Roleplaying Log: Abolishware
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The Brotherhood targets a tech company but their antics don't go unnoticed.

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IC Date: June 08, 2019
IC Location: Delaware…
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Posted On: 10 Jun 2019 00:23
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Another day, another fight being brought to the enemy. This mission doesn't involve stealth or secrecy, there is no infiltration involved. Outside of Metropolis in the state of Delaware is a relatively small tech company known as Security Tech Solutions. Despite being a single facility surrounded by trees this innocent looking two story building houses some very advanced equipment, along with some very bright minds to make the most of it. Just why the Brotherhood has targeted this sleepy area for destruction is anyone's guess.

The first thing the team would have discovered upon entering the grounds was that an alarm had been tripped. Everyone there knew that trouble was coming.

So did the heroes, in fact.

The Brotherhood only had a couple of minutes to get in and prepare the building for destruction. Then again, a couple of minutes should be all that they required.

Inside of the main research area all of the personnel have been rounded up in various states of personal injury. File folders, storage devices, laptops, phones, the whole lot is being deposited into a pile. A heavy vault door has already been smashed open and its contents trashed and/or hauled out.

Leading this assault is the arrogant and overly confident blue skinned and white leather-clad metamorph known as Mystique. While not officially registered there are some agencies which already have an entry on the mysterious mutant. She's sitting on the edge of a desk with legs folded and a three ring binder in her lap, almost lazily flipping through the pages while the others make final preparations.



It's the name of the game and it feels pretty damn good.

Frenzy has sat on the sidelines too long and while she understands the why's and the what for's, it still made the Bruiser of the Brotherhood restless.

Antsy might be a better word for it, but no one dares call that to Frenzy's face. As such, any physical exertion needed for this mission has Frenzy stepping right on up. Need a door? *PUNCH* Door created. Need a wall pulverized? *PUNCH* Wall smashed to itty-bitty-pieces.

Need that vault door torn off its hinges? Done and done.

While Mystique adopts a rather relaxed pose, sitting on the desk as she is, Frenzy is much more militant. She stands with arms folded, her gaze cast in the general direction of the 'door', eyes ever vigilant for in-coming trouble.

Because it's coming, everyone knows it, and Frenzy is going to be that first road block against getting to those inside.


In the months following the fall of the Triskelion, there has been no public sign of the Maximoff twins.

Some reports say they fell with the tower, and should be presumed dead. There was no pronoucement made by Magneto's children thereafter, yet neither were either of their bodies found among the rubble. It was as if, on the denouement of their butchery, they disappeared from the world — and took with them their every last trace.

Hopeful wishes.

They end at the turned back of the Scarlet Witch, steeped in her quiet, half-bent to lay one long-fingered hand over open circuitboards and welded steel, closing her eyes to hear the whispers of cold machines.

She rises. She no longer wears her frivolous, pretty dresses of before; now the Witch wears her namesake in true, tight-fitted costuming laced to her, her face framed in the hard lines and sharp angles of her headpiece, and a heavy cloak in a mirror of her father.

"This place sings of bondage," she speaks, low, to the sisters of her cause. "Fetters. Control. Captivity. Their ends see us in chains."

Scarlet light crackles through her fingers, drawing in like collecting currents — sphering into the Witch's opened palms. Her eyes reflect that light.

Her hands turn up, fingers curling — a gesture so steeped in Magneto, how his smallest, most reserved gestures would pull cities apart — and lances her light up through the walls, veining along the ceilings. "Shall we light it up?"


SHIELD does not normally concern itself with law enforcement operations, outside of an advisory role or if directly requested. The Strategic Hazards they Intervene with tend to be more exotic in nature than a simple act of criminality.

A tech firm being raided near Metropolis? Not an uncommon occurrence and one usually handled by a Kryptonian guardian angel of the city. That said the Man of Steel can't be everywhere at once but surely the local police can handle it.

Until news comes down the wire that one or two of the perps have been identified as members of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Now that? That gets SHIELD's attention.

There is a moment of hesitation for SHIELD command. There is only one Agent available who can make it to Delaware in a matter of seconds but the last time she engaged possible Brotherhood activity there was a disaster. A disaster that cost credibility and lives.

However, the hesitation only takes a few seconds more to overcome. By the time conventional units arrive on the scene the Brotherhood, with their known speedsters and teleporters, will be long-gone.

As such, minutes after word passes down the chain from Law Enforcement to the Feds and then to SHIELD - A blazing star streaks across the New York skyline.

