Dreams Sometimes Come True
Roleplaying Log: Dreams Sometimes Come True
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Domino has a nightmare and Dani tries to intervene.

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IC Date: June 13, 2019
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It's late at night. All but the most resolute of nightowls have since gone to sleep. The Institute, for that rare moment during a twenty four hour cycle, is quiet and still.

Physically. That is.

With the body sound asleep the mind is free to spread its proverbial wings, though it doesn't always find somewhere pleasant to roost. Within one of those bedrooms is a lady with very pale skin. Skin which has broken out in a cold sweat. Muscles hold tense when they should remain relaxed, though only a very few would be able to witness the battle which she is engaged with.


It's a desert of pure white. Like snow but not as cold. An endless wind gently swirls patterns and small dust devils about, brushing against the skin of her face. Domino stands alone, a spot of impossible black surrounded by so much white. Scattered across the softly rolling dunes are the remnants of her trade. Spent shell casings, searing hot to the touch and stained with carbon burns. Weapons of every manner have been chaotically scattered about, the blades chipped or broken and the guns all empty and inoperable.

The only color to be found is a trail of vivid crimson spots dotting the landscape, creating a line like a dotted path along a treasure map. The blood isn't coming from her. She doesn't seem to be injured. Not at first.

As she tries to follow the trail of blood the landscape starts to shift around her. Her feet start to sink further into the cool sand with each step. Those gleaming cylinders of brass somehow burn her skin straight through her clothing, more of them lurking beneath the surface waiting for a chance to bite at her and leave a scar. The sharpened edges of broken steel implements of death nick and cut at her as she stumbles forward.

At the top of a dune her next step forward sinks deep, plunging a jagged steel point straight through her foot. A sharp howl sounds out across the barren wasteland, carried for miles yet heard by none as she rolls down the hill, burned and cut and covered in fine white particulate.

Neena falls upon her palms, the flesh sizzling against those tiny patches of brass until she can pull away from them. Then the ground beneath her starts to darken, turning red as if the desert itself has suffered a mortal wound at her presence. Sand turns into sludge, the hues of red growing darker while the patch starts to run cold with the texture of mud.

Domino turns around and bumps into a single knife driven point first into this sludge. Unbroken. Firmly lodged into place. As her bleeding hands reach forward to claw the ground away she finds that blade stuck within the back of a person.

A woman.

With long black braids.

The prone form of Danielle Moonstar is unearthed. Dead. Killed from the knife having been driven through her heart from behind.

Suddenly there isn't one dark patch of sludge anymore. Looking out across the pristine rolling white dunes spot after spot begins to appear, the ground again bleeding through as dozens..hundreds..THOUSANDS of deaths come back to haunt her…


Night time.




All good things. Especially during these rough times for the various mutants at the Institute.

For Danielle Moonstar she's just returning to the mansion, as she quietly steps through the main entrance of the Institute. While still upon the threshold the woman stops and listens, head cocked to one side. Then she smiles at the quiet.

It's nice when it's quiet.

The casually dressed woman now shuts the door and locks it behind her. Sleep beckons and the tired woman is looking forward to a soft bed. On silent feet, Dani climbs the stairs to the upper levels. It's a right turn into the appropriate hallway, which is the same hallway Domino's room is, before a brief trip down said hallway brings her to her own door.

Only, before Dani can make it close to her door a sound is heard.

An echo of a shout? No. A howl? Possibly.

It's enough to cause the black-haired woman's head to cock to the side, like a blood hound searching for an errant scent.

And almost Dani shakes her head, pushes it out of her mind, goes back to walking down that hallway but then gooseflesh appears upon her skin.

Like someone just walked over her grave. Or, in the dream world, found her dead body.


It's often seen as something to be feared. The unknown always is.

But, for Danielle Moonstar death is no longer such a mysterious thing. Instead she has an attunement to it. It strikes a cord deep within her and from that the woman turns, much like a blood hound when it catches a scent, and looks directly at Domino's bedroom door.

Moonstar frowns, but that doesn't stop her from taking the few steps over to the door. Her hand raises to knock, but this close to the door, Moonstar can feel the heaviness that seeps from beneath the other woman's doorway.



The finality of it all.

That's what causes Moonstar to disregard any thought or notion of privacy. The Cheyenne woman grasps the doorknob and turns; intending to open that door and walk right on in.


