Supergirl, Face Thineself
Roleplaying Log: Supergirl, Face Thineself
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Power Woman, Supergirl, and Trajectory meet up to stop a giant robot. Supergirl is also made to face facts about her own destructiveness.

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IC Date: June 08, 2019
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Where is it happening? A residential district in Metropolis. Why is it happening? An alien race that developed ultrapowerful mega robots to travel throughout space and collect technology and materials, has found Earth. When is it happening? Right now.

A giant robot, about 7 stories tall is lumbering through this particular district of Metropolis. The buildings surrounding it rarely go above it's head, and it gets to a particularly large apartment complex when it homes in on all the life that's inside. Eyes glow red and the giant robot opens its mouth and lets out a breath of plasma along the side of the building. Naturally, if things get all burned up, the robot can collect a lot more material to bring back with it.

As the building lights on fire, concrete melting, steel warping and beginning to lose it's structural capacity, and people inside screaming as they run away from where the robot is… Will Metropolis's mightiest heroes arrive in time to save lives? Stay tuned to find out.

* * *

"…Why is the ground shaking? Stop it, damn it, you're going to spill my tea!' With a yelp, Eliza is the victim of splashing scalding hot tea. Her cheeks turn red and her eyes water, and she's quick to toss the drink aside, spluttering. "What on *earth*…? I don't think there's construction going on…"

Liz follos the noise perhaps half a block only to see past the downtown buildings to a… Giant. It stands in the distance, stories tall, among apartment complexes and other residences positioned nearby. "Wait a second. Is that my apartment? Kara!"

It is, as it turns out, a block or two away from Liz's home, but that doesn't stop her from ducking out of sight in a nearby alley and then taking off for the scene of the attack. She stops alogn the way to change into her costue, arriving as Trajectory, the blue clad speedster who has recently been witnessed spending her time with Supergirl. She's running at incredible speed, closing the distance to the conflict in mere seconds. She runs down sidewalks, between moving cars, and ends up skidding to a halt as pieces of concrete and plaster crash down in front of her.

Hopefully, the aforementioned superheroine heard her shouting. She usually does.

* * *

There is, as it were, the noise of thunder.

Metropolis is perhaps the only city the building standards of which are enough to handle it- because as soon as the pounding noise of the robot lumbering through the city turns into the screams of people struggling to maneuver through a burning building, that is when the blonde form of Power Girl arrives.

Truth be told, she actually gets there before the noise of her acceleration does, by a noticeable margin. There isn't any sort of deceleration until the white-clad heroine slams her fist surreptitiously into the side of the robot's head. By all rights, by the comparison in size, Power Girl should have crumpled on contact with the titanic thing- but instead, an impossible amount of strength is focused squarely into that fist-sized area.

It really isn't the person everyone expects. Of all the inhabitants of Metropolis' superheroing scene, Power Girl is probably the least known- but, well, she's here, and she's going to deal with this robot head on. She isn't without a verbal component, either- seemingly preternaturally, the blonde is aware of Eliza's presence, and shouts to her even over the noise of panic and, well, robot:

"Get everyone out of the building!"

* * *

The question, the shaking, there's a lot going on. And Kara isn't exactly around right now, she's off stopping a plane from crashing into another plane that had just been hit by a sudden and random blizzard. Just, you know, a few states away. And Supergirl is settling the plane down when she hears 'Kara!' and she looks in the direction of Metropolis even though she's hundreds of miles away. Settling the plane down in a less than comfortable way, but certainly a way in which everyone inside is alive… having caught it in such a way that the plane is crumpled up in the front now and a bit hard pressed in terms of people inside being 'without injury'. Supergirl scans over everyone inside to make sure that they are all alive, if a bit grumpy, and then she bolts off into the sky.

Supergirl rarely sticks around for the photo shoot, and even less often to get yelled at by the people who get bruised or a bit broken from her rescues, and definitely she's not sticking around for American Airlines telling her how she ruined not 1 but 2 of their multi-million dollar planes. Ugh. Off to Metropolis though, soon enough.

