Uncertain Alley Encounter
Roleplaying Log: Uncertain Alley Encounter
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Minor event, meeting between characters.

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IC Date: July 08, 2019
IC Location: Hell's Kitchen
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Posted On: 09 Jul 2019 22:42
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Smart people don't wander through Hell's Kitchen casually— but it's still, after all, a neighborhood in Manhattan, and people have whole lives here, work and play both. Which is why it's not so odd that a latina female in spotless sneakers, skinny jeans, and white top beneath a cropped pink baseball jacket and matching cap is making her way through the streets, after leaving one of the apartment buildings and sending off a quick text. Like anyone smart, she walks with purpose, even when she slips into one of the more crooked and twisting streets, frowning a bit as she seems to smell something unpleasant, nose wrinkling, and moves forward.

A skateboarder goes past, oblivious to anything and everything but the music blaring in his bluetooth. Life DOES seem normal; in fact, a bird poops right nearby, forcing a dodge or a trip to the laundry. But an alleyway in Hell's Kitchen is generally not a place you want to delve, so while there is no screaming or big alerts, this might be a time to pass on the easy hints of wrongdoing.

But it does smell a little bit like death. Someone might need a bit more than just saving.

Smart people don't walk through Hell's Kitchen casually indeed, but Ruby? She was one of the kinds of people that lived here. The young witch-in-hiding turned waitress had to live here after all, the rent was cheap enough. Wrapped in the skirt and button-up blouse of her work uniform, she'd thrown a small jacket around her shoulders to for the walk home. Making her way through the darkened streets, a small shiver creeps down the girl's spine.

The cold, or something else?

Hell's Kitchen has a rich bouquet of scents, nothing Rozmeri hasn't adjusted to in her walk. But that smell of death— it's likely bothered her for a bit, a little overly pungent, a little dangerous. There might be a battle of survival instinct versus human decency going on, and the winner is clear when Rozmeri, still casual and still walking like she knows precisely where she's headed, follows the wisp of scent down to wherever it may lead, inhaling as she walks to 'read' further ahead. It's a little complicated by the compressed spaces, but assured there's mostly death and not a whole meeting of living hooligans floating ahead, onward she goes— a glance sidelong over her shoulder at the waitress behind her.

That is, of course, not the only thing in Hell's Kitchen. A passing pizza delivery driver with bars on the windows is a bit odd, but he's going to get the delivery done. Overhead someone seems to leap across the gap…Leap across the gap? That's…abnormal. But this city has at least 100 super-heroes, no idea how many villains. It's probably nothing.

Just a feeling in the dimness of the alleyways, which is fading. Almost like it's moving? Then the girl comes to a brick wall, a dead end.

Ruby, on the street, almost feels like something walks over her grave though suddenly, some event just happened and it's just plain creepy.

Alright, creepy indeed. Ruby is left shivering again before she turns and looks upwards at that leaping shadow. Sure her life wasn't without its fair degree of strange, but there was a difference between a little eerieness and something more. Well…this is could be practice right?

Slowly she brings her hands together, closing her eyes and exhaling a breath that carries a little frost in its wash. "Who's there?" she speaks, trying to open her senses to more than simply the visible.

Nope. Rozmeri is NOT looking up. She knows they're up there. She doesn't need to look. Smarter not to. Involvement is the biggest no-no. She's only in this creepy alley to report a dead body— except. Well. There's nothing there. Just a wall. And the lack of a source for the dead smell (beyond the dead end, tee hee), makes Rozmeri frown, "The hell…" She murmurs, looking around before she actually takes a sniff of the air, and frowns again, rubbing at her nose— but then behind her, the waitress is still around, adn speaking. Rozmeri turns to give her a confused look. "Um. Just me, chica." She says warily. "And I mean, I saw somebody on teh roof but I think they left. Do you smell that?"

Darkness seems normal, the alley seems normal. There's a residue of ectoplasm though, something walked through this wall. Wait, THROUGH the wall? Ruby's magic would detect that. Heck, even Rozmeri would, though it be faint. But there is something on the other side, and it's not faint at all. In fact, Roz might not want to get a good whiff of it.

Then without warning a HEAD comes through the wall. Female, though you only get a very quick glimpe before it sees you both and seems to freak out a bit. Then yanks back through, leaving confusion in her wake.

