Roleplaying Log: Connections
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Domino goes in to rescue a mutant in an underground fight club. Frenzy drops in.

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IC Date: June 30, 2019
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Underground fight clubs seem to be all the rage lately. Unsurprisingly, some are more 'underground' than others. The one known simply as MB is one of the darker sorts, the kind where you have to know the right person, and be vetted by other right people, to even know of its existence. 'MB' is more than a simple and anonymous acronym, it stands for 'Mutant Bash.'

Because down in this ring that's exactly what transpires.

Most of them are teens. Their mutant powers are still new and unfamiliar. In many cases they don't have any control over them at all, providing spectators with that literal X-Factor that at any moment the tides of battle could suddenly and drastically change direction.

Even the combatants had been thoroughly vetted. Nobody too skilled or known to be too powerful, all thanks to the Department of Public Safety. Grease the right palms and these lesser and formerly unregistered punks get transferred to a new and even less sanitary holding cell where their lives get thrown on the line for the amusement of others.

Failure to perform means that the lives of their families are next to be placed upon that line.

It's an ugly enough business that Neena has gone through the trouble of coloring all of her exposed skin to look more normal. More human. The white is covered in a light tan. The black patch is nowhere to be seen. It's risky enough for her to be here without putting every one of these kids at further risk. If those in charge realized a more skilled meta had infiltrated their ranks they could well decide to go with a Scorched Earth policy and kill every last one of these kids.

She's seen it happen before.

Old stains line the concrete floor inside of the cage where two teens battle it out. A taller jock seems to have the upper hand against a badly scratched up and bloodied shorter and scrawny boy. The results of this fight seem to be known by all but the injured kid is left to suffer and continue to get sliced into by what appears to be sharpened metal fingernails on the jock. The fight is over only when they say it's over.



There are many things Frenzy of the Brotherhood has and connections is one of them.

Connections into the mutant world. Connections into the mercenary world. Connections into the various cells and cities they reside in and even connections into the disgusting 'human' world.

It's those inroads into the 'human' world that has led Frenzy to where she's at today.

The Brotherhood always looks to help those that are repressed or in danger, and as soon as the whispers upon the street about Mutant Bash were hard, Frenzy turned her resources to figuring out just what it is.

That's what brings her here today.

To shut it down.

And here it - or rather she - comes.

There is no lead up. No warning. No whispered words, no knocks on the door.

Only silence, up until the building violently shakes.

The roof above the spectators and would-be fighters explodes.

Dry wall, brick, wooden beams rain downward, and within the midst of tornado of materials, a form might be seen for those that look.

For those that don't look, it doesn't matter whether they saw the figure drop in or not, for as soon as Frenzy's upon the ground the woman rises up.





Her brown eyes sweep across the room and disgust can be seen within them.

"You humans." She finally pronounces, "So lacking in decency, empathy. How lucky we are that your time is coming to an end."


The fight is just about over. The bloodied kid suddenly latches onto his opponent for all that he's worth. Then comes the screaming from the stronger built one. Then screaming from them both, one in anger and one in anguish. Steam starts to rise off of the jock's skin as the blood is cooked within his veins. Here the crowd start to lose it at the unexpected turnaround. -This- is what they came here to see.

Before the taller fighter can perish the bell is rung and older, stronger men push into the ring with cattle prods and animal control gear to pry the two fighters apart. This match goes to the underdog. Down here they aren't even given names.

They never have a chance to clean up one fight before another begins, and it's one hell of an unexpected match…

-Everyone here versus Frenzy.-

The smart ones run but they aren't all smart. Not many of them at all. They have a lot invested into this. Money has been pouring in and they're all here because they -like- this sort of thing, they -want- it to continue. Frenzy's soon going to find herself surrounded by long cable poles and electric prods and classic old batons, the collapsible metal ones that can shatter bones if used improperly. Not that she'll have too much to worry about with those.

Even a select few of the audience come forward to try and put down the -one woman- who is trying to interrupt their gambling and bloodlust. The nerve! They're shouting all manner of enraged and unfriendly comments back at the Brotherhood Bruiser.

More of the audience are now pinned down by rubble from the ceiling. Not many of them are getting any help in escaping. Apparently down here there is no honor among assholes.

