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Roleplaying Log: Batteries Not Included
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Androids have decided to use Metropolis as A localized Zeitgeist for their Operations. Intelligence reports States that technological Crime threatens to Overtake the city. Many Individuals could use some New heroes to protect them from these Growing threats.

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IC Date: June 29, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 30 Jun 2019 11:26
Rating & Warnings: PG (Violence)
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NPC & GM Credits: Professor Ivo (NPC), Lex Luthor (GM)
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Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow.

Well, it looks like the City of Tomorrow is currently being invaded by the Robots of Tomorrow.

Five metallic based skeletons of androidic proportions are currently stomping their way down the street in an effort to make everyone run and scatter. Likely due to the way they are firing various energy canons from their transformed arms.

There doesn't seem to be any particular rhyme or reason to their walking terrorization of the city beyond that they are aiming for buildings, empty cars, fire hydrants, fuse boxes… anything that's not alive or human. So maybe these things have /some/ morals. Or perhaps there's just a chance that their programming is focused in on a particular style of active violence.

As people run and scream and try not to get caught up in the crossfire, these five robotic members of doom continue to stop traffic and generally make an explosive nuisance of themselves as they stomp through the city.

Yeah, uh, there goes the neighborhood?

* * *


"Golly, Mrs. Anand, it /sure was/ good," Clark confesses trying to manage a cell phone and a brief case as he walks down the thoroughfare in Metropolis, "but I just don't think my readers would appreciate the puffery of 'world's best' because I don't think I've had ever had falafel anywhere else."

"Oh, best I've ever tasted?" Clark collides with someone who jogs past losing his briefcase and fumbling his phone back to his ear, "Oh-okay. I guess that is /true/." Two more people jog past and tries to pick up his briefcase as people begin shouting. Pulled into the crowd now he's moving backward, "Ex-excuse.." Pause, "Mrs. Anand?" He manages to get himself into a nearby storefront.

'Estelles Edibles'

Clark tromps in appearing quite dissheveled, "Excuse me. Where is your restroom?"


When the bots arrive at the intersection of the 'Avenue of Tomorrow' and 'Remington Street', one of the widest in the city, there is a gust of wind as the Man of Tomorrow seemingly materializes in their path.

The cursory look at the damage he got upon approach seemed to indicate that there targets were not the living. As he stands before them his eyes tense slightly, blue-eyes moving in an imperceptible blur, for a hundredth of a second as he tracks their progress back through the city to find blocks of overturned cars, ruptured hydrants, and smashed fuse boxes.

"Where'd you guys come from?" He asks them raising a hand in a gesture of peace.

Concurrent with this movement he begins to scan the airwaves with his eyes searching for some telecom signal that might be directing them.

* * *

Well, it had been a peaceful day. Trying to drive across the city has its own nuances but traffic is getting pretty backed up over something. Normally Quake would grumble and wait it out and maybe turn on the radio or something but when the ground starts to shake and things start to feel really..-really- off…

Robots. Not the Sentinel variety. These are some -other- kind of giant freaking robots. But hey, this is Metropolis! They have people to deal with this sort of thing, right? She doesn't need to get involved.

Oh come on. Being able to try out some newly honed powers while using the latest in power focusing tech, free of charge? Seriously, this is kinda too good to be true.

Parked, gauntleted up, a quick check in the mirror to make sure her eye shadow is dark enough, and bam, it's time to be a … A what. Not a hero. Not a vigilante. Does 'concerned powered citizen' fly around here? Eh, whatever. At the very least she can maybe add a few more names and pictures to her personal 'witnessed superheroes' archives. They oughta be swarming all over this mess!

In the meantime the rivethead goth looking young lady who's -approaching- the trouble sure doesn't look like much. Totally unassuming. More than a little misguided. Wearing some really fancy looking armored gloves which may or may not be some kind of club or cosplay accessory.

Aaand BINGO, there's the first addition to the files! With the familiar red and blue flying into the scene Quake whips out her cellphone and zooms in for a couple of Superman pictures. Totally worth it!

