Trish's Super Fan
Roleplaying Log: Trish's Super Fan
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Trish gets an unexpected guest, and offer to go against the Registration Act.

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IC Date: July 03, 2019
IC Location: Trish Talk's Studio
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* * *

"That's all for today. Thank you for tuning in to Trish Talk. Join me next time when we'll be talking about Plastic, Assassin of the Seven Seas." Trish looks to the booth where her assistant is signaling with her fingers a Three-Two-One and a closed fist, nodding to the TV turned radio star.

"We're officially off the air for the day, Miss Walker." The young woman says through her own mic. "Is there anything else you need from me for the day, or…?"

Trish shakes her head, shuffling through some of her notes. She looks up to the woman on the other side of the glass and offers a tiny smile. "I'm good, Nicole. Thanks, though. You can head out. I'll see you tomorrow." This corner of the radio station is rather quiet when there's no show being broadcast. It allows Trish to really think and work. Digging through her purse, which is slung over her chair, she pulls out her cell and starts tapping away at it.

* * *

There's a security guard who's audible from outside of the office room, but not in the sound booth. "Hey, you can't be here. This area is restricted." And then that same young woman relays a message, "Miss Walker, you may want to stay in there for a few minutes while Carlos gets rid of this fan. You should really see this, she's decked out in a Its Patsy ball cap, and some Trish Walker shirts, along with those designer jeans you got your name on."

And then there's an oof, and pushing into the room is a big brightly smiling blonde woman a good half foot or more shorter than the security guard. And she's into the office, "Oh my god! Is this where it all happens?" And she moves up to the window and waves fast in the direction of Trish. She speaks to Nicole a moment who is looking horrified and Carlos is rubbing his chest. Looking to pull out a taser.

Looking around, Kara finds the mic that lets her talk through and she presses the button, "Oh, hey, is this working? I saw this on a movie once. Hello. Hi hi." She stumbles a moment, "Trish, or Patsy, Lady Walker, I'm not sure what to call you really." And Carlos is approaching her with a taser out as this blonde woman seems absolutely awestruck.

"I've followed you, well, for a few years, really. I mean, it wasn't that…" The taser is pressed into her and there's a spark but nothing seems to happen to the blonde, except she giggles. She's so focused on Trish that she doesn't even respond to the tasing. Carlos is hitting the side of his taser though, looking a bit confused.

* * *

Intense fans are par for the course. Trish has had her fair share over the years, and she's no stranger to the more intense types. However, it's rare that they make it this far into the studio. Most can't make it past the lobby, and those that do? Well, they're usually stopped by Carlos or one of the other members of security before they even make it this far.

A flash of concern crosses her face when she's told she may want to stay where she is for the moment. When the blonde woman does make her way into the booth where Nicole is located, Trish holds her phone tight to her chest and just stares. She glances to the side, watching Carlos' approach of the blonde woman, who is now talking to her about…what? How she's followed her? Is she talking literally? And then Carlos hits her with the taser which, well, doesn't seem to affect her. The radio show host isn't aware of too many people a taser wouldn't work on, but her adopted sister is one. Is this maybe someone like Jessica? Of course, she's hesitant at the thought, but she holds up a hand as if to tell Carlos to stop.

Clearing her throat, Trish speaks into the mic that will allow this new woman to hear her. "Trish is fine…and who, may I ask, are you?"

* * *

"Weird echo." Kara looks around, and then she shakes her head a little, smiling and pressing the mic again. Big smiles, nothing but big smiles, "I'm Kara. Kara Zor-El." And she grins and bobs her head back and forth a bit, "I'm like, your, biggest fan. I love how you went from a child star, to this, and broadcast a lot of really good stuff. I listen to you all the time, along with a ton of other people, but you, in particular. You are so good on the radio. I even like your inflections, and the way you interview people, and all of that."

