One of Her Kind
Roleplaying Log: One of Her Kind
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Carol reaches out to Moonstar to ask some questions. It doesn't go quite as planned.

Other Characters Referenced: Coulson, Sloane, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch
IC Date: June 15, 2019
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Captain Marvel's footfalls echo briskly across the bunker-like walls of the recently refurbished Roosevelt Island base. In times past, Shield Agents would smile and greet her with a balance of awe and respect when passing by in the Triskelion hallways.
Now? At best she's greeted with a look somewhere between professional and pity. Carol has grown used to the change in expressions, they seem to match the older, drearier interior of the old facility. Like she went to a parallel dimension with a darker timeline. She keeps her eyes fixed forward and her mind focused on current tasks. Far too many projects to name that can only be done by Captain Marvel, even if her professional career is circling the drain her incredible powers force her relevance in SHIELD.

However, one detail does catch her attention. The demoted Captain's steps slow to a halt as a name on a placard sticks into her mind, having passed the door in question several steps ago.

Agent Moonstar.

A long pause as Carol's eyes turn upwards to the ceiling, mentally debating reaching out to her in particular. She.. Could have the answers she wants but.. Carol understands that Moonstar has been among her worst critics of late, even if the two haven't directly spoken in..
.. A long time now.

As the silent moment extends she lets out a long exhale, tongue running over the inside of her teeth as she takes five steps back to line up perfectly with the door. Rolling her head to stare at the frame a hard moment she decides to give the door a knock.

With luck Dani won't be in.


For all her many years here Agent Moonstar is a rather quiet presence. Does that mean she fades into the background all of the time? No, she speaks up when she needs to, she asks questions, and she offers her opinions.

But she's not a hot-head, or aggressive, like many of the other agents.

One supposes she would best be described as steadfast and stalwart.

As for Captain Marvel's luck, well, it stays at its current level of luckiness - Agent Moonstar is indeed in.

While the door doesn't open on its own accord, Agent Moonstar's voice can be heard quite clearly as she calls out, "Come in."

Within the office Dani can be found standing in front of a cork board fixed upon one wall. Upon the board is a map of New York and upon that map are several red pushpins. She's just adding a third pushpin to the board and when the little tack is firmly lodged into place the Cheyenne woman turns to see enters.


On hearing the voice, Carol's eyes close and she takes a steadying breath. Ten seconds ago this seemed like a good idea but she's already having second thoughts. She resolves that if this starts to get ugly she can just apologize and back out all professional like. Quick and clean.
Straightening her Captain Marvel suit she then opens the door with shoulders squared, "Agent Moonstar." She addresses her.. Now superior formally. Steel eyes passing over the push pins briskly. It makes perfect sense the Agent is in the middle of an investigation or another.. Almost everyone in SHIELD currently is. It's a busy busy world out there.
There's a hesitation after her words, appraising the quiet woman's state of mind before venturing, "If you have a moment I'd like to ask you a few questions.."


While Moonstar often keeps her expression quite stoic when Captain Marvel steps into her office the black-haired woman actually allows a flash of surprise to cross her features.

It's obvious that she was really *not* expecting Captain Marvel to step into the room.

Another Agent, definitely, but Marvel herself? Not at all. For a few seconds there's an awkward silence on Moonstar's part as she almost stares. Thankfully, for Dani at least, when Carol addresses her that seems to knock some sense into the SHIELD agent. Her expression smooths to something courteous and when she greets the other woman, her tone is painfully and formally polite.

"Captain Marvel." Moonstar begins and then comes the request to ask a few questions, that prompts a dip of Moonstar's head. "Of course. What can I help you with?" And with that answer of hers, Moonstar gestures to the small desk and chairs that can be found on the other side of the room.


A moment of relief washes through Carol but she tries not to let it show. At least the woman is being professional and for Agent Danvers that's good enough. Seeing this as a tenuous truce, Carol accepts the offer of courtesy as she walks briskly across the room to seat herself functionally, as an officer might. Back straight and knees together with hands on lap.
"It's regarding certain mutants." Carol offers with a measure of caution. Recently the vast majority of her security clearance has been revoked, thus the information stockpiles of SHIELD are no longer at her fingertips. Even so, she's well aware there's any number of things that Agent Moonstar isn't cleared to tell her anymore.
But, within SHIELD, no one knows more about mutants than her. The resident expert. As such, regardless of Dani's misgivings this is the best possible place for Carol to look for answers.

"I've recently come across certain individuals who are.." Her voice drifts, searching for the term. With exasperation she decides on, ".. Exceptional."


If Moonstar notices Carols' relief it doesn't show. Instead the black-haired woman moves over to the desk and settles into her seat behind the desk.

While Carol settles for sitting at attention, Moonstar opts for a slightly more relaxed pose. She sets her arms across the tabletop and loosely laces her fingers together, her gaze focused directly upon Carol.