Hilariously most of the minutes since the alarm being tripped stemmed from bureaucracy and similar considerations. It only takes Captain Marvel a matter of seconds to close the 150 mile distance between cities.

"Security Tech in sight. Captain Marvel preparing to engage." She states clearly into her comms as the spit of land resolves beyond the Bay named after it.

To those who might be on watch outside, in skyline towards Jersey they can see a shooting star suspiciously low. And getting lower. And brighter.

And angrier.


Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. That's what he calls himself. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Wait."

So why is he in Delaware?!

"You mean they have supercrimes in places that AREN'T NYC?!"


This is the shocked — shocked — declaration of one (friendly neighborhood!) Spider-Man as he leans back in his seat. Lensed eyes wide and, of course, completely aghast, he looks at the definitely not hijacked data feeds helpfully streaming in across the various monitors nestled deep inside the Titans' shopping mall stronghold. Some random place in Delaware's alarms just tripped! It wouldn't even be anything more than a blip on the radar, really, except for one subtle clue that only a truly observant detective would notice —

"When does anything weird or noteworthy ever happen in Delaware…?"

(no offense, delaware)

"Wow. I feel like my whole world is just — just — completely turned upside-down right now."

(please don't be mad delaware)

A quick skim of the Titans' EXTREMELY UP TO DATE roster indicates that everyone else is either busy or on leave to a place that doesn't have as much world-ending, apocalyptic events, like 'anywhere outside the tri-city area (that isn't delaware (I AM SO SORRY, DELAWARE)).'

And so, Spider-Man, who has never flown or even has a driver's license and whose sole long-distance transport of note thus far is 'once he traveled to like iceland or something i think via the devil's anus' makes a text to a certain transdimensional Spider-Friend, and a very important declaration:


"o-oh right I probably have to, um, input commands or something right, hang on, this is fine, everything's fine-"



To be extremely fair to Spider-Man, who has never flown or even has a driver's license:

The flight to Delaware is surprisingly smooth, and by that we mean, 'nobody died.'

It's to his great benefit that Peter is very quick on the uptake, and the T-Jet's controls are very intuitive; one incident of 'nearly crashing because he forgot to open the hangar doors' aside, the T-Jet arrives at Security Tech Solutions in one piece, and in record time.

Considerable amount of time is saved by the fact that instead of proper landing protocols, Spider-Man just sort of —

"Oh hey — I think I'm totally getting the hang of this!"

— semi-drops it about ten miles out from that modest two-story building.


"Th-that was smooth, right? Y-yeah. Yeah! That was totally smooth."

Several minutes later, at least one friendly extraneighborhood Spider-Man is landing on a tree branch on the outskirts of the building, white lenses whirring into a pensive squint as he tries to assess the situation. Something's bugging him. As far as he can tell, this company is nothing special. Almost distressingly so. And more than that—

"… seriously, why would anyone go to Delaware though…?"

It's extremely super suspicious.

(we are so, so, so so so so so so so so sorry dela—)


"… next time… /Uber/."

There's another Spider-Man in a tree that's far enough away from the first Spider-Man. This one's hanging completely upside down, shaking with more fear than he probably has had facing any of the villains he has faced thus far. There's nothing quite like flying in a T-shaped (?) jet flown by a Spider-Man that doesn't know how to actually FLY IT.

Spider-Miles tries to get himself of the tree, his own lenses shuddering and twitching in some sort of flashback to the terrifying ride that's more like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride than he'd ever want to admit. Or ever will admit.

Things have been seen and experienced that he cannot unsee or experience. Ever.

There's more shaking and shifting to knock himself out of his own tree because they are going to have to get on the move here. He's following Spider-Man's lead on this one and thus he goes for some kind of answer to the OG's question.

"Isn't this where they filmed The Wire? Should we have packed bulletproof vests?" Spider-Miles worries for a second. "… is it too late to not come here and help with whatever this is. I haven't been shot yet. I'd like to keep that record clean."

It takes him a minute. "… Oh wait. The Wire was in Maryland." Yup. He just Googled it.


Someone did, in fact, remain outside on overwatch. Someone uniquely equipped to rapidly watch in all directions at once, and to deploy anywhere he might wind up needed in mere seconds.

Pietro's whisper insinuates itself into Wanda's mind, across the bond that binds them:

«We have company, draga mea. Looks like Captain Marvel.»

A flickering ribbon of silver light whips around the building once, and then zigzags off across the dark landscape. Quicksilver moves fast enough that he actually leaves the area before the T-Jet makes its dubious landing, which is perhaps for the best for all parties. «I leave you to play. I'll handle any ground reinforcements trailing her. Call me if you need me.»