And then she looks over to Carlos and smiles to him, since he is being addressed by hand sign, and then she waves to him, "Nice to meet you Carlos. Sorry about the… roof door, the lock is probably going to need to be fixed." A pause, "And maybe some of the door. Certainly the handle though. I welded it closed in the meantime." That last part spoken in a perked up tone as though it's supposed to be a benefit. Turning back to Trish she wonders, "Can we talk more face to face? I mean, we are, right now, face to face. It's so surreeeaal. But, um, yeah, I mean, I wanted to talk to you about your show and such, and blah blah blah. I'm sure you get this -all- the time." Frowning a little she lets out a huff of air at herself, that actually knocks over some stuff on Nicole's desk. "Sorry, I mean, I am -always- doing this kind of thing. I'm sorry, I am totally bothering you probably and you have to get work done… but this could be saving lives, like a lot of them." Slumping her shoulders she lets the mic button go and quirks her mouth to the side.

* * *

"It's um, it's nice to meet you…Kara Zor-El? Am I pronouncing that right?" Trish slowly stands from her chair. "It's always, always wonderful to meet my fans. I've always said I have the best fans around." She glances down at her phone. She knows Jessica is supposed to be on her way somewhere…but is she gone already? Should she be texting for back up? She glances up. No. This young woman, whoever she is, probably isn't as much of a danger to her as she first thought. Or at least she hopes. That being said, she knows to still be cautious. "I'm really glad you like my show. I really feel it important that the news and stories I tell are significant."

She slings her bag over her shoulder, slipping her phone into it. "I'm going to come over to your side, okay?" She moves slowly toward the door, making sure Nicole has time to sneak out with Carlos. "I have a feeling you and I have a lot to talk about, don't we?" She finally gets to the door and opens it, moving into the other booth. "You're not like one of my normal fans, are you, Kara?" She tilts her head slightly, looking at the young woman questioningly.

* * *

Turning back to the room she's in, "She's so curteous." And Kara turns back to the mic and presses the button again, "Yeah, it's okay if you come over here." She gets grabs her fists together and shakes a little bit in excitement. With a soft giggle, "See, Carlos I said, once she heard what I had to say. I was sure we'd be friends." And she turns back and grins big in the direction of Trish. Now just a few feet away, "Normal fans? I dunno. I bet you get all kinds of weirdos, creeps, and those people who are like super super perky chipper when they are talking to you." A shake of head in a bit of exasperation. "Those are my least favorite. I mean, what do -you- have to be in such a good mood over? Well, sometimes, I've saved their life, but -still-. I mean, seriously. It's enough to sometimes just… you know, not put out the fire. But… then where would we be?"

Truly she's not much to look at. 5'5" tall, pretty shiny and healthy hair, skin that practically glows. That part is probably notable, and no makeup on, and she's got perfectly white teeth. The Trish Talk shirt she has on has the logo on the front with the microphone and everything, and one of your catch phrases on the back. Her ballcap has Its Patsy on it, and she fits the jeans pretty well. "Oh, and uh, no. You didn't pronounce it right, but that's okay. It's a tough word to say. just Kara is fine. More than fine, it's kind of preferred, I just thought because I knew your last name, you should know mine." She's talking pretty quickly, as she has been this entire time.

* * *

"You're not wrong there. I do have all sorts of fans." Trish agrees. "Please, have a seat." She motions to one of the few seats available. Sitting herself across from Kara, she smile gently. "Sometimes people are just happy to meet their idols, I guess. The people they've seen on TV or heard on the radio. Or maybe they just like being happy." She tilts her head. "You save lives? But of course, that's why you said you were here. Something about saving lives." She takes out her phone again and unlocks it. "Do you mind if I record our conversation…Kara? It will still remain just between us, it just helps me remember what was said."

There's a slight nod on her part. "Maybe you could teach me how to properly pronounce your last name sometime. I enjoy learning new things, and how to properly say things." She explains. She glances at the outfit Kara wears. "You really are a fan, aren't you? From It's Patsy to Trish Talk?"

* * *

"I know, right?" And Kara takes a seat and fidgets a little bit, reaching up to take off her ball cap, and then settling it on the table. "You know, by the time I got here, you were all grown up. It was hard to find one of these ball caps, I found it on a place called E-bay. If you haven't heard of it, they ship you pretty much anything you want, but you have to wait a LONG time to get it. I mean, just tell me where it is, I'll zip there, and zip back."

