Not a Green Lantern
Roleplaying Log: Not a Green Lantern
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Looking for some spacecops to help with unwanted visitors to Sol, Starfire tracks a promising looking energy signature to a surprising source.

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IC Date: June 20, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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There's a spot on the edge of Metropolis where an economic downturn a few years ago created a lot of empty land. It's bound up in legal issues, and largely left in various states of development. Buildings partially finished, dirt on the ground, lots of 'do not enter' signs about.

Of course, that's only a deterrent to people who can't fly or sneak. Jen Hayden's both, and is in the middle of an empty pit framed by the bones of a partially constructed skyscraper.

She's sitting on the ground with a look of intense concentration, surrounded by a nexus of translucent green objects. It looks as if she's trying to imagine the contents of a finished building still years away, and agonizingly slowly is added furniture to the floorplan. It's like a crystal house, made of that spun green 'glass'. Jen, herself, is not wearing any clearly identifiable uniform. Just a white bodysleeve suit with dark green patterns suggesting thigh-high boots and detached sleeves. She's a skinny little thing, though a few curves are starting to show on the petite meta woman.

* * *

Flight is definitely a way to get around inconvenient 'Do Not Enter' signs. Direct transportation from near-Earth orbit is another. One second, Jen has the empty, unfinished room all to herself, and the next, there is a sparkling of light in the air some short distance away, before a figure materializes in the very same spot. She is, by contrast, very far from petite or skinny. She is also orange! On the plus side, for all her sudden appearance, this space woman seems to come in peace.

"Excuse me, Miss. I hope I am not interrupting?" For all her imposing stature, Kori's demeanor is quite friendly, with a touch of curiosity immediately turned toward the strange project spread out around Jen. "I asked my vessel to locate the nearest member of the Green Lantern Corps, and it gave me these coordinates." Perhaps Tamaranean sensors can't quite pick up the subtle difference in energy signatures?

In any case, she is obviously some space person. If all the teleporting and close but not quite human appearance didn't give it away, she's wearing a close-fitted sort of uniform slash armored space suit, which is also by far the MOST modest of any of her adventure wear. "I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, although presently I am residing on this world given the troubles in the Vega system."

Totally normal day to day stuff, right?

* * *

Jen's reaction to the sudden appearance is a 'whoop!' of surprise, her concentration completely ruined. The framework around her starts to disintegrate into motes of light almost instantly, going back to wherever she draws that power.

Jen stares at Kori with a shocked expression, giving the leggy Tamaranean an envious look as she compares the woman's stunning frame to her more modest physique.

Jen's face sours as the Lanterns are mentioned. "Well, then your ship's dumb," Jen says, and gets to her feet. She dusts her gloves off, then frowns at them. The debris on her uniform goes *paft* as she flicks it away with some of that emerald light. "I don't know who these jagoff Lanterns are, but I ain't one of 'em." Her accent's a heavy Bronx influenced one, definitely from the dense urban ghettos.

Kori gets another eyesweep. "A Princess, huh? You don't look like any princess I've ever seen. Where's yer tiara and your little —" she wiggles an imaginary, delicate fairy scepter through the air.

* * *

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Kori does look distressed as the entire set of construct… whatever they are begin to dissolve, unfortunately by her doing. This concerned look then turns to slight confusion and consternation at Jen's reply.

"Ah… perhaps it has made an error?" she wonders, taking even the blunt rejoinder with diplomatic poise, but at the same time not looking entirely convinced of her own mistake. She lifts a hand and gestures at the space that had previously been filled with glowing green shapes. "Were those not energy constructs? The Corps members use their rings and mental focus to create them-" Naturally, her eyes by now have taken their a curious journey toward the other woman's fingers, expecting to find one of the vaunted 'greatest weapons in the universe.'

Instead she finds nothing! What gives?

