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Nico attempts to go to a live act but is FOILED because RICTOR cannot use SOCIAL MEDIA.

Other Characters Referenced: Angela (spirit guide)
IC Date: December 10, 2018
IC Location: Mutant Town
OOC Notes & Details
Posted On: 11 Dec 2018 03:26
Rating & Warnings: Rated B for Burger.
NPC & GM Credits: Kiara (NPC of Rictor)
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* * *

Before 9 PM, the front part of Shakedown is a small cafe with grab and go coffee and snacks and a few tables to sit. There's a liquor license and limited taps and mixed drinks, and a small stage for the occasional open mic. Until 9 PM, underage patrons can chill out and sometimes even dance back in the club area. This is a relatively new feature that only came into play when the club was bought and renamed about a month ago. The new owner needs to make a living, but the youth of Mutant Town also need a place to go. The bouncers are suspiciously good at finding and kicking out any of the underage patrons promptly at 9 though, despite how sneaky they think they might be. Rumour has it there's a telepath on-staff.

Right now, it's just about six in the evening. The aforementioned owner is sitting at one end of the bar/coffee counter, eating a burger and thumbing through his phone. There are only about a half dozen patrons, and a guitarist is packing up from a mid-afternoon folk show. Even at this early hour, the patrons are colourful. There's a mom with a pink furry toddler in a carriage, a horned woman behind the bar, and the guitarist has a tail sticking out under his plaid shirt.

* * *

Nico Minoru quietly resents that she is covered under the umbrella of 'underage'.

But that's what her driver's license from California says, provisional as it may be. That is what she is, and that is what she will be, and the only thing to do is wait it out. But waiting it out is dull, especially when in the middle of yet another movement, when you're having to worry about everything. Sometimes you just want to get out and around.

Nico had expected it to take longer to get here, having not yet fully updated her idea of how long it takes to cross town. Fine by her. She is wearing a dress with a slightly trailing asymmetric hem line and a leather jacket with the sleeves taken off as a vest. The threading of the missing sleeves is still there. But it has been zipped up nearly to the chin.

But now, Nico thinks. Her eyes turn around, assessing people.

  • Burg guy: eh (note to self: burg looks good)
  • a mom?? is this a mom bar??

** Child?????

  • guitarist is ok - is that a tail?
  • bar

It is the bar that Nico approaches. "Hey," she says, raising a hand to wave and smiling as she does. "I uh -" Her eyes turn towards the guitarist, and as she gets close enough she asks the barkeep-lady directly: "I didn't miss Crucial Gore, right? please tell me that it's still monday."

* * *

"They cancelled. Bassist has the stomach flu. Sorry hun. Boss insists on handling social media but he's not very good at paying attention to his phone." The bartender wipes out a mug, rolls her eyes and thumbs down the end of the bar where Rictor is tapping away at his phone.

"I am trying, okay? The Twitter keeps logging me out of the Shakedown account and into mine. I've posted the note about the show three times to my own account."

"Yeah, I'm sure his eight followers are real confused," says the bartender with a smirk.

"Oy. Shut it or I'll make you social media manager."

* * *

Nico rests her forehead on the bar top. "Ughhhh I came *across town*" she says. "I can't believe iiiit."

Then she looks up and over towards Rictor. Blinking slowly, she says, "Is that thing Apple or Stark or what? The app is really bad. If it's Lex, like, forget it, you're gonna need a laptop. I think they want you to try to use LexChat and they're gonna do it by making every other app suck -"

"Do you have wifi here?" she asks the bartender. Her phone is already drawn out, as if by magic. MILLENIAL magic.

* * *

"Here, have a seat. I'll make you something. You want a virgin-something? Latte? Coke?" The bartender doesn't look outwardly mutant aside from metallic blue lips and matching nails. But given the venue, it's possible that's not makeup.

Rictor tosses his phone down on the bartop. It's got a cracked screen and the case is split too. "Stark," he says as he sips from his pint. "Oh, yes, the WiFi is…Kiara?"

The bartender rolls her eyes again. "It's Shakedown spelled backwards."