The caution Carol shows for how she brings up the topic for discussion is certainly a good thing, for as soon as the blonde woman speaks the m-word, the lines around Moonstar's eyes and mouth tighten. Still, she doesn't jump up and scream, or yell, instead Agent Moonstar allows Agent Danvers to continue with the topic at hand.

That descriptor Carol uses to describe the individuals she's come across causes Dani's eyebrows to inch up slightly. "I see." She says, and here Moonstar pauses again - carefully selecting her words for her next question, trying hard not to create more of a divide between the two. Finally, she settles with, "I assume you have questions about these exceptional people?”


So far so good.
Agent Danvers's tone stays as even and professional. Encouraged that this is going relatively well, though the true test is now upon them. Hesitating another moment she then speaks up, "Yes. As you may have seen from my recent report.. I encountered the Scarlet Witch. I was unable to apprehend her but.." Her tone drifts. For once her attention moves from Dani's gaze as her own drifts off. Thoughts circling back to that moment when she first saw her.
The cold. The impossible nothingness. So cold.
"..She's.. Different. Somehow."
Realizing this might not make much sense she blinks away her lapse in concentration as she regains focus, "I've encountered a number of mutants before but I had a .. sense. With her. I was wondering if you knew anything about her case in particular?"


Scarlet Witch.

That brings something of a reaction from Moonstar. She leans back in her chair and it's now Dani's turn to shift her gaze away from the woman who sits across from her.

What does she know about Scarlet Witch? Of course, she knows that particular name, but she also knows a touch more. From the early days of her time with the Xavier Institute.

That thought prompts a sigh to almost escape, but Moonstar stifles it just in time. Realizing what she almost did the SHIELD agent straightens in her seat and turns her gaze back to Carol.

"I agree that there's something different about her." The Cheyenne states quietly, "But I can't say what it is. What prompts this line of questioning?" She continues with, her tone genuinely curious at this point, "Are you trying to understand why the Scarlet Witch does what she does? Or something more?"


Can't say?
Or won't say?

Captain Marvel watches Dani carefully for a moment as she responds. Clearly the name makes her uncomfortable as it damn well should. The woman was directly responsible for destroying the Triskelion and murdering dozens if not hundreds of their coworkers and friends.
While Carol might sometimes be concerned about Moonstar's dual loyalties to the mutant cause and SHIELD, she does not question Dani's commitment to protecting human life.
Its times like these where Carol wishes she was better at the espionage business. Gaining insight on people is.. Tricky, "I have suspicions about her. I think she's a mutant but.. She.." Carol trails a moment.

And then changes the subject.
"Before that I happened to encounter Jean Grey.." Letting the name-drop do its work on Dani's expression.


Won't. Can't. It's likely both.

These questions almost brings Moonstar's hands to her face to scrub roughly over it, but instead the woman just interlocks her fingers together again.

Her expression returns to it's regularly stoicism, as she listens to Carol's suspicions. "She's different." Is all Dani says when it comes down to confirming if Scarlet Witch is mutant or something more. Honestly, Moonstar likely can't say for certain what Scarlet Witch is.

And then comes the new name.

Jean Grey.

While surprise rolls through Moonstar (again) the woman's expression doesn't betray it. No, now Moonstar's expression twitches to something more. Her lips thin to a tight line, the lines around eyes and mouth deepen, and the Cheyenne woman once more looks silently at Carol Danvers.

Moonstar treads the deep waters in that silent minute she takes to speak again, struggling with what to say to the woman before her. A woman she doesn't entirely trust.

"Why do you ask these questions, Captain?"

"What do you really want to know? Are you trying to figure out how best to defeat possible threats? Or is it something else?"


"I ask these questions because I think they are more than mutants."
Carol's reply comes swiftly. She may not be all that great at espionage but Agent Danvers has been getting a lot of practice lately. Jean Grey's name has garnered the reaction that she was looking for, all but confirming that Dani knows something. Something more than is commonly known. If not about the Scarlet Witch then certainly about Jean Grey.
Now it's time to let a bit of her own hand slip, "I don't know how familiar you are with my file but.. As part of my abilities I sometimes get.." Once again she struggles to think of how best to phrase it. Eyes rolling up and side to side searchingly as she exhales, ".. Flashes of intuition. An 'awareness'. I don't understand it very well. I've hardly ever gotten them and until now no mutant has ever triggered it. Now in the span of barely more than a month I get two .. moments of insight."
Centering her gaze back to Dani she then continues, "I think it's damned clear to everyone how dangerous the Scarlet Witch is. She may well eclipse even her father in the jeopardy she puts innocent people in. Now that I've gotten a close look at her.. I'm starting to think there's a lot more to mutants than people are aware. .. If she's a mutant at all."
Her head tilts a fraction, "And what troubles me is.. In the short time I was with Jean Grey I sensed something.. Incredibly dangerous. It wasn't the same as the Witch, it was a different.. Form altogether. But the level of power? It might have been as great." Eyes narrowing a fraction.
"Possibly greater."


With every word that Carol speaks Moonstar feels something within her sink, but that doesn't stop her from listening to all Carol says.

