Beer Makes Better Bandages
Roleplaying Log: Beer Makes Better Bandages
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Dani invites Domino to a DR session and then asks her to help with some missing telepaths.

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IC Date: June 18, 2019
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Things were left … a little tense last Domino and Dani spoke.

From that Danielle Moonstar gave Domino quite a bit of breathing room.

A few days to say the least, but then after the perfunctory few days Moonstar sent a message -

** Up for a few DR sessions? I have a scenario I could use your help with. **

And as soon as Domino gave the a-ok Moonstar sent the time and place.

The time simple enough: Now.

The place: The X-Base, specifically the Danger Room.

Which is where the duo now find themselves in.

"The scenario is simple enough. Survive."

And with that ominous sounding directive given the Danger Room lost its very white-roomed appearance and became a living breathing suburban street.

Lots of white-picket fences, little cookie-cutter houses, and dogs barking off in the distance. Domino and Dani find themselves in the middle of a very nondescript sidewalk.

The two are alone until suddenly they aren't.

A plain white van turns a corner and while the movies would have it tires-a-squealing, this van is very low-key. It neither accelerates or screeches to a stop as it gets closer. The only thing that happens is when it's midway past the two the back doors of the van open.

From the back more than a half-a-dozen of heavily armored and weapon-toting men come out.

While bullets could be fired straight away, that's not what happens. Instead the nearest man lobs a flash-bang directly between the two women.


Another training session in the Danger Room. With Moonstar. Because the last one went SO well. The last time they had tried this dance it initiated an entire investigation into Domino's past and came uncomfortably close to one or more people getting seriously injured..or worse.

Only a damn fool would have been fine with doing this a second time.

A damn fool, or someone who makes chaos her bitch.

The timing is right. The objective is right. She won't have to pull her shots or avoid lethal contact if the mission is to survive. In her mind this means that anything is properly fair game.

So why are they just walking along in a suburban neighborhood?

"C'mon, Moonie. I was expecting some -action- tonight," Neena complains while bending down to scoop up an errant tennis ball. It's tossed upward and easily caught on its return. "Not house shopping in the world of white picket fences and…" she flicks the ball aside, "…two point six children."

The act of flicking the ball aside is met with a sudden "Wurf!" as a Golden Retriever goes darting after the ball, neatly cutting the albino off with a "Whoa—!"

The flashbang is thrown in their direction.

Domino starts falling backwards.

The grenade connects with the top of her foot somewhere in the middle.

Then it's neatly returned toward the van it had originated from.

With a wince Dom's holding the back of her head with a "What the Hell—" when the grenade both flashes and bangs nearby.

Nearby a Golden Retriever sits on a well trimmed lawn with a tennis ball in his mouth and what can only be described as a big friendly canine grin, his attention going from one point of interest to another.


"Oh, it's coming." Dani states when Domino bemoans the lack of actions.

"Give the Danger Room a few minutes, but it's coming."

And just like that action DOES arrive.

Though not necessarily what Moonstar was anticipating. The arrival of the great golden retriever actually earns a look of surprise from Dani. That look of surprise morphs to something closer to amusement, but before it can turn into a laugh that white van comes around the corner.

And when the van disgorges its occupants Dani just swears. "Dammit."

Only before anything untoward can happen with the men and especially that flash-bang, Domino's luck kicks in.

The grenade arcs gracefully back the way it came and the men in their black armor, with their guns, and weapons, and goggles, can't help but watch the grenade tumble back at them.

It's almost comical, if it weren't for the fact that they ARE the bad guys, as the men stand there a second too long as the flash-bang detonates.

There's a loud BOOM.

A flash of terribly bright light.

The men's eyes are protected thanks to their goggles, but their ears? The bang immediately cripples the nearest three, but that still leaves five to go.

Five men.

Two women.

One golden retriever.

Various types of guns level upon the two women now.

Dani has enough time to say, "Better get up or we're losing the game."

She even offers a hand to help yank Domino to her feet, and as soon as the other woman is back up and ready to fight the three of the men open fire.