Shaking her head some she smiles, and then looks at the phone. "Oh, it's okay." She looks over to Carlos and Nicole as Carlos is heading out and Nicole is lingering in case Trish wants her to stick around. But Kara doesn't seem to mind either way, "It's Zoo-arr Eey-ehl. That's basically slow motion, but it's a tough language for … non-native speakers."

A small grin as she fidgets a little more, and then she adds, "I am a fan. When I was watching Its Patsy, it helped me learn English, and it was just such a fun, innocent show. But it seemed honest, in a way, like this is what childhood could be like if we just got out of their way. But, it reminded me, of home. And then now, now?! You are way better. I mean, your show is just top notch. I like how nice you are, and friendly, but unwilling to back down. It's still… honest."

* * *

"By the time you got…where? New York?" Trish can't help but be somewhat confused. The Kara looks younger than she does. "E-bay. Yeah. It does wonders. You can find just about anything there." She turns on the recording program on her phone. "Those caps were definitely a dime a dozen, back in the day. One of the more popular items. Along with our t-shirts, if I recall correctly."

Placing her phone nearby, Trish smiles a little as well. "You know, your English is very good. And you say It's Patsy helped you learn? It must have been reruns, you don't look old enough to have been around when they first aired." She chuckles quietly. "It was…some kind of childhood portrayed on that show. I guess you could say Patsy's childhood was the childhood we all wanted."

She nods at the description of her radio show. "I'm glad you think so. I try to get to the heart of the matter, the heart of the issue." She clasps her fingers together on her lap. "So let me ask you, what brings you here? What's at the heart of your issues? You said something about saving lives? What lives? What's endangering them?"

* * *

"Yes." Kara answers the question about arriving in New York, "Well, I guess I first showed up in Gotham. Then, was there a bit. Before New York, and also Metropolis." Kara smiles at the compliment about her English, "Oh, well, I speak many languages. I learn very quickly, kind of a photographic memory. It's cultural metaphors that often get me, confused." And she chuckles, and shakes her head, "No, not rerurns, the original airing. I mean, I guess it could've been reruns, you get all turned around in space and time, especially when in stasis."

Just, she said it, and she continues. "I'm trying to save lives, that the government has put in danger. They are trying to 'protect' the people by isolating and blaming those with abilities. It won't help anyone, it drives a wedge between people. It has happened in your history before, and this is just a repeat." Her hand clenches in some tension, "I… I want to start something, that I'm not sure I'm… able to start. People don't really listen to me."

* * *

Trish Walker says, "You've been around, huh? Gotham, Metropolis, New York City. None of them small, all of them unique in their own special ways." Trish says with a raised eyebrow. "And you're a polyglot? Not too many of those around that I know of. Takes a bright mind to learn multiple languages." There's a flash of confusion, though, at the mentions of stasis and space and time. "Space and time? Stasis? Almost makes it sound like your from outer space." Which would be weird, right? Although, maybe not that weird, considering certain events.

"Are you talking about the registry?" Trish asks slowly. "What makes you think it's such a bad thing? After all, there are people out there who can do real harm with the abilities that they have. Is just having them sign their names and abilities into a registry that bad that it endangers their lives?""

* * *

There's a bit of confusion when you are confused. "I was… talking about… oh, thanks!" She's disrupted from her words by the compliment. She smiles more and offers, "I was top of my class. I was going to be able to pick whatever guild I wanted, science was a likely choice… but I could go anywhere." And she doesn't explain, she instead nods with a more stern look, "Exactly. The registration."

Taking in a breath, she nods her head a few more times. "What's the harm, in pinpointing a group of people who have -not- done anyone any harm, and telling them that they need to register themselves because they are dangerous?" A slight sigh escapes her lips. "By passing this Act, we have removed constitutional rights of privacy, to happiness and liberty. If you are a criminal with powers, a villain, you don't need to worry about registration. You are already a criminal. We are driving law abiding, helpful, great people with wonderful potentials to have something in common with great evils. And if they shouldn't sign, they are hunted down, imprisoned, families broken up. There were those sentinel attacks? Why? For just wanting the same freedoms as everyone else. And we couldn't even keep the registry safe, it's already been hacked once. Registration locations are hotbeds of anti-meta sentiment, just trying to do the -right- thing requires you waste your time, and walk next to bigots who don't even understand basic biology!"

