Roleplaying Log: Reunions
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Alex Summers has returned to the Mansion and runs into Dani

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Libraries are often seen as quiet, secluded and often times empty.

Even libraries within the Xavier Institute have that particular air about them. The atmosphere within the large room gives pause to even some of the most unruly students. Most people speak in something of hushed tones as they go about their business.

And while the room itself seems relatively empty, with not a lot of traffic seen at first glance, there is someone within the room itself. Danielle Moonstar, graduated student and now agent of SHIELD, can be found tucked within the shelve lined room.

She's taken over one large table and upon that table top is a map and upon that map are a handful of red dots; three to be specific.

The Cheyenne woman herself is standing versus sitting, and can be found eyeing that map thoughtfully. Then with a shake of her head the woman reaches for one half of the map to begin to fold it and most likely put away.


Alex is one of the few X-Men who never actually went to school at Xaviers. A product of public education, and then college, he'd been away for a bit to finish getting his Masters and start on his Doctoral work. Recently returned however as times have become… dark… Alex has rejoined the team and customized his costume once more. Not that he's wearing it right now of course.

No, today Alex has a different goal in mind. Entering into the library he starts to walk over towards the law section with a grim and determined set to his jaw and with an expression to match. At least until he catches sight of Danny with her map and drawing attention by standing instead of sitting.

"I feel like an outsider a bit these days, things have changed so much from when I was here last. How have you been Danny?" Alex says softly as he approaches, grim expression turning half-sad, half-wry. Glancing at the map to determine what type of map it might be, whether urban or otherwise, "Do they not have maps with S.H.I.E.L.D.?" He asks curiously, interest piqued now. "Anything a Geologist can help you with?"


The map is definitely urban and New York based as well. The three red dots are clustered relatively close, but in the grand scheme of things the neighborhoods they're each located at are quite far apart.

It's clear, however, that Moonstar was triangulating something with those dots just with how they're clustered together like they are.

Not expecting someone else to appear within the library, Dani's hand pauses right before she starts to fold the map up. Her gaze swings right on over to Alex and upon seeing the man, Dani can't quite stop the vague look of surprise that flashes across her features.

Clearly she hadn't yet heard the news that he returned.

"Alex, hey, long time since we've seen you around. I'm okay, how've you been? What brings you to the library?"

As to that question of his about maps and SHIELD, the Cheyenne woman offers the faintest of grins, as she says, "They do, but this is a little bit of a project that's 'off the books', so to say. Best to keep the maps here versus the office." Then to his question about whether a Geologist can help, the woman says in a slightly rueful tone, "Not likely for a Geologist, but an X-Men? Likely."


"Mmm." Alex looks closer at the map, "A little urban renewal project? Need some place erased off that map?" He chuckles wryly, "Been a little while since I've been able to cut loose. Other than periodically firing off to keep from overloading. It'd not exactly kind to the surrounding environment if I go critical overload." He looks away from the map and over towards Danny, leaning against the table lightly he places his palms on the surface of it behind him to help support his weight and keep him balanced. "Haven't been back long. Was hoping to run into Warren or Jean, I hear they're the ones who've taken over the reins lately since Scott isn't around and Charles is…" His voice drifts off with a clench of his jaw.

"I was going to pretend to be a lawyer, see if there was any legal way to try and smack down this registration act. I have a bad feeling it's just a precursor to 'Work for the government or we will put you in this camp for everyone's safety and protection'. Getting grim, like Rachael's future might not be so different from ours at this rate. Just, more expansive. I've already met an Alien who is going to do something stupid I'm sure." A slow shake of his head follows.

"So what can I do to help?" Alex asks Danny, hopefully shifting the conversation topic to something better, or at least actionable.


The mention of urban renewal project prompts a soft snort from Moonstar.

"If only it were that." She murmurs, the rest of whatever else she might says pauses as Alex continues to speak. When he trails off at the mention of the Professor, Moonstar's own expression turns grim, her lips thinning to a tight line.

One supposes she could say 'lost', but she doesn't. Both of them know that the Professor is more than just lost.

"I haven't seen Jean lately -" Begins Dani as she loosely crosses her arms, "- But Warren definitely. He splits his time between the Institute and New York. I'd drop him a text message or e-mail if I were you. That might be the easiest way to catch him for a chat."

