Have You Tried Restarting?
Roleplaying Log: Have You Tried Restarting?
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Uly gives the lowdown of what he's found out concerning the missing telepaths

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IC Date: July 02, 2019
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It's been a few weeks since Agent Moonstar and Agent Arngrim have had their discussion concerning the missing telepaths.

Enough time has passed that Moonstar once again reaches out to Agent Arngrim -

Subtly of course.

So, midway through the week an invite was sent out from Moonstar to Arngrim. That meeting invite was titled simply 'Laptops For Dummies aka How to Navigate Temperamental Computer Systems'.

It's a course that HR typically sends agents to when they're having computer problems and those problems are completely 'user error'.

Danielle Moonstar might almost feel silly for the secrecy, but really she doesn't. Not after everything SHIELD and mutants in general have been through.

As such, Moonstar waits in the small meeting room that was set aside for this 'class', and waits for Agent Arngrim to arrive. In the middle of the table is at the very least a box of donuts and some coffee. Clearly HR understands just how much caffeine and sugar might be needed in this 'refresher courses'.


The look on Ulysses' face at the title alone speaks volumes of his displeasure at receiving such a thing. Usually if people were having computer issues around here, he'd be one of the people others went to.

Sometimes he suspects that being promoted to Level 5 has just made him a more glorified tech support. Or maybe that's why he got the invitation to begin with. If it turns out that they've sprung some kind of instructional course for him to cover then…

Well, at least he'll be out of the office for a bit. He can deal. Just calm down. Coffee it up.

Ulysses steps into the meeting room, laptop under an arm, blinking for how empty it is, his first thought going to college rules- if no one shows then it's a free period, right? But no, there is someone here, and he blinks again when he realizes who it is. His mouth opens and then closes, even as he bounces a pointing finger in Moonstar's direction.

Then he lets his hand fall, stepping over to the table to set his computer down so he can help himself to a cup of coffee and a donut.


No one ever likes to get emails from HR, right?

They surely don't. Especially when a meeting invitation is attached to it.

Thankfully, for Ulysses, the invite is definitely a ploy. A smoke screen, if you will. To cover the tracks of both Agents and what they're doing.

When Agent Arngrim steps into the meeting room Dani automatically looks up and over to the door. When he points at her the woman flashes a quick amused grin at the man, "Agent Arngrim."

"Hope the day is finding you well?" She greets and asks politely enough, as she waits for him to get a donut and coffee.

Only after he's settled in a seat with the caffeine and the sugar, does she continue.

"I wanted to touch base to see if how everything was going on your end with the missing telepaths. I figured we could give a run down of any new information either of us might have learned."


"Can't complain," he replies, shrugging as he selects a glazed donut from the box before returning to the table with that and his coffee. "That was evil, by the way."

As Dani continues, Ulysses nods. It doesn't take him two guesses to figure out what this meeting is really about once he'd seen who was here. "Well, it's been busy on my end. I'm actually going to go on a trip with our mutual friend to see about tracking a potential lead. That aside, things were a little slow at first with our initial plans.”

"Turns out everyone just trips everyone else up when they're all doing their own thing. I only figured this out from Mister Stark, but there was a big lull in hits of any kind for that keylogger because someone spooked our kidnappers. Mister Stark called them Violet or something." He shrugs. "Anyway, I made another bait-profile and managed to trigger a keylogger going to a fresh server in Kiev. Which…Mister Stark went and took care of things himself because apparently someone tried to mess with his drones or something."

Taking a sip of coffee, he opens up his laptop and pulls up a few files containing his notes on things.

"SHIELD was called in to pick up the hacker he found in Kiev, and I haven't checked in on how that's been going because I went to go pick apart the guy's harddrives with Stark."


Another grin flashes when Ulysses mentions the evilness of her subterfuge.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Murmurs the woman before the conversation swings toward the serious.

The Cheyenne woman listens to all the other agent has to say and at various points she nods. She doesn't seem too surprised at the mention of Mr. Stark, but instead looks thoughtful. The mention of Violet has that thoughtful look turning to a slight frown, as she considers what that might mean.

When Uly takes a sip of coffee she quickly interjects, "He is very protective of those drones of his and yes, I heard he 'gift wrapped' the hacker for us. I'll try and delicately ask around to see what we've been able to get from the man - if anything."

Of course, at the mention of pulling apart the man's computer, Dani's expression sharpens with curiosity, "Were you and Mr. Stark able to pull any information from the man's harddrives?"


Ulysses chews on a mouthful of donut as he nods again. "I'll leave you to that then."

He wipes his fingers off on a napkin so he can tap at his keyboard without sticky fingers. "The drives were the servers for several sites that pose as places to find help if you think you're a developing meta, with fill-in data and FAQs suggesting possible symptoms. They were specifically fishing for people that might have mental-focused abilities."

Taking a swallow of coffee, he continues. "There was an extensive profile made on Liliana Ortiz, the first missing case that I was helping our friend work on. Both of the fake profiles I put together drew enough attention to be flagged for further data collection. But there wasn't any info on the missing person that was on the news nor your high profile victim."


While Dani doesn't necessarily reach for a donut she does re-fill her mug full of hot coffee.

It's a wonder SHIELD doesn't own some kind of stock in coffee with how much they likely buy and drink.

At the revelation that the website had fill-in data forms and FAQs Dani frowns. That expression only darkens as Ulysses continues to detail what was found on those drives.