By the time Supergirl arrives in her burst of blue and red caped existence, there's… Power Girl? She does come to a stop though when there's… well, another person flying, and punching robots. And she's confused. Looking to Liz and then back to Power Girl and then to Liz, she grimaces a little bit with a questioning look before looking to the plasma breathing Robot who's mechanical motors are groaning from the hard hit that makes it stumble backwards. But, soon enough, that Robot is coming in hard, and fast, to swat at Power Girl, and even if it were to miss it'd hit the building.

Supergirl jettisons forward and gets in front of that large hand, pushing back against it, pressing hard, and groaning, though she shouts over her shoulder, "Who the <kryptonian swear word> are you?!"

* * *

It happens to be the case that both Supergirl and Trajectory are screaming at the same time. "Who the hell are you?!" Their voices end u twinning for a second, with Trajectory staring up at Karen for a second before turning in order to face the building she's in front of. "Hold that ofr a second!"

As the superstrucutre collapses Liz opens the door and then takes off up the stairs. She scoops u pthe first person she sees, groaning with effort as she carries them all the way down to the front of the complex, past crumbling floors and warped support beams. Whe nshe sets the woman down Trajectory grimaces faintly and reaches back to rub her back.

"Damn door…" the yoiung Brazilian superhero mutters before calling to the person next to her, "Give me your jacket. Now!" Balled up jacket in hand, Liz reopens the door and crams the jacket into the hinge so that it will stay ajar.

Then the speedster is off again. Collapsing buildings are quite familiar to Trajectory after her itme with Supergirl. She nimbly navigates falling ceiling tiles and collapsing pillars. People are being dragged cdownstairs and out at a speed which ought to be quite destructive but instead simply manages to defy the laws of Physics.

There seem to be quite a few people to rescue. Liz is starting to feel a bit run down after she's cleared a floor or two, carrying people and simply ughering others out the door. But the woma ncontinues! Super strength would not go over poorly at the moment.

* * *

Power Girl had been bracing herself in the air, ready to oppose the strength of the robot so as to stop it from swatting its way through another building. However, the hand of the thing is halted by another Kryptonian, something that, for some reason, Power Girl -isn't- surprised to see happening. The comment, on the other hand, irritates her to some degree. The most reply Supergirl gets, for the moment, is a rather bothered "-Now-? Really?" Before Power Girl begins looking through the outer layer of the robot.

She is -clearly- displaying the typical Super-family power set. X-ray vision at the very least right now, as she scans momentarily for a structural weakness. The joints are the easiest options, and she isn't necessarily going to target it just yet- instead opting to fight slightly smarter. She moves at a blinding speed, around the outside of the arm Supergirl was holding at bay. Then, she surges at the wrist portion of that arm, adding her momentum and strength to Kara's own, and hopefully severing the hand of the robot at that particular joint.

"We can talk later. Robot first!"

* * *

"Yes, NOW!" Supergirl shakes her head, grumbling, still pushing against the hand, making the motors groan, her body rotating to be pushing directly against the hand. "I mean, seriously." And then it's, "WhooOOOOOooa." And Kara is moving forward now as the wrist is severed and the hand goes flying off.

Probably the worst at collateral damage, Kara smiles over to Karen - yeah, that's going to get confusing - as the hand goes flying off behind her into a building across the way, crashing into a wall and causing damage to windows, someone's apartment, and a few floors of it dragging down, and then crashing onto a few cars. "Hey, look out!" A quick flare up of her eyes, and she saws the other hand that's coming the way of Karen right off. Of course, Kara had to use a pretty intense beam that also adds to the fire on the apartment complex as there's now a streak of laser that ripped across the roof. Second hand down though, and it will fall to the ground below unless Karen grabs it.