* * *

Alex Summers was visiting Metropolis, on the lookout for a certain someone perhaps. The sounds of a nearby ruckus a few streets over has him thankful that he's started wearing his costume while out and about. First, to get rid of the camoflauge. With phonebooths a thing of the past, and no such thing as superspeed… at least in his case, Alex does the next best thing. A nearby alley. With traffic going the other direction except for the gawkers who aren't a problem this far out, Alex is able to tuck his shirt and pants into a backpack and pull his helmet out of it. Ditching the backpack and pulling on the half-helm Havok is ready to rumble… now to get there!

Havok takes off into the air with a downward directed burst of plasma energy channeled through his legs and he flies over towards the ruckus to take stock of the situation. Superman gets there first of course, because Alex can't travel that fast. Ever. Especially without some sort of oxygen system to ensure he can breath, or a very nearby star to absorb. It's fast enough though and he comes in for a landing with a last drop to not scorch the pavement and steadies himself.

"Friends of yours, Superman?" Havok asks curiously, and he starts directing civilians that might remain clear, "Go on. Get clear." He points them down the street away from the five robots.

* * *

"Finally! Some action!"

I'm not so sure that you should express such eagerness for a fight, Ronald, Professor Stein chides mentally as Firestorm arcs across the city skyline, a blazing trail in his wake. Firestorm cringes just a touch. "Well, yeah. I guess you're right. But wow, would'ja look at that? Those aren't Sentinels…"

If they weren't causing so much damage and potentially dangerous, he might even say they look cool. "Hey Prof, is it just me, or are they—"

-Not going after people. It certainly looks that way. I suppose that's a small positive. Still.

"Right. Watch out for collateral."

The fiery-headed hero is a blur of red and yellow as he swoops in, a beam of light shooting from his hand, engulfing an eruption of debris that spatters towards panicking civilians. They'll find themselves pelted by marshmallows instead. Turning in midair, Firestorm looks towards the robotic entourage. And then some!

"Oh, heya Big Blue! And- huh..!" Havok's a new one to him, but hey, so long as he's on their side!

* * *

The Five Killer(?) Robots, or whatever they'll end up being called by the papers after this is all over, take a moment to stop all their wanton destruction with the likes of Superman shows up. They all lower their blasting arms and allow them the moment to fold back into normal 'hands'. It's weird. These things look like they could've been in the Terminator movies… but were too good looking.

Too realistic.

Scans will show nothing really controlling these things as they seem to be operating of their own accord. Even if they make no sound beyond the normal robotic movement sounds that happen during all cinematic displays of violent robots. It just comes with the territory!

All their heads tilt at Superman… until the arrival of others grab their various attentions.

Each of the robots take a moment to tilt and swivel their heads, scanning those that are running away and those that have decided to stay. As they form themselves into a circle to protect themselves from the approaching ones, there's an opportunity to spot, perhaps, the most obvious of distinguishing marks. While they don't attack, they do seem to be preparing to defend themselves from any trigger happy heroes.

Their optics have all gone red. Y'know, Attack Mode Red. Or Scan-The-Heroes Red. It's hard to tell which is which from the outside.

* * *

It's not immediately clear whether Superman is aware of the others as they approach. His focus on the robots seems to lend itself to mild distraction even as Havok drops into place nearby. The intensity of his looks subsides, "I'm not sure yet," is Superman's candid reply, "but I can appreciate their attention to detail." He says of their superior targeting sensors which seems to unerringly seek only unliving targets.

With the hand that was not extended in a gesture of peace he gives a gesture of mild greeting to Ronnie and Professor Stein, "Good to see you, Firestorm."

When the eyes goes crimson Superman's countenance tenses slightly as giving them a look, "Get everyone to cover," he announces for those who remain around him and then starts forward. Crimson boots upon the pavement the flat of his hand is still in front of himself as he approaches, "/Look/," there's thunder to his voice as it raises to an inhuman volume as if beckoning their droids attention to him, "We don't want anyone hurt. We don't want anything damaged. Disengage your blasters and tell me what you need."

* * *

Like moths to a flame two more come flying into the scene with their own variety of glory and Quake's -right there- to start taking pictures and maybe a little video of their arrivals.

"Okay, this is pretty darn cool," she voices to herself while grinning up at the sky.

