A Comparison of Notes
Roleplaying Log: A Comparison of Notes
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Warren, Tony and Dani compare notes about the missing telepaths

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IC Date: June 27, 2019
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Not long ago, Warren and Tony touched base on the matter of the missing Emma Frost — or, well, more inclusively, on the matter of the missing telepaths. There were others missing beyond just Emma Frost, of course.

There hadn't been much conclusive drawn from the conversation other than a compact to let one another know if anything new was found. To that end, Warren had started to dig more deeply into his own resources to try to uncover some information behind the few names they had to work with. A few things had turned up which he thought were worth calling Tony about. He was also peripherally aware others were working on the issue, and it seemed to him a bit of wagon-circling was in order.

For that reason, he's called not just Stark, but Dani Moonstar also. The location is, surprisingly enough, neither the Institute nor Worthington Tower nor Warren's Fifth Avenue apartment. Today, the location is the offices of Warren and Alison's Aegis Foundation… or, more accurately, the outdoor terrace that is attached to said offices, which occupy one of the higher floors of a building in Midtown.

The accompanying note with the call is a bit apologetic ('I'd come out, but I'm practically having to live at Aegis lately! Would love to chat with you both nonetheless'), and both Dani and Tony have the option of arriving straight onto the terrace from the air, or being boring and coming up through the building proper, as their names have been given to the front desk already. Warren is easy enough to catch sight of, waiting at one of the tables out on the terrace and in conversation with a young woman.


Danielle Moonstar is many things.

Mutant. Agent of SHIELD. Practical. Pragmatic.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you have to shake off that rather stolid side of oneself and arrive in style.

Or, in this particular case, with a little more flare than she often goes with.

As such, from the air, the sound of heavy wingbeats might be heard as a rather familiar winged-horse carries his rider to the proverbial meeting place. With a delicacy that belies Brightwind's rather heavy stature and size, the pegasus drops nimbly to just above the terrace. Close enough for his rider to literally jump down, but not so close as to crowd those on the terrace.

And that is how Dani arrives.

She dismounts from Brightwind's saddle and lands in a light crouch, her knees bent slightly to cushion the light drop. As soon as she straightens she turns and addresses Brightwind first, "I'll call you when I need you."

The horse gives a toss of his magnificently maned head in acknowledgement and ascends back to the clouds.

Now the Cheyenne woman turns her attention to Warren and the young woman he sits with. "Afternoon." She calls out as she strides over to the small group.


When is Tony Stark /ever/ boring.

A flash of scarlet and gold and the rush of repulsor engines at the balcony is what heralds his arrival. He's never been a subtle man. Why change now. I mean he /can/ be subtle. He just chooses to never do it. It isn't that he can't. Its a /choice/ ok! Really. He's sure if he tried he could be subtle.

…what was this about again.

Oh yes. Kidnapping.

As the suit arrives it cycles open, though with his newer models it more seems to almost flow like water as he steps away from it, then flow back together as he leaves it parked.

There is a smirk as Dani and Brightwind both make their arrivals as well as the now more conventionally suited Tony Stark gives them both a cheery wave.

"Yo! Horse! Come back Metropolis for the armor fitting when you have time!" Then a flash of a grin towards Dani. "Moonbeam."

And a grin again for Warren.

"And the man of the hour! First things first though. Ali isn't going to laser me out of the balcony again is she?"


Both his guests elect for The Flashy Entrance. Warren isn't complaining. It gives him plenty of advance warning to get ready to receive them, as his sharp eyes pick them both out while they're still a ways out.

"Thanks, Rebecca," he directs to the young woman to whom he's been speaking. "Let's keep an eye on the new registrant numbers for the month? And start people thinking on how we can improve outreach."