What the hell was that?

A witch should be used to this sort of thing, right? Especially if she was basically 'ghost beacon'-ing to try and work out what's going on. Rozmeri's call has Ruby opening her eyes, perhaps looking a little sheepish at the response. "Oh I wa-" she begins, only to give a squeek of suprise as a head simply peeks through the wall to look at the pair of them. Magic or no, that was startling!

That last 'Do you smell that?' Said while Rozmeri begins coughing and rubbing at her nose, as if there was some super strong stench in the place. While the smell is strong, Rozmeri's reaction is a little over the top. Maybe she's not used to the smell of rot! Coughing, Rozmeri looks back towards the wall, squinting at it with distaste while backing away towards Ruby. Of course, then there is a /head coming through the wall/. And Rozmeri doesn't squeak. She jumps back, flailing a bit while saying, "El diablo que no no que eso?" While now making her way to Ruby's side, tugging on her arm while staring at the wall. "Did— you saw, that, right? Right?"

No response from the wall. It remains a wall, and though it may a moment before have sported a lovely wall-hanging that looked kind of surprised and …well, brown…now it's just a wall again. Brick, dirty, got some nice graffiti that might remind one of a bad limerick or two.

No dead girls sticking through it. Because that's clearly what just happened. So you've got a minute to discuss your options.

"I uh…yeah…" Ruby exhales, tilting her head to the side and then biting her lip. She -probably- should have denied it, but what can she do now? She couldn't 'smell' the supernatural so much as feel little 'tingle' across her skin for it. Oh well. "Didn't seem hostile so much as…shy?" she comments aloud, mostly to herself.

Right now? Her pockets contained little more than some meager tips rather than anything mystical, but she moves none the less toward the wall and traces a finger across the stonework. "C'mon out.." she speaks, more an invitation than any type of summoning.

"No. Uh-uh." Rozmeri shakes her head, both hands warning that wall it just better hold up and stop right there. "Nunonononononono. NO. Weird rotting stank and and a -face- popping up out of the wall? No." Rozmeri looks at the wall with eyes full of ACCUSATION. "That sounds like the /one/ thing in New York I am *not* gonna believe exists. There are no such things as ghost. Aliens, dimensions, que lo que all that weirdness, fine, but I draw the line at ghost. Right? That was like, just— one of those shy super peeps in need of a shower." Is she trying to convince Ruby? More like a little self-hypnosis. "Yo! Chick in the wall? It's cool. It's uh. Just us."

The lady on the other side of the wall doesn't stick her head through again, at least not quite yet. She apparently was as surprised by the chance meeting as you were! However, she does peer OVER the wall, trying vainly to seem normal. If a person entirely in brown could ever look normal. Like even her irises are brown, there's no tone variation.

"Secret?" she says aloud, actual sound, an actual word for all to hear. But to Ruby it comes across differently.

in her head, she gets clear as a bell, ~I'm sorry. I was working. Are you alright?~ It's not telepathy, nor exactly magic. It's just 'there'.

"Secret?" Ruby repeats, looking up in shock and then tilting her head to the side. The blonde waitress didn't exactly look abnormal, except perhaps her own irises if someone was to look close enough, but she glances sidelong to the 'ranting' Rozmeri before giving a little chuckle and shrugging her shoulders. "I uh…" yeah, she's got nothing. Instead she blinks as she hears…something. "Working? What were you doing?"

Rozmeri looks… a little relieved, truthfully, to see an actual person up on the wall. "Secret? I mean… yeah, if you want us to keep you a secret, no biggie. You're just… your business." A hand sort of circles to encompass Secret in all her…selfness. Rozmeri still looks…uncomfortable, and confused, rubbing the side of her nose. She looks like she's trying to concentrate— but she overhears Ruby at the same time. "Huh?" Did she miss something?

Girl On Wall looks a bit, well, if you had to gauge it you might call her worried. She glances behind her noticeably, then back at the two ladies who've happened up on her. And she kind of runs her finger through her hair before saying "Secret," again. This time without subtitles for Ruby.

