Cutest Fiery Vigilante
Roleplaying Log: Cutest Fiery Vigilante
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Batgirl and Firestorm have a run-in in Gotham.

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IC Date: June 15, 2019
IC Location: China Basin, Gotham
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Posted On: 24 Jun 2019 01:05
Rating & Warnings: PG
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The new Anti-Vigilante laws has made it increasingly difficult to get the job done for the Gotham Knights. Sometimes stepping in to stop a crime also means avoiding inflicting harm on the GCPD officers who are there to arrest the vigilante. That was the theme of her night. Bloodied and tired, Batgirl has retreated to one of the rooftops that look over a loud, busy marketplace below — still active this long after sunset. Her wounds are combined from the four Yakuza she was battling and then the three GCPD officers who swept in. A three-way fight is the worst. So, she sits in the shadows, legs dangling down while she presses a black cloth against her split lip.

* * *

Firestorm can relate to that. It's been frustrating not being able to do anything in New York without drawing unwanted attention. At least there are other options, and with the mindset that he'll be representing the Justice League, he's taken to fitting in more patrol routes through cities like Metropolis and Gotham.

Besides, Batman said he did a good job the last time. Even if it was completely by accident that he'd even come across the city's Dark Knight.

nfortunately he cuts a brilliant figure across a night sky and shadowed city, a flaming trail blazing in his wake as the fiery-headed figure flies through the air just above the skyline.

* * *

Batgirl looks up at the familiar streak of fire across the skies, and her mouth sets into a worried frown. She glances out at the streets at the busy markets, and then she is swooping off the edge and onto the gravel that peppers the rooftop. She takes a moment to get her bearings before she takes out a little cylinder from her belt. She shines it upward, waving it around slightly to catch Firestorm's attention.

All either of them need is someone noticing the flaming superhero streaking through Gotham. She waves it several times before she starts doing little figure-eights.

* * *

Ronald, do you see that? Professor Stein's voice speaks up in his mind. Firestorm lifts his head slightly,?? subsequently slowing down to look where he senses his invisible companion's attention.

"Huh, yeah. That's..odd, right? Totally odd?" he muses once he catches sight of the glowing, looping light. "Let's check it out."

He starts to descend towards Batgirl's position.

* * *

When Firestorm starts toward her, Batgirl gives two more flashes. Then she's pocketing the penlight, and stepping toward the center of the roof while he comes flying down toward her. Only when he starts to come in for a landing does the Bat offer up a quick smile. "Just making sure you don't crash into a dumpster again."

She's stepped back enough to lean into an air conditioning unit, arms crossing loosely at her chest. "You know, flying around Gotham is going to get you in a lot of trouble with the Commissioner."

* * *

Recognition is instantaneous the moment he finally comes into view of the source of the dancing light.

"Oh haay there, Batgirl," he greets, beaming a smile back at her as he lands. However it soon fades with her words thay follow. He blinks.

"Whoa, seriously? Something happen?"

* * *

That beaming smile is met with another smile of her own before she shakes her head, pushing back off the air conditioning unit so she can start toward the burning kid that can fly. There might be some envy there. "You may not be part of the Bat Family, but you look vigilante enough that you might get some GCPD team following you, waiting to arrest you." She humored, but it masks the tired weary that this has all stirred up. She hooks her hands on her hips, her cape falling along her upper arms.

* * *

Anything he looks about to say abruptly dissipates into a look of disbelief, followed by a full-body sigh, shoulders sagging.

"Whaaat? Aw man, really? At this rate where do they expect me to go?" he groans.

Probably more incentive for people to register, the Professor observes grimly, which only makes Firestorm frown more.

"-more importantly, what happened to you? You all right?" he asks as he takes notice of her state once she steps nearer.

* * *

The first reaction is met with an almost rueful smile, and she reaches out to give his shoulder a little punch of her knuckles. "Sorry." Then she smiles a bit wearily before she steps in beside him, looking out at the city from where they stand. "I'm not saying you can't be here, Firestorm. I'm just saying that it comes with… a different set of challenges."

She rubs at her jaw where one of her dad's finest had slugged her when she disarmed him. The battle of the alternate egos means she will be seeing him tomorrow when she comes to eat lunch with Jim Gordon and will have to smile so bright he doesn't notice the makeup covering up the bruise on her jaw.

"Came across some Yakuza drug deal, but someone must have tipped off the cops. They showed up just a few minutes later, and then it was handling the Yakuza while also making sure I didn't get arrested." She takes in a breath. "Welcome back to Gotham, Firestorm."

* * *

"Yeah, this has been a super great time to go into the heroing business," Firestorm grumbles, folding his arms in an almost petulant manner, shifting only slightly with her play-punch.

He looks no more pleased when Batgirl goes about explaining her situation, his expression going from serious to surprise. He looks away frowning once again, shaking his head. "…wow. That's… Man. This sucks."

* * *

Batgirl offers another easy smile for Ronnie as he grumbles, and then she leans slightly toward him to stage-whisper, "There's never an easy time." Only then does she straighten up again and breathes out a sharp breath. "Yeah." That word seems to encapsulate how much suck this actually is. Then she crosses her arms loosely at her chest once more. "GCPD has always been a pretty…" Corrupt? "Unique."

* * *

Firestorm smiles half-heartedly, although it looks more like a grimace. Accidentally getting caught up in a nuclear explosion sure hadn't been in his plans, and there hadn't been much question as to what was the best way to make use of the result. Recent happenings are just making it really difficult.

Still, deciding to do nothing and try living a normal life just seemed…wrong.

Scratching his head, he glances at Batgirl again. "So how does anything get done when you have to watch out for everyone?"

* * *

Batgirl glances back toward him, and there's a moment where she just takes in that fiery profile. Then she looks back out at the city, and her shoulders shrug slightly. "Less gets done, more people get hurt, and we're losing ground." It's honesty that has a brutality that isn't exactly Batgirl's style. But she's tired and it has been a long few weeks. "It's becoming obvious — some are noticing that we don't have the same hold we had. I think that threats are going to start popping up more, and with a lot more boldness. GCPD has never been good at keeping crime down. That's why we're here."

* * *

Again Firestorm has to sigh. The response is disheartening, and the wear of it all is evident in Batgirl as he looks at her.

"And yet for all that, they won't accept outside help? I guess I can see why they'd be like that, but it only really makes sense if they didn't need the help." He closes his eyes, a sour look on his face.

"But we still do what we gotta do. "

* * *

There's something adorable about a fiery superhero sighing in that disheartening way, and Batgirl can't help but offer him a sympathetic smile. "Now, I didn't say I wasn't accepting outside help. I was just giving you a head's up that it won't get you bonus points with GCPD." She nods out to the city. "Come on. You'll at least confuse everyone for a while, and might let me get some work done."

Batgirl gives him a nudge and off they go to do some crimefighting which will inevitably land Firestorm in tomorrow's edition of the Gotham Gazette.

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