The young woman nods and gathers her files, taking her leave just about as Moonstar and Stark arrive (though she hangs back just long enough to gawk with interest at the aerial arrivals of both). Warren himself rises from his seat to greet them both with his customary courtesy, his wings opening slightly for balance; they ruffle briefly with a rippling flicker of feathers, straightening plumage which has gotten crooked after too much sitting, before settling into a neat fold at his back.

"Afternoon, my dear. You've healed up well?" is his returned greeting to Dani, leaning in for a sociable air kiss to the young woman's cheek. His attention turns to Tony afterwards, with a matching grin. "You're even armoring the horses now? You must be bored, Tony. Rest assured — Ali's busy in a conference call with some major donors on the far side of the building. You won't be lasered unless you really mess up."

He sobers a little, as he gestures an invitation for the others to sit. "I've been looking into this telepaths business — this Emma Frost business," he says, with an askance look at Tony. Some interesting things we found about this Jim Frankowski — not least of which the fact he's based in California. Yet he's back here…" His wings lift slightly. "I thought it best if we began to put together a few of these pieces."


What's that? Is that a neigh from high above in the clouds?

It surely is! And by the sounds of it Brightwind can't help but agree-whole-heartedly with Tony Stark's remark.

This causes Moonstar to pull a long face at the man as she asks with mock outrage. "Must you encourage him so?" But there's only so long she can hold that tone to her voice, especially when Tony calls her by the name he remembers her by.


That just brings a quirk of a smile to her lips and a shake of her head.

Then Moonstar's attention turns to Warren when he greets her and while she doesn't necessarily air kiss back, she does offer him a smile. "Perfectly healed." She agrees, "Thanks for helping with that."

The remark about being lasered prompts a quiet albeit amused murmur of, "That probably won't take long."

The invitation to sit is accepted and Dani settles neatly into a chair, her hands placed atop the table. Her expression turns more serious now as the conversation shifts to what this meeting is really all about. At the mention of Emma Frost, Moonstar frowns, but she doesn't speak up until Warren finishes speaking. "There's also a couple of college aged students who are also missing. Both telepaths. A few of us in SHIELD have been trying to *quietly* and *unofficially* pinpoint a location of where they might have been taken."


Stark strolls over with a smirk. "According to some people I always really mess up. Not me though, I think I usually do OK." The man drawls as he thumps into the offered chair, almost immediately tipping it back to balance on two legs. Using his knee to keep himself from falling the inventor smirks slightly.

"I'm an enabler. It is what I do."

He sighs though as Warren brings up more serious matters and shakes his head. "Yeah. I talked to his secretary. She's a bit of a bitch. Pardon my french." The man adds as he smirks slightly. "I also tracked down who did their hacking for them. And it was /way/ worse than I thought."

He opens his hand to reveal a holoprojector that erupts into light as a picture forms of a terrified little rat of a man that is sitting in a battered Ford cursing in Ukrainian.

"Meet Vasyl, who as of sometime yesterday I left as a gift for SHIELD. He thought being on the other side of the world was a good defense after he spiked one of my drones so Impulse, Raven, and I went to pay him a visit. He's a coward…" And his eyes go just a touch flinty. "…and a zealot, bigot. I could keep going but you get the idea."

The hologram cuts off.

"Took his computers and I'm ripping them apart but it looks like someone set up a website to try to collect data on enhanced and target specific types." He adds with a shake of a head. "I really don't like this guy. But the guy who paid him was American. I haven't been able to get a description from the different cameras in Kiev yet either so I'm going to go with professional."


"Yeah, Tony," Warren says, as he shoots Brightwind's receding form a look. "Don't encourage the horse too much. He gets ideas." Dani might think she has backup, up until — "You ought to encourage me instead. A little mutual enabling. It's always been fun… even if some people did accuse us of bad ideas."

He doesn't stay flip for long, however, as both Tony and Dani begin to speak. "Finding where they're being taken so we can get them back is the main priority, I think," he says quietly. "Though tracing back who's responsible is a close second. We don't catch them and pull them up by the roots, they'll just repeat with other victims."

