It's Gonna Cost You
Roleplaying Log: It's Gonna Cost You
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Dani reaches out to Owen to help her with some tinkering. Friends discount applied!

Other Characters Referenced: Oblique mentions of Warren and Domino
IC Date: July 06, 2019
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Rating & Warnings: R for Language. Owen has a potty mouth :D
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You know … when you need something done on the down low, especially when it's mostly illegal (okay all the way illegal), Danielle Moonstar only has so many people she can call.

Honestly, she can only think of two right off the top of her head. Domino and Owen Mercer.

Since what she needs done is for DOMINO, that now only leaves Owen Mercer.

And while there is some modicum of trust between the two, there's also a lot of unknowns and Moonstar is never one who likes the unknown. However, that doesn't stop her from reaching out to Owen. It just slows her down. Like the text message she typed up was erased and retyped and erased and retyped at least ten times. Only after the thirteenth rewrite does the woman finally press the send button.

** Hey Owen, I could use your expertise on a project. Hoping you can help me. **

Of course, the next question is the when and where. The when is easily hashed out, but the where is a little more pressing. Only because the usual haunts are too visible, too public, for what Dani needs.

Which is what brings the two to an empty warehouse that's up for sale. One of the back entrances is conveniently unlocked and inside waits Dani. The inside of the warehouse is pretty empty, almost echoing in that emptiness, and the only bit of light is around the Cheyenne woman, as she waits in what was no doubt the 'office' area. It's the only place that holds a few tables and chairs that were left behind.

She stands there, arms crossed, expression vaguely pensive as she waits for Owen's arrival.


What is a D list semi-reformed villain to do when he's decided that 'obeying the law' is now an entirely optional concept? Well, lots of things really, chief among them drugs because it's Owen but many other pursuits. There's illegal ferret racing (with rocket boosted cars), illegal alien arms deals to be made and more drugs.

But then there's a text from a contact, and not the shady kind of contact that Owen has been re-cultivating over the last few months. No, a text from Dani asking for his expertise.

** You need to know how to do cocaine of a hookers tits? **

His 'expertise' is a phrase he doesn't hear often and his imagination is very much limited by his filthy mind. But he's game for finding out what Dani actually does want, as he's pretty sure he's not lucky enough for her to want help with what he suggested. And he shows up, only an hour late for the meeting (which is basically on time). And because it's Owen, he's not skulking into the meeting, no he's swigging from a flask and calling out "Daaaaani! It's meeeeeeeee! You're illicit back channel no-gooder frieeeeend!" Because yes, Owen will do you a favor, but he will also make you regret asking in the first place.


The text response was enough to make Dani rethink this idea, but when there are no other options available -

Well, we all have to make due.

Of course, upon his arrival (late!) and that call-out of her name, Moonstar is once again pondering heavily why she's doing this. She's really thinking hard. Super hard.

So, when she turns in the man's general direction her own expression can only be described as sternish.

"Owen." She says, an exasperated tone already threading her voice. Her expression only worsens when he continues with the rest of his greeting. It's enough to cause her to *sigh* and *almost* rub a hand over her face.

And while there is definitely an edge to her expression, there's also a frown of something else. Something that she tucks away behind a quick shake of her head as she adds dryly, "You're late."



Dani's stern voice is certainly something that Owen Mercer is used to hearing and he makes an exaggerated widening of his eyes at her tone. It's clear from the looseness in his movements that he's on something though less clear if he's just drunk or rolling on something a little harder just yet.

"Yes. I'm late… but! You want something. Badly enough to text me, and badly enough to wait around for a few minutes for me." A few minutes, an hour, who's counting? Certainly not Owen. He continues with obvious enjoyment in teasing her, "And, I'm guessing it was just to see me again. Admit it. You missed meee." The last part even has a little bit of a sing song quality to it.

Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, purposefully slow enough for her to see what he's doing so that he doesn't end up with a mindful of psychic arrows, Owen lights up a cigarette. He relishes that first pull off the cigarette again with slight exaggeration.

