The Cray Cray
Roleplaying Log: The Cray Cray
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Trish Walker and Jessica Jones reunite after a long absence. Trish has a confession to make.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Daredevil, Red Robin, Batgirl, Red Sparrow, Luke Cage, Foggy Nelson, Superman, Colleen Wing
IC Date: July 01, 2019
IC Location: Alias Investigations, Hell's Kitchen, New York
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Posted On: 02 Jul 2019 05:00
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If Trish was looking for info on where to find Jessica upstairs, she might feel a little silly moments later. Because as she heads downstairs she might note the new Alias Investigations door sitting in the very same building.

The woman herself stands in front of a corkboard, pinning up pieces of information, presumably for a case. In the middle, at the moment, is a print-out of a webpage for a concern called Rampart Security. This is pinned over a map, and the map has been situated to place New York front and center. A red line of string runs to Kiev, and then another two red lines of strings runs into Alaska. A big red circle has been drawn about the town of Kenai.

A Stark phone sits on the desk in lieu of a computer; it's running some sort of rapid-fire search on a holographic display, too fast to really catch up with.

Grumpy Cat, on his shelf above, looks on with his usual judginess. But then, if the plushie has anything going for it besides sharing Jessica Jones' temperament, it's that it's consistent.

* * *

Knock. Knock-knock-knock knock. Trish wants to give Jessica at least some warning before entering the office. "Jess? You actually here this time?" She's not venturing to this area of town two days in a row just to miss a chance at seeing Jessica yet again! She closes the door behind her, holding a purse to her side, against her blue dress. Her heels click-clack as she walks into the office.

"There you are…busy. I'm sorry. I guess I should have known." She peers at the projected images. "Fancy tech." She tilts her head. "I wish I had something like this for when I was doing research." She walks up to the other side of Jess' desk, but doesn't take a seat just yet.

* * *

"I'll snag you one next time I'm down at Tony's," Jess says. She waves her hand at the board. "And not too busy for you. I'm never too busy for you, Trish. As it is I already know where my leads are pointing and what comes next. I just don't understand why I'm looking at a spread from Kiev to Alaska."

She pulls her own chair around and straddles it, rolling it back and forth a little. "Is everything okay?"

The concern is real. Jess doesn't have to work too hard to think about all sorts of things that could be not okay.

* * *

"Tony's?" There's a brief moment of blinking on Trish's part. "OH! Stark. Tony Stark. Yes. Him. That guy. Right. Of course. Silly me." She's not blushing at all! She clears her throat and takes a seat in one of the chairs across from Jess.

"I uh…I met Mr. Nelson, from upstairs, the other night. He seems nice. I'm, well, thinking I might hire them out to be on retainer. I feel they're probably better suited to help me, if they'll have me, than my previous lawyer." She clears her throat, glancing around the office.

"Still got the grumpy cat, I see?" She points her finger at it and wags her forefinger up and down, while simultaneously the plush cat's head moves up and down. "Cute."

* * *

"There are no better lawyers in this town than Matt and Foggy. And…you've really chosen a shit time to come back in some respects. I guess it depends on whether you plan to out yourself as a meta or not. If you don't, having those two on retainer is smart. They're the only law firm in town dedicated to helping people out with the registration issue. Are you back for good? Or is this just a visit before you have to go again?"

She carefully keeps herself from sounding hopeful for one thing or another, playing it off with Jess casualness that probably doesn't fool Trish one bit. Jess has not wanted to hold her back, but has definitely wanted her home.

* * *

"I'm back. Back back. I have plans for the radio." Trish places her clutch purse on the desk in front of her. "I think New York is the place for me, one way or another." She smiles a little. "Got a few plans already for the radio show. Got some people I already want to interview. I'm, well, excited to get started again."

She shrugs. "I don't plan on registering. Not any time soon. Especially not now." Though she doesn't expand on why she wouldn't 'especially' not now. "It's why I want them. I saw some of the good work they've done. Especially with the Barnes case. I need people who will fight like that for me in court. I need them."

* * *

"You need to not get caught so you don't go to court," Jessica says, even as a brief flicker of a smile twitches across her lips. "But barring that? Yeah. You need them. Then again, they may need you, too. Your interviews were pretty instrumental during the Barnes trial. Maybe they'll be in this new, upcoming trial too. They're suing the state of New York, challenging the registration law."

She rests her chin on her arms and says, "Unless Foggy already talked to you about doing just that."

It's a weird crossroads she's at. A weird, weird, weird crossroads.

* * *

"We're all about staying out of court, aren't we, Grumpy Cat?" Trish asks, while the cat seems to fly over to her into her outstretched hands. She turns Grumpy Cat to Jess and makes it nod while using a fake grumpy voice to say, "That's right! Court's no longer in session!"