Perhaps weirdly enough Domino finds the concentration of bullets mainly upon her.

Their aim isn't too friendly either, torso shots.

Finally, for Dani, she finds herself suddenly pounced upon as the two literally tackle her to the ground.


A lot can change in the span of being tripped up and a grenade going off.

How is it that Neena hadn't noticed the van or the well armed soldiers well before they started to become a threat?

The short answer is, maybe she wasn't supposed to. Would the flashbang rebound have worked if she knew they were under attack? It's a peculiar and fickle thing, dealing with 'luck.' Suffering a fresh bruise or two beats any alternative.

Dani hauls her back to her feet then gets tackled by two of those tac-ops soldiers. Then everything goes kind of blurry for the albino.

What should have been kill shots against her only result in light grazes amidst an aerial flip, it's almost like firing a rabbit out of a trebuchet. Somewhere along the way Neena swipes the sidearm off of one of the individuals holding Dani down and takes a few blind shots.

At least one of them ruptures the van's gas tank.

There isn't much cover to be had out along the street. Large plastic garbage bins don't make for amazing cover but it's what she has to work with and soon enough she's 'out of sight' with rounds drumming into and through the bins. It's like a skit out of Monty Python's 'How Not to be Seen,' everyone in the neighborhood knows precisely where she's hiding!

Yet somehow none of the rounds slamming into the bins are kill shots. Ragged holes get ripped through them and the garbage bags within. Before long there's a foul smelling confetti being strewn out onto the pristine lawn behind, and somewhat on top of, the hiding albino.

A round passes through, coming dangerously close to her face. A stifled yelp follows Neena closer to the ground where her empty palm slaps down onto what had been a piece of that garbage.

An empty Bic lighter.

An old memory comes to mind about her time back in Chicago. Hanging out with a couple of misguided youths who had first introduced Neena to cigarettes..and ultimately why she had kicked the habit soon after. It's a memory which would have remained buried if not for the turn of recent events. Ones which had all begun due to Moonstar.

Dom leaps up over the ruined bins.

An enemy bullet catches the back of her calf mid-spin.

The lighter gets chucked toward the back of the van.

Flint meets asphalt with a spark and a pop.

Gasoline vapors ignite.

Dom hits the ground, lying flat.

Then the van explodes and sends shrapnel everywhere directly over Dom and Dani's heads, starting at about the same height as the two who are trying to fully subdue the Cheyenne.

Sometimes all of the tech in the world can't beat an old fashioned bonfire.


The majority of the group deals with Domino.

Or, at the very least, they are trying hard. So. Hard.

Will they subdue her? Unlikely, but the poor men in tactical gear don't realize that yet. That'll come later.

So, as Domino flies through the air like some crazed-magician's-rabbit, the men continue to fire.

As for Moonstar, she struggles with the two men who've tackled her. She locks one arm around one of the men's necks and as she brings her free hand up her fist glows with psychic power. The magenta colored energy coalesces into a stiletto-like-blade which Moonstar savagely slams into the man's temple.

As soon as the man goes limp Moonstar shoves him away. In the process of rolling to her feet the second man kicks her legs from beneath her.

Moonstar goes down with a loud *OOMPH* and while she swears (again) she should be grateful for what the man just did for her.

He really has just saved her life.

For as soon as she's down upon the ground, Domino's deadly chain reaction takes place.

The albino fires a few shots, nicks the gas line to the van as she jumps behind the garbage cans which she then uses for cover.

Then that lighter is found, picked up, and tossed with all her might at the Men In Black.

What can only be described as a small mushroom cloud suddenly engulfs the area, as the vapors and gas tank ignite.

Deadly shards of metal fly outward and sink into those standing or kneeling tall.

For the last man wrestling with Dani, he just got the upper hand, as he kneels with one knee in the middle of the Cheyenne's back. From a pocket he pulls a sinister looking syringe, but before he can plunge it into Dani's arm a large splinter of metal embeds itself into the back of the man's skull.