The topic of registration causes another reaction from Dani, as the woman's expression now flattens.

"Yeah, we all have that same feeling. Most of us are trying to figure ways to bring it down legally. Warren, Alison, myself … but I think we all have the same sort of feeling that this isn't going to end pretty."

However, the mention of an alien prompts Moonstar to look curiously at the man, "Would this alien be someone named Supergirl?" She asks, "If so, she's listed the Mansion a few times, offering her help. She definitely wants to help." The Cheyenne says in a rather bland tone, neither agreeing, or disagreeing with Havok's statement about doing something 'stupid'.

Back to the map, or the conversation about the map and the information it holds, Moonstar frowns thoughtfully, "Well, we're investigating some missing mutants. So far we've very little in the way of leads, but I think once we crack this open we're going to definitely need help.


"Have they gone down to the Morlocks?" Alex asks, "I mean what with this whole registration thing running is very much on a lot of people's minds. Morlocks have always had a lot down there, I'm sure they'd welcome more who could be helpful to them." He pauses, "But I'm sure you've already checked with that rather obvious destination so, what's the situation. Any signs of violence in these disappearances?"

Alex's attention turns to the map as he adds an aside, "Yes, it would be Kara. I asked her to call me before she does anything, but I don't think she will. She's got it in her head that she's going to become some unstoppable force to make us poor ignorant humans understand how wrong we are. I don't know what she's going to do, but I think she intends to become a focal point to try and make us unite somehow so we forget our differences. She's wholly convinced of her own invincibility to the point she says she'll even deal with Superman if he tries to stop her."


With that mention of Morlocks, Dani frowns slightly; probably she didn't even think of that.

"Definite signs of struggle." Is what she finally says to his questions, "All telepaths. We're trying to trace back some leads on one of the victim's laptops. We're hoping that'll give us a place to really start looking for them."

Which makes her frown more and add a mental note to check in with Uly and his 'breadcrumb' code.

Alex's lament about Supergirl and her rather forceful ways, causes Dani to shake her head again. "If it were that *easy* I'm pretty sure we would have all united by now and sung Cumbauya and life would be good." There's a level of derision to her voice that she doesn't hide from Alex and then with more of a pragmatic tone she adds, "But neither should we rebuff her offer to help and aid people in trouble."

"I do hope she calls you, however. Before she really does get herself in trouble. Just because she's strong and can fly doesn't mean she can't find herself losing a fight or being in some real serious trouble."


"That's the thing, she has this idea in her head that she can just do anything because she's Kryptonian, that she's smarter and better than all of us." Alex shakes his head a bit, "Even when I tried to turn the situation around she doesn't see how her arrogance isn't going to be well received." A frown creases his features at that but he looks thoughtfully at the map for a few long moments of silence.

"I think you might be going at this backwards. It looks like you might be trying to track a central point when I don't know if the location really matters. Telepathy is rare enough that they would have to go where they are, regardless of how far they have to go. By car or truck it's really not that hard to go anywhere in the country and you could keep someone sedated for a few days to get them where you need to get them to. So distance isn't that big a deal. What might be a good idea is to broaden your scope of missing telepaths. Look outside the local area and do some pre-emptive work on setting up alerts and stakeouts so we can get them when they try to nab the next one."

Lifting his head up to look at Danny, Alex says seriously, "I don't want to even know why you haven't asked Jean or Rachael to use Cerebro to find them yet do I?"


"She seems rather young." Moonstar says rather matter-of-factly and with perhaps another pinch of sarcasm to flavor what she says.

"And arrogance will get you no where. Especially with people who hate anyone that's mutant or meta, or just different." The Cheyenne says morosely now.

She stifles a quiet sigh, even as her gaze slides back to the map as Alex returns back to that particular topic at hand. His mention of her going about it the wrong way brings forth a grin from the woman. "Yeah, I was just coming to that conclusion when you walked in, but I didn't want to leave any stone unturned, because you know how it goes. That one thing you didn't look into turns out to be the *thing* that needed to crack the case."

And with those words said Moonstar reaches for the map and begins to fold it up.