It seems that whatever Mystique had been searching for in that folder she has now officially found it. The proverbial smoking gun that had brought her and the rest of the team out here in the first place. The sole reason why this building and all of its research had to come to an end.

The binder is flung onto the pile along with everything else. There's already some gasoline in there, too. You just can't beat the classics.

The whimpering and begging researchers are ignored as the metamorph turns solid yellow eyes back to the rest of her team. Frenzy, who would do well to make them a prompt exit route, and the Scarlet Witch, who is right at the tipping point of completely unmaking this place.

The nod is given. "Nothing here survives."

The metamorph hops off of the desk and pulls out a Zippo, snapping it open and nonchalantly striking the flint. "Frenzy, be a dear and lead us somewhere safe."

The lighter lands within the pile of documents and pieces of tech, taking all of a second to catch the vapors with a *whoomph!*

Bringing bullet-proof vests might have been a good idea as Mystique came prepared with more than a Zippo. She brought something belt-fed. Just in case any of those scientist guys had decided that running might have been a good idea, she didn't want to deal with the hassle of such annoyances like reloading.

Or in case they had any unwanted visitors. Which it would seem that they do. Of course, Quicksilver told -Wanda- and not Mystique so she doesn't have all of the intel quite yet.


That silver streak bolts across the landscape — and then pauses, circles around, and stops beside the landed(?) T-Jet.

"What the hell kind of amateur flew this thing?" Quicksilver wonders, arms folded, before he shrugs and darts off again.

«Amendment: Captain Danvers and some — really bad pilots, I don't know who they are,» Pietro mentions to Wanda.


When the Witch speaks Frenzy promptly turns and listens.

Overall the Bruiser stays silent, but with each word of Wanda's, Frenzy's expression turns chillier and chillier.

The planes of her face only often for an instant when she finally speaks as well. "Burn it."

Only after she speaks does Frenzy's attention shift over to Mystique, as the woman requests an exit. Silently Frenzy's eyes shift over to Wanda for a few seconds, before she nods and turns back to the nearest wall. Her first punch coincides as Mystique tosses that now lit lighter to the gasoline soaked documents and technological baubles. That *whoomph* of sound barely covers the sound of Joanna Cargill's fist as it slams hard into the wall.

A hole larger than the woman herself crumbles into view and Frenzy steps through.

Every other wall is shattered in a similar manner up until the last one falls and the outside can be seen.

Frenzy, shield and soldier of the Brotherhood, steps through that last self-made doorway.

A target easily seen from ground or air, thanks to her height and the colors she wears; rusty-blood-red and shadow-touched-cold-gray.

Already her gaze sweeps the grounds and then she looks upward, toward the air.


Perhaps, ten years ago, the distant pleas of men and women begging for their innocence, their ignorance, and their lives would flicker one of Wanda Maximoff's eyes.

Ten years later, however, growing under the looming shadow of Magneto —

The Scarlet Witch does not hear it.

Instead, her lashes flutter against something else, and her head tilts, animal-like, hearing something only meant for her ears, her thoughts. Her twin brother's voice.

A slow smile unwinds across her mouth, pleasure creeping out to infect her face like a slow poison.

She spins a hex to transmit her voice to both Frenzy and Mystique's minds: «Pietro warns of interference. SHIELD and their Marvel woman.» A pause. «And… others. Be alert. Leave Danvers to me.»

From the outside, all looks silent, unassuming —

Until moving, veining scarlet fissues into the two-story building, running threads like a building web through its walls, casting off fiery night that bathes the street in a seething, rusty glow. Cement begins to groan. Brick begins to jump and thrash against each other, energy propelling them like battling atoms.

The very building begins to open, splitting its frame until the distant screams from inside wail until the open air. And, at the center of it, the Scarlet Witch, levitating in a corona of her spinning light.

Her red eyes turn up on the sky.


Enroute to Security Tech, Captain Marvel does notice a jet with a clearly drunk pilot in the peripheral of her vision. She begins to make an aside to Operations to route a call to air traffic to get that plane out of the air before it crashes.. Until it makes a hard landing not far from the target site.

Brotherhood getaway vehicle? Odd, they never had to prep one before like-

Carol then notices whom exactly is exaunt the plane and she mutters with incredulity, "Oh my God, its full of Spiders.."

'What was that Captain? Say again?'

"N..Nothing. Cancel that call to air control."