"How strange. Well. You have my deepest apologies, miss. It is clearly my error." And perhaps, the strange encounter could end just that quickly, with Kori again reaching one hand for the opposite wrist, presumably to activate her transporter again and return to the ship. Except…

"I would not lie about such a thing. One moment." Now, she goes ahead and does press the button, but it doesn't whisk her away. Just her clothes. The lightshow offers at least a touch of modesty to the whole magical girl transformation sequence, which leaves her in her 'proper' Tamaranean harness, complete with the jeweled torc around her collarbone. It is this latter feature she draws attention to (never mind all the, um, straps!), raising a hand to touch it.

"This is what I wear in lieu of a tiara as a symbol of status. Does it meet your expectation?"

* * *

"Naw, it's…" Jen trails off, eyes bugging a bit as Kori goes from 'go go dancer' to her lighter attire, which looks like it's held on with hope and double-sided tape.

"I, uh… yeah. All hail… Koriand'r." Princess of the strippers. She mumbles that last breath sotto voce, trying to hide the ragged mossy flush in her green-skinned cheeks.

"Listen, it's all… it's all good." She stands up and then takes a step back, forced to tilt her chin up to face Kori with a minor grimace of annoyance. "The Lantern thing. I got kidnapped by this alien limpdick called 'The Collector' a few months back. Ever since then, I got people droppin' in on me lookin' for the bounty on my head, or askin' around for one of 'em Lanterns. Never met any of those guys, so…" She shrugs, folding her arms uneasily over her stomach. "Uh, so what /did/ you need a Green Lantern for? They're like, space cops, right?"

* * *

The sarcasm happily escapes the radar of ever-cheerful Kori, and she seems quite satisfied that her royal heritage has been attested to. Indeed, she even points out: "No hailing is required. I am, after all, an exile here. I am most grateful to all of my hosts for their kindness in allowing my presence." She will not quibble over the fact that many, of late, seem much less kind, at least on the government side of things!

Jen's mention of an abduction causes a sudden flash of sadness on Kori's features, though it passes and is followed by a firm nod. "They are an intergalactic law enforcement agency, that is correct. This planet, uniquely for its rather primitive technology level, actually has several registered Lantern Corps members. But I have not been able to reach any of their rings." Lest this sound too ominous, she suggests: "I suspect they are simply out of range. While they are able to communicate at very long distances, my ship's systems use a different technology, and I am only able to synchronize communications by using lower spectrum emissions that they can then pick up-"

Even Kori realizes she is babbling on, at this point!

"In any event, it is not an emergency, but I been monitoring several less savory residents of my native system have been entering this sector of late. I am not incapable of dealing with this situation, but I felt it would be impolite not to inform them, as they have legal jurisdiction here."

Well, space-law 'legal.' It seems dubious that the UN would acknowledge Corps authority!

* * *

Jen's instinct to say something snarky is… blunted, somewhat. Kori's not just polite, she's /sincere/. Even the acerbic street tough can recognize it. And on some level, she might even be responding to Kori's pleasant but authoritative presence. She's a princess. Leadership goes hand in hand with the role.

"Fuck," she snarls. "I know what 'less savoury' means." She's heard that word, even had it aimed at her a time or two. "Means more bounty hunters and shit. More trouble for me. I got ambushed by two alien bros the other day. Almost had me dead before some big-tittied blonde chick and a ninja girl busted them all up."

She rests her hands on her hips. "How many we talkin' here?" she inquires. "Like, a couple? Ten? Is it a group?" She starts flickering her eyes around, as if trying to plan a departure just in case someone surprises her.

* * *

"Yes, perhaps. The Citadel is well-renowned for engaging in that sort of business. Quasi-legal bounty hunting, in which the Spider Guild-" (omg space names!) "-often assists them, as well as outright kidnapping and slavery." The Princess' tone is quite solemn as she speaks of this. "It is sad to say, but they have such a bad reputation that the Lantern Corps does has an agreement to /avoid/ the Vega system." The latter? She admits it as if it were some mark of shame for her whole star system.