"Also, if it's not the hooker thing, I'm really hoping you've decided to start using a sensible weapon and want to trade in the bow and arrows for some good ol' boomerangs."


Even though Dani has been around Owen enough to know his patterns of behavior and his idiosyncrasies, it still doesn't always help when dealing with them.

It really doesn't.

Especially for someone so straight-laced as Moonstar.

As he meanders toward her the woman can't help but notice that looseness to his form, or pretend she doesn't understand where it's coming from.

That sing-song quality to his words brings an incredulousness to her expression now. A sort of 'what the hell' quality that marries quite nicely with the stern schoolteacher look of hers.

His reach for the cigarettes are telegraphed enough that there's only a minor flick of her eyes downward, before she categorizes his movements as mostly non-threatening. Enough so that she doesn't manifest any type of psychic weaponry and speaking of weaponry -

"It's definitely not the hookers, Owen." Stated in such away to get across the disappointment she feels that he had to ask that, though thankfully his diss against her precious weapon of choice causes her to switch tones, "And I'm pretty sure boomerangs fall into the same category as bow and arrows." And no, she's never going to admit that his souped up boomerangs are likely better than her arrows.


"But, if you must know that's why I'm here." Sort of. And now it's Dani's turn to telegraph her movements as she reaches for her sidearm. She pulls it free of the holster and lays it upon a nearby table. "I need your help replicating ammunition for this gun." The gun itself is unloaded, but that doesn't stop Dani from setting two of the speciality bullets it typically carries next to the gun itself. Both bullets hold a bluish tint to them and if Owen is familiar with SHIELD's ICER gun and technology that's what he's currently looking at.


"I mean in my heart, I knew, but it still hurts to hear you say it outloud." Owen says in reference to the fact that it's about hookers. A man can hope. And Owen does, often aloud. Especially when he thinks it will annoy or horrify people in his vicinity.

Watching her pull out the gun, Owen's eyebrows raise in honest interest. There's no act here, no exaggeration for effect. His curiosity gets the better enough of him to rush it and pick it up with a burst of speed that Dani won't get a chance to see coming. His cigarette is dangling from his mouth as he picks it up and examines it quickly, setting it down on the table to pick up the ammunition in kind.

"This is SHIELD tech. Why do you need me?"

As usual his mouth is much faster than his mind and it takes only a moment before his face lights up and he lets out a little gasp, though his cigarette stays obediently in his mouth. "Agent Moonstar." He affects all the dramatic whispering and furtive glances to ask, "Are you going rogue?"


There are so many things she could say to his first statement, but she doesn't. Not after she's put her ICER and the ammunition out on the table.

His burst of speed definitely takes her for surprise, as one minute he's over there, and now he's at the table. It's enough to cause her to do an almost classic double-take, only her double-take has her automatically tensing in this particular scenario.

The tension stays there and maybe even ratchets up a notch when he picks her gun up. It only worsens when he touches the bullets.

If Dani were a cat her fur would be all ruffled and poofed, that's for certain.

His question about why she needs him causes her to open her mouth, ready to answer, but before she can even get the words out he asks that last question.

In that tone.

And while she understands he's not necessarily serious with the rogue question, it's enough to cause her to say, "What? NO." That was probably a bit louder then she meant for it to be, "No. I'm not going rogue."

"I need it for a friend." And while she could explain more, she just doesn't. Doesn't. Cause no matter how much she could explain why she's doing it, it just all sounds bad. Very bad. "I need someone to help make me a nice supply of the bullets and I was hoping you would help me."


Owen is well aware that his speed bursts are unsettling for people who move at normal speed. The double-take is ignored, as is the tension in Dani's body. He continues to look at the gun and ammo in turn checking for something apparently. He murmers to himself, "Standard ICER tech.. boring sleep guns." There is definitely a note of disappointment in his voice.