The mention of no file on her rather high profile victim brings a faint sigh from Dani, and a wry, "I suppose I shouldn't be *too* surprised that there wasn't any info on her. That would have been *far* too easy and lucky."

"Did any of the data give any indication where we could find them? Eastern Europe is still a pretty significant area to canvas."

Then a thought occurs, "And did it give any idea why they're specifically looking for psionic?"


His fingers continue to tap at his laptop as he scrolls through things. "I don't think our target's in Europe. That's just where the server for collecting data was. I don't know if he's been interrogated further about who he was working for, but that'd be the guy we brought in from Kiev. Last I heard, he was hired by Americans."

Ulysses takes a moment to polish off his donut, eyes sliding over towards the box in consideration of seconds. He holds off for now as he brings up another window to answer Dani's next question.

"Not really, no. There's a 'helpful list' of potential symptoms that might indicate particular superpowers they're looking for but I can't really glean any reasons, only that they involve psionics." He clears his throat before reading off the first few. "'Hears voices, chronic headaches, frequent nosebleeds, and intense and inexplicable feelings'…"

He glances over his laptop at Dani again. "There's more but it goes on for four pages,” he notes flatly.


The mention of their target likely not being in Europe causes Moonstar to frown, yet again.

"Americans." Mutters the Cheyenne woman, "Great." Which clearly it's not, and her expression shifts at the mention of just how many pages there are for the list of 'symptoms'.

"Four pages?" She echoes, her eyebrows rising upward, "That certainly sounds like they were listing as many as possible so they could to hit on specific data points." Which, again, only causes Dani's frown to deepen. It's enough that she rubs a hand over her face for a few seconds, as she tries to connect all of these dots.

"Well, I can't say I can tell what the hell these people are trying to do, but they definitely need stopped. I just wish we could figure out what exactly they want with the psionics." Because in Dani's mind there is so much they could do with captive mutants with psychic powers.

"I suppose we'll find out once we can pinpoint exactly where they are." Muses the woman thoughtfully, before her attention returns to Ulysses. "I appreciate you helping so much with this Agent Arngrim. I feel certain we wouldn't know as much as we do right now without your help."


Just in case he needs help Dani reaches over and pushes the box of donuts closer to him.

Because, yes, sprinkles. The best thing ever.

"I've a few friends looking into it as well. Hopefully both of our trails will lead to wherever X marks the spot and we can find all the victims and get them home."

Her words likely sound grim, but there's a hopeful note to Dani's voice. She does believe they'll find all of the missing telepaths, just hopefully in time before any of them crack.

However, it's those last words of Ulysses that prompts a chuckle from the woman. "A *headache*. Unintentional pun?" Because *telepaths* and headaches go together just like chocolate and milk.

Still, that moment of levity brings a smile to the woman's features albeit briefly. "But yeah, I don't think of any of us realized just how far this reaches. It makes me worry that we're missing other things too."

Though when has that ever stopped SHIELD? Never.

"We can touch base again when we have some more information?"


Admittedly Ulysses had been having a bit of trouble reaching. It's hard to be nonchalant about grabbing a donut when you're just a couple of inches too far. He grins a bit when Dani nudges it closer, as though the box had moved itself. Sprinkle donut, get!

"Okay, cool. I just hope our efforts don't collide badly." He has to pause because sprinkle donut. "But yeah, I hope we get this thing cinched up and everyone home before we find out the hard way what these guys are up to."

And then he pauses again as Dani points out the pun, inches from another bite. "…totally unintentional. But unintentional puns are often the best ones."

Ulysses closes up his laptop and takes up his coffee cup again, giving Dani a nod. "I don't want to think about what all we might be missing because I've got enough stress on my plate. But you're right. We didn't get on this officially until recently. I only got pulled into things by chance, and even then, who knows how long this alone has been going on for? At least we're doing what we can to head it off." He taps a finger on the edge of the cup. "But yeah, we can touch base again, definitely. Just not under cover of technical deficiency classes or I'll find the most obnoxious internet meme trending and make it generate in popups every time you open a window on your computer." Smile. He's joking. Maybe.


"It'd be great if our efforts didn't crash into one another, agreed." Moonstar says in quiet agreement with what Ulysses says.

The thought of just how long this psionic kidnapping ring might have been happening gives Dani another moment of pause. "That's a good question that we should probably find out the answer to." And while she doesn't voice it, the thought is there about what other things they might really be missing. Thoughts to definitely ponder later, when she has a moment to really think about those implications.

Thankfully, that thread of Ulysses pulls Dani from her morbid thoughts and the Cheyenne woman laughs. "And you said I'm mean? Pretty sure you'd win with something like that. Unless the meme is cats - you just can't go wrong with cats."

Moonstar rises from her seat, "Alright, I suppose I understand how to 'use my laptop' now. Let me know if you hear anything more and I'll do the same."


There are a few things he's already only mildly aware of in fragments, and none of the things he's come across make them out to be particularly good. Which is probably why by comparison, working on this whole situation has been more like a vacation, because he can actually do what he does without having to worry about tripping across things he shouldn't be discovering.

"But if they were cats then it'd be counter-productive to my intentions," Ulysses insists, taking a huge bite of donut, which he grins around as he gives Dani a salute with said donut.

"Anyway. Will do. And remember, if it doesn't power on then check to see if it's plugged in!"


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