God. Lex. America.
Roleplaying Log: God. Lex. America.
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Lex Luthor attempts to recruit Captain America for his Summit to Save The World.

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IC Date: June 18, 2019
IC Location: Brooklyn
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"And the man you've be waiting for, Captain America!"

The fanfare looms at the high school band begins to play Star-spangled Man with a Plan. As expected for the local high school band that isn't nationally known (or even state known), it's not the greatest. With his shield strapped to his back, Rogers makes his way out, calmly waving to everyone gathered. The reassuring smile is there as he greets those gathered, even if his eyes make his way toward the horizon briefly, as if fearing some sort of smoke looming in the background. The demonic invasion and the assault on SHIELD paired with the average attacks that happen could make it feel as if New York itself, his home, were targeted by Fate itself. But only a trained eye would notice the faint lapse of the hope giving smile.

"Hello, citizens of New York. It's good to see you in one of the finest sections of town. I might be tempted to say /the/ best, but you know." A nod is given toward Brooklyn, with a brief chuckle given from the audience. Most are adults, the front lines of the opening filled mostly with donors to the new non-profit 'Working for the Future'.

"There are many times in American history when it seems if all is uncertain, if there is no one looking out for those that need it most. I know when I was growing up in the wake of the Great Depression; it seemed as if doing the right thing took a backseat to making sure you had food on the table. But even then, there were good people: People making sure the breadlines ran, offering boarding houses for those desperate for work. While we have a lot more protections in place now than we did back then, there are still many without hope. Still those that just want a chance to find their way despite being dealt a bad hand."

A hand motions toward the building, a remodeled warehouse now appearing to be a posh office space. "I'm honored to be speaking for the opening of 'Working for the Future', a non-profit that seeks to ensure that everyone gets a fare shake and is willing to give talented individuals in various fields chances to work regardless of their disabilities."

Captain America continues to speak of all the services the new non-profit gives. How many speeches has he given? Who knows. But he still treats this last one as importantly as he does the first, understanding that all good work should deserve his attention. And at four minutes exactly, the speech ends and the fanfare continues on. Cap's attention focuses to the audience for a moment, as if looking for a certain soul. If he finds them or not, it's not known, but soon he makes his way into the building.

About ten minutes later, the 'meet and greet' part takes place, a few of New York's finest food trucks parked along the road as city officials dine with a variety movers and shakers. While there are still some high schoolers and 'shining examples' of those who Working for the Future helped, they are in the minority and given only passing conversation. Save for the one man, however.

"It's tough now, but I look at you and see someone who can overcome. When you believe that yourself, you'll see. Just remember to ask for help if you need it, there's no shame in taking advantage of every opportunity to make yourself better," Steve states as he clasps a young woman on the shoulder and gives her a grin. She nods as she still seems unsure, but there is a weak attempt of a smile before she pulls back slightly on the wheels before gracefully turning her wheelchair to the left making herself available for another conversation. Slowly, Cap rises from his slightly crouched position, moving to a food truck to get himself a snow cone, calm and in thought as gets himself a 'red, white, and blue'.

* * *

"They make the world go around, don't they?"

These words lead the way for Lex Luthor to make his approach. He's pretty sure that Captain America has probably spotted his Amazon bodyguards with their huge size and all. Which is why he left them off to mingle and not be around. He doesn't want anything to be too crazy. He's here to talk. Nothing more, nothing less. And he certainly doesn't want to draw attention away from the cause here.

It's about the future, after all.

Lex arrives from around the side of the food truck. He too has a snow cone. It just so happens to be a 'red, white, and blue' as well. Funny, enough.

"I'd compliment you on your speech but I wouldn't dare try to belittle the actual reason why we're all here today. It's not about the speeches. It's about the people." For the record, Lex's snow cone looks untouched besides the hand used to acquire it.

"Captain America. It is an honor to meet you in person." Lex extends a non-dripping with snow cone juice hand. "I'm Lex Luthor."

Lex's grin is as genuine as anyone meeting a hero of the caliber of Captain America.

* * *

Before he can take a bite, the words of Lex ring out, their underlining power seemingly able to cut through bits and pieces of conversations that surround the mastermind and the man of action. A simple nod of respect is given as Luthor speaks of the purpose of words rather than the content of them.

"A pleasure to meet you, Luthor, I've heard you've done a lot to try and improve not just Metropolis, but the world." A glance is given toward the building before resting on Lex once more. "Take it you're a donor?"

* * *

"… and I've signed LexCorp up to be a part of the solution. The future of the world is inclusion and I want to be a part of that."

Lex nods along with his own words before focusing in on Captain America. "I know you have a docket full of things to do, so I'm hesitant to take up too much of your time. However, I wanted to speak to you about a particular hot button topic. One that I, as we speak in this moment, do not exactly understand. On a core level."