He's got a pen and a notepad in front of him, and he's idly recording some shorthand notes, in a distinctly old-fashioned contrast to Tony's glitzy holoprojections — though he does look up and give the image of the man a good hard once-over when it pops up. "No hits from SHIELD so far as to where they might be going, who they are?" he queries, talking to Dani though his gaze is still on the projector. "I've got a face and a name you could try running through SHIELD databases, they might turn up more than I can with basic background checks. One of the mercenaries who tried to spring that trap on Betsy. He was attached to an agency, too — worth running a check on that, as well."

His pen pauses. "Of course, they do have this MO of trying to bait telepaths… so perhaps we should be thinking about baiting them back. Risky for the bait, however; a last resort if we can't find where they're operating any other way."

He taps his pen on his paper, thinking, as Tony talks about his escapades in the Ukraine. "His secretary have anything to say about where he is? And do you know what other types they might be going after beyond telepaths?" he asks. "I mean… taking bets that same guy who paid your Ukrainian friend there paid the mercs to do the actual 'pickup.'" He frowns. "And we still don't exactly know why telepaths, though… that Frankowski fellow was into deep brain research. …Funded by Emma Frost back in the day, in fact…"


He's an enabler. That brings an amused snort from the black-haired woman. That sound of amusement only intensifies at the mention of pardoning Tony's French.

Of course, when Warren mentions encouraging him - and the two having bad ideas - well, Dani just gives both men pointed looks.

Her looks might be vaguely horrified pointed expressions, but nonetheless the two get *looks*.

At the mention of SHIELD and 'presents' for SHIELD, a more reserved look flicks back to Tony. "We *always* appreciate presents, Tony. Especially scumbags like that." Murmurs the woman, before her attention automatically shifts to the holographic image of the cursing man.

It's the last bit that Tony mentions, about a website, that Moonstar nods. To both men Dani says, "We've found similar things on one of the college student's laptop. A key-logger program that was definitely pointing the bad guys to people who were looking at particular verbiage related to telepathy. A colleague is creating a program to potentially trace back where exactly the website that had the key logger is pinging from. So far, we only have the vague response of 'Eastern Europe', but we're hoping his breadcrumb code will lead us to more. I've a meeting with him tomorrow to check in and see how his search goes."

To Warren directly, Dani says, "Give me what you got on the merc and agency, and I'll run it to the ground and see what we can find."

"And I agree we may need to bait the trap, as it were, and see who answers that call. Dangerous, sure, but it may be our best bet to find where they're at."

Warren's questions to Tony brings a curious look from the woman, though that look turns to a frown at the mention of Emma Frost funding that deep brain research.


"It'll lead to Vasyl there, I picked him up in Kiev." Stark replies with a shake of his head. "I'll clone the drives and toss em to your people." He already let the Titans have them, so he might as well. "Of course if they /are/ making a new enhanced list try not to let anyone get any ideas with them right?" A smirk at that.

The fact that Tony and SHIELD proper get along like oil and water is a well documented fact.

"But you might find something I didn't. Which is why its good to work this from multiple angles. As for a trap…well…we all know enough psychics that might be willing. And enough firepower to pull their asses out of the fire when things go sideways. Which they /always/ do. Always."

There is though a groan from him as Warren mentions Emma and Frankowski's relationship. "Of course 'I knew him in the past' means 'I gave him funding for dubious science experiments'." Stark mutters as he leans slightly further back, one hand tucked behind his head. "Why can't it ever be simple. That would be nice. So. Now I suppose the aboveboard thing would be to go chat with Frankowski." A beatpause. "While of course other people broken into his computer and home and whatever else and found out what he's been up too."


Dani's pointed look goes completely unnoticed by Warren. Perhaps even purposefully unnoticed. Nope, no getting of the hint here. Not at all. Innocently, studiously, Warren just keeps writing in his pad, his fine brow knitted a little in concentration.