His disappointment only grows when Dani protests going rogue. He looks skeptical at the part about being for a 'friend'. "Is the friend as boring as you? Because an ICER? Really?" He even goes so far as to roll his eyes when she calls them 'bullets' "They aren't bullets, they're glorified tranq darts. They don't even explode for Ozzy's sake." Because apparently swearing by God or some other power has lost it's meaning and swearing by foul-mouthed British rock stars is better.

"Can I at least get some details on the targets they need to take down? Maybe suggest a more interesting alternative? I'd even stay within the non-lethal family if I must." The implicit question of whether he needs to stay inside those boundaries is clear. As is the answer he's hoping for.


Boring guns?

Boring Dani?

That earns a narrowing of Dani's eyes. Maybe even an eyelid twitch or two as she struggles with her frustration.

"You and she would probably get a long marvelously." Growls out the Cheyenne woman, "You both have a similar temperaments.”

Can she even argue about his definition of bullets? No, not really, because he's right but that doesn't stop her from giving him another one of those looks. Her blood pressure is probably quite high right about now.

Still, that doesn't stop her from answering that last set of questions of his. Her tone isn't quite the calmest yet, but maybe it'll get there as she speaks. "There's no specific targets, we'd just like to make her a little less lethal when it comes to taking down said targets." There's a side-long glance at her ICER and the bullets, "The ICER was our first thought, but if you have something else in mind? That is definitely /non-lethal/ I'm all ears."


Safe. Rule-following. No explosions. No doing drugs off hooker's various bits. Boring.

The contrast between Dani and Owen remains as crisp as ever. She says 'similar temperment', Owen's immediate question, "She hot? Like scale of one to straight fire, how hard would she slap me for trying to get handsy?" Yes that scale and rating system makes no sense to anyone but Owen but it's a perfectly legitimate question to him. In fact, the only question that matters.

He looks thoughtful, possibly for the first time in a long time and at least for the first time during this meeting. "Well for one, if you are going to call it an ICER, it should at least explode and freeze everyone in ice. I mean really, what the hell were they thinking with that name? To ice someone means to kill them, so why would it be a non lethal weapon if you are trying to get all witty with your naming. Which, by the way is a mistake. Cutesy weapon names are for low level hoods who don't know how to gimmick properly." Owen apparently has a lot of thoughts on this? Not that anyone cares about said thoughts.


How to answer that question about Domino, especially with a scale that isn't logical.

Moonstar stands there for a few seconds considering what to say, until finally, "Does it really matter how hard she slaps? I'm sure you'd enjoy it either way."

Which probably means she'd slap if he got too handsy.

His complaints about the name of the gun causes Dani to frown. "If you must know -" Really does he want to know? "ICER is just an acronym for Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Rifle." Granted the ICER on the table is obviously not a rifle, but does anyone really want to call it an ICEP? No. Definitely not.

And while she could leave it at that, she doesn't. Instead she asks, "Will you help or not?" And while she's sure she's going to regret his help, she does end with, "I would appreciate if you did, but you don't have to if you don't want to. It's your choice."


Considering the question about her slapping, Owen realizes that no, it really doesn't matter. "That's fair." He says and is happy to move on with the conversation.

"Uh-huh" Owen looks duly un-impressed by the obvious bacronym action of naming the gun an ICER. "Rifle?" Yea, he's not about to let that slip, even though it's not a question it's more of a rhetorical 'really?'.

But when it comes down to it, Owen isn't all that bad. "Yes." He's just not all that good either. "Who's bank rolling this little operation? I'm going to need some materials and we need to discuss my fee." He kind of stopped with that whole bartending thing, and the 'job' thing in general. So income streams are now a thing he needs to discuss.


While the temptation to answer that rhetorical rifle/really question is there, Dani ruthlessly stomps down upon it.

Hey, even she knows that sometimes the things SHIELD doesn't isn't all that logical or sensible.

When he accepts her job offer, there's almost a look of relief upon the woman's features. Likely showing just how worried she was about this whole operation. However, whereas others might look surprised at his question about fees and bankrolling, Dani is not.