"And we're definitely looking into seeing if we can figure out if any other telepaths have gone missing, then hopefully we can lay a trap." His question about Rachel or Jean causes the woman to shake her head. "Nothing so sinister, if that's what you're thinking. There's some definite delicate information concerning this particular case, but I haven't had a chance to chat with Jean."


"Given the forces at those two's command I don't think we need to worry about them being taken so much thankfully. Are there any students who are telepaths?" Alex asks, "Though… if someone had the chutzpah to come here to try and take a student, well… that wouldn't bode well for their intelligence, or, it makes them a whole lot more scary to have the tactical ability to try."

When the map gets folded up Alex straightens up again, "Well, when you want my help just give me a call, I'll drop everything and come a flying in. I can at least outfly a taxi to get back here asap if I'm out." Another wry smile at that. "How have you been Danny?" He asks, turning his attention in full to her. "Shield seems… a bit of a stretch for you. More militant than I had you pegged for."


Dani's features shadow a little at the talk about people attacking the school.

Sure, to most they probably think it'll never happen, but for Moonstar she could easily see it happening and it's something to worry about.

Thankfully, Alex extends an offer to help when the time comes and the black-haired woman smiles at him. "Thanks. As soon as I know something I will definitely let you know." His next question of how she's been causes one corner of her mouth to quirk upward, "That's a loaded question." She begins, but pauses when he brings up SHIELD.

She's silent for a handful of seconds as she considers how best to answer that, "At the time it didn't feel like a stretch." She says solemnly, "I need something different after everything that happened here. SHIELD felt right and I could still help people, though in a different capacity than student or faculty member here. Now there are days I feel like I can sometimes help more here than SHIELD, but still I try."

"What about you?"


"Got my masters finished, working on my doctorate slowly but I am not in a rush. More pressing things to worry about right now." Understatement of the year there, Alex. "I'm just living day by day right now. I was never a school kid here, so in that respect I'm not as beholden to rose colored glasses and nostalgia when it comes to this place. Right now I just don't know anywhere else I could be of use. If I tried to join the Justice League or The Avengers I'd have to register. Same with shield. I'm not keen to do that right now."

Alex drifts silent for a few moments while he studies Danny rather openly, "Alright, loaded question. Hit me with it. Get it off your chest. Might do you some good to get it out there without having to worry about hurting someone's feelings."


Registered. A word that Moonstar hears far too much anymore.

Not that it can be helped, but there are times Moonstar truly hates the word registered.

"Dani the former student at Xavier Institute would advise against getting registered." The woman says quietly, "But Dani the Agent of SHIELD should really say you should get registered, but really I can't. Not in good conscience."

The remark about loaded question causes Moonstar's eyebrows to raise upward and also brings her right hand upward, palm out, the gesture somewhat apologetic, "I really didn't have anything beyond asking how you were. Promise. If I had a question to ask I'd ask it. I'm hardly the shrinking violet type, don't worry."


"Not what I meant." Alex says with a chuckle. "You said when I asked you how you'd been, it was a loaded question. With a loaded answer. I want to hear the answer." He folds his arms loosely across his waist. "I promise to not tell anyone, so you don't have to kill me, if it's classified or something." A bit of a grin at that, a flash of even white teeth and amusement in his eyes sparkles for a moment.


His explanation causes the vaguest rolls of Dani's eyes, which is completely for herself, for misunderstanding just what he meant.

"Pretty sure my clearance at SHIELD doesn't allow me to read the really juicy classified files." Jokes the Cheyenne woman and while she offers that light jest she doesn't necessarily get into the various points on why that was such a loaded question for her.

"But thanks for offering to listen, I appreciate it."

The now folded map finds itself tucked back away into one of the various drawers that can be found within the library. "Maybe next time over some beer." Continues Dani, then, "So, what're your plans going forward? Obviously help fight against registration … "


"Playing it by ear. Figure I'll try and stay close to Supergirl if I'm given the opportunity. She seems to respect my point of view at the very least. See if I can temper her some." Alex rakes fingers through his hair and exhales slowly, "Don't know that I'll get that opportunity though. Other than that… I'm just waiting for the war to begin. I know which side I'll be on. If I went in to 'register'," He air quotes the word, "I'm absolutely positive they'd try to weaponize me. I'm already weaponized enough in my opinion."