"Are you… from Krypton?" A question, confused, maybe squinting at the blonde woman, and then she's sort of turning sideways, looking down at herself, and then back at Karen and she quirks her mouth to the side. There's a quick fluffing of the chest, what she'd give for more support than her Supergirl outfit right about now, but she carries on. "Li-Trajectory!" Shouts Kara, smiling, "I think she's another Kryptonian!" And then she's zipping forward to hover right next to Karen, "I'm Kara…" She sticks out her hand to shake, while the robot turns its head toward the two and it's mouth opens up to breathe plasma in their direction!

* * *

With people being dragged out of the building one by one Liz is starting to get a bit exhausted. The trips are taking longer- immeasurably so for most, but it matters when a buildign is literally melting. The fire has gotten hot enough to deform steel, and that means beams are crumbling. Inside, it's beocme an inferno. Trajectory is sweating so much that it runs into her eyes, making it hard to see. Of course, she runs so fast that the sweat is having difficulty dripping. It helps. She is in no position to react ot the Kryptonians at the moment. In fact, a significant amount of time is spent hopping from floor tile to floor tile as one of the rooms she is crossing crumbles in her way up to rescue one of the residents. "Good thing I spent so many years perfecting my skills at 'The Floor is Made of Lava…'

Last but not least, one woman asks Liz to go back for a final person. A girl named Missy, lost on the sixth floor. Naturally, it turns out that Missy is a cat. At least this means Trajectory gets the photo finish of exiting an inferno with a cat in hand, trying to latch onto her face. The cat is apparently also a male and has never had his claws trimmed. Go figure.

* * *

There is an incredulous pause. Karen actually takes a moment to consider that her younger counterpart is insisting on greeting and conversing rather than focusing on the robot. It is a level of surprise that Power Girl can't necessarily fathom, and that is incongruous to how bothered she ought to be. Almost as if she is wondering whether -she- ever had priorities like these.

The hand that Kara severed catches Power Girl's attention, and she is swooping low to catch it before she rises back up holding it to continue being addressed by Kara. She is about to spend a moment returning the favor, but out of the corner of her eye, she catches the face of the robot opening its metallic maw in order to spew that igniting plasma again- and Karen shifts midair slightly, turning in some minuscule fraction of a second. With a mighty lurch, she hurls the hand of the robot itself with all the strength she can (safely) muster in atmosphere, right at the robot's flaming craw.

She hopes the hand itself will be enough, but with a surge of motion still not outside of at most a second, maybe two, Power Girl is following the severed projectile hand, aiming to back it up with her body to demolish the robot's final weapon, even if it takes her tearing through it with her body itself.

This is, of course, in lieu of shaking Supergirl's hand. How rude.

* * *

As the maw opens to spew plasma in the direction of the two Kryptonians, Supergirl is watching as Karen goes wooshing about and saving the day. Really doing so. Catching one of the two hands that fell, preventing extra damage, then using the hand to stop the plasma, before bursting through it's head. For her measure, Supergirl moves forward and catches the robot that would have otherwise toppled over and then she's saying, "I'll take care of -this-." And she flies it up into the air, spins a few times and launches the body of the robot out of the Earth's orbit and off in the direction of the sun.

She literally threw it into the sun, well, a few weeks to months from now, as long as everything goes well with the trajectory, and all that, which she didn't really take the time to calculate except for perhaps 'roughly'. Wiping her hands off on one another, robot problem is solved, so she flies back down toward the other Supe and says, "Oh, hey, wait a second."

Flying to the ground she hovers about the people present, looking around, to find Trajectory with a cat. "Awwww, cute kitty. So, are you done here?" She questions looking around with the people, "Did you see how I threw the robot? And there's some big bosomed lady flying around, just, be careful. Sometimes people who seem like Kryptonians are actually… c l o n e s." She spells it out, as if Karen lacks any ability to spell in English. Then smiling she waves over to Power Girl and calls out more loudly, "Hey you, other person who helped, we should talk now! Okay?!"

* * *

"What exactly IS your problem with clones?" Liz will ask. "Hey- wait a sec.,.. Augh! Sotop, Missy! STOP!" The cat has moved in on Liz's face, apparently deciding that she will make an appropriate place on which to sharpen his claws. She is grappling with the animal while his owner murmurs, hand sclutchedn ear her heart, "Ohm, he *likes* you. This is o adorable! Than you for saving us!"