It's the stillness, the silence which has allowed Neena to fall into such a nightmarish sleep. Such a dark stillness is usually where her mind resides, an emotionless void where anything and everything from the name of the Director at the Project that had made her to what she had for dinner last night remain buried.

The secrets within such a void seems more compelled to surface when surrounded by a similar void. Particularly after having been triggered by recent events.

The stillness is shattered the instant that the door opens and the silence ends. Even a slight noise such as a doorknob being twisted puts her mind back in high alert. The nightmare vanishes before the adrenal spike can punch through her veins, sending the ghostly lady off of her bed and to the floor as swiftly as if someone had kicked her out from under the sheets.

Now her bed is being used as cover. Muscle memory puts the first object between herself and the direction of the sound as possible. It's also responsible for the pistol mounted light which suddenly pierces through the darkness like the spotlight from a police chopper, the cone of illumination painfully bright as it targets the door and surrounding territory.

It also masks the scared eyes hiding behind the pistol.


The name doesn't have a chance to be spoken in full before the gun is flicked aside, bouncing upon the mattress as Domino turns and ducks back out of sight, knees pinned close to chest and hands covering her face. A keen ear might catch a muttered "Jeezus…" Then, louder, "That's a real good way to get yourself shot, Moonstar." Back to muttering long enough for a "-Fuck-" and a rubbing of her eyes. "Why are you getting me up at ass-thirty?"


Dani has been around enough … combat-orientated people to realize that opening doors isn't always a welcomed thing.

It usually prompts an often extreme response.

Much like Domino's.

So, as Domino leaps from the bed, to using the bed for cover, and then sweeps the doorway with the flashlight atop her gun, Moonstar stays right in place.

The only thing that moves is her hand as it raises automatically to shield her eyes from the glare of light.

Thankfully, the light doesn't last long. Not when Domino realizes who just disturbed her sleep. And while Moonstar's hand drops away from her face, she doesn't yet make a move to further step inside.

That doesn't happen until it's very clear that Domino isn't going to shoot her.

Once the gun is on the bed, Moonstar takes a few steps inside, which allows her to catch some of Domino's muttering. "Oh you know me - I love living dangerously." Quips the black-haired woman automatically, which perhaps isn't the best quip, but it's said even as Dani carefully side-steps to try and bring Domino into view.

That last question of hers could likewise be answered with a witty retort, but instead Moonstar's expression settles into something more serious.

"You were dreaming." She says with a certainty she perhaps shouldn't have.

"I came to check on you."


With the high energy moment having passed a stillness befalls the room and its lone occupant again. It's as safe as it'll likely ever be for Dani to enter.

"That's usually my line," Domino grumbles about living dangerously. "That's also no reason to wake me up."

A pale hand wipes downward across her face then she reaches over to turn a bedside lamp on, her eyes doing some pretty hardcore squinting. Then she's looking around for something within arm's reach that she might put on to seem a little more decent than sitting around in black underwear. This pursuit ends quickly with another muttered curse as she grabs the blanket and yanks it off of the bed in one irritated motion. She'll just sit there on the floor and turn herself into a grumpy grub. It's cool.

At Dani's explanation Neena starts off with another automatic response of "No shit I was dreaming" when it suddenly catches her as being..perhaps a little ODD that someone ELSE would be telling her this piece of news. With Dani now coming into view Neena quickly stares at the Cheyenne and demands "I wasn't ..like..yelling..or anything..was I?"


That's usually her line.

That brings a quirk of a grin to Moonstar's lips.

"It usually is, yeah. I can see why you like using it so much."

And then the Domino grabs that blanket and wraps herself up quite nicely and becomes the grumbliest of grubs.

Though to note, Moonstar doesn't seem phased by much in the way of clothing, or lack-there-of. She does avert her gaze politely (gotta be polite!) though when Domino searches for something to wear, which ends up being the blanket.

To Neena's last question, Moonstar could say yes. She could dance around and pretend that's the reason, but Moonstar isn't that sort of person.

And she's not one to shy away from the harder questions.

As such, that question prompts a head shake from the Cheyenne, "No, no yelling on your part, but it involved death. Or something with death."

Because, you know, dreams concerning death aren't actually dreams. They're more like NIGHTMARES.

"When I sensed that I wanted to make sure you were alright." And with those words Moonstar returns Domino's stare with one of her own, though with less demand and something more along the lines of understanding.


There are a couple of reasons why it's taking Domino a moment to get up to speed on what all Dani is saying. The time of day, the adrenaline-filled awakening, the nightmare responsible for all of this, and lastly…

That Dani somehow knew that she was having a bad dream.