But she has to do something more than sightsee and play the fangirl bit. This really is a -perfect- chance to test out the latest revision of her gloves. The real trick will be trying to keep a low-ish profile around these heavy hitters. She doesn't want to get caught up in their spotlight.

A range test, then? That might work. Maybe she can make her move after someone else clobbers one of the machines, make it seem like an after-effect rather than outside interference.

The robots start in with some (even more) peculiar behavior and she's there to record the moment. Forming into a circle. Eyes turning red. That can't be good, can it? It'll be fine… These flyers will be fine. They've got this.

It's still not enough to keep Quake from tentatively reaching the non-recording hand out toward the machines, frowning in concentration as she tries to 'feel out' the materials that they're made of. Short of being able to detect power use no one should have a clue what that weird dark girl is doing.

* * *

"Any idea what these things are made of?" Havok asks of the others who are arriving at the same time, or near enough. Daisy gets a curious look, the gauntlets a once over, but it doesn't take long before there is a shower of marshmallows from Firestorms' display. "Ooh I should have brought graham crackers and chocolate, we could make smores." Those who are familiar with the Battle for New York, might have seen footage with Havok in it, maybe not. There were a lot of bigger names running around. Possibly more 'flashy'. So it's not unreasonable for Havok to introduce himself, "Name's Havok, I'm with the X-Men. Happened to be in the neighborhood, hope you don't mind the assistance."

Meanwhile, Havok is doing his best to determine what these metal monstrosities might be made of, and if they're tough enough that he'll have to tone it down so he doesn't blast through one and take out a building behind. Already thinking up strategies he keeps waving civilians away and hope most get clear so he can approach what could become a pitched battle without risking to many of the people on the ground. Or in the nearby buildings. Thankfully they should have been taking the emergency exits away from the fighting with the buildings being attacked. Or so Havok hopes.

"They've taken up defensive position," Havok notes obviously, his voice quiet enough that hopefully the robots won't pick it up but Superman will, for sure, and Firestorm is right there nearby, he should hear too. "Makes me think they might form some sort of synchronized shield, if a fight starts, might need to separate them to deal with them as quickly as possible." He goes about making sure as many civilians are away as he can before the fighting starts. Flying over to make sure people aren't trapped by rubble. Evaporating some where need be with low level plasma blasts in order to help people get clear.

* * *

"Man, everytime I transmute marshmallows I always want s'mores. I should remember the molecular make-up of chocolate…"

Ronald, focus!

"Ahem. Right. Sorry Prof," Ronnie mutters to himself. He gives Havok a brief salute. "Sweet. Name's Firestorm. Let's do this."

Firestorm's gung-ho demeanor dissolves with a slump of his shoulders at Superman's orders. Aw man, getting people to cover? But glowing red robo-eyes..! Well, that's part of the job, so he can't complain. "On it," he says, nodding at Superman.

He glances at the robots again with Havok's analysis. "Well, if they're on the defense then they won't go blasting things at least," he suggests, turning to help herd off people from the area. "Clear out, everyone! Crazy robots on the loose!"

* * *

These things seem to be made out of metal and all that weird technological crap that super geeks and scientists understand. The metals are mostly flexible somehow but also probably seem to be a bit denser than they look. There's probably even some power cores hidden in the head or chest areas. Who knows. It's robots. They're all weird.

If these robots can speak they haven't yet and show no signs of attempting to. Instead, the only distinguishing marks they seem to have are a number and a letter on each of them.

M-4 steps forward, pulling itself out of the circle for a moment. He raises his hand in the same manner as Superman and walks towards him in the same style. He too seems to be coming in peace. Even though those optics are still red.

A-5 and A-3 swivel their heads in the direction of the Gauntlet Wearing One. Heads tilt because… well, they seem interested? It's weird. Robots are weird.

Havok has optics on him as well, from O-1, keeping tabs on the removal of civilians and the ushering to safety. The body doesn't move from the broken circle but the head just keeps those optics trained on the plasma blasting one.

Firestorm gets to deal with much of the same from Z-2. Those optics and that head swiveling continues to make sure that it doesn't lose sight of the one with the flames.

Either these things are just here to observe or something bad is about to happen.

It's almost like their waiting for all the civilians to get clear. Weird. Weird, right?

