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Dani asks Billy for help in the missing Emma Frost case

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The lives of those that live in New York are often fast-paced, some more than others.

The pace often means that one side of their lives gets ignored; either the professional, or the personal.

For Danielle Moonstar she often lets her personal life fall to the wayside when she's overwhelmed and the last few weeks have been … busy to say the least. That doesn't mean that she doesn't eventually re-surface for air and take a minute to recalibrate her focus onto the other side of her life.

Which is what she found herself doing this particular evening.

Dani chose a very low-key, down-to-earth restaurant that offered a Korean-Mexican fusion flare; meaning kimchi, tacos and lots of Korean barbecue.

Now the two can be found at the tail-end of their dinner, in one of the booths towards the back of the place. While it's not horribly private, the craziness of the restaurant is enough to give the illusion of privacy, as the waiters only interrupt when needed, and the other diners are wrapped up in their own affairs and conversations at their table.

For Dani, her plate is pushed slightly away from herself, her hunger satisfied for the moment. Now she sips at some local micro-brewery-craft-specialized-something-or-other beer as she considers her next words, "So." Begins the Cheyenne woman with a note of quiet amusement to her voice, "I feel the need to admit that I may have a small ulterior motive to just dinner tonight."


Billy has likewise been incredibly busy. Talking out of both sides of your mouth is a full-time job, after all. Between that and his desire to get his hands dirty now and again (just to keep his people on their toes) he's been scarce as well. He's kept in touch with the occasional message and it somehow manages to be just the right amount of contact. Not too much to pester or appear desperate, but enough to let her know she's on his mind.

He turns out to not have the broadest palate when it comes to new food, but to his credit, he's willing to give things a try. Discovery of the evening? He does not like kimchi, but pork belly tacos with pickled daikon are a new favourite.

He's dressed down, in well-cut denim and a white t-shirt, with a thin leather jacket because at this time of the year, the wind can still have a bit of a bite. He's sipping his own beer when she says she has ulterior motives. "I thought you just missed my charming smile, Moonstar. You wound me." He chuckles.


Much like Billy, Dani's attire matches the restaurant as well. Dark denim jeans tucked into mid-calf high boots, a blue jewel-colored shirt, and a leather jacket to beat the chill if needed.
His retort to her admission of 'guilt' prompts a light laugh from the woman, also a flash of teeth as she smiles. "Oh, I've missed that, yes." She admits, "And while I prefer to keep what time we can carve out of hectic schedules to non-business related things, I promised a friend I'd try and help him with a problem he has."

She finishes the last of her beer and sets the now empty bottle gently upon the tabletop, then she reaches for her touch-screen phone and places it upon the tabletop, though she doesn't unlock the screen yet.

"I know you and your team usually only handle protection and security jobs, but have you ever handled anything with missing persons? Or kidnapping?" She asks, her tone dropping to something low so her words don't carry much beyond their booth.


Billy extends his hands and shrugs. "I mean, I have some ex-MPs on my payroll, but we're not PIs. We're the guys you call when the PIs have found where the issue is. Why? What's happened?" He relaxes against the chair and sips from his drink, but he does look interested in what she might have on her phone.


"Well." Continues Dani as she listens to what he has to say, "I've a feeling we're going to need your help when we do figure out what's going on. There's something larger going on here -"

But first she needs to show him the information and so, she takes a minute to touch her phone screen, unlocking it with her thumbprint.

"I've been made aware, through unofficial channels, that someone is kidnapping telepaths. So far, there's only been three kidnappings that we can confirm. Likely there are more, but we're just not aware of them." As she speaks she pulls up images on her phone, "Two of them are college aged kids." Their pictures are shown to Billy first, your typical middle-class suburbanites, "However, the third …"

And here Moonstar's voice turns a touch quieter, perhaps a bit more flat, "Is a bit different."

The third picture that Dani brings up is of a very beautiful woman who's dressed impeccably, someone who clearly graces the higher society with her presence versus their own.

"I'm searching for all them and all are my priority." Dani states firmly, "But Ms. Frost here, is my friend's top priority."


Billy nudges his empty plate away and listens to Dani, hands folded in front of him. His face doesn't reveal anything until she shows that last picture. Then his eyebrows arch. "I've met her. A few months ago. I've got a contract with Frost Industries that was slated to start in the fall." And then, a beat, and he says a bit flatly, "I didn't know she was a telepath."

But he recovers soon enough and rolls his shoulders back. "There a reason why you'd come to me rather than through SHIELD channels? I mean, this sounds like your kinda thing."


The mention of Frost Industries brings a rise to Dani's eyebrows, but she doesn't say anything else as he reveals he was quite unaware of her mutant status. That flat quality is heard, but for the moment Moonstar doesn't make a show of having heard it.

"Yes." Dani says succinctly enough, "She is."

"Most people don't and while I wouldn't typically bring this up in such a casual way, I don't consider you as 'most people'."

Once he's seen all the pictures, Moonstar locks the screen of her phone and tucks it back away, which gives Billy time to ask his question about her SHIELD-self. "For the two missing suburbanites I am -" Sort of, but she doesn't need to get into the nitty-gritty of that just yet, "But for her, I'm doing this as a favor to a friend who saved my life once. So, if he says it needs to be on the down low, it's going to stay on the completely unofficial side of my various selves."