And again Grumpy Cat flies back to its spot. "Um…talking about, you know…" She clears her throat. "I, well, okay." She's better at this at talking, Jess knows this. She's flustered. "So, you know back when I took those pills that left me with the, you know, what I just did?"

* * *

"Yes," Jessica says, drawing the word out as she arches her eyebrows. Not at all put off guard by the Grumpy Puppet Routine. If anything, now she's narrowing her eyes just a little bit. The way she does when she has a feeling she's about to hear something she will not like.

But out of some form of sisterly mercy, she says dryly, "I found your 24 hours with gills to be at least good partial due punishment. I maybe should have played you the Dumb Ways to Die video a few more times. But. What about them?"

That subtle shift to detective has happened. She is now Jess the PI, about ready to get to the bottom of a sudden question that's been raised.

* * *

"Haha. Dumb Ways to Die. That was a good one. Classic." Trish laughs weakly. She stands up and starts pacing the room. The clickity-clack of her heels is the only sound for a few moments. She fidgets, and sighs a few times. "Okay. Here's the thing."

She turns to face Jessica again. "Before I left, I took a few more pills and shoved them into my pocket. I wasn't sure if I was going to need more, you know, assistance getting out." She takes a deep breath in. "Turns out I didn't. So I hid them away at my place."

She slowly approaches the desk again. "I was embarrassed." She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in. "I couldn't stop thinking about the pills, though. I realized what I had achieved with my new power, and I was tempted to see if I could gain anything more. I wouldn't be surprised if part of it was the addict in me, wanting to feel a rush again." She chews her lower lip. "But, well, I thought you should be the first person I tell. And I didn't want you to find out by accident." Deep breath. "I took them. I took the pills I had hidden."

* * *

Jessica's scowl grows blacker by the second. She lets out an explosive breath and stands up, brown eyes flashing. "Son of a bitch. What were you thinking? You didn't have enough of nearly getting killed the first time? Did you not listen when I told you most people end up dying of some sort of hyper-accelerated cancer when they take those goddamn things? The science behind them was screwy and dangerous right from the start! Do you have cancer? Are you telling me you have cancer?"

Yes, from an explosion of temper straight into worry. She takes a step forward. To do what exactly? Punch the cancer? She paces around a little bit, and finally grabs an energy drink from the mini-fridge, gulping it down like she wishes it were something else entirely.

* * *

If there's one thing Trish has learned, it's when to let Jessica rant. This is one of those times. It won't do to try to interrupt her until she's done talking. "I know." She says quietly, when Jess seems to be done. "I know what you told me. And I wish I had just thrown them down the toilet. I wish I'd never seen those pills to begin with." She pauses, quiet for another moment. "But no. I don't have cancer. Not that I know of, anyway."

Her fingers tap the side of the desk. "They seem to have changed me, though. Enhanced me? Made me…different. But better? Maybe not better but," she sighs, "I don't know."

* * *

Trish is indeed a wise woman. Wise in the ways of Jessicas.

Jess cruches the can and tosses it in the garbage. "Well, you'd have died that day if you hadn't," she mutters. Grudgingly. Because the way Trish did not die is a real sore point for her. "And if you don't have cancer this is a plus. I guess if one stuck the others could have too. Some of them, anyway. I swear to god though, if you're a mind controller now I'm seriously going to lose my shit."

As if what she was doing just now was some sort of model of calm and sweet temperament. Then again, for Jess, it was maybe blessedly short. She raises her eyebrows in expectation, waiting for Trish to continue her explanation.

* * *

"I can't control minds, I swear! Can't read 'em, can't do anything with anyone else's mind. Cross my heart and hope to die!" Trish quickly responds. "But I am stronger, faster, I have higher endurance, I'm more agile, and my reflexes are greater than they were before." She swallows hard.

"I mean, I doubt I'm as strong as you. I've tried doing the whole…jump thing? Definitely not able to jump as high. Nothing that makes it look like I'm flying." Trish explains. "But my natural abilities seem enhanced somehow."

* * *

"Nobody mistakes what I do for flying either," Jess says uncomfortably, rubbing the back of her neck. Because for a brief moment there, she had indeed flown. "None of that faded away when you stopped taking them? You had to run out eventually. I'm pretty sure we got all the sources off the street that we knew about. And if we didn't, we need to nip that in the bud pretty fast."

Still, by now she seems calmed down, her temper guttering out almost as fast as it had flared up in the first place. She is still frowning, mind. But at this point it's more in concern than anything else. And she follows these questions up with another one that seems just as relevant.

"What do you intend to do now that it's happened?"