"However," and here, Koriand'r's voice tinges toward the cool but hardened resolve of the warrior half of her warrior princess shtick, "since we are in sector 2814, those agreements are of no consequence. Thus it would be quite acceptable if the Lanterns chose to take action, and I know that the local members of the Corps are… very good and kindhearted people, who might enjoy an opportunity to right such injustices."

She tilts her head. "Or perhaps your new friends would be interested?" 'Big-tittied' or otherwise!

"I am not certain of their full numbers. The ships I detected were smaller vessels, likely with small crews. But they are no doubt in communication with larger ships lurking in nearby interstellar space. If they engage in business they find 'profitable,' more will come."

* * *

"I know one who would be, but I wouldn't call her 'stacked'," Jen says. She takes a deep breath, digging deep for some inner backbone.

It takes her a minute.

"My friend, Kara. She's uh… Kryptonian?" Jen hazards. "I think I said that right. She's fast and strong, and can do… lasers from her eyes," she says, wiggling fingers in her face.

Her delicate features go a bit flinty. "I'm tired of getting my ass kicked for sticking my nose out of my damn apartment."

She looks at Kori. "So like, you're a fighter." Obviously. No one has that much body confidence without being able to kick some ass. "Princess. You gonna step up to deal with these 'undesirables'?" she says, wiggling a finger into space. "I ain't seen none of 'em Lantern Corps around when they're needed, so they sound /exactly/ like cops to me. And I can't breathe in space, so I need a spaceship to get around, anyway."

* * *

"Like all Tamaranean royalty, I trained from my childhood with the Warlords of Okaara to master all aspects of warfare," Koriand'r answers, proudly. "These aliens, the Citadel and their various constituent species, are enemies of Tamaran and my own sworn foes, so it is no less than my duty to deal with them." Indeed, it sounds like a bit more than duty for her, a flare of anger rising in her voice. Really, she does not seem to conceal her emotions any more than she does the rest of herself!

"I am familiar with Kryptonians," she then confirms. "In fact, our biology is not entirely dissimilar. Elsewhere in the galaxy, their reputation is somewhat… dangerous, but I have found those living here to be of noble heart. Kara is- she is related to several of the others, yes? I saw her once, on television, with Conner."

As far as the space details go, she is happy to point out: "My own personal craft remains in orbit and there are extra suits if you require one. However, are you quite certain you are not able to create an insulating field?" A hand gestures to where the ring of constructs once was. "Your powers register on a similar frequency to those of the Lantern rings, and appear visibly similar as well. I have seen them use their rings for such an effect on several occasions. So it would be plausible you could achieve a similar effect."

* * *

Jen looks … embarrassed. She scuffs the top of one skippered foot against the back of her calf, eyes darting around to find something other than Kori's fierce green eyes to look up at.

"I… I kinda wear a helmet and stuff when I'm bombing around with Kara," she admits. "She lets me ride on her back. But I've never thought about making a spacesuit. I don't know how," she admits. "And… I'm kinda scared about being up there without one. I gotta concentrate on these sometimes." She gestures overhead, manifesting part of an architectural construct. "And I ain't ever tested like, spacesuits in space. If I get knocked out, I might just end up dead an' frozen in space. I'd feel better with, like… something real. Y'know?"

Jen clearly doesn't have a lot of faith in her nascent abilities, a marked departure from the Green Lanterns. For them, the only needed step is imagining something. The ring does the rest.

* * *

As quickly as the hardened warrior princess rose to the fore, she now gives way once more to the kinder, gentler side of Koriand'r, one that seems infinitely understanding of these little hiccups in the superhero-ing gig. "There is no reason to be embarrassed. Your abilities are something you will understand better in time, I have no doubt. It is good to test their limits, but you are correct that safe precaution is the wisest choice. I am happy to let you use a fully sealed suit, like the one I was wearing earlier. They are environmentally complete, radiation resistant, and rated for micro-gravity combat." Handy!