Then there's some other lady who seems to take the opportunity to do something else altogether. Where those thugs with riot gear had come from is a concrete channel leading away from the fighting cage. That's where she jumps down and pushes past a few surprised individuals.

That's where they keep all of the metas for use within their matches. Maybe that lady's trying to do some quick 'house cleaning?'

The good news is that no one's fired a gun. Yet. Way too many people in here, it's like a meat grinder even before Frenzy starts busting heads!


The reaction from the crowd only prompts one final look from Joanna Cargill; a curl of her upper lip.

Revulsion and loathing in that singular movement.

Then the Bruiser moves.

For someone her height and weight, they might not think she'd be fast, but she is. The poles that suddenly surround her are easily handled with one swipe of her left hand. With an opening provided Frenzy does what comes naturally next. She picks up those nearest her and throws them aside.

"Fools. You think your paltry weapons will stop me?"

Hardly. Frenzy pushes through the crowd, whether they run, or fight, as if she were pushing through an overgrown field. Uncaring of who she pushes aside, kicks aside, or even stomps.

Her movement only pauses when a baton comes down upon her forearm. The baton itself cracks in half and with a pivot upon heel, Frenzy turns to look at the man who just thought he was about to break her arm. The man stares at her and when their eyes meet the taller woman smiles.

The man's face turns ashen and before he can even run Joanna's uninjured arm strikes out. Her hand wraps around his neck and then she hoists him up so they are face to face.

"Wrong move."

And with those two words spoken the woman sends the man flying.

With so many people packed as it is, it's easy enough for Frenzy to lose sight of the woman going in the tunnel, but something brings her head up and around.

"Get the two mutants out." Murmurs the First Lieutenant of the Brotherhood, and as soon as those words leave her mouth a blonde woman and a man appear right next to the fighters that were just being led out by the two men in riot gear.

Guess how fast those two men in riot gear are going to find themselves on the floor?

With the safety of the two mutants that are here seen two, Frenzy's course changes. She's going for that same doorway that leads into the concrete hallway and she's going through those that stand against her.

Right on through them.


Violence begets violence. This terrible arena which had been repurposed for no other purpose than illicit bloodsports is now a shrine to anger, hatred and violence. Those who stand up against Frenzy do not do so for long. Just like the dark stains within the arena the ones now being spread across the floor outside of the cage may never wash out.

And she's not even alone.

As the one thug goes flying across the room to impact the far wall with a wet crunch the two unwilling meta combatants are swept clear of the cage, of the building, and possibly even the city.

It's funny that these people thought they could keep something like this secret from the Brotherhood.

But weren't they supposed to be in hiding after that big public attack??

Somewhere down here there's going to be the owner, someone with a whole lot of money and a serious chip on his shoulder. Frenzy may not find him down in the tunnel but with other Brotherhoodites on the scene it's only a matter of time before the guy with the goods gets dropped to the floor with the rest.

Then there's the tunnel proper. There must be twenty small, grungy cages down here. Not all of them contain an occupant against their will but there must be a dozen of them down here, some looking to be in really bad shape after previous fights hadn't gone their way.

And then there's that one lady. Baton in hand. Looking from one cage to another. Seeking out one in particular? Perhaps one last round of punishment left to be served out? Or maybe one of the metas is more valuable than the others and this is some rush to drag them deeper into hiding. Either way it doesn't..look..good…


Bloodshed doesn't bother Frenzy. It hasn't for a very long time.

At least, not human bloodshed.

Mutant on the other hand -

As soon as Frenzy enters the tunnel the closeness of the walls, the darkness, it all taps into a deep wellspring of rage for the woman. Like cattle going down the chute to the slaughter shed. Afraid. Scared. Surrounded by the scent of fear, of blood from their own kind.

It all brings that rage to the forefront for Frenzy and when the Bruiser of the Brotherhood steps into the room with all those cages, something snaps. Especially when her brown eyes land upon the unknown woman who holds the baton.

While Frenzy doesn't have the power of flight, or super speed in the same regards of other speedsters, what she does have is strength. The kind of strength that allows her to flex her legs and leap right on next to the disguised Domino.

And now Domino is going to find herself right in the path of one of Joanna's fist.

