A Kryptic Conversation
Roleplaying Log: A Kryptic Conversation
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Lex Luthor speaks to one of his scientists, Norah Walker, about her future.

Other Characters Referenced: Supergirl
IC Date: July 09, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp
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Posted On: 09 Jul 2019 21:29
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LexCorp. Is it or is it not always abuzz with everything under the sun. In just the Metropolis HQ alone there is not a time of day that the offices, labs and whatever else isn't filled to the brim with staff and others.

LexCorp employs over more than half of the city, after all.

For the most part, Lex Luthor, keeps to his office at the top of the building and makes sure that he overlooks the city with a watchful eye. Occasionally, does the brilliant scientist come down to mingle with those that work beneath him. This is one of those times.

He has brought himself down to the labs to check on the progress of various experiments and research of the Pod that belongs to Supergirl. He has some of his top people on it and he prefers to get a run down from them all before he reads through their reports.

Lex Luthor cares about what they have to say… about Kryptonians.

* * *

Norah Walker is one of the top scientists working in this particular lab. Her specialty…Kryptonians and thier tech.

Most of her coworkers aren't even aware of her recent accident from one of her latest experiments. However she did let her boss, Lex Luthor know via email what happened and listed the effects that she has discovered so far. She has basicly become a hybrid Kryptonian herself though her powers are fueled by Kryptonite not weakened by it.

Currently she is stalking around the lab, her shiny emerald green heels clicking against the floor. Her outfit is appropriate yet fashionable, mostly black and professional but with green accents to match her shoes and the shiny emerald tear drop earrings she wears. She is currently studying Supergirl's pod taking notes on its power source and various systems.

The arrival of the Boss into the lab has her glancing that way briefly and smiling faintly. Finishing up her current note she prepares herself in case Mister Luthor wishes to speak with her. She isn't sure how he will take the results of her accident but she still manages to carry herself as though she isn't worried in the slightest.

* * *

"It's good to see you're alive and well." Lex remarks with a bit of a smirk. It's easy to play fast and loose with your employees when you offer them the greatest health benefits package in the history of the nation.

Lex moves towards the Pod to take a closer look at some of the things but is clearly here to talk about more pressing matters. "I assume that since you've returned to work so soon that you're feeling well enough to continue heading up this project?" Lex runs his finger across the surface of the Pod of Supergirl. There's so much to learn about 'them' from 'it' that he needs his recently mishapped scientist to be as fit as a fiddle. To unlock the Pod's riddles.

* * *

"It is good to be alive and well too." Norah responds with a bit of a playful bite to her tone. She smirks ever so faintly her eyes gleaming as she studies the pod circling it with the click of heels like an overly fashionable predator. "I am fine yes Mister Luthor. I am fully recovered and able to continue my work. You would have to have me dragged out if you want me to stop my research." She gives him a stubborn look one that borders on obession with her project. "Is there anything you wish to know? I assume you came down here for a reason yes?" She pauses to look at him intently her eyes almost glowing as she regards him. Its subtle but they almost appear bright and greener than before. Like Kryptonite.

* * *

"I came down here to make sure that you were alright. Your e-mail detailed quite a few things. I came to make sure that you weren't pushing yourself too hard. And, admittedly, to make sure that you weren't about to become a disgruntled employee and attempt to sue us." Lex offers a smile. He's teasing. Kind of.

"I would, if you would indulge me sometime, like to conduct some tests. Just to get a more clear picture of what's going on with you after the accident. With everything that's going on outside of these walls…" Lex looks off to the side as if he's worried about the state of his city. "I would like to make sure that you're… prepared for, well, anything that may come up."

* * *

Norah laughs softly and smiles to him. "I appreicate the concern. I am far from disgruntled though. I might be working a little harder than normal…" Nearby a coworker clears his throat and makes a sound suspicously like the word 'understatement' but Norah ignores him. "I am fine though and yes, I have been hoping to run some tests myself. I've already uncovered a few…oddities since the accident. You might like to see and test them yourself though?" She tilts her head at his words. "Indeed the city does seem to be having its troubles of late. What preparations should I be making though I wonder?"

* * *

"Nothing invasive." Lex assures. "I merely want to make sure that both you and I know exactly what it is you're…" A glance is given to the coughing co-worker and he retreats to a place that's further away from the Boss and his Apparent Favorite in the Lab this moment. "… capable of."

Lex approaches Norah with all the calm in the world. He doesn't seem to be worried about anything that may be on the horizon of happening. "As I'm sure you are aware, times are changing. Metropolis, my city, is becoming overrun with… problems." Lex's subtlety is on point today. "Perhaps, with the right guidance, you can be something of a solution." Lex seems to be putting some faith in what may come from this happy accident. "Provided our tests show us what I think they will."

* * *

Norah arches a perfectly groomed blonde eyebrow at that last statement and smiles softly. "I'm always happy to be of assistance to you Mister Luthor. And you are right about problems…very unsightly problems at that. I will help as much as I am able. Do let me know when you want to do the tests. I can arrange for some free time for this in my schedule whenever you wish." Her gaze is considering and curious, calculating as she watches him approch standing her ground with confident ease.

* * *


Lex has to fight the urge to steeple his fingers and instead just crosses his hands in front of him. His tailored to perfection suit just looks all the more impressive when he stands like that. Body language is half of the whole deal of being the boss. A presence he uses to command his underlings without saying much of anything.

"I will clear some time as well. We'll see what sort of side-effects the accident has given to you. And I'll do everything in my power to make sure your services are utilized to the top tier of their quality. I have a feeling that together? We can usher Metropolis into a new age."

It is then that Lex unfolds his crossed hands and offers a hand to be shaken by his Pod Expert of a Scientist. His right hand. Class ring and all.

* * *

"I look forward to it." Norah nods and reaches out to accept that hand shaking it in a firm grasp. Her perfectly manicured nails close over his hand, bone white with a green tint and sharp. However as she touches that ring she gasps, the stone beginning to glow along with her eyes. Even her nails seem to turn a touch more green. She lets out a soft content hum, and smiles before she shakes her head and goes to withdraw her hand. She stares at him intently her eyes sparkling with energy and life. "Your ring. It has Kryptonite in it." She states with a look towards said ring.

* * *

Lex Luthor simply withdraws his hand and takes some steps backwards to prepare himself for his dramatic exit. Because a man like Lex Luthor has to always leave the room in a way that makes it very clear that he was here for a reason and that he's accomplished his task. Even as he walks backwards towards the door he offers the most innocent of looks in Norah's direction.

"Does it?" Lex pauses just near the exit to offer a small tilting of his head to finalize his innocence. "Huh."

And with that, Lex Luthor escapes to the hall so that he can prepare a slew of tests to find out exactly what his new potential weapon can do.

* * *

Norah shoots her boss a look that shows she does not believe his ignorance nor his 'innocence' one bit. But she does not comment she simply eyes him as he leaves and then goes back to work.

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