Lex finally takes a bite of his snow cone and loses the grin in favor of his business face. "I'm here to talk to you about the Superhero Registration Act."

* * *

The words 'hot button' cause a brow to be arched, as if knowing where the conversation will go even before it gets there. "I see" is the simple reply, Roger's face mirroring that of Lex's. A bite of snow cone is given despite the BUSINESS TIME fa?ade. There are no further words from the normally verbose hero, perhaps giving Luther the floor in which to speak whatever case he wishes.

* * *

"I don't have a dog in this race. And I know that things like this create more bad blood and animosity between all of the members of this great society of ours. And it's that animosity, that hate, that I'm looking to curb. That I'm looking to protect everyone from." Lex has given up on using the snow-cone for more than keeping himself from talking too much with his hands. "I've watched your statement on the Registration Act every day since it was launched. And I believe that you, more than anyone else, can help us find some common ground on this topic. I've come here to ask if you'll come to a Summit I'm hosting, next month, in Metropolis. A Summit in which we can all sit down and talk about the Act itself and the next five years of our society."

* * *

There is a long pause as another bite of snow cone. Rogers is thinking, a pensive look upon his face as he crunches the ice from time to time. Finally, with a sigh, Rogers nods. "I'm willing to do it," the hero begins. "But a lot will depends on the details. After all, as you said, this is getting to be extremely sensitive. I don't want to be painted into one light or another until I feel I'm ready to have a voiced opinion on this. That should be the same for any involved." A glance is given toward the bodyguards, less out of a concern for them, but merely because of his natural tactical sense seemingly seeking out possible threats or allies. "Also, while I'm willing to talk to anyone at any time, if it's to be televised, the upmost care must be made to ensure that there are those there that can have a civil discourse."

The blue eyes of justice shift back toward Lex, a calm yet slightly firm gaze that remains as Cap concludes his thoughts. "But I get the feeling if there is anyone who understands the importance of managing a situation, it's you."

* * *

"All I want is for everyone to have an opportunity to speak and be heard. In a way that makes it very clear that no sides are being taken. Facts and opinions are being displayed and heard around the world. So that the people that matter, the people that something like this affects, can make up their own minds. I feel that, if something like this were to occur, then we have a much better hope of protecting Tomorrow, Today."

Of course, Lex Luthor finds a way to work his LexCorp slogan into this. OF COURSE.

"I want our nation to thrive and be the best that it can be. I also want the people of our nation to understand that they too can have a voice and be heard, just as much as people like you or I. I will make any accommodations that you see fit, Captain America, to ensure that this Summit does what it's supposed to do."

We need a dramatic pause here, Lex.

"Give people hope."

* * *

There is a bit of discomfort in Cap's stance, as Lex gives his response which shoehorns his trademark. It seems a little too perfect. Stark's bravado always carries an arrogance that is grandiose to the point of almost being laughable when talking about everything being right. Luther has the calm grace of a chess grandmaster in how he speaks, hitting every note of consideration to encourage support.

But it doesn't make it evil.

After all, there are many politicians and the like who do the same thing. The struggle for control is always there, just the question of the motivation and the end goal that tends to determine the morality of the move.

"Hope is something America always can seem to use a little more of," Steve concludes. "Let me know when and where. I'll do what I can to be in attendance, barring…." he taps the shield a couple of times as if giving the nonverbal 'if duty calls'.

* * *

"I would expect nothing less from the Star Spangled Man."

Lex Luthor offers a nod towards the Captain.

"I will be in touch. Personally. I'm going to oversee every aspect of this Summit in an effort to make sure that it does everything it is supposed to do. There's very little room for error. And if anything goes wrong, I want to be able to accept full responsibility."

Somehow, during this little mini-speech, Hope & Mercy have arrived at his sides. Because that's what Amazon bodyguards do.

"I would not want anyone thinking any less of any of my guests. Especially, you. You are, after all, a symbol of our great nation."

* * *

Another thoughtful pause is given in the wake of Lex's words before Rogers nods. "Well, I try my best. In times like these, however, it is just as important for there to be a chorus of voices. One person, no matter how noble or villainous, can be ignored; a culture changes based on how people react to the people around them." As the bodyguard comes up, Rogers steps back. "Well, I have people I need to talk to and I'm sure you have places to be. But I'm sure we'll be talking soon. Until then, Mr. Luther." And with that, Steve gives a respectful nod, waits for Lex's response and moves toward where a few councilmen have been waiting to have words with the Man Out of Time.

* * *

"Yes. Until then, Captain."

With that said, Lex Luthor and his bodyguards fade away into the obscurity of the crowd. Likely towards the most expensive car parked nearby. It's all about making the exit happen as smooth as possible.

… and one red, white and blue snow cone melts on the ground where Lex Luthor once stood.

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