Sadly, that momentary glance away to answer the call was the split second it took for a silver flash to pass her visual line of sight completely unnoticed. No, her target is clear.

As much as she really wants to dive through the building and open up on the targets behind this, there could be civilians in a hostage situation. Hopefully there aren't many inside but intel suggests they have people working through the weekend there.

Captain Marvel slows her meteoric descent, pivoting to an upright stance mid-air while her Kree helmet scans the outskirts for signs of sentries. Very quickly the bashed in wall clues her in.

"ETA on SWAT? Confirmed hostage situation here. I see cars parked in the lot."

'I'm seeing five minutes to- Wait. Something is happening. We just lost contact- Wait one.'

Captain Marvel holds a gloved hand to her jaw as she listens closer. Setting her jaw she furthers, "We can't wait. I'm getting intel right now. Entering build-"

Marvel is interrupted as an outer wall blasts outward from the force of a battering ram. A battering ram named Frenzy. A square HUD indicator lights up around the vanguard's face in Carol's vision. Confirming identity. Between that and the incredible strength? No shape shifter this time. That is definitely her.

"Nevermind. I have eyes on. No hostages visible."

The crimson Kree helm dematerializes from Captain Marvel's face as a golden aura grows incandescent around her bright red and blue suit. Eyes gleaming with burning power. Preparing to blast this Brotherhood bruiser into Security Tech's basement. For what she did to Agent Albright. To the Helicarrier! For-

Captain Marvel's power up is given pause as the entire building is riven with crimson force. Hatching like a boxen egg, giving birth to something terrible within. That terrible being the Scarlet Witch. The same hateful light that destroyed the Triskelion. She's here.. Out in the open. One clear shot and Carol can end the Brotherhood's worst threat here and now. She-

So cold. There is nothing. No Thing. So empty in between. Hollow in mass and substance. Cold. Wrong.

Danver's eyes widen as a wave of sensation that she did not expect washes over her. Through her. Its like that time before with that other mutant.. Only completely different. An empty vertigo.. So vile she wants to wretch. A hand half-moves over her mouth, both in shock and revulsion. Goosebumps rising in a wave over her neck.

'Agent Danvers, are you there? Agent Danvers?' Her comm unit lightning up but she does not respond. She only hovers there in a moment of confusion, a woman seeing something before her but.. Unable to understand it.


"What? I mean — what? First of all — Uber's terrible. Second of all — I'm not that bad! There's not even like — superhero Uber is not a thing! And I'm not that bad!"

We cut away now, or a lingering, pensive shot of Quicksilver super-circling around the T-Jet, lurched onto its side a bit like a tragically beached whale just waiting for the end.

"I — look, I think I — I've definitely got the hang of it now. (…… mostlyprobably)"

Which brings us to now, again:

Twin lines of webbing snare to the side of the building; a second later, Spider-Man uses the built up tension of those tightly tugged lines to literally sling-shot himself through the air, twisting with the race of an Olympic gymnast's metahuman cousin (referred to here as Better At Gymnastics Boy) to land on the side of the building without so much as a sound. Up close, he gets a better idea of the damage. They're not even trying to be discreet. Did they want to try to draw attention here? But why-?

«"Okay,"» Spider-Man begins to the other Spider-Man, heretofor referred to as Earth-2 Spider-Man (it doesn't matter if that's not actually a place anymore, shut up), «"First of all, like, unless we run into Omar or something, you shouldn't worry. Right? Like. I'm pretty sure we fought a guy whose superpowers were shooting bullets really good or something the other day. Right? Didn't we? Like… Bullet…storm … … Man? … or was that just Shocker with a gun. Damn. Look, whatever, the point is-"»

And then dire warnings pang through his skull like Zeus' mighty bolt had smote its way straight through the most primitive parts of his brain.

«"Ghh — ah, crap-! Look out!"»

Something bad is coming. A prediction perilously proven as the entire building starts to peel apart like wrapping paper from a gift, seconds after Spider-Man backflips out of the way of soon-fissuring infrastructure.

"awww crap aw crap aw crap buildings don't do this what's the matter with you delaware"

Thanks, Spider-Sense!

«"Hey! M — other… Spider-Man… Too?"» This is going to take him a while still to adjust to. SORRY MILES. WHY IS HIS INTERNAL NARRATIVE APOLOGIZING SO MUCH TODAY. «"See if there's anyone like — alive in there, I'll-"»

try really hard not to be smote by the angry hand of god

«"-run interference!"»

that's the dumbest idea you've ever had peter

Which doesn't stop him from pretty much -immediately- firing off a pair of adhesive webs directly for Wanda's face at the exact moment she looks up towards the Captain Marvel-dotted skies.