With all of this decided, the alien woman once more raises her arm and begins beep-booping on the armguard. "I am still in the process of tracking the most recent vessel's incursion - it's jump drive's signature was obvious when it entered the Sol system, but after that it engaged in a stealth mode and vanished inside what you call the Kuniper belt. It seems it wishes to play cat and the mouse, but this is not a game it will be victorious in." For a moment, Kori herself looks a bit cat-like, with a gleaming predatory smile. "When I have located it again and made calculations, I will attempt to intercept. This must be done with some caution so it does not report to its friends, as well. But hopefully with several of us, we can vary our angle of attack and quickly overwhelm them."

* * *

"Well…" Jen trails off with another deep breath. "Okay. I'll call Kara up. Ain't… I ain't got a whole lotta friends, let alone one what can fight," she says, looking embarrassed. Koriand'r probably doesn't have that problem. "Daisy, and Kara. An' Daisy's only really useful on the ground, doing hoodrat shit," Jen remarks.

"Gwen? No, the hell she stick to in space," she mutters to herself.

"Anyway, I mean, I ain't ever like done Star Wars stuff. But I'll at least get my shots in. I'm tired of lookin over my shoulder. Maybe we make some ugly examples of these pricks and discourage anyone else from comin' lookin for me."

* * *

Some of this no doubt goes right over Kori's head, or conjures some rather curious imagery, like a rat wearing a hoodie. She tilts her head, wide, featureless green eyes full of fathomless depth and curiosity. "Space is not sticky," she will confirm. "… unless you encounter a gravity distortion or dark matter pocket."

Woosh! Moving on.

"If you endeavor to live up to such challenges in the future, this is a good place to begin," the woman reassures her counterpart. "The Citadel are hardly the most powerful beings in the universe, very far from it in fact! But their breadth and organization, and the damage it does, is proof of how easy it is for such evil to gain sway. And dealing with them, you may learn a little about whatever bounties are placed upon you, and how they might be settled. This too would be of great value, for there *are* some very powerful beings who enjoy taking on jobs of this nature. To clear the mark upon your name would no doubt be of great relief, and allow you the freedom to learn without such a thing hanging over you."

* * *

"I'm just… trying to survive," Jen tells Starfire. It's hard not to feel a little daunted by the towering princess. She's standing around devoted to defending abstract idealism on a planet she's not even from, and Jen's already thinking about hunkering down somewhere and disappearing from view.

"Look, you got a phone? Here's my number," Jen says, digging a cracked old phone from her pocket. Digits are exchange. "You get ready to hit these asshats, lemme know. I'll get Kara. We'll make it a day trip," she smirks. "Just three gals kicking ass."

She backs up a pace. "Was good to meet you, Princess Koriand'r." Jen shoulders a photographer's satchel and focuses her mind. The bodysuit flickers and reconstitutes into a set of somewhat grubby and well-worn street cloths. "I'll be in touch." She sketches a two-fingered salute and starts moving towards a link in the fence for her own less-than-dramatic exit.

* * *

"I understand. I have been hunted and chased by such creatures, and worse. But you already have such strong friends. I am certain that with them, you will be able to face these dangers as they come. You may freely ask my assistance as well!" It's quite the pledge from someone she's only just met, yet, like everything else that comes out of Starfire's mouth, it seems overwhelmingly sincere.

"Ah, yes, I do possess the earth communicator, but it is… in the other pants, yes?" It is true that she is presently wearing exactly zero pants, and that there is nowhere safe for work one could possibly fit a pocket in her current garb! "I will note the number and input it later." It gets beep-booped into her arm-thingy.

"Yes, this sounds like a wonderful plan!" she declares of the proposed ass-kicking threesome. "I will let you know." Before they part, there is a last, curious glance toward the camera equipment the other woman is hauling, but evidently whatever meaning it holds is no reason to hold her up. For now, Koriand'r simply makes a final *boop* upon her device, and soon vanishes, spirited away to the stars above.

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