Kara's voice is picking up and she hits the table with her fisted hand, from anger. When the table dents around her hand she pauses and lifts up her hand, blinking, looking down, "Oh, by Rao, I am so sorry. I just… I didn't mean to… so sorry."

* * *

Quiet for a few moments, Trish lets Kara speak without interruption. "Rao?" She murmurs quietly, but lets it pass for the time being. After all, everyone has their own ways of swearing. She shakes her head, blonde hair swaying slightly, as she holds up a hand. "It's okay. It just means your passionate. And it's not the worst damage I've seen by someone who's strong…who was also trying to do the right thing." Her own adopted sister, Jessica, comes to mind. "I can have the table replaced, no questions asked." Her voice is calm, kind, and gentle.

"You make some good points, to be honest, and I'm not a fan of the registration either." She leans back and takes a deep breath in. "I, too, think the registration is wrong. Criminals really aren't going to care about registering. And it really does put an Us verses Them mentality out there." She frowns. "But Kara, why come to me in this fashion? Why not write in? Or call? Not that I don't mind talking to my fans, it's just an unusual way to bring up the issues."

* * *

With a wincing again, Kara is looking at the table. "Replace it? I mean, it can be fixed. Totally. Hold on." And she starts trying to maneuver the table back in place, but is just making loud sounds as the material strains, and then she gives up with much of the side ruined. "Okay, maybe you have to replace it…"

"Exactly. You understand. And when it is an Us vs Them, who are all the metas going to side with? The Thems, even if they are bad people" Kara gets wide eyed and shakes her head saying 'duh' in facial expression-lingo. "I mean, why can't people -see- that?" A pause and then she ohs, and she grins, "Well, I had this idea, you see. You are famous, and I… am kind of famous, not very, but people sort of know me. And I figured, maybe, we could, you know. Team up? Two women out to help… plus, you have a show, and I've always wanted to meet you. So I flew right over, and then back, cause I needed to change, and then back again. And then the roof's door was locked… and that about brings us to how and why I got here."

* * *

"Really, don't worry about it. I've dealt with worse before." Some of it her own fault, though Trish won't quite say that aloud just yet. "Plus, the station will pay for it. So it's really no big deal."

There's a nod of understanding on Trish's part. "Exactly. Those with powers, with abilities of all kinds, will flock together, for fear that even their 'nice' neighbour might report them. They won't feel able to trust anyone other than those like them. It's sad, but it's true." She frowns. "It's not right." She leans forward, squinting slightly, as if trying to figure out if she knows who Kara is. "You're…kind of famous, you say? Would I know of you from somewhere?"

* * *

"Wow, it's likee I'm talking to the first human who understands English. You are so great. You get -everything- I've been yelling at people about for months." Kara grins a bit and giggles a little. "You are just as amazing as I always thought you'd be. I mean, you don't have red hair, but that just makes it better. Cause, we're both blondes. Do people also call you a walking talking barbie doll? I thought it was a compliment, until someone explained to me, that it was supposed to mean I'm stupid and that I'm only attractive and not really worth anything." A sigh, and she slumps her shoulders, "I hope no one's ever called you that. Look, it's a flying barbie doll in a blue skirt!" She makes a faux voice and points toward the ceiling like she's tracking in the sky.

Folding her arms and clasping her hands under them so she doesn't ruin anything else, it seems she's fuming a little though. "You'd know of me if you read any one of Cat Grant's million and a half scathing articles where she lies about me. And wants Metropolis to sue me, and New York now too. Ugh, I really really dislike that woman."