Her left fist swings at Domino now, specifically at the disguised woman's jaw. "Do you think to kill them so they won't speak out against you? To try and silence the horrors that have gone on here, that they've seen?"


It may never be known exactly what causes the other woman to turn and glance Frenzy's way in that exact moment. Whatever the reason, it's what saves her life.

The fury and flurry of Frenzy is immediately mimicked by the other woman. ..Sort of. The baton hits the floor with a clatter. Arms come up to shield herself, massively wide blue eyes and all. Just before her face gets caved in she twists out of the way, giving Jo's fist the opportunity to embed itself deep within one of the cement walls right beside that painted noggin.

"Whoa WHOA holddon'tFrenz—GODDAMN IT'S DOM!"

Even the probability bender knows when she's about to get pulverized into something luck won't be able to save!

Hands remain held high both to try and shield her face and prove that they're empty, only taking a swift detour to rub some of the false coloring away from her left eye. It may not be much but the clear definition of black and white can be seen underneath.

Then comes the wait. It shouldn't take long but dammit if it doesn't feel like an eternity. Are they cool or is Neena going to have to learn how to teleport?


Luck is on Domino's side, thank god.

That sledgehammer of a fist drives deep into the cement wall and there's enough tooth from the cement to hold Frenzy's hand for a few seconds.

A few seconds which allows Domino to plead her case. Or in this particular instance, to show just WHO she is.

Jo's head twists right on around in surprise, and as soon as the familiar spot upon Domino's face can be seen, the Bruiser of the Brotherhood growls.

"/Domino/." Spats the woman as she all but yanks her hand from the wall, which causes even more cement to crumble down upon the floor. "You're lucky I didn't kill you." Snarls the woman as she shakes the broken bits of cement from her hand and arm.

While others might ask what she's doing here, or why she's here, Frenzy just flicks a look to the woman and then to the cages. "Do you have a way to get them out? Otherwise I do."


"Yeah..hey, you're telling me!" Neena breathlessly replies while keeping her hands up at the ready. "Just about turned my good fortune into a brain salad there! Triggered much? -Jeezus.- I'm five parts terrified and three parts turned the hell on."

At length her hands start to come back down. She's expecting to have to explain herself further but for whatever reason Frenzy seems to give her the benefit of doubt. To the question Neena almost breaks into a smirk. "I didn't. But I do now."

Rather convenient that Frenzy showed up at just the right time, isn't it.

"Look, you guys go ahead and do your freedom fighter thing but one of these kids is coming with me. She's got somewhere to be."

Hopefully this flies with Jo because Domino's resuming the search within those dark little cages. Her mark has to be around here somewhere…


Triggered much.

Emotions flows swiftly across Frenzy's face. Something dark and angry, but also exposed.

Thankfully, for Jo, that expression is only there for a heartbeat - then it's onward to the situation at hand.

The part where Domino remarks on how she's currently feeling, prompts a bit of side-eye from Jo. She doesn't go quite so far as to smile or even grin, but there's a very brief sound of amusement from the woman.

Then it's gone and her typical business mask is back on.

"Where are you taking her?" Asks the woman immediately, though not in an accusatory mode, more curious. "Family?"

And while the two speak, Frenzy begins to free the mutants within the cages. Each door is smoothly ripped off and tossed aside. "Quickly." The terrorist says gently to those inside, "Get up and get out. We're leaving."

Then it's to the next one. The door is ripped off and the rather tall and menacingly-seeming woman drops her tone to something far quieter than normal.


Domino is just about to ask Frenzy if she needs a hug with that flash of emotion across her dark features. It's probably for the best that the moment passes them both very quickly and with little fanfare. Brain salad could still be on the menu…

The quick sound of amusement is better. Right now -anything- that can help lighten the mood is worth the trouble. This is a dark place. It brings out painful memories in both of them. Finding something to chuckle about is all that's left to help keep them on the right side of sane.

With the question and follow-up that instantly pop up Dom hesitates only slightly, more out of surprise that Frenzy guesses it correctly rather than because she has something to hide. "Yeah… Parents put out a contract to find their girl..and here she is."

The masked albino crouches down in front of one of the yet secured cage doors and peers inside. "Heeey there, Marble. You ready to go home?"