"We know it has something to do with computers and a key logger program. I'm hoping to set myself up as a viable 'target' and catch them red handed when they come to kidnap me."


The reminder that Dani considers him someone trustworthy to whom she can reveal sensitive information prompts Billy to reassemble his mask. He does a good job of not letting it show that he's rattled by the fact that Emma is a telepath. Instead, he just looks concerned and interested.

"Is there a worry something would happen at Frost if it was known their CEO was missing?" he asks, tactfully.

But then she's laying out her plan, and he reaches across the table to catch her hand. "Are you sure that's a good idea? If they're the kind of people who can get past Frost's security…"


That question of his is just so tactful and it brings a faint smile from the woman. "Something like that." She agrees, though she doesn't necessarily expand upon what that 'something' really is.

Some things have to stay secrets, it seems.

He easily enough catches her hand and at his question the Cheyenne woman cants her head slightly to the side. "I can't say whether it's a good idea until we successfully pull it off." That's said with a dash of humor, "And, I'll hopefully have better *security* and back-up than she did." Implying that hopefully he'll be there to help, "Otherwise, yes, it's probably a really dumb idea."

"But sometimes you have to take the crazy route."

She gives his hand a squeeze, "So, no need to worry."

Now she tries to flip the tables just a bit, "You aren't a fan of telepaths." She states matter-of-factly, more than questions, but there's the slightest uptick to her voice to allow for it to be interpreted as a question.


"Damn straight you will. If you insist on doing this. Me and my best guys'll be there." Billy gives her hand a squeeze in response. "Listen, I know sometimes you gotta take risks to do the job, but just because it's crazy, don't mean you can't be smart about it. What makes you think they'd risk coming at a SHIELD agent?"

Her question hits a chink in his armor. Damn. But he doesn't fool people by being perfect. No one's fooled by perfect. "I just…it just woulda been good to know if someone was reading my mind during a business deal, ya know? We were negotiating and maybe she was looking at my cards."


What makes her think they'd risk coming at her as an Agent of SHIELD?

A good question, which she'll answer after she addresses the last of what he said first.

What he has to say about telepaths isn't surprising, it's what most people say. It even brings a nod from the Cheyenne woman, something of understanding, or perhaps something more along the lines of expected. She expected to hear something like what Billy just said.

"You aren't the first person to think such things." States the black-haired woman, "But just because they can doesn't mean they do. Having powers, especially psychic powers, doesn't mean you don't have morals. It doesn't mean all of us are eavesdropping on your thoughts without permission."

"Most of us know right from wrong."

"It's just like any skill, you don't always use it when you can. Most often it's used only when needed."


"And I believe that of you, Dani. And I believe that of other people. But Emma Frost? She's not a woman to leave a tool in her toolbox if it can help her. You don't get that much money and that much power by not using everything at you disposal." Billy says that matter-of-factly. He sounds like he admires her for it. "Business isn't always moral."


The words he speaks are truth and Moonstar has to agree with much of what he said; if not everything.

Does she outwardly agree to it? Not entirely, though there's a slight slant to her mouth that likely reveals some of her feelings about Emma Frost.

That tone of admiration is heard, and it pulls a slight side-eye from the woman. She's just about to ask a question when he offers those final words of his. "No, it's not." She's quick to agree, "But I promised a friend I'd try and help and so I will. I'm sure you can understand."

And then, "Besides, I'm really trying to make you feel better here. Statistically speaking we're not all trying to rip the secrets out of your brains."


"Oh, I'm…" Billy sets a hand against his chest. "Even if she scooped out every last one of my secrets, I'd still do what I could to help you find her. I'm not a bigot, Dani. You know that. Hell, you wouldn't be sitting there if you thought I was." He is telling the truth, there. William Russo is a lot of things, but he's not a bigot. He's an equal opportunity manipulator.

He takes a pull from his beer, then sets it down, pawing it back and forth between hands. "I'd imagine most people's secrets aren't worth pawing out. Probably a lotta shit that only matters to them." He chuckles.


"Yes, I know and you're right, I wouldn't be here if I thought that." States the woman easily enough, "But I've seen enough people react strongly to the mention o f psychics, so -"

"I find it best to lead with it's a skill likely any other that typically isn't abused."

The mention of secrets and what matters to only them prompts a nod from Dani, "Pretty much. Most of what we think is important, or embarrassing, or terrible, really isn't that. We've just built it up in our heads to be worse than what it is."

At this point the waiter floats unobtrusively back to their table and Dani signals for the check to be brought.

Once that's done she turns her attention back to Billy, "Thank you for offering to help with this."


"Thanks for asking," says Billy. "I mean, not everyone'd trust a security consultant with something like this. I appreciate it." He smiles warmly and gives her hand another squeeze before he withdraws. "You just tell me where and when, and my guys'll be there. And I can pull the MP guys if you want someone who's good at being discrete and also digging into things."


”’A security consult’.” Dani states with a soft snort of amusement, “As if that’s all you really are.” Obviously thinking of the whole marine SNIPER part there.

”But yes, discrete would be the very best in this disregard." She agrees quite seriously, "So, if you'd like your people to listen for any word on the street for missing people in general, especially meta, I'd appreciate that too."

"Otherwise I'll let you know when we're laying the trap to try and capture the kidnappers."

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