Though he does notice one thing — "You took your CEO on an illicit strike mission to Kiev?" he says, glancing up at Tony with a lift of his brows.

There is a pause.

"That's hilarious," Warren says, and looks back down at his notes. "Anyway — yeah, if it comes to it we'll put a psychic out there and follow them when they come looking. They already did just that, once." He scrubs a hand through his golden-blond hair. "They'd be more cautious the second time around, of course, but so would we."

Warren looks up again, however, at Tony's distinct reaction to the Emma connection. "It's Frost," he says, with a sigh. "It's always something dubious, Tony. It's /certainly/ never something 'simple.' …It's often something exciting though, I'll grant you that." He spins his pen in his fingers, with a smirk that really isn't PG-13. "As for Frankowski, I have an idea of what he's up to — or at least, why they wanted to take him. Telepaths, deep brain stimulation… he's deep into biotech prototyping, medical tech, and so on. He was meant to speak at a conference in Vegas soon, in fact. 'The Dream Behind the Patent: Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Opportunities to Advance Biotech,'" Warren quotes. "Whatever they're doing with the telepaths, I'd wager they're trying to figure out how they do what they do, maybe commercialize it somehow."

He shrugs. "Always goes back to money in the end, some way."

He slants a blue eye at Dani. "It is worth a deeper look into his personal effects and records, though. I have a private investigator in mind for that…" He puts down his pen. "As for the merc and his agency… take Domino with you on that? She might know something from those circles."


The offer of the cloned drives brings a brief smile to Dani's features. "Thanks. Send the info to me and I'll make sure my colleague gets them."

As for that mention of not getting ideas about building new meta and mutant registration lists, the Cheyenne woman just turns a flat look to Tony.

Then it's over to Warren and her expression lightens a hair as she responds dryly with, "I'm pretty sure my definition of excitement is different here."

Back to the conversation, Dani shakes her head. "Because all we need is commercialized telepaths." Mutters the woman, "Ripping information and secrets out of people's minds. If we thought it was bad now -"

She doesn't quite finish that thought, instead catching the look Warren slants her way. "Sure, I can bring Domino and then, when it all goes to shit at least I'll have an arsenal of guns and weaponry at my back."


"Depends on what you like to do on beaches in Spain I guess," Stark comments about excitement with a mirror of that smirk of Warren's. One that entirely ignores that flat-eyed look he gets from Moonstar. Because he always ignores those. Always.

However he does give a nod towards Warren, a agreement on the plan. "Well then. I guess we should go to a Biotech conference. It's been awhile since I've gone to one." He adds before he shakes his head. "But yeah, commercial telepaths would be bad on so many levels. One more reason to stop this little group before they get going right?"

A smirk again. "I'll give you a drone to take too. Just a little something, Dani. That way you can record and have ready backup just in case Domino, her very attractive ass, and her large arsenal of guns aren't enough."


"Not what you like to do with Emma Frost on beaches in Spain, I'll bet," is Warren's immediate rejoinder, with a flashing grin. "I'm not much for doing that on beaches. Now, midair — "

Someone please save Dani.

Perhaps he feels Dani's eyes boring into him, because he does get back on track after a moment. "Yeah, I'm sure you'll have a great time," he says absently, of the biotech conference, flipping his notepad shut. "Maybe Hammer'll be there. You love that guy."

He cants his head at Dani. "We'll see what we and Domino's extremely attractive ass can get on this merc and his agency."



Dani can save herself.

But this calls for reinforcements for sure. Which means it's time to call in the calvary.

Idly the woman brings out her phone and begins to type. "Just so you both know -" States the woman nonchalantly and in a perfectly reasonable tone of voice, "I'm texting Ali to come and join us to laser both of your *asses*."

But yes, silently, Dani agrees. They are definitely going to see what they can figure out about the merc and the agency and everything else the trio touched upon today.

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