Roleplaying Log: Favortown
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Erik asks Billy for a favor so that he can do a favor to get a favor.

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IC Date: June 23, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Posted On: 24 Jun 2019 14:34
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Gotham. It's difficult to say the slums of Gotham because it's /Gotham/. But on he corner of 39th and Kane is where he sent word for his guest for the evening to meet him. There's definitely a reason why he wants to have this meeting in the bad part of town. He feels more comfortable around people he recognizes. He doesn't have to worry about any high and mighties showing up because everyone knows those that have don't ever pay attention to the have nots.

Especially the ones that look like Erik Stevens.

Erik's leaned up against the dim light pole on the corner, standing more in front of Henrietta's Soul Food than whatever's on the cross street. He doesn't check his watch or look impatient. Or anything that makes him stand out. He just waits. As chill as ever.

* * *

Billy Russo has business in Gotham - or at least the start of business. Conversations. Dealings. There's more than a few outfits in the city that would have use of a highly-trained black ops organization that doesn't tend to ask questions. But that wasn't a suit-and-tie sort of meeting, so he doesn't stand out in this neighbourhood.

He knows how to walk so that he neither looks like victim, nor threat. His clothing is nondescript - denim, t-shirt, lightweight hoodie. His expensive haircut is ruffled enough to not look quite so high-end.

He's still damned pretty though, but there's no hiding that.

He spots his other Gotham meeting and walks up to him, hands in the pockets of that hoodie. There's a brief upnod in greeting. No names. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting."

* * *

"Nah, man. We all good." Erik pushes off the light and nods towards the restaurant. "Let's grub and gab."

Erik leads the way in and supnods to the woman behind the counter before heading to a booth that he probably spends most of his time in. He cops a seat and looks as relaxed as he did outside. This is his new hood. He's safe here. Even if the neighborhood could use a face lift or seven.

"Thanks for comin' down to meet me, man. Order whatever you want. I got you." Erik leans back in his denim jacket and his glasses, looking like he probably should be at a grad school somewhere and not this neighborhood. But whatever.

"Call it a down payment on the payin' you back for the favor I'm 'bout to ask you for."

* * *

"We're in business together. The ledger doesn't have to be balanced at all times. That's the nature of being in business." Billy doesn't seem uncomfortable in the neighbourhood. For all he seems at home in the world of high rollers, he grew up in a place not very different from this. There's none of the rich man's skittishness.

He looks down at the menu, and while his eyes are on the laminated paper, he asks, "What's the nature of this favour?"

* * *

"I don't know how much you know about what's goin' on across that big ass pond but there's a lot of shit going down. And some friends of mine are caught up in the middle of all that shit. And I don't have the resources to help them out right now."

Erik drops his menu down to the table because he's either getting to the point or he knows exactly what he wants.

Maybe a bit of both.

"You do." Erik isn't exactly about to try and beat around the bush on this. But he will play it just a little sly. For the moment. "I need a few of those resources to do something crazy enough to get me killed but for reasons that are well worth the risk."

* * *

"That was our arrangement. That I'd back your play when the time came. Nothing's changed on that front from my perspective." Billy sets his menu down as well. "What are we talking about? A team? A unit?"

* * *

"This is gonna' be an in and out op. Just need to touch down, rescue my friends, then we're ghost. Once we're back State side, I'll get them set up here with new… everything. And just like that: Liberation." Erik makes it sound so noble. Which is easy to do because that's what he's doing. Something noble.

* * *

"Now, I'm not a man who plays politics," which is a damned lie, "…but I do pay attention to the news. This got something to do with the…" Billy wags a finger back and forth, "…along the border?" Eyebrows lift. "And would it be outta line for me to ask where in all that your chips fall? Or are the friends you're talkin' about the ones sittin' in custody?" There's a smile that threatens to tug up at his lips, but he holds it back.

* * *

"They call it custody, I call it what it is: Wrongful Imprisonment." Erik's passion flares up in the next moment. "Those… those people over there rule with a golden fist. They make everything look nice and pretty but the moment anyone ever speaks out against anything… they are labeled traitors or terrorists." Erik looks out of the window for just a moment. "I know most of the people that were wrongfully arrested. Personally. I can't just sit here and let them suffer for being brave enough to fight for what they believe in. To fight for the people."

Erik's almost getting lost in his own head now. "There's no way I can liberate the entire country but if there's a way to ensure my friends safety, then it's my duty to do so. My honor."

* * *

Billy's face suddenly goes hard to read. His expression isn't neutral, it isn't positive, isn't negative. It's…thoughtful? Considering. He looks at Erik as his passions raise, none raising in him in any particular direction.

"Your reasons are your own. I don't need to know the whys. Just tell me what you need, what kinda skillset you want on the team. I got guys who know the theatre. They won't stick out. They're loyal, cause I got their back and I pay them what they're worth. And they're real good at extractions."

This kind of operation is Anvil's bread and butter. Passionate clients with deep pockets - or in Erik's case, an ally worth nurturing. A complicated political situation in foreign countries. A chaotic enough government to allow a small team to do what it needs to do. It may mean a lot to Erik, but to Billy? It's just another gig.

* * *

"I'll get you the specifics in twenty four hours. I have a few more things to check into but after that, we'll be good to go." Erik feels a lot better now that he's secured himself passage to go forth and liberate his friends. "Thank you." Never let it be said that Erik Stevens doesn't have manners. "Now that business is done… we should probably eat."

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