The girl in question doesn't appear to have a single thread of hair anywhere upon her with skin similarly white to what Neena's usually is. Swirled throughout are sweeping black and grey lines, like she's the embodiment of a fancy kitchen countertop.

Neena stands aside without a word nor motion needed so that Jo can work her magic on ruining the cage door. "You're a rockstar, Frenz."


The parents put a contract out.

That brings a nod from Frenzy, her expression still very much closed off.

As Domino looks for the particular mutant in question, Frenzy continues to pull doors off in a quick an efficient manner. For those that are able to they crawl out, for those that aren't, Jo allows them to say inside. Though hardly forgotten.

The Bruiser of the Brotherhood murmurs once again, "You two done out there? If so get in here. We got kids to transport."

Frenzy doesn't wait for a reply, instead she turns to where Domino is. Frenzy's long strides quickly bring her over to Domino's side and with a slight bend, Frenz looks inside the cage. At the sight of pale skin the woman can't help but turn a look over to Domino.

There's a question there, but when prompted Frenzy grabs the door of the cage and pulls.

"I am." Agrees the woman straight-faced, now, "Let's get her out. Our ride is coming."


That look…

-That- pause and -that- look from Frenzy.

Neena could read into both events quite heavily trying to determine their true reason for being. The response she settles on is "No relation." This doesn't seem to be enough even for Dom, who then quickly adds "Her parents gave her that nickname."

If there's a third layer to her protest it'll involve an innocent look and a 'what more do you want from me?' She didn't make any of this stuff up!

There is some good news to come out of the moment. "We're getting a ride? Oh sweet, we're getting a ride!" she cheerfully calls back to Marble who is looking a little timid in coming out of the corner she had been huddled up in.

Dom kneels again and reaches a hand inside. "C'mon, kiddo. Jack and Donna have been worried sick about you but I'm not gonna force you to come out of there."

That's not entirely true. She will if she has to but she'd REALLY rather not have to.

And have to she won't. Their hands meet and the battered teenager known as Marble is helped out of her cell.

Then come the introductions.

"Marble, this big scary lady is Frenzy. Don't let her terrifying demeanor throw you, she's really quite nice once you get to know her."

A quick glance is given to the fist-sized hole in the wall. Then all eyes are back upon Jo. "We ready to jump?"


The cog wheels are still definitely turning in Frenzy's head, but when Domino protests the parentage twice Frenzy lets it go.

Now the woman just patiently waits for Domino to try and coax the teenager known as Marble out of the cage.

It doesn't take long, thankfully, and once the young woman is out Frenzy gives her a once over. Domino's description of Frenzy prompts one corner of her mouth to twitch upward, but (for Frenzy) nothing more is said. Not even when they both look from hole in wall to her.

Instead the Brotherhood turns and looks behind herself. Standing there are two that weren't before.

A blonde young woman and a dark-haired young man. Both look a little worse for wear but in their eyes shine the light of fanaticism. The kids that were in the cages are now gone, having been silently moved while Domino spoke to Marble.

"We're ready."

The blonde woman lays her hands upon Frenzy's arm and the young man's, then Frenzy reaches for Domino's arm and offers a hand to the young woman. "Let's get out of here."


Aw hell yeah! Domino may not be a fan of going through a teleportation but there is something to be said about instantaneous transport out of a hot spot, particuarly when it's an escort run! A reassuring grin is given to the uncertain looking Marble then Frenzy's hand is taken.


Where do they wind up? Does it matter? It's going to be somewhere nicer than where they had been!

It's a little comical. Marble seems more curious than disturbed but Neena's got her jaw set and is looking curiously green for someone who is normally so -white.- "Oh..god I forgot about that part…" she quietly groans.

A single finger is held upward in silent protest before she does a one-eighty and coughs harshly. Marble looks about ready to pat Dom on the back of a shoulder but aborts before any contact is made.

A single thumbs up is held toward the others, one that morphs into an open palm as if to stop them from checking into the matter any further. "I'm fine..really… Go team."


The transport goes smoothly, well … for most people.

Frenzy seems unaffected by the instantaneous transportation.

In fact, as soon as they reappear the woman immediately turns her gaze to the two that helped them.