M-4 stops its walking to make sure it keeps one robotic hand out towards Superman. It is almost mimicking Superman's movements completely.

… and the last Civilian, after taking a quick selfie, escapes.

* * *

Superman tries to calculate the time it would take to try to intercept the blasts of they were to all fire in unison. He's not certain his reaction speed is up to the task because energy weapons are in play.

With his hand still outstretched he looks at the placement of the group and then …


The world stops. Superman breaks into a sprint before lifting off of the ground his body propelled towards the duo of robots who regard Daisy Johnson with impossible speed. The Man of Steel's powerful hands open and his fingers splay outwards as if seeking to palm a basketball. Then his arms close seeking to put a metallic skull in each hand. His finger-tips, capable of fusing coal into diamond, bite down attempt to bite down on each skull as he tries to push them into one another with titanic force.

He's not looking at them though. As his hands move together he looks over his shoulder towards where the robot stares down Havok. Solar energy flares out of his cornea at the robot's skull as he attempts to stare a hole through its head.


…there is a blast of wind and Superman is somewhere else entirely.

* * *

..Wait. That guy just noticed her, didn't he. He -totally did.- Quake suddenly looks like she was just caught stealing from the cookie jar, pushing a sheepish smile to her face while that outstretched hand gives Havok a little wave. Don't mind her! Please don't mind her…

Also where the hell did all of those marshmellows come from? So weird.

Then two of the ROBOTS notice her as well. That causes her hand to slowly lower then nonchalantly shift back to holding onto her phone. Nothing to see here, honest!

Okay, this is really starting to get creepy. The one's mimicking Superman's posture and the others, the pair tilting their heads with synthetic curiosity—it's like they're picking targets.

Suddenly the lightbulb flicks on over Quake's head, completely with a silently mouthed 'oh shit.' Though before she can do anything about it something ELSE happens, much too fast for her eyes to follow. Probably much too fast for her phone's camera to follow.

Not that she won't be watching it in super slow motion later tonight because -what the hell?!-

* * *

With the area cleared as best it can be without trying to do a full evacuation of buildings, which Havok isn't the best suited for to begin with, Havok turns his attention back to the robots. Their behavior is observed, "Looks like they're picking targets. The designation probably means a different set of capabilities otherwise why differentiate by letter and number? We might want to switch targets if they go aggressive." He also looks over towards the other two, who are focussed on Daisy, "Hey, if you don't want to possibly get blasted by a giant robot, I'd suggest keeping clear. Looks like they've got their eyes on you." He warns Daisy.

Havok grins wryly at Firestorms comment though, "You'd be handy on a cookout for sure Firestorm." His attention shifts back towards the robots, moving to put himself in between Daisy and the robots just in case she doesn't try to clear out, or keeps approaching. Maybe he can get their attention. Relaxing a bit white and red energy circles appear on his shoulders, his chest, his hands. The energy bleeding in rippling waves as he gets ready to rumble and a low thrum of the air superheating around him follows. "Heck of a circus…" He mutters to himself.

Then Superman is suddenly gone in a gust of wind. Havok blinks and says, "Oh that's just swell." His hands close into fists and he lifts them up, twists his stance, lowers his center of gravity so he can dodge if he has to, and to brace if he has to unleash hell.

* * *

For the record, Firestorm totally didn't photobomb that civvie's selfie, honest. He just happened to be in the background. Peace-sign and all.

So nice of those robots to wait for them. Firestorm didn't want to feel left out, even though he's pretty sure Superman could probably take them all on his own. After all, these robo-guys aren't huge.

Be on your guard, Ronald. I don't like the attention those robots are giving us, Professor Stein warns.

"I hear you, Prof. Super weird that they're just wai—"

Guess no one has to wait any longer, what with Superman suddenly having moved at…some point and Havok getting in position. And hey, who's that over there? "Hey! Miss! Didn't you hear! Might wanna get out of here!" he shouts at Daisy. Assuming that she'll do just that, Firestorm's up and off again, and if it weren't for the fact that he's already flying, he would've looked to be doing a giant vertical flip over the robots as he brings up both fists to fire a blast of energy at one of the rear targets in the metal circle.