She ducks back behind the wall, then…WALKS THROUGH IT! Like it's no big thing, she just walks right out beside Roz and then kind of shuffles her feet against each other in clear and obvious discomfort. "Seeecret…" she says, again. This time Ruby gets, ~You probably don't really want to know. No offense.~

At least this time, Ruby didn't jump. Props to her! The young woman -does- look a little unsure of herself for a moment, but even so she offers a hand raised in greeting before gesturing to herself. "I'm Ruby," a polite introduction given, but then she's left to glance at Rozmeri. Not only did she not know the other woman's name, but well? If she was freaking out it was prefectly reasonable.

"Are you tied to this place? Did something bring you here? I didn't think there was any -real- mediums around here with that sort of…pull."

Rozmeri still looks slightly uncomfortable, but at least the odd mutant(?) isn't behaving aggressively. "Yeah, I get it. Secret. I'm not ratting you out." A glance to the wall, at the smell that hasn't faded, but, with closeness, is not emanating from the odd monovocabularic girl at their side. But… that means it's coming from the other side of the wall. Where the girl was. And Rozmeri shifts slightly, facing both Ruby and Secret, glancing behind her towards the exit of the alley, "Call me Meme." Rozmeri says, clearly still a little suspicious of Secret. Her focus settles on Ruby at the woman's questions, however, clearly thinking Ruby's about as off as Secret is. "Tied? I mean… she don't look like she's got handcuffs on to me. And she's not dead. She's clearly right here." A gesture towards Secret. RIGHT THERE. "She's not even see-through."

Secret isn't transparent, though her legs often seem to kind of vanish for no good reason. Like they aren't really that important to keep around, and her feet are often just not there at all now that you really look at her. In fact if you reaaaaally try, you can actually..see…through her. Just a little bit.

Unfortunately the only answer she's got is a shrug. Then she points to Roz, then at Ruby. ~She can't hear me," she says, her mouth not moving at all that time. When she does glance at Roz, then back at the wall behind her, she winces. Then, "Secret?" again. With the question mark clearly audible.

If body language could speak, it would say 'please don't go over there'.

"She's uh…I think…y'know, never mind." Attempts at explaining for Ruby form and flee just as quickly before the girl, still in her coffee-shop uniform before nodding again at the ghost. "No, she can't," she agrees, probably confusing 'Meme' all the more for her talking to the invisible friend. Of course, her questions weren't answered, so the blonde girl digs into her pockets to search for chalk…

Right. Wrong clothing. Damn it. No peeking behind the curtain today. "What's back there?" sometimes, one had to just try asking.

Luckily for Rozmeri's sanity, she is too distracted sorting out the odors to really… focus on vision right now. And part of her is very much regretting getting involved with the unknown mutant(?) and the weirdly calm waitress. "yeah, I get it, secret— ummm… do you speak english? Hablas espanol?" Rozmeri remembers the melting pot of the city eventually, but is clearly a little lost. "Um… either way, it seems like you two," A finger waggles between Secret and Ruby, "Have uh… something already figured out. I'm just gonna mind my own business all the way home now. K?" Rozmeri starts backing away, ever so casually.

Secret doesn't say right off. Questions like that aren't for normal people, but she does say something finally that ..well, isn't so surprising really. "Secret," yaay, more of that. But the subtext is, ~Something that's not really important anymore, to the owner anyway.~ Then she smiles sadly, at both ladies. And waves. ~She's got the right idea, Roz. Go with her. This isn't a place for you either.~

Well, it's…something, at least.

"She's sort of…talking on a different station?" That's about all the explaination Ruby can offer, but Rozmeri's 'peacing out'? It's already underway. Probably the sane thing to do, right? Well, sanity tended to get thrown out the nearest window when magic got involved, right? "I'll be back," she speaks to the spirit, tilting her head to the side. "Will it still be here? Will YOU still be here?"

Secret smiles. Then the wind picks up and she vanishes. In an alley. A dead-end alley. Wind, blowing her away like she was made of dust. And a hint of scent passes them both. A touch of vanilla and…rosemary? Or was it anything at all.

Rozmeri just shakes her head, turning around and starting to walk briskly away. Casually. With certainty. As if the interlude never happened. A hand raises in a casual wave farewell— Rozmeri smart enough to know she probably shouldn't look back. Even when there is, suddenly, the scent of vanilla and rosemary. Perhaps subconsciously, perhaps in defiance, the smell of bleach grows stronger the closer one gets to the street, away from the dead end, as Rozmeri disappears. Poor Ruby is left without answers, it seems.

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