"Hey, is this like, an exciting new take on Extreme Home Makeovers? Is that even still a thing? Are you related to Ty Pennington? Can you ask him if that's still a thing?"

OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE goes his internal narrative now—

"Oh hey, Captain Marvel! Whew!"

"Oh crap, it's Captain Marvel!"

… …

"Wait, she can't get me in trouble in like, Delaware, can she? That's how the law works, isn't it?"

Thanks, Delaware! wait no, right, OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE—


"Superhero Uber should be a thing. We should make it a thing. Suber? Super? SUP-BER?" Spider-Miles has taken a page out of OG's Book and pulled a less perfect slingshot action of launching and landing on the wall of the building. This gives him an opportunity to get into Banter Mode with the OG.

"Omar was scary. Hey, remember that part in like Season Three when—"

Hey, uh, this banter's going to have to take a small break because there's a giant block of SPIDER-SENSE about to smack Spider-Miles in the face. It's almost animatedly uncanny the way he stops in mid-wallcrawl to look up and those squiggly lines practically appear around his head. It's a whole thing.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh…" Spider-Miles leaps off the building about a half-second after OG Spidey McWebs and offers a quick, "I'm thinking I might go with Spider-Man: The Remix. Y'know, like those old Missy Elliot tracks?"

There's probably not time to do much but respond with a quick, "And Bulletstorm doesn't count! Bootleg John Wick lookin' a—!"

Things start getting even hairer than they already were and Spider-Miles goes invisible. Fading himself out of sight and releasing from his webs to allow himself to dive inside(?) — is there even an inside anymore if the building is unraveling like a roll of Charmin — so that he can do the task that was bestowed upon him by his Spider-Mentor!

"… alright. Spider-Man II: Search for the Living is now live."

He realizes a moment too late that he probably shouldn't be speaking out loud while trying to invisible his way around.


Perhaps the only sight more badass than walking away from an explosion without turning around is walking away from a Scarlet Witch once she's getting her groove on. Behind Frenzy and Mystique the world turns into a Red Hell while ahead of them is the lush green hues of the woods. And a warning. They are definitely not alone. Mystique passes a sly grin to Frenzy and lifts up the heavy machine gun as if saluting the scrapper. "It's been much too long since we've had an opportunity to dance together."

As quickly as the lighter had ignited the gasoline fumes Mystique's red, white and blue presentation shifts into full-on woodland camouflage. The only part that sticks out is the giant black gun filling her hands. An air kiss is given to Jo then the morphed creature darts out into the cover of the trees.

Sure enough, there's Captain Marvel hanging out in the sky. Not doing much of anything. That's peculiar. But Wanda had already called dibs and Raven is happy to let her have that particular powerhouse. She's much more sneaky-assassiny and much less ..like everyone else on her current team. Frenzy, the Witch, Quicksilver, they'll all do -very- well to draw the attention of any interference while Mystique can go get her hunt on. It'll be Spidey-Senses versus nine hundred rounds per minute in the next few seconds…

With Spider-Miles pulling the ol' invisibility trick that leaves one target left for the assaulting. The one that's attacking Scarlet Witch. Spider-Prime. Mystique takes aim from around a tree, a broad grin playing across her camo'd face as a crooked finger plays across the MG's broad trigger.



That grin along with what Mystique says prompts a grin from Jo.

And while her expression is quite as sly as Mystique's, it's still every bit as fierce. "Yes, too long. Let's make it memorable for them all."

And look! Here comes one now. Captain Marvel. Frenzy readies herself to do battle with the Captain, but seconds later Wanda's voice echoes within her head. Here Frenzy's expression actually *falls*. Truly, she wanted to pound Captain Marvel into a pulp, but Frenzy is a good soldier, and so, she obeys Wanda Maximoff's directive. Especially as the Witch's powers engulf the building in a familiar red-hex-colored-way.

There are other targets to look at, thankfully, and Frenzy's gaze flicks over to the Spider-lings. Or, at the very least, the one she can see - but wait what's that? A voice that doesn't necessarily coincide with a body?

How strange, but Frenzy has seen and heard stranger things, and so the woman rips a large chunk of earth from the ground and then casually lobs it at where she thinks Spider-ling-Miles' voice came from.

Did we mention the chunk is large? It's large. Like boulder-ish large.

So while her aim might be off, maybe-just-possibly the boulder will still squish the spider in question.