* * *

A-5 and A-3 get their heads smashed together by titanic force that probably shouldn't be allowed to happen. There's some serious dents in both of their skulls as they go down to the ground in a quick pile. Their optics flicker a moment before switching from red to green.

O-1 is stopped from moving by the sudden arrival of solar energy into the back of its skull. The knees on this thing buckle for a moment, the heat searing into the metal and creating that blackened state that happens when metal things get singed. The red optics that were red a moment ago have also shifted to green.

Z-2 disengages from the circle that is no more and takes off running in a random direction. Those arms shift in movement as if they are transforming into something useful. Since the other robots were just attacked, it must be preparing to do some sort of retaliation. Unfortunately, before those new arm-weapons can actually do anything… there's a sudden blast of Firestorm flavored energy sent in its direction. The moment the metal of the bot is blasted, the thing flips end over end and sails into a car… head first. The optics flicker from red to green in that moment as well.

M-4 swivels on its own axis and just kind of stares with those red eyes as things start going not according to whatever programmed plans they had.

Collectively, A-5 and A-3 pick themselves up off the ground, the dented metal of their skulls expanding back out to normal. They have no idea where Superman is, he's too fast, but they do have a chance to lock their optics on Daisy. A-3 grabs ahold of A-5 and in a blurring gust of wind arrives right in front of Daisy. A-5 immediately reaches out to mimic the same move that Superman used, aiming to grab Daisy by the head and offer a slam into the nearest ground.

Z-2 spins to aim those new arm cannons in Havok's direction and the expulsion of … the same kind of energy that belongs to Firestorm comes sailing from within those metal arms and out in Havok's direction.

O-1 is already moving to narrow its new optics on Firestorm. Working in tandem with the other bots, O-1's optics announce to the world of solar energy that's aimed to try and take Firestorm out of the sky. That would be helpful to their cause.

M-4 almost seems to grin at these going ons. Maybe the programming is going according to plan… after all.

* * *

What, leave and not get any more of this action on digital media? Leave and miss out on a chance to -maybe- take a shot at one of these robots? Mmh..nah. "I'm good, thanks!" Quake calls back, finally breaking her silence. So far nothing's even made a threatening move toward her and it seems like Superman has that whole hero complex thing going on because he won't let the machines get anywhere near where she's standing.

This all changes very..very quickly. The two damaged machines that had taken an interest in her before are getting back up onto their feet and -healing the damage?!- Daisy's eyes go wide and THIS time she puts the silly phone away.

The two machines are on top of her in an instant. There's no time left but to yell out and shrink back, bringing her own hands up to try and shield her entirely too vulnerable head.

A bright green and purple wire on each of her gauntlets suddenly flare with light. Contact is made with the robot's hand. Then the two machines, also in contact with one another, will both experience a focused pulse of vibrational energy which should strip them down to their barest of components at an alarming rate of speed.

That isn't the end of it.

The pavement around Quake suddenly ruptures with a series of deep, vicious cracks like a god's fist had impacted right where she's standing. Out behind the two robots cars get slammed into by an invisible force and are sent flipping and rolling down the street, flinging safety glass outward like shotgun blasts. The windows within the buildings aren't going to fare any better. Traffic lights and lamp posts will snap off like toothpicks. Anything not seriously bolted down is going to get crushed and flicked aside like an empty paper cup.

And for once..her arms feel totally fine! Not a single fracture to be felt!

* * *

As things begin to happen, very quickly, Havok is caught a bit offguard by the one that was focusing on him doing… nothing, and instead he is getting blasted from a different one. Fire. Fire doesn't concern him. Havok doesn't even try to dodge instead he turns his back on the flames, spinning so that he can track the ones that are going for Daisy. "Firestorm! Direct attacks they seem to be learning and mimic'ing, for some reason I don't think giant Peeps will be able to shoot fireblasts or whatever else we can throw at them!" He directs the Firestorm, or tries to. As the robots go for Daisy though Havok gets hit in the back by the blast of firestorm firepower from Z-2 and it launches him forwards, partially because he lept with it… but the force helps to carry him forwards.

Havok's black bodysuited shape hits the ground and he slides, trusting the unstable molecules of it's construction to deal with the roadrash… hopefully… In either case the effect is similar, "Let her go!" He shouts and then as he was planning to unleash a plasma blast strong enough to punch a hole through a mountain to knock the robots up into the air… Havok is flying again.