Nerveless fingers drop the needle and slowly the man slumps to the ground.

It's a similar boat for the rest of them. One by one the men are hit by the deadly shrapnel and while not all die, it's still enough to take the group down.


Vehicles don't normally explode like the van does. Somehow the circumstances were perfect for a worse case scenario, that proverbial 'one in a million' chance which Domino would be quick to label as a 'one in two hundred thirty seven thousand four hundred and nine.'

The resulting fireball is still -crazy- hot, regardless.

A soldier collapses right beside her with a chunk of flame-kissed bumper speared through his chest, almost neatly dropping his primary weapon right within arm's reach of her. It'll make the mop-up portion a lot easier, which is a good thing considering she didn't get out of this completely unscathed.

At least the dog's fine! Ran for cover because he knew something was going down.

The polite thing to do here would probably to help Dani back to her feet first but Neena's a bit more tactical-minded. Some of those soldiers are still alive, rolling around and groaning or whatever. Dani did say the only rule was survival and these few guys, injured as they are? They're what stands in the way of their survival.

The barrel of the rifle gets leveled down at their heads, one after the other long enough to squeeze off two rounds into each. They're wearing armor. It pays to double-tap.

THEN comes a helping hand toward Moonstar, if she still happens to need it after the last round of cleanup is dealt with.

"Hey. You alright?" This time around the Cheyenne may have fared better than Slightly Bloody Whitey. "Mind telling me what this scenario is supposed to be about now?"

It was a targeted hit but for what, exactly?


One by one Domino takes care of the ones who are still (somewhat) mobile.

With a double-tap even.

Somewhere, in the back of Dani's mind, a little voice whispers; 'I think we need to define survival a little better next time'.

But, Domino's luck and their skill definitely allowed the two women to survive this scenario. When Domino extends a hand to Dani, the Cheyenne takes it and hauls herself to her feet. As she rises she scoops up the syringe that was nearby upon the ground.

The needle is held outward for a second so Domino can see it, "Sneaky bastards." Grumbles the woman, "And yeah, I'm fine. You?" She automatically asks when Domino asks if she's alright.

She was just about to add 'nice work with the van there, but that last question of Domino's brings a rather furtive look to Moonstar's expression.

"It's a test run." She admits to the other woman, "To figure out the best way to handle a kidnapping attempt." Her head tilts now, as she focuses her gaze on the other woman, "Someone's kidnapping mutants."


Dani's back up, then all eyes are on the syringe in her hand. That… That could mean any number of things. Exactly -none- of them are good things for the two mutants in question. But seeing it in the Cheyenne's fingers sends an immediate chill through Domino's spine. She almost flinches at the sight and notably takes a step away from it as if the needle might suddenly lunge at her neck somehow.

It's probably for the best that the purpose of the scenario had been kept a secret up to this point. Neena's looking downright spooked. Not that it shows in her curtly delivered "I'm fine" which is said while two tendrils of blood slowly ooze out from the back of one leg.

Then comes the sarcasm. One of her immediate and natural defense mechanisms. To the foiled kidnapping attempt she glances back to the roasting carcass of the van then looks back to Dani, grinning and hooking a thumb over a shoulder to the blazing inferno. "That's a pass, right? That's totally a pass."

Except..that they cannot -possibly- count on her having a spent lighter to use on a ruptured fuel tank every time something like this happens. What if the baddies had already nabbed another mutant? What about two or three? Such a stunt could have killed them all.

"Can we work on prank callers next? Those guys are the -worst.-"

She's still looking toward the syringe. Wary. Untrusting.


The needle is given a bit of a look and while Dani doesn't necessarily ask Domino about her rather strong reaction to it, Dani still notices.

It's what causes her to drop her hand to her side, to hide the needle from plain sight.

The mention of whether the two pass prompts a small grin from the woman. "I'm pretty sure we passed and with a variety of colors too.

As for the mention of prank callers? That brings a quiet snort from her, an amused sound, but then Moonstar falls quiet.

