speedster? Like that Flash guy? I don't know how to help you with that. It sounds like she's having a little personal crisis, not just relationship problems. Dealing with her powers and stuff could be messing with her head. Hard to focus on romance."

* * *

"She will hopefully listen to you, so that she can avoid a bursting nearly 9 months from now." Kara mentions and shakes her head, getting a grimace on her face. Though she continues to listen, and nods her head, "I can't lie, this culture is going to be very difficult to figure out." With a little sigh, Kara crosses her arms against her chest. "Well, I had never, dated before … so I don't know who's easier or not. Just, wait only, 6 or 9 months for a relationship? That's… weird. I mean, we were paired up for life, unless someone died. Then you could basically get reselected if you wanted."

* * *

"That's above my pay grade," Dinah says, and puts her hands over her head while glancing away. Hands drop and she looks to Kara, head shaking negatively. "I don't know how you do it back home. That's just how they do it around here." The front door jingles and she leans around the corner to look, then gets to her feet.

"Listen, wish I could help you more," Dinah tells Kara. "Sounds like to me the problem is her personal life, not your relationship with her. She's trying to be, uh, 'normal' and like you said— normal's boring." She pauses near the doorframe, looks back at Kara. "Flowers might cheer her up, though. Can't hurt." She shrugs. "Up to you."

She heads into the retail floor. "Hi, welcome to Sherwood Florist. Can I help you?" Dinah offers the customer.

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