Bargain Bin Shopping
Roleplaying Log: Bargain Bin Shopping
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Captain Marvel approaches Spiderwoman with a proposal for a venture.

Other Characters Referenced: Rocket, Groot, iron-man, hawkeye-barton
IC Date: June 11, 2019
IC Location: Roosevelt Island, NY
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To be fair, Jessica has been nose down and very busy on stuff she isn't talking about too loudly or openly.

Sure she sicc'd Clint on Rocket and Groot.

She also enlisted Tony's help (and his youthful ward's).

But Peggy and Fury told her to try to be a bit discreet since news blowing up that now SHIELD is putting stuff into space would be .. bad?

Of course on the other hand this is a spy agency and spies tend to figure out stuff and talk to each other about it.

So yeah Jess is in her office a STARK Holoprojector lighting up the room and giving her a lot of surface area to work with. She may not have an AI assistant like Tony but she is making do with the laptop she does have.

Agent Danvers strides the bunker-like halls of the refurbished Roosevelt Island compound briskly. Her footfalls echoing as her steel eyes follow the nameplates, signs and directions that have been hastily arranged on the walls - often printed with office paper until fancier placards come in. One of these days Carol will memorize where everyone is at but she has a lot of ground to make up for.

Marching past one particular office she halts and walks back a few steps. Squinting at 'Drew' she has her ah-ha moment, clicking her tongue.
She takes a moment to collect herself, hands sweeping back her newly shortened haircut and exhaling deeply. She tries to put recent events out of her mind, even if the pang of letting the Terror Twins slip away from her has placed her in a pique of aggravated tilt.
No. For now, she needs to somehow mentally compartmentalize the world-wide manhunt for the Brotherhood and the concerns over Registration aside. She has something far more important for the future of humanity to focus on now. Something nearer and dearer to her heart.

Clearing her throat, the fully suited up Captain Marvel raps on the door to Drew's office courteously. Recentered and prepared.

Drew wishes she had a AI Assistant but those hologram emitters of STARKs do allow for motion tracking and manipulation so she tap taps the air and then jabs a couple of open files blacking them out for the moment. Though she doesn't bother blacking all of them out.

"Come in?" not really…. she looks .. nope no one on her calendar. She isn't on any active normal cases after all but that doesn't mean she isn't taking a lot of phone and in person meetings around the country right now.

The door opens and Captain Marvel steps within, "Agent Drew." Greeting with cautious reserve. Carol's reputation has taken a serious hit since the Mutant Riots and not all have forgiven her. She's only started rebuilding her acquaintances one after the other in a slow progression. She.. isn't completely sure how well Spider-Woman will take to her so she has a hardened expression. Prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. As such, now that she has her foot in the door she's quick to add, "I've heard that you've been spearheading some.. Important initiatives lately."
Notably not closing the door behind her yet on the off chance she's told to get out.

Jessica tilts her head studying Carol. Okay to be fair she really didn't expect Captain Marvel to be the one coming into her office today.

As for grudges well there doesn't seem to be any, but then she is a master spy in her own right up there with Natasha.

"Hey Agent Danvers. I can't say I'm surprised word has been skittering around here, it is impossible to keep some secrets in Spy Agencies…" though that has her ponder about the other initiative she knows is secret, the traitor hunt.

"What can I do for you Carol?" yeah she reverts to first name, maybe it is an olive branch. Doesn't seem to be a slight. She also waves for the door to be shut.

It's encouraging that Agent Drew is only guarded. A professional aire she can work with. As she mentions the difficulties of keeping secrets in a world of spies, Carol offers a half-smile and finally closes the door behind her. "Well. I still have some contacts. And let's face it, the list of people who routinely commute to space on a daily basis is.. Pretty short."
She walks closer to the desk, placing a hand on her hip and the other gestures broadly, "I'm glad you asked, Jessica." Dropping some decorum as Agent Drew does. Though she doesn't use the nickname 'Jess' as that's been reserved for Carol's longtime friend in her own lexicon. Calling two different people 'Jess' just.. Sounds weird in her head.
"I wanted to talk to you about SWORD. I wanted.." She hesitates, her lips pressing as her gaze drifts off in consideration of her words, "..I wanted to know if you understood how much this means to some people. Do you know what you're getting into with this? The ramifications?"
She did not step in the door thinking she would be conducting an interrogation of her superior officer, but in a moment of pause she suddenly realized that she needed to know. She doesn't know Jessica Drew as well as she should and frankly what bio of hers that's declassified enough for Carol to read is .. Not terribly encouraging. Before she can seriously step into this project .. She better understand the motivations of the person running it.

Drew leans back in her chair and motion sand the hologram displays spin outwards and cover the walls now like big interactive screens.

"Well. Maybe."" she offers, just a touch of a quirk of a smile. "I know some of the implications and a bit about what I am getting into."

She flips another video up and it silently plays video now of NoWhere and what looks like a prison break of humans and SHIELD agents from The Collector.