The hostages, for their part, are not having the greatest time.

Upside: the Brotherhood terrorists, in question, are not focused on them in particular, or particularly demonstrative in ending their lives.

Downside: they're trapped without escape in a building that is breaking itself apart.

Any retreat they have hampers when staircases unravel themselves, and entire hallways lurch out into nothingness, blown out by an unseen force buffeted within those crackling lines of scarlet. And then, the entire second floor tilts dangerously, sending machines, furniture, and them with it, trapped at one end of a steep slide, and on the verge of being mulched alive.

The Witch floats in place at the heart of it, her gliding hands holding maestro over her playing orchaestra, conducting every last filament of power to her unfolding will.

Just as her father taught. Control, Wanda. Always control —

Her attention only rivets up, granted a sudden, startling view of the night sky when the ceiling is sundered in too (and scarlet leylines catch and fold falling bits of mortar, and brush them aside), as the Witch locks distant eyes with Carol Danvers.

Magneto may be long lost, but his memory refracts off Wanda Maximoff, from her billowing cloak, to her crown, to the coldness in her burning eyes. For that heartbeat, all her attention is Captain Marvel.

Too far to hear, but her lips move, mouthing: "I see you —"

Until — webbing.

It connects, and covers Wanda's face. The witch stutters in the air, losing pieces of the building as her scarlet flares out around her, lashing out in uncoordinated chaos for the moments she cannot see, she cannot BREATHE. Held in the air, the woman struggles, because for all her power, she is just a woman, fighting that animal panic of suffocation —

Erik Lehnsherr's voice: CONTROL, WANDA.

Her fingers curl, and a quick mental command infuses into her light. She wipes her face, and the web slicks away, reduced to water.

Her eyes turn, burning with balefire on Spider-Man, because it's inherited upon Magneto's spawn that they ABHOR being distracted during their dramatics —

The Scarlet Witch makes a decision, and reaches out with her magic, flaring scarlet through the air to try to catch and filament into the energy wells in that hovering, momentarily-stunned Carol Danvers. Leeching in.

Wanda unleashes a command through probability: DROP out of the sky.

With all her power. With all her speed. DROP and DESTROY.


Eye contact is broken by Spider goo. A spell being snapped apart by Spiderman's well-timed webbing, Captain Marvel quickly tries to get ahold of herself. Shaken by how damned freezing it feels right now. The world is such an empty place.. The distance between air molecules an eternal horror. The spaces between, watching the world. Watching her. Why can't anyone see it? Why isn't everyone screamin-

'CAROL! Are you there?!'

Captain Marvel shakes her head hard enough to jolt her several feet in mid-air. Eyes squeezing closed as adrenaline makes its late appearance shooting through her veins. Years of training telling her that this delay is a death sentence and if it wasn't for a friendly neighborhood wall-crawler she could have been dead by now.

She tries to spare a side-glance for where her ally might be but she can't hesitate any longer. If there are lives to be rescued in that crumbling building, they're in Spider hands now. She has to take this Witch down here and now!

With a snarl of effort she flashes forward in a burst of movement. Her aura igniting with glaring force as she spears straight towards the Eldritch Maximov even as the evil woman collects herself from her webbed indignity.

For a split instant Carol's gloved fists are inches from Wanda. There is a wash of heated air blowing over her just as the defiled probabilities take hold. Captain Marvel veers -down- at an impossible change of direction. Diving like a piledriver thrown from the top of a skyscrapper directly into the pavement of the facilities parking lot. Several yards of shattered asphalt along with a dozen cars bounce into the air with the impact. A shockwave of force rattling car doors in a symphony of car alarms erupting one by one.

Even this stuns Carol for only a moment.

Growling from within her planted hole, she whirls about with a thrash of earth and sends a photon blast screaming into the sky from an explosion of turf. Its a wild, weak shot but she knows she has to regain momentum. She can't just let that Witch work her magic unopposed. Momentum is everything now..


He thwipped her! Hurray!

She just kind of changed its molecular properties by waving at it like a Jedi! Boo!

"Um. Can I just say." Begins Spider-Man. Master diplomat. Slowly. As Wanda stares murder at him.

Smooth over the situation peter smooth over the situation peter smooth over the situation peter

"That's definitely the least existentially disturbing stare any angry runaway Sith from the Old Republic 100% Dark Side Choices Star Wars Universe has ever given me, definitely, and you're not weird at all."

oh peter parker

you deserve to die

"What was your Darth name — AH CRAP"

This is the sound of Spider-Man saving himself from certain doom as he suddenly -flips- across the surface of the crumbling building a mere fraction of seconds before a hail of horrifying bulletfire -rips- through churning concrete like sharks through paper mache. If you have a hard time picturing sharks eating paper mache, well, that's not Spider-Man's problem, he's got other things going on right now.

"oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap THIS ISN'T LIKE THE WIRE AT ALL!!"

Like 'not dying,' for one.

Spider-Man is fast. Preternaturally, unbelievably fast. Unfortunately that gun is also just ridiculous like seriously he'd make a quip about Mystique's 90s villain name being Overkill but he's a bit too busy just scrambling across the decaying building surface right now, feeling heat of spent shells just barely scraping past him time after time after —


He leaps. And a bullet rips past his side in a way that'd probably be the end for most, given the firepower at play. He feels the red heat of blood, the fracturing strain of abused ribs.

He ignores it as a web-line casts out past Mystique —

— towards a hurtling chunk of rubble —

— before YANKING it back, straight towards the woman's steady grip.


He tries to tell himself, at least, it's better than being Darth Stroya'd.


Spider-Miles tries to keep himself out of harm's way. But also tries to be sneaky. It's a combination that he's probably not going to be good at. Especially since he's trying to get to the innocents that may be trapped up in this place. This place that's rapidly falling apart.

As the innocents are trying to get themselves to safety, there's not much help that Spider-Miles can give. Because there's a giant chunk of Earth sailing in his direction. Which ends up stopping in the air… dropping low and then rising back up slowly. Of course, by the time that boulder starts rising up again, the flickering of the body of Spider-Man Too can be seen. The invisibility is gone.

"Ugh." Spider-Miles holds the Earth boulder up long enough to let any trying to escape humans get out from underneath the boulder and stuff. "Um. Hey uh… you should like uh, not throw stones in the glass house that's falling on the black tea kettle that's a pot?" The boulder gets thrown to the side to make sure that it's no longer in his way. His lenses narrow in on Frenzy. Because! She threw it!

Spider-Miles flings a pair of web-lines at the second floor in an attempt to yank himself up there for some retrieval of innocents. "I'll be back to fight you in a sec! I've got a previous engagement with saving lives!" Spider-Miles mutters to himself, "… and not getting crushed under giant boulders of doom. Like that old guy from that Crystal Skull movie."

Much webs shot to make sure innocents don't fall to their dooms. Or get crushed. Or anything else. And maybe, juuuust maybe, a glob of webbing is sent in Frenzy's direction.

SPIDER-MAN HASN'T SHOWN HIM HOW TO AIM STYLISHLY YET. HEM-HEM. (It's better to internally blame Peter for possibly pissing off Frenzy)


The sudden inclusion of Captain Marvel into the fight is all of the reassurance that Mystique needs that leaving the powerful flyer to more capable hands was the right decision. When the ground shakes and a new crater is born then a shot of energy lances into the night sky, her concern isn't for Wanda. Rather, her thought is 'that lady has serious anger issues.'

It's all terribly amusing. More so because the metamorph isn't caught up in the middle of it!

The Twins can handle themselves. The building is crumbling into dust, now even assisted by the hero sorts, themselves! Any of the 'hostages' (cannon-fodder) trying to escape can easily be cut down by the machine gun. As far as she's concerned this is mission accomplished.


One thing which isn't camouflaged? A large gun being fired. She's having herself a proper Rambo moment burning through the ammo belt when Spider-Prime snags a chunk of the building and fires it back in retaliation. That gets the fire to stop! The chunk ricochets off of a tree and bashes the morphic mutant in the side, flinging her into the woods.

That..is gonna take a little bit to recover from… But hey, her work here is done! The kids can keep playing all they like. They'll be fine. Really!


It's all going to plan.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Or rather it sure does seem like the bad guys have the upper hand right now.

Which is good. Go team.

But luck is a fickle thing and it can change just like that. Example - Captain Marvel. She falls and it's good. If Frenzy weren't busy glaring at both Spiders, yes even you mostly-invisible-Miles, she'd probably cheer! As it is, the Strong-Arm of the Brotherhood turns her gaze away from Miles for a moment and looks over to Peter Parker. She's just in time to see the Original Spider-Man grab that chunk of earth and literally bash the gun-toting Mystique with it. Seeing that, Frenzy does the only thing she can do -

She rips another giant chunk of earth from the ground and throws it *hard* at Spider-Peter-Parker-Man.