* * *

"Not the first, but maybe a close second, or possibly third." Trish laughs. "Look, these are troubling times. People who are…" Trish motions about in a grand gesture, "different, are persecuted. Not that there's much of a change there. The different have always been looked down upon, it seems." She taps her fingers against the table in a rapid-fire motion as she things. "I think I can pull it off, talking about this on the show. Even multiple segments. This definitely isn't a one and done talk."

"Believe me, there are worse things to be called than a barbie doll. Although, I may have been called that once or twice." She murmurs. "I've definitely never been called a…a…flying…did you say blue skirt? And Cat Grant? Of CatCo? Supergirl? You're Supergirl?" She takes a deep breath in. "Well, you know, Cat Grant is known for being kind of…a little harsh."

* * *

Nodding along right with Trish and whatever idea she's coming up with. "Yes, multiple shows for sure, it has to stay in the current language of the people. Every day a bit here or there, to remind people. You know? And then big segments placed! You are a genius, I mean, maybe not biologically a genius, but you are great at this stuff." She grins some more.

And then you ask her if she's Supergirl, "Um, yes? I mean, I prefer to go by Kara. That's my name, but yes, I'm Supergirl." She sighs and looks up like she's ready for the next bit, "Yes, I know Superman. Yes he is my cousin. No, I'm not a clone. Yes, I'm just as strong as him, actually probably stronger. No, I don't purposefully destroy buildings or break arms. And yes, it's better that than burning to death. Right? Cat Grant is the absolute, worst. Someday again, real soon, I'm going to put her car on the helipad at CatCo."

* * *

"Thanks…I think?" Is Trish's reaction to the genius remark. "But yes, multiple segments. I may have to convince the higher ups of the station to let me do this, but hey, that's my problem. Not yours." She digs through her purse and pulls out her card, handing it over to Kara. "Feel free to contact me any time, by the way. My cell number is the second one on there. I really would love to continue to work on this with you."

"Can I tell you a secret, Kara?" She's sure to get in her actually name, the one that she prefers. "I kinda like you more than your cousin. He almost seems too perfect sometimes, if you know what I mean." She smiles softly. "Not that I don't appreciate all the good he's done, mind you." She chuckles. "But hey, you're doing good too! Plus, now I'm working with Supergirl on something, which is super cool." She clears her throat. "Sorry. Kara. I'll call you Kara. I just got carried away."

* * *

"Really?!" Taking the card, Kara just sort of looks at it and then starts to hand it back to Trish before she stops and keeps it. Maybe that's been her normal reaction, she did say she has a photographic memory. And then she smiles a bit bigger, "Well, if it helps. You can tell them you can get an interview with Supergirl. I mean, I can't imagine it'd be a worse interview than those times Cat shouts questions in my direction as I fly past."

There's a look down at the card, and then she is looking up. "really? You, I mean, you do? You like me more than… Kal?" She questions, and errs, "I mean, uh, Superman? I, know exactly what you mean. He may be perfect, but that also means he's so… caught up. This registration act needs people like him to stand up against it. And yet, he sits back, letting 'people' sort it out. Captain America, Captain Marvel, all the Captains, I don't know how many there are. Waiting, to see what happens." A lift of her shoulders and then dropping of her hands, as she gives a quirkish smile, "What people really need, right now. Are all of those people to stand up against the registration, it would stop tomorrow if that happened. Instead, they get me, and you, and that guy I met while picketing. Not that we are bad choices, we just aren't the ones that compel action. We have to work for it, and hard."

She looks down a moment and then offers, "If you ever need to talk, just, sort of say Hey Supergirl come talk to me, or something like that. Kara Zor-El I need to talk. And I'll be -right- there. Okay? Or if you are in need of help too."

* * *

"You might be right. Having a superhero like Supergirl already to be interviewed might be exactly the push they'd need to allow me to move forward with this." Trish nods. Taking her phone, she stops it recording and puts it back in her purse. Looking back at Kara, she tilts her head.

"We need to let our voices be heard. If not for us, for the people whose voices can't be heard. We are the voices for the voiceless. If we can't speak for them, who will?" She adds. "I wish the others would see that. Or at least speak up more against the registration." She lightly taps her table. "Kara, we might have a long road ahead of us, but I think we can do this."

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