"I've been talking to extraterristrials. A Kryptonian is transcribing their alien database for me.. and .. well I'll be honest I didn't seek you out because you seemed to have your hands full Carol. Like super full."

"As to knowing what I'm getting into.. well the whole point of SWORD despite the sharp sounding name.. well Sentient World Observation and Response Department. Right now we are on the O .. the point is observation so we figure out what we are dealing with and how to prevent invasions and defend the only planet we got without solely relying on Superman and others." pause "No offense."

Captain Marvel watches the video feed of the operation in Knowhere with keen interest. Listening to Drew's counter with quiet attention, slightly nodding as she adds that she's actually gotten Kal-El to share at least some Kryptonian knowledge. That she didn't know, but it's certainly encouraging.

"None taken." Carol absently replies, eyes drifting down a moment as she gathers her thoughts. Finding a thread to follow she shelves the notion of 'hands full' for the moment as she continues on with, "Do you know I always dreamed of being an Astronaut? Before I ended up in the Air Force that was my dream. Now.. Heh." Lifting a shoulder she adds, "I guess things fell into place." Not elaborating on the incredible circumstances she's living in. The fact that she actually takes weekend vacations on the Moon every other month.

"I always wondered what would happen if aliens were real. First Superman suggested aliens were just like us.. Except stronger sometimes. Then the Chitauri gave us a different lesson."

She exhales, "But that's what SWORD is working towards and that's good. But.." She leans forward, placing her hands on the desk to look Jessica in the eye, "You realize this could change everything? This organization you're putting together is the tip of the spear but once we open this box everything changes. We meet other civilizations. We establish diplomatic channels with exo-governments. There is a very real possibility that the intelligence operations you're doing means you end up speaking for all of Earth. This planet's future is in your hands in a direct way."

"Which is honestly probably why the Director and Assistant Director haven't really wanted me to go in front of budget appropriations or congress with this one." well at least Drew is being honest with herself.

"We have Superman leaving here to do god knows what in Space. We ended up pissing off an Elder the Universe." pause "We were invaded as you pointed out and I have evidence on ice of a currently ongoing invasion right now."

This all leads to a bit of a shrug. "We need to do this .. pandoras box is already open. I understand what you are saying though. The actions SWORD takes will in a very real manner determine the intergalatic footing upon which the Earth operates." a frown "We got pulled into the game and now we have to play it Carol. Which means first we need to learn the rules and how to work with and around them."

Carol offers a single laugh as Drew makes mention of budget appropriations. She then nods along with Jessica's answer and just as importantly she keeps watching the woman's face. Unfortunately, Carol is no spy. Her ability to discern motivation and truth is limited but having led fighting men she's had some experience with commanding and following people.
If she detects that Drew is doing this as a backhanded power grab she would walk right out the door without another word. If this is an earnest attempt to both protect the Earth and - just as importantly - improve the human race.. She'll keep talking.
The cagey expressions and muted replies are noted but she knows that Jessica is in a tough position. Cards like these need to be played close to the vest.

After listening she straightens, processing the response for a moment before adding, "And we need more resources." Tagging that comment on as she then decides to trust Drew enough to get to the point, "I know you've tagged Rocket and Groot as informants. There's something they got that we need more than what intel they can provide."

Jess seems to be on the level about this, which considering the timing after the NoWhere mission and her digging into how very bad all this could be.. well it makes sense.

Sure some people around SHIELD will always be a bit skeptical about her upbringing and all that, but the Director does seem to trust her in general and so far with this.

"We need a lot of resources, which is why I've done a pretty exhaustive inventory of what Stark.. both of them… and all our major defense contractors.. NASA.. DARPA… the works… can do for us." pause "Also a Kryptonian willing to ferry things to orbit."

"What does the Raccoon and Tree got that we need more than intel?"

"Their ship."
Captain Marvel states plainly.
"Listen." She then begins to skirt around the desk, walking towards the projection of a scene from the Knowhere operation and gesturing to it, "I think you're missing a possibility. Stark and NASA.. They're making incredible strides. Superman can potentially teach us a lot. Hell, I've hauled a few satellites into orbit myself. Him and other metas like me can do a lot of work really cheap but to be honest we're still centuries behind the galactic median."
She fully turns to Drew, growing a bit more excited as she furthers, "Don't you see? We don't need to reinvent the wheel here. Interstellar commerce exists! Rocket is proof positive and every other statement we've ever gotten from an extraterrestrial has said the same thing. Our galaxy is not only populated with other nations it actually has a market! We can -buy- ships. We could even set up a trade deal with some mercantile civilization to arrange construction. Our own Earth R&D can fill in the gaps of our knowledge later but we can kickstart Earth's interstellar program right now. We don't have to ask alien tourists for information, we could go out there and find out for ourselves."

Jess leans back again then gestures and flicks up the dossiers on Rocket and Groot.

"So far every alien I've talked to about giving technology not intel has flat out said no." she pauses "Now you are right.. Rocket and Groot according to their jackets..well they might be a lot less scrupulous and may let us piggy back on their technology and get our hands on some of our own. For the right price."