A bad dream involving death.

Dom looks about ready to say something but stops, thinks about it a little more, then tries again. "How did you know that? If I wasn't talking in my sleep then there was no way that you could know that—how did you know that?"

She had sensed… Something.

The moment that it clicks there's an edge which locks down into Neena's stare still being returned at Dani, like she had just come to discover that someone was about to set off a nuclear warhead beneath the Institute. She comes to sit fully upright. Her breath catches and holds. Confusion gives way to an accusationary glare which is three parts her being livid and one part her being properly scared.

Her next words come as a seethed whisper, "You never told me you were a goddamn psychic."

The blanket is ignored as she comes to stand and begins a slow and meaningful move toward Dani. She'll keep on going until the Cheyenne's back is up against the wall if that's what it comes to, but before Dani can escape the albino is going to have two fistfuls of her clothing to bring her in real close-like.

"Stay. The -fuck.- Out of my head. I'm not going to tell you twice."


Uh oh.

Rage. Fear. Anger.


Moonstar has seen it all before and for a brief second her an emotion flits through her eyes. Then it's tucked away and the woman lifts her chin upward as Domino finally throws down a gauntlet.


Dirty dirty psychic.

"Yeah, I am a goddamn psychic, as you so eloquently put." Responds Moonstar back in a very steady voice, "But I am not your typical -"

Well, she was going to say 'typical psychic', but soon Moonstar finds Domino on the move. Does her rather aggressive step over to her causes Moonstar to back up? No. She stands her ground as any proper warrior would.

This allows Domino to grab two fistfuls of her light windbreaker and shirt. Those fistfuls are then used to pull Moonstar closer to the albino.

Face to face.

Enough for the woman's words to be heard quite clearly by Moonstar.

"Domino." Moonstar says tightly, her anger starting to come to the forefront of her voice, "I am not that kind of psychic. I cannot read your mind. Nor can I read your emotions and even if I could, I would never enter another person's mind without being invited. It's rude. However, what I can sense is death when it's about." Apparently even in dreams, "And that's what I felt coming from your room. Which made me concerned for you."

"So, maybe let's calm down now, so we can actually talk this through, or should we get it *all* over with and just arm-wrestle our differences out? Cause, you know, I know you've seen my prowess in that sport; I'm just a beast."

She's trying to defuse this situation with humor.

An olive branch extended to the other woman.


'Not that kind of psychic.'

'I cannot read your mind.'

Slowly Domino's hold upon Danielle eases up then releases the other woman. It takes a little longer for the stare to similarly ease up. Maybe she didn't know there were different 'types' of psychics but..dammitall if she doesn't have any reason to doubt what Dani is saying here. They may not always agree but Dani's never outright lied to Neena before.

Or at least hasn't been caught.

"Yeah," she says in a much softer voice. One which is way more befitting of the hour. Then, "Arm-wrestling you isn't nearly as profitable as betting on other people who decide to arm-wrestle you."

All the same, Neena's kind of feeling like maybe she earned a time-out in the sin bin and the closest she has to such a place in this room is the bed. It isn't long before she's sitting on the edge with her forehead resting against the heel of one palm while her other hand almost carelessly relocates the dropped sidearm onto the table by the lamp. It isn't so fun to unexpectedly sit on a gun. She's learned that one from experience and her nightmare somehow reinforced that point.

Back to the matter at hand, "No wonder you're always on my case. If you can sense death then you must be having a field day around me."


The situation is contained.

For a moment.

It gives time for both women to breathe a little more easily.

The mention of profits from arm-wrestling brings the smallest of twitches to Moonstar's mouth. Then she watches the albino retreat away and back to her bed.

Domino sits there so forlorn, or perhaps lost is a better word, and it causes Moonstar to tuck away her own anger. Then the Cheyenne steps forward and grabs the blanket that was carelessly dropped seconds before. Dani brings it over to Domino and offers it to her, "Let's just say the time at the casino was quite busy for me, yes. My spiritual self almost had whiplash that evening."

And should Domino not take the blanket, Moonstar will try to drape it over the other woman. It sure seems like comfort might be needed here.

"Do you want to talk?" Asks the Cheyenne in something of a gentle voice, something she uses with animals that have been severely spooked, "As cliched as it sounds, it does help."