In the other direction. He spins and whirls and /just/ manages to catch himself with plasma to get some altitude before he impacts a car windshield, "Whoah."

* * *

"Uh-oh, this is gonna hu—!"

Firestorm brings up his arms as he sees energy flying right for him, and not what he'd just directed at one of the other bots. Internally he hears the professor gasp, and they both feel when that blast hits. It doesn't quite punch them out of the sky however.

"Wh-whoa, what the heck's going on, Prof?" Understanding clicks in an instant for the both of them, a sharp grin pulling across his face. The directed energy is absorbed, and his flames brighten with the power up. "Aw yeah! Bring it, bot-face!"

Something else is going on down below. Streets rumble, glass shatters. Boy is it a good thing they'd cleared the area of civilians! He looks around, nodding at Havok then.

"I got better'n Peeps, yo!" he shouts as he dives back into the fray. He sweeps in low, aiming another glowing beam at Z-2. Except this time it's not a blast. It's to transmute. This thing's metal, right? Should make a decent toaster!

* * *

Superman pivots and to his horror the robots begin reassembling themselves before launching an assault upon the heroes with their own capabilities.

"Careful, try not to give them anything new." The Man of Steel cautions as others begin to unleash the full scope of their powers. He's thankful he's still not in contact with the ground when the quake rips through the city. A quick assessment of their surroundings as a result, assuring no low-rise is about to fall, and then he moves again.

Unaware of Havok's capabilities the Man of Steel intercedes as Havok turns his back on the robot and takes some of the flame attack. Reaching outward takes it by the arm-mounted cannons and squeezes. Then grabs for its head with a sharp twisting motion to decapitated it. If he has possession of the head Superman cranes his arm backward and then pitches it towards Jupiter. Making a note to retrieve it later.

* * *

A-5 and A-3 are in the middle of trying to destroy Daisy when the invisible force of death and destruction happens. A-5 gets ripped apart immediately and goes down into a pile of parts that end up not staying in a pile. Due to the, well, the combo of invisiquake and plasma that happens. As far as A-3 goes… that's just it. Attempting to use that 'Super Time' didn't get it very far and the break down of the robot's body happens in a trail of parts that leads back towards the central location of where the bots were. The invisiquake sends those pieces flying as well. All of which are melted down with plasmatic ease. Poor things.

Transmutation is not a thing that Z-2 is prepared for. There's another flicker of those optics as if something else changed within but it doesn't matter in the long run because the transmutation happens with enough oomph to make the toaster reveal as easy as pie. There's a ding after the toaster clatters to the ground and the toaster pops up both of those optics. Colorless as can be. Another one down.

O-1 and M-4 have started twisting and whirring as their com-bots in arms have started to be taken down with ease they weren't prepared for.

However, when O-1's head is snatched off and thrown into a whole new section of the cosmos, that leaves but one final bot that hadn't had an opportunity to learn any new tricks.

M-4 swivels around to quick-scan all the various heroes and their abilities and realizes that it is probably not going to have an opportunity to do much of anything against them. It is, after all, just a robot.

A robot that removes its optics and replaces them with a timer that's counting down.



* * *


'Could use another toaster,' is what Superman would say. Except he's not willing risk the outcome if that should fail.


Superman becomes a streak of red and blue that goes directly for the robot and then straight up into the air. *THOOM* The clouds above dissipate as his form rockets through them.

The movement shatters the sound barrier with a deafening crack as he goes higher, and faster.


* * *

It takes Quake all of this time to recover from what just happened. What the other proper hero sorts have done (is that a toaster?) Then what she's done, way more than she had counted on. The gauntlets, they work! Someone's either going to be very pleased with himself or completely stunned at the mayhem which he has helped to create.

Either way! A problem for later.

Senses are found and the last remaining robot is counting down. Not good! As much as Daisy would -love- to punch a hole directly into the ground to hide in she's not feeling that confident and it makes a real mess. Two seconds is only enough time to hit the ground the old fashioned pedestrian way, cover her head, and pray like hell!

Past those fancy gauntlets she's still as squishy as they come.