The explanation of just how Carol knows that these two women - Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch - are different causes the Cheyenne to frown thoughtfully. That tidbit of information about Carol and her intuition is filed away for later pondering, for now the conversation at hand has her complete attention.

When Carol finishes speaking Moonstar looks down at her hands for a long moment, then she raises her eyes back to Carol. "You talk as if you aren't one of us, Carol. Someone who's more than just mutant, or meta, who has great power. How is it you speak of 'them' as if you're as normal as can be? That you're just a regular agent of SHIELD, doing your duty, at your baseline humanity."

"Or am I reading this situation wrong? Are you asking because you're trying to figure things out on a personal level? Or is this completely professional? I think you realize that there are many things out there that are more than what they seem, but that doesn't mean they're going to be dangerous to us."


Dani's words trouble Captain Marvel. There's a moment of denial in her expression, opening her mouth to state how she's reading into her line of questioning wrong but a thought shuts her up.
Her eyes drift down a moment as the thought burrows into her brain, offering her a point of view she really did not consider before. And the thought.. Troubles her a great deal.

She shakes her head, wrestling her attention from the concern as she forces herself on the topic at hand. If she can get answers out of Moonstar, after all, it may just solve that new curiosity as well.
"The Scarlet Witch has proven herself extremely dangerous to us." She states quickly, reminding Dani of whom they are talking about, "This isn't about hypothetical mutants who may or may not be a threat that the average New Yorker is terrified of finding out about. We're talking about someone who is guilty of mass destruction and murder and is angling to do the same again. And again. And she may not be what we think she is. Now.."
Leaning forward slightly as they get to the crux of things, "I want to know, if you know something about her. About mutants like her. I suspect she may not be the only one of her kind. Do you know what they are?"


Somewhere Moonstar realizes this conversation is probably not the best to have between the two of them.

Too many hot buttons that either of them could potentially push for each other, but -

The conversation is happening, so all Moonstar can do is try to answer as best she can.

Without giving too much away.

"Yes." Agrees Dani, "The Scarlet Witch is terrible. Their group does terrible things. They are terrible people." Dani continues to agree, "Do I have a magic bullet for you to fight them with?" She shakes her head, "No. I don't."

Though if she did would she hand it over? An interesting dilemma to be certain, but not quite focused on yet.

Not when Carol ends with that last statement of hers. It gives Moonstar pause and for a few silent minutes all the Cheyenne can do is look at Agent Danvers. Then, the Valkyrie likewise leans forward, "People. They're people, Carol. Take Scarlet Witch out of the equations, we all know what she is to us." The Enemy, "But everyone else? They are like you." A pointed look at the woman, "Like me. Like Agent Coulson and like Agent Albright. They aren't something to automatically look at with suspicion, not unless they give us reason to look at them as such. We just want to live our lives as best we can."


"That's?" As Moonstar rebuttes Carol's inquiry with an instruction in humanities, Carol straightens back into her seat. Cutting herself off with a momentary exhale of frustration. Steel eyes stare directly into Dani's as Agent Danvers tries to suss out Moonstar's intentions.
Is she just worried that Carol is demonizing a demographic of people? Or is she using that line of argument to obscure what she does know about these exceptionally dangerous people..

The truth is, Captain Marvel knows there's little she can do to extract more information out of her. Agent Moonstar now pulls in rank. Carol is already pushing the lines of decorum with such a bold inquisition already, pushing any further could quickly earn her stiff penalties.
It isn't a conversation she wants to have with Fury. Again.
This does prove one thing for her though. Dani does know more. Carol may not be able to leverage her here and now.. But there's more than one X-man.

Abruptly then, Captain Marvel rises from her seat. Standing at attention as she forces neutrality to wash over her expression, "Thank you for your time, Agent Moonstar." Deciding then it would be best to retreat with as much respect and dignity as she can salvage.


Carol's reaction brings an almost .. sad and troubled look to Moonstar's expression.

She was hoping for something else and didn't receive it.

When Carol stands, Moonstar likewise rises from her seat. The neutrality she now sees and hears from the Captain does causes a small sigh to escape from Moonstar.

"Captain -" She could say something more, say something to help ease the other woman's feelings? But what can she say? Without it possibly being taken wrong. This whole conversation went wrong, but could it have been stopped? Possibly. Maybe.

But for now both sides lose and instead of Dani prolonging this awkward discussion, she ends as well, "You're welcome. If you have any other questions please let me know. I'd be happy to help."

Hollow words, but said with a professionalism that Dani always has as an Agent of SHIELD.


Agent Danvers inclines her head slightly as she turns and leaves with functional grace. Even as she emerges back into the hall and closes the door behind her, her thoughts continue to process and grind.
There was something there. A glimmer of recognition in Dani's eyes but she hid it well. Too well. Maybe she doesn't know, she did seem to be sincere about the Scarlet Witch at least.
But Jean Grey? .. She knows more. The X-Men know more.
She realizes now that there's only one more contact who might.. Might be willing and able to say something.
With a shift in her jaw, Carol once again marches the hallway with determination.

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