* * *

"What…what do you mean what do I intend to do?" It's a question Trish hasn't even asked of herself. "I still don't have plans to, you know, register. Partly why I guess I need your friends upstairs." She plops herself back down into the chair and leans back, staring at the ceiling, her blonde hair falling over the back of the chair.

"What can I do?" She asks aloud. "It's not like, I mean, I'm not you. I'm not like the heroes and vigilantes out there. I'm no Daredevil. I'm no…no Batman or Supergirl."

* * *

Jessica snorts rudely at that last. "Batman is a douche," she says, a rant she's had before. "Batgirl, Red Robin, Red Sparrow, some of the other Gotham people I've worked with? It's all human training. Unenhanced. Peggy Carter, too. Daredevil trains his butt off. And once upon a time, he offered to show you the masked crusader ropes. You just backed off of wanting to before I could tell you. And I am neither a hero nor a vigilante. I am a detective doing my job."

That's a rant she's had before too.

"You want to train up a little, you maybe go see Colleen Wing. I don't trust her, but she's a good instructor from everything I've seen. I trust her not to sell out one of her students, anyway, or to slide a knife between your ribs. And if you want to stay safe? Well, hallelujah. I will happily continue tuning into your radio show knowing you're not doing anything fucking insane. And I mean it is. Everything I do is insane for sure."

* * *

"Batman's really a douche? Are you sure? With all the good he's done? Can he do good and be a douche?" Not a question Trish thought she'd find herself asking. "Next thing I know you'll be saying Superman's a douche. Though, I still prefer Supergirl over Superman, but that's just personal preference. They both seem like decent Super-people."

There's a raised eyebrow. "I know I put the whole superhero thing on you, but is this some sort of punishment for that? You suggesting I maybe continue training to be like them?" She shrugs. "Maybe I am ready for that training from Daredevil. I wasn't back then, when the offer was first placed, but I'm a different person now. And maybe I'm not ready to be a hero, but I'm ready to train my abilities so I don't hurt myself, or others, accidentally with them."

"Hey…this gives me an idea. Do you think some of the vigilantes out there would let me interview them? Like, about why they do what they do?"

* * *

"Look," Jessica says, with a roll of her eyes. "The guy goes around calling himself The World's Greatest Detective. He throws around a kajillion dollars of equipment every fight. So he's got money, or the backing of someone who does. If I had access to every friggin' state-of-the-art tool, database, crime lab or whatever the hell I could buy myself I guess I'd be pretty awesome too."

As if she…doesn't have a backer with a lot of money herself now? As if she hasn't wormed her way into crime labs herself now? Maybe her problem with Batman is mostly jealousy. And…

"He said something once that pissed me off."

Which may play into it as much as anything else, because Jess holds grudges.

Rant over, she shrugs about the rest. "I figure you're not going to be able to resist anyway, so you might as well not get dead because you pretended you'd be able to hold back when you can't. As for interviewing vigilantes, you'll have to compete with the Vigiwatch podcast there. They don't take 'I am not a vigilante' for an answer. They're pretty popular. But then, so are you. It's Gotham with the bug up their asses about vigilantism though. New York only seems to give a shit if you have powers. As for Superman…dunno. Never met the guy. Metropolis is pretty nice though, so he must be doing something right."

* * *

"No wonder you like having Stark on your side, then." Trish smirks. "I've got money, but I've hardly got the gadgets that that man has." She sits up and shakes her head slightly. Feeling a little better having gotten everything off her chest.

"You know, Gotham seems to have a bug up its ass about a lot of stuff, not just vigilantism." She scratches her nose. "They have a new mayoral candidate, though, running in the upcoming elections. I wonder what his stance is on a lot of that stuff…" Another possible interview for her show. "Regardless, I am Trish Walker. People like me, they like my show."

She takes a deep breath in. "I'm not used to all these changes to who I am. I could really use someone to help me. At least until I get used to everything. I don't know if I'm ready to go superhero or vigilante, but I'm ready to learn some new skills."

* * *

Jess rolls her eyes as if to say that's not the same thing at all, and then quickly changes the subject of Batman altogether.

"Well, Colleen is a hell of a lot easier to talk to than Daredevil is these days. He's been laying low. So maybe start there. I'd offer, but…"

Jessica grimaces and shakes her head. "I don't know if that would be a good idea. Just because I'm too close. My instinct is going to be to wrap you in bubble wrap and that's pretty much the last thing you need. But…I dunno. Foggy sort of takes the middle ground himself, you know? He's not helpless in a fight, but he does some of his best work doing his professional thing. He's helped way more people that way than if he'd, I dunno. Thrown on a mask and called himself The Foggy Night or something."