She nods, obviously expecting those sorts of questions. "I am." Which is true, she is, but she doesn't need to mention who's bankrolling *her*.

"How much do you need for materials and what's your fee?"

"And again, if you have more innovative ideas for non-lethal means I'm glad to hear them, or approve them. I will tell you that my friend really likes guns. If you can make something in a gun format she'd probably be over the moon about it."


Owen makes a face at Dani when she says she's bankrolling the request. His annoyance is clear. "You? Pfft, get Stark. Or like a spare Wayne or something. I'm not interested in your government agency salary." Yes, because earning a living wage is gross.

"My fee is ten Gs to copy a weapon. I will give you a 'did not try to kill me' discount to eight but then I'm taking on a this is boring fee and we're back to nine. I need half up front to source materials, and half on delivery. If this is some sort of weird SHIELD mission shit and blows up in my face? I'm going to empty your bank accounts and ruin your life." He throws that disclaimer in there. Not that he doesn't trust Dani, he just doesn't trust Dani doing sneaky things that are not directed by SHIELD types who are even sneakier.

"And if you want me to just bust out a Mr. Freeze special you can cut the price to five but it's got a limited range. Good for speedsters though?"

Being able to cobble together tech has turned into less of a side-gig for friends and more of a business it seems, with rates and terms and threats.


His obvious annoyance at taking her money comes across quite clear.

Quite clear.

It causes Dani to take a step closer to the man, which gives Owen the time to run through his price list.

Though the logic of his price list is about as clear as the logic of how hot Domino would be to him.

"This is not -" Grates out the Cheyenne, "- some sort of weird SHIELD mission. I would not come to you if it were. I'd rather not see them focus their sights on you."

For obvious reasons, even if she doesn't say what those reasons are.

"This is exactly what it seems. I need help and I'm asking you for it."

As for that mention of a Mr. Freeze special? That brings a faint frown to her features as she considers what that might be exactly.

Perhaps she'll have to ask for more information on that, but for now the woman stays focused.

"Nine thousand is fine. Once I have the half I'll ping you with a date and time for pick-up. I'll expect some ideas from you at that time, if you are going to do more than copy the *bullets*."


Owen considers her as she denies that it's some weird SHIELD mission. He seems at least somewhat satisfied by that denial but not exactly fully convinced either. He grumbles, "What too many other metas to lock up to bother with me?" Yes SHIELD isn't the agency in charge of that but Owen's painting with a broad drunken brush these days.

"Fine." He picks up the gun and says, "I get to take this right?" He has it stowed somewhere on his person and the bullets before she can even answer, turns out it wasn't much of a question as much as a statement of intent.

Reluctanty he admits, "Most of my tricks are tough to miniaturize and deliver via a bullet or cartridge. I mean I have freeze tech, gravity tech, shock tech, repulsor tech, don't tell Tony, and magnet tech. All of which are non lethal, but I'd have to work on the delivery system? Guns.." He gives a curl of a lip and shrug, "Not really my thing."

Stubbing out his cigarette he concludes, "But you have a deal. And let me know about that hooker thing.."

As if that were still an option or ever were an option.


It doesn't seem to matter that SHIELD isn't necessarily the agency that locks metas up. His words seem to hit some kind of sour note within Moonstar, as she turns a look his way. Something that is simultaneously half-hidden hurt, but also irritated too.

"That's not what I meant." She says, and while she could explain more of what she meant she doesn't.

Instead she just shakes her head.

His question about the gun and the bullets prompts a, "Ye -" Okay, clearly a rhetorical question on his part.

His mention of all the tech he dabbles in is listened too, with only her eyes flicking back to him at the mention of repulser tech. Again comes the shake of her head, but she doesn't necessarily look like she's going to run out and tell Tony.

"I'd appreciate anything you can come up with." The woman says honestly, "And if it's just recreating the bullets, that's fine too. Ping me if you need anything and like I said, I'll drop you a line when I have the cash."

As for the mention of the hookers, Dani can only say warningly, "*Owen*."

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