And yes, Moonstar purposely leaves that question quite open ended. She could mean talk about the dream or she could mean talking about her hate for psychics.


Neena glances up at the offering then takes the blanket without a word of thanks, tossing it over her shoulders and letting it hang as it may.

In regards to the casino, she suggests "You're always welcome to walk away if it bothers you. I'm not purposefully trying to mess with you."

And here it is. The offer to -talk.- It leads to a tensing of her jaw as she fights back the automatic and entirely hostile brush off/warning to drop it. ANYone else would have gotten the claws and teeth on this point, but Dani…

She's kind of earned the opportunity. She had nearly died for the mercenary. -Because- of the mercenary. If Warren hadn't been able to reach them in time then these two would not be having this conversation now.

Before she says anything she catches the blanket and stands, drifting across the room to close, and lock, the door. Not to keep the Cheyenne caged with the albino like the last time. Now it's solely for their own privacy.

"This sort of thing has happened before," she begins in a soft voice. "People who stick around me, anyone who gets too close, sooner or later it happens to them all. They wind up in the right place at the wrong time and something just -happens-. ..That knife was supposed to hit me, Dani. You were the victim of a one in fifteen thousand twenty-four chance. You're damn lucky to still be breathing."


"It doesn't bother me." Dani answers easily enough, "And I know you're not trying to purposely trigger it."

And that seems to be enough for Moonstar to move onward, especially as Domino tenses, at that offer to talk.

Now Dani just waits. She waits to see what the other woman does. She expects a brush off. Possibly even expects to be (wo)man-handled again, but that, thankfully, doesn't happen. Instead Domino accepts the offered blanket and then proceeds to close the door.

Lock it too. That brings a slight thoughtful look to Moonstar's features, but nothing more is said.

She waits for Domino to speak.

Which she does and now Moonstar listens.

There's a moment of silence from the Cheyenne as she considers her next words carefully. "Every day we take a chance." Moonstar begins, trying to catch the other woman's eye, "Every day. Sometimes that chance is higher, sometimes it's lower, sometimes it's spot on. Should we let that stop us?"

"We can't live by trying to anticipate every single what-if. That's a game no one can win at."


Neena shakes her head. "It isn't just that, Dani. It isn't some random chance or the usual sort of risks that you're used to taking. Just..think of it like numbers," she struggles to explain while motioning about with one hand. "Everyone has a fifty-fifty split of probability. Good luck, bad luck. Then I come in running at something closer to a ninety-five to five split. Not to sound all newage or shit but nature demands a balance and I upset that balance. When I'm around and everything is working out just awesome and great for me it has a detrimental effect to anyone nearby, and it isn't always the bad people who suffer from it."

She stops here with a lengthy breath, head dipping forward to rub at the bridge of her nose. "There's always a price to pay and I have a habit of skipping the check. Maybe next time Warren doesn't get there quickly enough. Maybe next time Warren's the one who gets hit."

"I'm tired of losing people, Dani. This is why I work alone."

One of several reasons, really.


While Moonstar is aware of some aspect of Domino's 'luckiness', it's obvious she didn't understand how it worked precisely.

Now she does, however. Now Moonstar falls silent again, as she considers what she can say to that.

What can she say? Everything that runs through her head gets an internal headshake. To cliched. Too lame. That'll just make her punch me -

All the options are bad, when it comes down to it. There's nothing she can say really to make Domino feel better, but Moonstar can try.

"Whether in work, or play, no one deserves to be alone, Domino."

"So, I think this means we think outside of the box. Have you ever tried to control it?" She makes a vague gesture towards one of the walls, "That's the reason for this here Institute, you know. To teach mutants to control their powers. Or to figure them out so they can figure out how to potentially negate the more adverse side-effects."

"I think perhaps we should do that for you. We can figure this out together."

And here, Moonstar offers a slight smile to the other woman, "I'm afraid you can't get rid of us quite so easily. We're all like a bad penny, especially Hot Wings." Yes, yes, Dani did hear her call him HOT WINGS. She did.


So many things need to be said, but at the end Domino requests peace, and Moonstar dips her head in acknowledgement of that.

"Of course." Says the Cheyenne quietly as she steps over to the door."

She easily enough unlocks it, but before she steps out, she adds, "We'll chat tomorrow … and by the way, if you feel the sudden urge to slip out your window before morning, Brightwind will be happy to take you to wherever I'm at. He's good like that."

Then she steps out of the room quite quickly. She'd rather not get shot by friendly fire!

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