It's a Gift
Roleplaying Log: It's a Gift
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Jessica Jones and Tony Stark compare notes on the missing telepath case.

Other Characters Referenced: Ulysses Arngrim, Emma Frost, Impulse, Raven, Dani Moonstar, Warren Worthington, Dazzler,
IC Date: June 24, 2019
IC Location: Stark Unlimited, Metropolis
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Posted On: 25 Jun 2019 04:46
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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The environs of what will one day be Stark Unlimited is a little bit rundown for Metropolis. Which means not quite as much glitz and gargoyles. There are tarps and construction equipment everywhere. The building itself looks squalid and almost sad by the estimation of Stark Tower in NYC but it'll do. It'll do.

What people like Jessica Jones know though. Is that the underground areas of the new Stark Unlimited are pretty much finished and just as glitzy as it used to be.

And she would know the secret entrances too.

Which is what brings her to the underground labs where one Tony Stark is busy ripping the information out of some…acquired hard drives.

* * *

Jessica swipes her card and slips inside the room. She lifts an eyebrow and says, "Wow, I'm impressed. You're only on one project right now instead of six."

But despite the fact that she's tweaking him, her voice is quiet and even a bit gentle, lacking its normal acerbic bite. She even comes with a bag of dried apricots, which she sets down beside him.

"Why all the kabuki upstairs, anyway?"

Because she doesn't quite understand why he's hiding that the facility is doing just fine.

* * *

"Kabuki…" Stark looks up with a smirk. "…oh you mean the building? Yeah. It makes people nervous when they realize just how fast I can build things. Besides I have a good reveal planned for next month. Don't want to ruin it."

So the reason is. Because it is Tony Stark.

"And the other six projects have been put on hold till I figure out who is stealing telepaths."

* * *

"That's what I'm here about," Jessica says with a nod. "I figured you might have a bit of info on Emma Frost that might help out. Hell…Jarvis might be able to pinpoint the location of this…IP…weird…stuff we keep tracing to somewhere in Europe, of all places. What have you learned so far?"

Because if Tony has found out a bunch of stuff, then she might save herself a ton of footwork by just getting it from him. She doesn't have any objections to it, cutting out footwork.

* * *

"Weird IP stuff?" Stark raises an eyebrow as he sits up. "Let me guess. Eastern Europe? Kiev?" The man asks with a frown. "If you found the trail back there I'd love to see said trail." A beatpause.

"Of course I found the source of it all when the little creep spiked one of my drones and I decided to pay him a visit." A smirk. "He thought being halfway across the world was enough defense. I showed his little bigot of an ass."

* * *

"I didn't find shit. My hacker contact did. All he told me was Eastern Europe. You've narrowed it down to Kiev? Do we have an idea of where in Kiev? Do we need to get a hacker to Kiev to trace it any further?" Jessica plops down into a chair and tilts her head. "Or when you say you spiked him, did you already find him and his server? What happened there?"

* * *

"Oh no," And there is some glee there in Tony's voice. "I got Impulse and Raven and we went to visit him. His name is Vasyl. He's a weasel of a man that thought he was immune to everything safe behind his screen. I'm working on ripping his computers apart right now…"

Gesturing to the parts on the table he also gestures to a few open containers of BBQ Ribs. "Oh yeah and those are from Kiev, do you know they have an American BBQ place there that's actually pretty damn good."

He frowns though as he looks up. "Might want to talk to the hacker you know though."

A pause.

"Oh I welded him inside his own car and gave him to SHILED, gift wrapped even." She did ask what he did to him. "He wasn't the mastermind though. Paid by an American, I'm hopping we can get enough to track him down."

A pause.

"I should give you copies to take to your hacker friend."

* * *

"Or just give them to him; he's a SHIELD agent named Ulysses Arngrim," Jessica says. She picks up one of the server pieces and tilts it this way and that, as if somehow this motion will reveal its secrets. She tilts her head and adds, "I don't suppose you got a phone dump and his financial records before you handed him over?"

So much hope in her voice. The number of times she gets these extremely useful clues are things she can count on one hand. Because while she can have Arngrim dig through a victim's laptop with the parent's permission without breaking any laws, she definitely cannot have the same hacker go digging through that sort of information without breaking laws, or asking him to misuse his authority.

But if Tony already snagged them…

* * *

Stark smirks slightly towards Jess as he reaches out to grab a small thumb drive. "Phone dump, financials, usual haunts, family, all the stuff I could rip from his equipment right off the bat. Thought it might come in handy. I mean I'm no good with it…but…"

He underhands the drive towards her.

"You might with can do something with all his personals."

* * *


Jessica grins like a she-wolf as she catches the drive.

"Yes. Yes I can. Probably. But we'll at least rule out whether there's a lead in there. Anything else I should know before I get started? Can I have a terminal? I feel like this is something I'll want one of your terminals for."

Sure, the bad guys may have used burner phones to contact him, but burners still leave cell tower pings behind, and they still come with carriers, and she can still call the carrier to try to get that ping information. There might be account numbers. There might be locations where they met often. It's all worth looking into, even if none of it pans out.

* * *

"Go for it," Stark waves her towards one of the office systems. They aren't fancy, just functional right now. With only the bare hint of the style that Stark usually puts into his things. He obviously isn't finished building on here but it is coming along. And that is what matters right?

"You get me an introduction to this SHIELD hacker, and I'll talk to Dani about it too. And hopefully we can all end this before someone does something stupid like tries to make commercially available telepaths."

* * *

"Fuck," Jessica mutters. "Or worse. I mean…they're military or ex-military, right? What if they want to use them to read the minds of world leaders? Force enough telepaths to work for you, and you could get plans to any building in the world ,find out what any enemy commander wants to do, pinpoint insurgents and send drones after them in the blink of an eye."

She takes a chair and rolls over to the terminal, and plugs in the thumb drive to get to work, adding, "I'll call him right now."

This results in her leaving him a message, but the call is rapidly put in.

* * *

"Alright, seems to be a plan then. I'll get with this Ulyssses…" A pause. "…I gotta find a better name for him. Anyway. That guy. And we'll work this over with a fine toothed comb. Till then. Feel free to use the terminal and the place but I need to go meet Dani and Warren." A pause. "And hopefully not get lasered by Ali this time."

Longer pause.

"I'm sure I'll be fine."

* * *

"You do seem to shake off lasers and other attempts to corral you into good behavior with a Teflon-like regularity that is truly impressive," Jessica says wryly, as she gets to work. "So…yeah, I'm sure you will be, too."

Sure, she could have let that comment stand and focused, but found herself physically incapable of doing so.

* * *

"What can I say, its a gift." Stark replies as he stands. "One that I'm not going to share with the world because I don't want anyone else to have my ability to ignore any kind of responsibility."

He stands though, waving over his shoulder. "See ya round Jay Jay. Don't forget to turn the lights off when you're done."

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