Frenzy issues quick and quiet commands, "Go see to the others. Bring the healers. The last two to fight looked injured." The two bow to Frenzy and then promptly disappear from sight.

Now it's back to Marble and Domino, and when the two get a good look around themselves all they'll really see is a spacious warehouse-like room. There's boxes, furniture, open space and other assortment of things to be found within. It's obviously a way station of sorts versus an actual Brotherhood space, but it's at least safe haven.

Patiently, Frenzy waits for Domino to finish emptying her gut, or dry heaving, or just sounding miserable after the teleport. When the other woman can manage more than just a hand signal, Frenzy speaks again, "We can get you some water." Muses the woman, a quiet note of humor found in her voice. Then to Marble, "And a ride home when needed." A look slides over to Domino, "In more traditional transportation for those with delicate sensibilities."


That one hand which had been so expressful before continues its newfound job as acting translator for the albino.

This time it's giving Frenzy the middle finger.

The upshot is that there isn't any upchuck to deal with. Like a Martini, Neena keeps it dry. "Hey look, I've never been a fan of bending the laws of spacial dynamics unless I'm the one at the helm, okay? Call me a control freak if it'd help you get over it."

She's okay. Really! She's good. Though at this rate she might have to start adding a couple doses of Dramamine to her loadout.

"If you guys want to keep running chauffer that's fine, but she doesn't leave my sight until she's back with her parents." Even if that means another journey through the ol' teleportation gateway.

Even if that means getting right up in Frenzy's face about the matter. Although she never said that Frenzy couldn't -also- be along for the trip…

"As for the den of delusional sin I hope your lot is gonna burn that hole straight to ash. There are -no- parts of that operation which should be allowed to survive."


While Frenzy's laughter isn't gut wrenching or loud, when Domino's middle-finger makes a show, it's there.

Though that amusement settles when Domino finally straightens from dry-heaving.

The mention of Marble not leaving Domino's sight brings another look from Frenzy to the Merc-With-The-Mouth. "There's nothing to fear here. Both of you are safe for however long you're here."

"Give the word when you two want to leave and I can summon a car or a teleporter."

The mention of what they left behind causes that thunderous expression to return to Frenzy's features. "We got out who mattered." A look to Marble again, "It already burns."

And while her attention is still on Marble she adds, "Do either of your require medical aid? We've healers. Otherwise perhaps some food and water and a change of clothes before you leave."


Deep down inside Neena has to believe that there are very few people who have managed to make Joanna Cargill laugh. Like really actually -laugh.- It has to be an uncommon event, right? She's always all doom and gloom that when she does laugh it seems so terribly out of place!

It's also become something of a form of amusement for the albino. Jo's buttons might be tricky to get to but that just makes them that much more fun to push.

The promise that they're -both- safe brings some relief. A cloth comes out of a jeans pocket and Dom starts scrubbing the coloration off of her face. It isn't long before Marble's eyes start to widen as she, too, sees and understands what Frenzy's earlier hesitation had been about. It's not unreasonable to think there's some sort of connection there, though one simply lacks pigment while the other may well be made out of pliable marble.

"Hey, thanks. Wasn't expecting proper guest treatment." Following is a nod. 'It already burns.' "Good." A meaningful glance back to Marble, mirroring Jo's question. "You hurt?"

Marble shakes her head.

"Want something for lunch?"

This time the girl nods.

"Cool." Back to Frenzy, Neena suggests in a softer tone "We should get her cleaned up. No parent needs to see their kid like this." Oh, and "Hey. Appreciate the assist."


Truth. Few people can get the rather stoic Bruiser of the Brotherhood to laugh.

As for the question of proper guest treatment, that just brings a look back to Domino. No words are said with that look, but there was something there that the woman was going to say, but for now it's lost.

Those last words of Domino's causes Frenzy to nod, "You're welcome."

Then to Marble the Behemoth of the Brotherhood tilts her head towards a doorway, "This way. We can get you some clean clothes, some food, even a place to rest if needed." And with a sharp pivot upon her heel, Frenzy leads the way out into a labyrinth of rooms that show just how vast this particular building is.

There's sleep areas, eating areas, and even areas where groups can just take a load off and watch tv, or relax.

Clearly, even for temporary bases, the Brotherhood knows how to make it comfortable.

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