* * *

What would Angela say here, Nico thinks as she considers the bartender's question.

"I didn't know you were offering virgins this early," she says to her, before continuing on, "Just espresso if you can? And an ice water." Nico's attention turns down to Rictor and then the phone goes flying towards her. "Oh, hey, I found the problem," she says. "Your phone's all ed up."

She picks up Rictor's phone. "Like that actually is probably your problem, you're putting in the password and it's getting all screwed up. Hold on, uh -" After some juggling round, she inverts it, and with one of those 'charming' little noises like ice in a scotch glass, the 'keyboard' is on the least screwed up. She extends it back to Rictor, carefully.

The other hand taps in the wifi password for the club without looking. The real magic.

("Kiara? I'm Nico, hi.")

* * *

Kiara throws her head back and snorts a most unladylike snort and gives no fucks about the sound. Then she goes off to work on the espresso machine. "Comin' up."

"Oy!" Rictor reaches for his phone, then snatches it back after she's done whatever it is she's done. "Until they make a phone that does not crack so easily, getting a new one is pointless." "What did you do to it?" he says suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Kiara gets a nice little white cup of espresso going with a nice crema on top, a glass of ice water, and a little lavender shortbread biscuit. This doesn't really seem like a lavender shortbread kind of place, so it may have just been from her own personal stash.

* * *

"Magic," Nico says. ("Seriously, just turn it around, the keyboard moves too.")

Looking back she says, "Oh, wow, thank you -"

"If you're managing like, a social media page, you should seriously get a laptop. You can clean up pictures and everything, it works way better. And uh - do you drop your phone a lot?"

* * *

"Oh." Rictor snorts softly. He rubs his face, taps out a message, then tosses the phone on the bar top and returns to his burger. "Microfractures," he says after biting into a fry. "From my power. It makes small cracks in the glass the longer I handle my phone until it starts to crack. That's my third phone this year."

"Also, he drops his phone," says Kiara.

"Also, I drop my phone."

* * *

oh no, Nico thinks, major faux pas.

"Ahhh," she says instead, looking at Kiara for a moment then, her lips pursing slightly. She takes a sip of the espresso, letting the dark bitterness wash over her tongue and /sooth her dark bitter soul/, before she says, "I get it. That sucks. Like, sound touch?"

* * *

"His name's Rictor if that'll give you any clues," says Kiara. She looks like she's about to sass some more but some customers come in and he's thankfully spared.

He watches her go and sighs. "Mhmmm. What she said. And don't worry, she hasn't outed me. I am open about what I am. I want people to trust this place and me." Then, a beat, "Sorry about the show notice. When they reschedule I hope you come back."

* * *

Nico turns her head to watch Kiara go too, but she answers Rictor. "I don't know if this is… rude, and I'm sorry if it is. Is that your name name, or the name you picked? Like, I understand either way, I'm just curious."

Looking towards him directly now, she smiles. "Sure," she says. "Absolutely. I think I'm gonna get a burger, too, if you're selling them here, since, like, I was gonna eat dinner here anyway."


A container of juice, having escaped theft, sits in the refrigerator. Nobody sees it.


"Do you get a lot of people from the neighborhood?"

* * *

Rictor cracks a grin. "Not rude. A little of both? My name is R-i-c-h-t-e-r, but most people spell it like the earthquake scale, so it works." He half-shrugs. Then he swivels his stool around and says something in Spanish towards the kitchen. A man answers from the kitchen, then, he responds again.

"Bacon cheeseburger coming, on me. For your trouble."

* * *

"Got it," Nico says. "I'm Nico, uh - I just moved here from California, a while ago. I have a friend who's, like, in the community?" How precise. "But she's younger. I guess I could have brought her, since I don't think she would've had to hear the uh, you know that song, Banned by the Terms of Service?"

Then she blinks.

"Oh my god," she says, "you didn't have to add the bacon! Okay I am coming the /hell/ back. I'll even bring friends."

("they don't have to get free bacon if it's gonna put you out, though.")

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