* * *

"Well, you obviously know these people better than I do. Just point me where to go." Trish raises an eyebrow. "Somewhere that isn't going to getting me wrapped in bubble wrap is the preference, yes. I haven't been taking Krav Maga just so I could be wrapped up for safety by my more powerful sister." She crosses her arms as if to make a point.

"If you're saying that while I might help a bit in some fights, that I'd be better off as a talk show host instead of a vigilante called, I dunno, The Cray Cray, I get your point." Trish smiles a little. "And I'll keep making sure I fight the good fight the best way possible."

* * *

"I am not saying shit except for that you have no fucking judgement about what you put in your mouth," Jess says rudely, and allows all the awful implications of that statement stand. "You do what you need to do, but if you call yourself The Cray Cray I am absolutely not working with you in the field ever. It's true that all the good superhero names are taken, but there are limits, Trish. Limits."

Despite her caustic tone, there's juuuuust a hint of a smirk at the corner of her lips, and just a hint of mischief in her eyes.

* * *

Well, those were sobering words. Quite literally. "I know, Jess. I do. I take full responsibility. I regret what I did, and now I'm trying to move forward with the consequences." Trish murmurs. "If that means training with people who you think could help me? I'll do it."

She smirks. "Fine. I won't be The Cray Cray. Beside," she says, holing out her hand toward Jess. "The only cray cray I want is yours. I want your cray cray."

* * *

"Hey. Hey," Jessica says, and plays it straight, like it's a protest, drawing out the second word. And not like she's playing along. Even though she is. That whisper of a smirk is on her face again. "When it's up and running you might try any of the trainers hanging out at Fogwell's Gym, too. Not to be confused with Foggy's Gym. I think Foggy's gym involves donuts made out of various sugar cereals."

Sobering, she says, "I'm glad you're back. I've missed you."

She shrugs, uncomfortably, like such a human emotion is something she's not entirely capable of doing without some sort of non-verbal qualifier. But it's there all the same.

"Did you keep your condo?"

* * *

The smile remains on Trish's face for the moment. At least they can joke about the song now. At least in bits and pieces. "And are you telling me that Foggy…the lawyer Foggy Nelson, who has an office in this building, has dougnuts made of breakfast cereals, and this is not something you led with? I am deeply disappointed in you!" Though there's mock accusation in her voice.

"I missed you too. I'm glad to be here." She nods to the question. "Yeah, I kept the condo. I'm back there now. I've kept the same numbers and everything too. Easy peasy."

* * *

Jess nods and says, "Ok, good. I would have offered you the guest room at my new place if you hadn't, but."

She scrawls down an address and pushes it across the desk to her. "That's where I live now. It has some. Perks. If you need a hiding place of some sort. Don't bother the flaming rooster spirit in the basement. Long story. Not bullshitting you."

Because weird has become commonplace. She adds, "I'm about to fly out to Alaska chasing down a lead, but I'll be back in a few days."

* * *

"Thanks." Trish murmurs, taking her the piece of paper, looking it over quickly, and then putting it in her purse. Suddenly her gaze snaps back up to Jessica. "Wait. Hold up now. What in the rootin' tootin' high falutin' is is this about a flaming rooster spirit? I know I need to know about this! And if not now, soon."

Tilt of her head. "Alaska? As in gold rushes and dog sledding and dark for half the year Alaska?"

* * *

"So…Luke has a bar in there. And it's right about where Luke's first one was. Wilson Fisk set it on fire. So he went to one of our wizard friends and asked him to enchant the place so nobody could set a fire in there. And nobody can but me or Luke. Not even to light a cigarette. All stoves electric. The only thing is, we gotta go down and feed this spirit. It likes kindling? So I just buy up yesterday's paper and chuck it in there. And it's a little klepto, so I have to gather up all the shit it's stolen that week and slip it back to its owners as best I can, or drop it anonymously off to the police station."

Jessica makes a broad circle with her hands. Even this gesture somehow manages to look sardonic.

"It's the circle of life."

* * *

Trish stares at Jess for a good long moment, processing the story she just heard. "I, I don't know if I want your cray cray any more." She whispers softly. "Okay, that's a lie. But wow Jess." She rubs her eyes. "Wizard friends? Friends? As in plural? And not only does this thing essentially require fuel, but it's a kleptomaniac too, to top it all off?" Letting out a long breath, she raises both her eyebrow and shakes her head. "It's a crazy, crazy world we live in, eh?"

Pushing herself up, she smiles. "Thanks for hearing me out, Jess. And it really is good to be back." She looks around. "And um, if you need anything as well, be sure to call. No matter where you are, no matter how far, I'll do my best to be there. But, unfortunately I've got my meetings in the morning, I should probably head out. It really is good to see you again. And just to be back in general."

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