And has she forgotten about Miles? No, she hasn't and now that good luck of hers changes -

Frenzy turns back around to see where the other Spider is at, and just as she turns Miles flings a glob of webbing at her. Upon seeing that webbing come at her Frenzy brings an arm up to block, which works! Only this isn't your normal-everyday-webbing. This is something more, this particular webbing holds electricity within its strands and as it wraps around Frenzy's arm it delivers an unexpected *bite*.

There's a noise from Frenzy that sounds surprised, angry, and pained, as the shock slips past Frenzy's enhanced durability. It's enough that the woman staggers a step and then a second, before she collapses down to the ground.

For now, the tank that's known as Frenzy, is stopped, but one has to wonder how long that will *really* last.


BOOM. The mark misses by hairs. The Witch narrowly avoids a direct, luminescent collision with a woman forged from a star.

Captain Marvel hits the dirt. It allows for a second's distraction. And with only one hero in the world happy to provide.

There are few words that can accurately describe the way the Scarlet Witch looks at Spider-Man, as he keeps talking —

— and talking. And talking. And talking.

She floats there despondently. Her left eye twitches. The ends of her cloak even seem to knot in with aggravation. She probably doesn't get a single one of those sick references. "Obnoxious…" she murmurs back, looking him up and down. "And unlearned. Proper spiders speak the old tongue. They must not talk to you —"

The scarlet savagery cut short, as Wanda's red eyes turn on a shock of photonic energy — turned up on the sky from where she sent down Captain Marvel. The witch crosses her arms, and her opening hands awaken a shield, and she holds its summon as it repels that light.

It hurts to maintain. She grits her teeth, invokes her will, and thinks of nothing else, crying out with the exertion to redirect that coursing energy away. It saves the Witch from being cooked on the spot, but she looks fatigued — and adaptive. Learning she cannot take many of those direct strikes if she wishes to duel Danvers for long.

Frenzy's distant, pained cry crosses her attention. Wanda's fingers twitch. Best they regroup, she decides, sending the thought along to Pietro.

The humanity washes out of her eyes, as the Scarlet Witch flares free of her corrosive, red light, raising her hands to breathe life to a sphere between them.

"Mankind's Marvel," she spits out, venomous, "we are my father's work, and we are far from finished. Die for your humans. When they no longer need you, they will turn on you. All of you."

Her weaving fingers tie the last knot on her hex. Wanda's glowing eyes reflect its power. "Turning and turning in the widening gyre — take what hates us."

And she lets it go. Lets the churning, swirling power be — a single, dense point that draws the world in that it touches. The machines and technology fly towards it, into the whirling center, and implode in, mulched down like a car being fed through the opening of a straw. The building starts to get sucked in, as well.

Unless stopped, the researchers are next to get pulled in.

A pretty distraction, as the Scarlet Witch turns her power on her Brotherhood, and opens a portal to see their escape out.


A gloved hand shoves aside a layer of dirt with all the might of a bulldozer shovel. Spreading a mound of ruined Earth away from her as Captain Marvel pushes herself from the ground. Shaking her head quickly to get the dirt from her eyes and hair she looks skyward to see what damage her wild shot wrought. A mild sense of satisfaction as she forced the Witch onto the defensive.

With that Spider distracting her and keeping those other Brotherhoods occupied, they have a good shot of taking her down. Wait.. Two Spiders? There are two spiders? Where did the other-

"..What did you do.." Carol whispers, blue eyes filled with incredulity at that speck the Scarlet Witch has awoken. All her might to summon a pin-prick in space time? She wants to respond to that ultimatum. Roar her outrage at a path so twisted by an evil man.. But the horror of that black mote catches in Carol's throat.

And then.. Things are drawn to it. Broken top soil at first and then progressively more substantial mass. Rocks. Debris. People..

In an instant she can only glare at the sorceress, already making good her escape with her people. Her decision already made for her. Without another word, she shoves herself from her hole and blasts into the air on golden power. Veering quickly to collect scientists and technicians as they're pulled skyward towards absolute oblivion. Saving as many as she can.

"Spiderman!" She shouts with a mild panic in her tone, hoping he notices the people and joins in the rescue effort along with his ward.

Seriously, even Spiders have wards now?


In the distance, there is the snap of the sound barrier breaking.

A second later, Wanda is in her brother's arms, Pietro looking down into her face. His silver hair hasn't even settled yet from its windblown state. It is best not to ask what he's been doing. Will the T-Jet still be where Peter left it…?

"Have fun?" he asks, with a crooked smile. "I did."

With a last glance back to check the others will follow, he takes her through the portal.

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