"Help me, lady!"

"So cute!"

Liz will be joining the conversation late, it's needless to say.

* * *

Power Girl offers this sigh, placing her face in her hand for a moment as Kara somewhat surreptitiously flings the robot into the sun. Certainly, the amount of time it will take to -get- there is enough that Karen doesn't feel the need to do much about it in the immediate, but as Supergirl finishes doing so, she responds with a quiet, "So now that the robot is defeated, we should probably find out where it came from."

That aside, she'll just have to go get it later. It won't be that hard to find. Then, Kara is zooming off to the speedster, whom Power Girl assumes is a friend of hers. That makes some degree of sense, and soon after, the taller blonde is landing some short distance away, closing the distance between them with a measured, calm stride. She rolls her eyes at the comment, ignoring it with no pretense that she didn't overhear it.

By now, the firefighting crews have put out the fires in the building- as they were all on the one side, it was pretty easy to take care of, so Power Girl didn't really need to assist. "Yeah, sure. Let's talk about several things. Like how you set the roof of the building on fire. Or didn't mind that the five ton hand was going to drop from five stories. Even if nobody was going to die, maybe taking -half- a moment to think about the collateral damage might have been a good idea."

Karen is going to -desperately- ignore the implications of lecturing -herself- for the few moments it takes to do the deed.

* * *

There's a pause as the impulsive Kara hears what Karen says and then quirks her mouth to the side. She shrugs a bit, "I bet all it's data cores were in its head, that -you- busted." She says as she's standing on the ground and then she blinks. Starting to get talked to, like she's in trouble, and she looks around, trying to find another person that possibly the blame was going to be shared with, but Liz is off getting mauled by a cat, and she's there shrinking up her shoulders and pulling her body in a little bit.

Fingers kind of grabbing at her skirt, and fidgetting there, and she winces a few times during the lecture, and then she's realized something. "Oh, who are -you- anyhow to be lecturing ME about being awesome? Huh? I saved tons of people today." She points off toward the burned building, that's still mostly standing but has lots of damage.

"So -what- if a car got smooshed? Huh? That robot would've done far worse." She folds her arms about her chest, then, she more self-consciously lowers those arms, to under her chest, "I call that a net gain in lives saved, and a negative total for how much damage -would've- been done had I not showed up. And you never even said -thank you- for saving you from getting swatted by that hand! By Rao's burning rays, I don't take half moments, because people die in half moments. Seriously, lady. Did Wonder Woman send you here? Are you some kind of Amazon Kryptonian cross breed clone or something?" Infuriated like some little kid, she defends her actions, however questionable they were.

* * *

Power Girl isn't imitating Kara, in any way- but some gestures are universal, and hard to stop oneself from doing… Which is why shortly after Kara starts retorting, the taller blonde cocks a hip and folds her arms, under her chest and, frankly, that's just not -fair.- It ought to be against the -law- in some fashion. She isn't -trying- to do it, of course, but it is a very quick and easy way to make other people feel inadequate, rather directly.

"I'm not lecturing you about being awesome, I'm lecturing you about being dense." There is, then, a pause. "The robot has more signs of where it's come from than its data banks. I didn't see you -check- to see what was where that hand was going to drop before you cut it off. A half moment for you is a fraction of a fraction of a second." There's another somewhat prolonged silence. Power Girl is surprised- perhaps even bothered- by how much she's sounding like Kal-L.

That silence doesn't last long- perhaps internally, Karen knows that the only reason she's bothered by how reckless Kara is, is because of -who- Kara is. "Why I'm here doesn't matter, nor does it really matter where I come from. You're going to have to figure out how to have at least -some- discretion one of these days. If Superman were here, what do you think -he'd- say?" That last bit, there's some interstitial hesitation in the word Superman- as if that's not the name or word she wanted to use at first.