Looking at Moonstar again he falls silent, "Alright Dani, over beer then. What kind do you prefer?" He smiles, "I never took you for a beer drinker so haven't even a guess."


Weaponize mutants.

That brings a small sigh from the woman.

Only because she knows how true that statement is.

"As much as I hate to admit it I could see them trying to weaponize mutants, yes. I would stay as far away as you can from registration offices and their enforcement agents."

His question about beer causes the woman to chuckle, "I like beer, yes. One has to wonder what you thought I drank then? Beyond water, that is. And really anything is good in my book, as long as it's nothing crazily flavored. I have seen beer that's been spiced with various hot peppers, that's a hard pass for me."


"Wine." Alex answers instantly without a moments thought, "Part of my mysoginistic upbringing. Women are better than beer, they drink wine." He chuckles, "Maybe mead too." He lets the whole 'weaponize mutants' thing go, since they both know several who already /were/. Not a happy topic. "Maybe harder alcohol with mixed drinks. It's going to completely smash any machismo I've got but I really like strawberry daquiri's and margarita's myself." He flashes a smile at her before continuing. "Think I'd take a hard pass on hot pepper beer too. Not much of a beer drinker to begin with personally."

Dropping into thought for a few moments Alex seems to be trying to decide something. After those moments he asks, "Do you want to make a proper outing of it? Dinner, drinks, maybe catch a movie. Forget how crazy the world has gotten for a little while? Might do you some good to unplug from the crazy for a bit."


"I don't mind wine." Moonstar says agreeably enough, "As long as it's not too dry. I like my drinks to actually give the sense of quenching my thirst versus making me thirstier." Jests the woman before she laughs at Alex's mention of what he likes to drink.

"Nothing wrong with a good daiquiri or margarita." She once more agrees, "Or a martini, especially the fruity ones."

That last question prompts Moonstar's own moment of silence as she carefully considers that question and her subsequent answer. "I wouldn't mind having a bit of fun, sure. Friends though, yeah?"

And while that last part prompts a vaguely self-conscious smile from the woman, she still says it.


"Of course." Alex says with smile, "That's why I said 'outing' instead of 'date'." His smile grows a bit rueful, "But I'll try not to be hurt by not being dating material." He teases. Straightening up from the table he was leaning against Alex brushes himself off though he doesn't really need it. "Ow." He says afterwards, deadpan. "Wounded to the quick."


"Hey now." States the woman, her own expression turning a touch wry with that self-conscious amusement from the awkwardness she's caused. "I didn't say you weren't dating material."

"Only just being careful, that's all." And while she could tell him she's seeing someone, Dani can't quite verbalize it.

Her private life has always been pretty much that … private.

Now it's Dani's turn to straighten her own clothing, her expression still holding that wry note to it. Especially with those last words of his, "Good thing we're all the strong surviving type of mutants." She's going for more humor here than anything.


"And if we do die, well, nine times out of ten we end up coming back somehow." Alex jokes back, "Seriously, I meant it only as friends or I would have said date." And it sounds like he means it. "Sorry if it came across weird, I am no Don Juan, obviously." He chuckles, "So, let me know when you're free. Maybe invite some other people too who could use a good night out on the town. Not Warren though. He's a whole different kind of 'no' than Scott, but still a 'no'." Another wry smile. "Let me know when you need me to blow something or someone up. Some advanced warning might be handy too if at all possible." He smiles, "Take care of yourself, Agent Moonstar."


"Nah, that was all me probably." Moonstar is quick to say, "And I will. Perhaps we can do something with the group. All of us have been cooped up here far too long. We need to do something to blow off some steam."

Thoughtfulness enters her tone, up until the mention of Warren. That prompts a grin from the woman, "I have a feeling Warren would say yes and then pay for the whole excursion, but if I see him I'll make sure to let him know you've been looking to chat with him."

"And I'll definitely let you know when is good, thanks Alex. Speaking of SHIELD I should get back to them soon. I've pulled night shift this week. Stay out of trouble, Alex, and talk soon."


"You're right, he would pay for everything." Alex says as he starts to head over to the books he originally came in to look at. "But we'd all end up doing what /he/ wanted in the way he wanted, and I'd be relegated to seat warmer as he took the center of attention all the time." He says with an amused chuckle. "Be safe out there."

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