Idly her gaze sweeps the area and only after a few seconds of careful consideration does Moonstar speak again. "I'm hoping you'd help me with the whole missing mutants. The case isn't on any official SHIELD books, but a few of us are looking into it. I think we're close to putting out a decoy to try and lure out the kidnappers. I'm trying to pull a small team together to help bring those kidnappers down. Get the kids back safe."

Her brown eyes focus on Domino now, "I was hoping you'd be one of them."


Hiding the needle turns out to be a decent play, though one which carries its own set of risks. Having it no longer in sight may not be enough on its own but it -might- seem..that Domino is starting to have a little trust in Moonstar. It isn't born out of guilt for Dani almost dying the other week, either.

Neena can hate herself for letting someone -else- slip past her defenses later.

Dani lays out the offer and in doing so happens to touch upon a couple of key words, whether she realizes it or not. Maybe this luck power -can- work to the advantage of another because after having the job is explained Dom wouldn't even consider asking for payment.

Kids being taken by shadowy soldiers with tranquilizer syringes. If there aren't enough flashbacks to her own childhood in that condensed idea…

With the simulation seeming to either be paused or effectively concluded the stolen rifle is lightly tossed aside. It's fake, she has no regard for it.

Then comes the nod. It's a subtle motion but it's there.

"Yeah. I'm in."


Whether the tossing of that rifle was what causes it or not, the Danger Room shimmers for a second and then resets itself to the white walls, floor and ceiling.

No more holographic street, houses, van, dog or dead bodies.

Does Dani realize some of her words helps her case? Probably not, but when Domino says she's all in there's a look of relief from the woman.

She could just accept that answer for what it is … but Dani is honest to a fault, and so, "Before you accept." Begins the woman, her voice quiet, "You need to know what kind of mutants they're grabbing. It's telepaths."

"I know how you feel when it comes to psychic powers, so I wanted to be clear on what power set we'll be possibly seeing on this particular mission." And she purposely doesn't say 'job', since in Moonstar's mind this is a mission - whether that mission is really SHIELD or an X-Men one, it's a mission.

"It's ok to say no if you want. I'd understand. This mission is completely voluntary."


It could have been anything else. Aliens, weird reptilian mutants, precogs, anything at all and it would have been grounds for a response of 'why are we still talking about this?' But Dani in all of her well guided wisdom goes for full transparency and Neena isn't fully prepared for the truth. Any snide remarks are instantly held back as the news is taken in and quickly processed.

Without backlash, fortunately.

She's never been one for 'please' and 'thank yous,' thus she gives one more subtle nod with a flat "I see." Despite the fresh layer of concern which covers her demeanor there is also perhaps a sense of appreciation that Dani is so up front about this information. To Dom's credit she doesn't back out from the offer.

The albino's ultimate ruling: "Then it'd be best for everyone if they were found." She may not trust psychics but she trusts people who are in control of psychics even less. "What's our next move?"

Probably going to the infirmary, in her case.


She doesn't back out and once more Dani feels some sense of relief.

She was worried the other woman was going to say pass.

Or that she'd get shot. Maybe a little bit of both.

Definitely both.

Either way, Moonstar nods when Domino accepts it as easily as she does. "Agreed. The sooner we can find them the better." The question about next moves brings a thoughtful look to Moonstar's features. "Well, I'm going to eventually put myself out as the decoy. See if they'll come try and grab me, if so that's where our team comes into play."

"But for right *now*, I think we should get you patched up a bit and then get something to eat, maybe even a beer." Because everything can sometimes be solved with food and drink, right?

"In the next few days I'll bring you around to meet the others who're helping with this."


Moonstar is going to be the bait?

Domino smirks lightly at the thought. "Guess this means I might be watching you through the crosshairs again. It'll be just like old times." 'Old' being something like four months ago.

It will be a risky move, regardless. However, Dani's not only psychically inclined and thus one of their better candidates but she's also going to have a better idea of what to watch out for. It's no surprise to Dom why she'd want some reinforcements.