* * *

Bringing her arms down, Kara looks away, not wanting to be eye level with the larger woman, in more ways than one. And she scoffs a bit at the comment, and shakes her head, "Yes, you -are-!" She complains, "I saved people, no one was going to get hurt, waiting is a problem. You never know when you are dealing with a robot, a speedster, what might happen in the" she goes to imitate Karen's voice, but makes her sound like she's dense or goofy, "fraction of a fraction of a second." And she sighs.

"You don't even know if I checked." Kara doesn't say she did, but she defends the possibility, and shrugs, "Are you just -another- person on this planet who is going to tell me they do things BETTER and that I should be like them? Huh? I don't know your name, I don't know -you- and -Super-Man does everything 'perfectly' for an Earthling. So he'd probably say blah blah blah." She actually just used the word blah three times to disregard advice while actually tilting her head a little left to right and back again with each blah.

Frustrated, Kara still doesn't leave feeling like she can't go and this is some parent talking to her, "First, I didn't know there were other Kryptonians around. Second, I didn't know that if there were, I'd meet someone so old. You're like Kal's age - give or take a boob." She said it, and she still avoids looking, but she does flip her hair a bit with one of her hands.

* * *

Liz has eventually extricated herself from the claws of Mr. Missy, thank the lady, and gone to find herself some gauze and alcohol to treat the scratches. She approaches, Looking more beat up than she had when leaving the collapsing, burning building. However, the Brazilian speedster is silent as she comes upon the cocnlave of Kryptonians. She stares openly, however. Bleeding just a little from her scratches.

* * *

Karen has heard a lot of this before- just… Coming from her own mouth, instead of from someone she was speaking -to.- It's a little weird, but she is rolling with the oddity of it better than she expected she would. There's some sort of preternatural need, on the part of Power Girl. As if she has some sort of… Obligation to give this lecture.

"If you had checked, you'd have told me exactly what was in the way of the hand, down to the -square-foot-." she snaps back, now pointing a rather accusatory finger. That Karen is calling Kara out on it is pretty direct, now. "There are -always- other Kryptonians around. By how fast you were going, you were, what, three states away when this started happening?" This is all as spot on as Karen can make it- regardless, she does notice that it is starting to get a little bit childish- she feels- coming from Kara. "I'm not trying to get you to be like me. I'm trying to help you understand that you -can- be -better- and that you -should.- Whether you accept that or not is up to you."

At that, Karen starts to rise into the air, moving slowly backward. She isn't exactly hitting the sound barrier, so there's plenty of time for people to get their last licks in- but she doesn't seem like she'll continue to converse.

* * *

With a nnnnuuuugh, angry grunting sound, Kara balls her hands up into fists and then stomps the ground with her right food. That certainly cracks cement all around her red boot. And she shakes with frustrated anger as she stares up at Karen as she decides to leave instead of continue to argue.

There's nothing for Kara to say. She didn't pay attention, she was impulsive, she didn't look out for people or damage that could have happened. She just wings everything, and relies upon her superior existence to make it all better later if she needs. And that was just thrown into her face by someone who showed it could be done better. Feels so much like Kal but much more direct - which is what Kara ALWAYS complains about with regards to Kal. He isn't direct or blunt, which is so not Kryptonian of him.

Turning to Liz, Kara practically growls out, "Come on, let's go. Everything's been completed already by you and miss Perfect." A few tantrum stomps leave cracked mini-craters in the ground before she takes off into the air and shoots off past the sound barrier too close to the ground. Windows bow, ripple and then shatter - thankfully not close enough to people to rain window glass down all over them. Kara is long past caring and is off.

* * *

"Supergirl, you need to- … calm down…" Trajectory is left staring after Supergirl, wincing at the destruction left in her wake. She then takes off at tremendous speed, easily destroying the sound barrier and, when that fails to affect her environment, shattering the laws of Physics entirely. The Speed Force is a funny thing that way. She'll soon be pacing Supergirl on their way to… Whatever their next destination might be.

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