"Everything you said about needing to be very careful though about alien civilizations and earths fate stands. We would need to get the ships and technology, without giving up much about our planet and how backwards we are. Especially if we can come up with resources valuable enough for a ship."

"Otherwise well shit Carol someone is going to either strip mine us like in Indepedence day or put in a bypass."

"Right, we aren't going to tell people how to get to Earth. But that's the thing.." Carol walks back to Drew's desk, tapping a finger on the surface, "Turns out we do have things that are valuable in the larger galaxy. If we didn't, you think Rocket would be spending five minutes longer here than he had to? We can identify some of the rarer materials on Earth. Hell, Superman and I can fly anywhere in the solar system we need to. And that's the thing. We can build on it."
Carol is clearly excited now, not exactly giddy but her words are coming out in a rush, smiling in spite of herself, "We don't need many ships at first. How expensive can that hunk of junk Rocket and his crew flies around in actually be? Maybe we take a hit on the first couple deals for cheap equipment. Mining gear and the like. Maybe Stark can reverse engineer or work on the platforms. Once we get that up and running we can get access to more resources in our system. Buy a few more ships and equipment. Enough that we can effectively scout our local star group! Hell if we get enough together and we find a partner that's trustworthy enough, maybe we could even commission them to build a station in orbit!"
Carol straightens, still gesticulating, "Look. Everything I'm talking about would take us.. Probably centuries if we did it completely on our own. We have some extremely smart people and we do have some alien artifacts that's kicked our understanding of physics up several notches, but if we find the right sellers and invest carefully.. We could do this in under a decade."

"I actually convinced Supergirl to help not Superman. I haven't been able to get a meeting with him and she is really easy to steer into helping."

"I do like the idea of having Stark and some of our R&D crew like FitzSimmons reverse engineering it instead of buying a fleet of ships… because I imagine it still costs a lot even if it is a hunk of junk."

"My first goal is surveillance.. Sats and a space station. I've already talked to Stark about both.

"I'm really skeptical about a trustworthy partner.. but I do like the idea of using Rocket and Groot and going bargain bin shopping for technology to leapfrog us ahead in this build out. I don't want to risk another invasion by waiting decades."

As Supergirl is mentioned, Captain Marvel straightens. Her expression darkens. But she files her comment about her for later as she continues listening. She does cut in briefly to correct, "Only a few ships not a fleet."
She's.. Skeptical of the reverse engineering prospect but that at least goes unvoiced. Comments about Stark and surveillance earn a small exhale from her, dampening her enthusiasm by a degree. Clearly a more conservative approach was not what Carol had in mind.
Though, the final comment regains her some momentum as she nods, "Yeah. Here's what I suggest. We approach Rocket again and talk to him about where they got their ship. We talk about the kind of resources it would take to buy one. We procure resources, go out there and find a dealer. And just like that Earth's space program is pushed ahead centuries!"

Jess is savvy enough to pick up on this.

"I only have clearance right now for the O in SWORD. We need to start by observing not responding until we have an idea what we are responding to and how we can respond. I've also been given instructions to not load down out near earth space with weapons yet, because Hydra or someone could and would probably try to hijack them and hold the world hostage and then SHIELD would be blamed."

As to the blane with the Rabbit and Tree. Well.

Jess nods "Okay I think we can do this. Do you know them very well or do we need to get Clint involved again to shake them down since he already has established a business relationship?"

"Okay. That's fine. Sure." Captain Marvel nods along with the points that Agent Drew raises. It's a fair point and to be honest.. Herself and other metas eclipse available technological firepower anyway. The Chitauri learned that lesson the hard way. It remains to be seen how well Hydra has ..
Still. She has tacit agreement, "Well enough. I think I understand Rocket's language pretty well. No need to bother Barton with it for now." Straightening with a smile, "Don't worry. Our exposure is limited and the potential upside is.." Searching for the word and only comes up with, ".. A lot." A sheepish expression as she then skirts back around the desk and moves toward the door, "This is going to open up whole worlds for us. We can push the timetables on this, I'm telling you!"

"Okay… Danvers." she pauses.

"When we go buy the ship I want to be there. I want more first hand intel on this whole mess and I think a used spaceship dealer .. probably disreputable and black market if I know that Raccoon having never met him… will be very useful for this"

Carol pauses at the unopened door, turning to listen. She offers a smile in return as she offers, "It's your SWORD. I wouldn't dream of keeping you out of the fun parts."
That is what Carol was searching for in Agent Drew. A genuine desire to want to see the greater galaxy and the beings that live in it. Not just the mechanical necessity of defending Earth from invasion. That is an extremely important duty they have but..
.. More than that. The true human spirit of exploration. Something that fills every astronaut who's ever stared up at the sky in wonder. Even though the danger is extreme, the chance to go to some alien cantina and work out a back alley deal for a cheap star freighter?

If that isn't what dreams are made of, Carol doesn't know of any other.

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