Especially if they've been using injections…

As soon as Dani mentions getting the merc patched up she hisses out loud and blurts out "Dammit you -had- to say something! NOW it hurts." Wait— A single finger is held in the air as she silences herself. This finger gets a slight flick in time with her confirming "-Beer.-" This is what seals the deal.

Oh, and there are others already included on this gig. It's starting to sound like a real party.

"Do we know how many have been taken already? Any leads? Anything at all? Give me some variables to digest. I mean, going in blind is all fun and good but that doesn't work so well when there's friendlies in the field."


"Ha." Moonstar says with some real amusement at the mention of crosshairs, "Just like old times, yes. Though this time hopefully we won't have to linger in any dark tunnels with burnt out cars." Likely they will, even with Domino's luck coming into play!

The mention of the wound now hurting causes Moonstar to cock her head at the doors, "Come on, let's get a band-aid for your scratch." Her tone is lightly teasing, since she knows the Danger Room wouldn't really cause any mortal wounds, "Then we can get beer."

And just like that Moonstar turns and moves toward the doors; though she keeps her pace slow so Domino can keep up.

"Three have been taken." She answers, "And I don't have much more than that. We found one of the victim's laptop with a key logger program on it, and we traced that back to somewhere in 'Eastern Europe'. We're trying to narrow it down to a more specific place, but it's going to take some time."

"That doesn't mean we can get a team together though." Which is clearly what she's doing, "Other than that, there's not too much else we know. Hopefully the next few weeks that'll change."





"Hey, simulated or not bullets still sting," Neena counters while perhaps making a point to not be moving any slower than usual. Once through the doors and out into the hall she adds "Also, you're welcome."

Hey, wait. "The -victim- had a keylogger installed? So someone had been keeping an eye on them for a while prior to taking them. Cripes, Dani. If that's all of the intel you have then we're looking at real needle in haystack odds of the responsible people making a move on you, let alone when the rest of us are ready to intercept. What if three are enough? Maybe they've already gone dark."

It isn't that they know too little as much as it is they don't know anything at all!

And spanning the next few WEEKS?

"Hey, that's a long time to be playing shadow. If you're going to expect me to be watching your six over the course of a month then I might be having some second thoughts about this. As much as I enjoy playing the guardian angel every rifle starts to get heavy after a while."


"They do." Agrees Dani with a flash of a grin, "I totally know how they sting."

But when the conversation turns more serious, to the issue at hand, Dani's expression loses some of her amusement. In fact her expression goes downright pensive at the mention of whether three is all they need. "You know, I never thought of that." Which causes Moonstar to fall silent for a few seconds, lost in thought.

Thankfully she shakes herself out of it as she adds, "If that's the case then I'd imagine we'd have to lean pretty heavy on what intel the computer geek helping us finds. He's hoping to deploy a program that'll pinpoint just where these jokers are at."

As for playing shadow? Dani waves her hand quickly, "No, no, I wouldn't ask you to watch out for me until we're actively in the deployment stage of 'kidnappers please come get me'. Right now we're still trying to crack everything with computer code."

And as the two talk Dani leads them down the hallway and towards the medical bay. She really is going to make sure Domino gets fixed up before any drinking happens.


Okay, so they have some Geekpower at their disposal. That's a better start than she had anticipated. But—


"Dani. Really. I'm fine."

As if to make her point clear and concrete Domino doesn't slow down nor turn toward the infirmary because now she's got beer on her mind -and- it's become a matter of principle. She'd still be fighting even if those bullets had been real!


She's fine.

That brings a side-long look from Dani, and while Dani TURNS toward the infirmary, Domino does not.

The Cheyenne will stand there a minute to see if Domino returns, but when she doesn't -

- well, all Moonstar can do is shake her head. Then she's taking a few quick steps to catch up to Domino, "Alright, alright, you're *fine*, but if you fall over that gives me the right to bring it up from now until forever."

And with that said Domino and Dani segue into getting drinks, versus bandages.

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