Also that robot that's about to explode is already somewhere around the mesosphere. One of Daisy's eyes pops open after the explosion -should- have happened, instead only having the lingering rumbles of a sonic boom. Then she's cautiously looking around.

Yyyep. Totally meant to throw herself onto the ground. All of the cool kids are doing it.

* * *

Havok is still gathering his senses as well after being flung by the earthquake as he was at practically ground zero. Still flying in the air he is staring at Daisy for a few moments and then takes a look at the situation right as he hears a sonic boom from above and… no more robots. "Well, I was going to say to not attack it… but I guess someone's dealt with it." He hovers down to the ground and catches sight of Daisy laying on the ground, starting in her direction. "I thought you could only do candy Firestorm, I don't know if I'm more impressed, or disappointed you didn't turn it into a giant peep." He says with a grin.

Somewhere way way overhead there is likely to be an explosion, but, not a lot he can do about it now. Instead he offers Daisy a hand up, "You alright miss?" He asks, concerned.

* * *

Ronald! The last one—!

"I see it, Professor! Whoever set it to three seconds is messed up!!" Firestorm shouts exasperatedly. Even if reaches it in time, he's not sure he can transmute something that quickly, but even so, he's making the rush for it. Fourth and two…

He only barely sees the blur of red and blue, buffeted by the breeze whipped up in the wake of Superman's launch. "Whoa!!"

Firestorm goes tumbling back, finding his feet hitting the ground. He cranes his head up, blinking. Superman's supposed to be indestructible and stuff, right? But he can't help but be anxious as his eyes strain for signs of the caped wonder, an explosion, anything.

A crooked smile is what Havok gets. "I can rearrange molecules and stuff to make…lots of stuff. But next time we get to fight killer robots, I'll make a giant Peep just for you, Havok," he promises. Glancing to Daisy, he arches a brow. So she hadn't high-tailed it after all.

* * *

The M-4 explosion is likely only witnessed by the likes of Superman.

As for the rest of Metropolis, they may get a chance to see SOMETHING happen up in the atmosphere or wherever but with superheroes being a thing who knows what it could've been..

With all the robots having been dealt with, the perfect timing for those first responders to start sirening their way to the scene.

It would seem that all threats have been dealt with.


On a monitoring screen that has been keeping a close eye on everything that has been happening, the technical readouts of all five of those robots are showing their updated status:

A-5: Offline
M-4: Offline
A-3: Offline
Z-2: Offline
O-1: Offline

"Well." There's a satisfied grin that slithers onto the face of the man that's been watching the monitors this entire time. "That worked better than I expected." Dr. Anthony Ives turns away from the monitors and heads off in the direction of the more technologically advanced part of his lab. Likely to get back to work.

"Now to build an even better mouse trap."

Professor Ivo, as he's taken to calling himself, pulls on his lab coat and rubs his hands together with a smile. And not a nice one at that.

* * *

The approaching Havok is given a good looking over (hasn't she seen him somewhere else before on the internet or something?) Then Quake is reaching out for his offered hand. "Yah..just fine now that I know I'm not going to be turned into a fine paste. Thanks." Though she's still flexing her fingers and looking over her arms because she's all sorts of surprised that absolutely no part of them seems to be injured.

With the threats seeming to have passed she also has an opportunity to give the resulting damage a closer look, right down to the series of cracks surrounding them. "That's not good. That's -really- not good." Also there's inbound sirens! "I should..y'know," she looks back to Havok and now to the Toaster Master Firestorm with that sheepish glint back in her eyes. Both thumbs hook around her side. "I should probably go."

* * *

The sound of the sirens has Havok turning his head also, "Yeah, me too… last thing I want to do is get a ticket for being unregistered and forced to do so. I'm Havok, by the way, nice work with those robots. You've got some power in you." He smiles, "Here." He takes a card from his belt, "Give me a call if you want some help in learning to control and contain those powers of yours. Safely." On the card is the X-Men's symbol in steel and black, and on the back is just a phone number. To a burner no doubt but, still. "That'll go straight to me. Use a safe phone." And then he is launching himself skywards, "Good work, both of you." He tells Daisy and Firestorm before he is out of sight, and fast, heading to where he left his clothes so he can change and leave safely. He'll have to search for his friend another day.

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