A New Exhibit
Roleplaying Log: A New Exhibit
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The Stonechat Museum has a new Ancient Roman exhibit on display. Kendra and Rozmeri chat.

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IC Date: July 10, 2019
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The Stonechat Museum is a rather 'small' museum compared to some, but that doesn't mean one should pass it over.

Especially not this week.

Fliers went around town, as well as commercials and even a billboard or two, announcing that the Stonechat Museum has a new exhibit upon display. The exhibit itself is titled simply: Ancient Color.

It deals specifically with Ancient Roman pottery and the paints and stains that were used in those times.

The displays for the Roman exhibit is held in the main display room which is through that middle doorway, and while one can't say the place is insanely crowded, there is a steady flow of traffic coming and going.

As a person enters the main display room they'll find display cases and stands throughout the whole room. While normally this particular room is devoted completely to Ancient Egyptian, for today (and really the next few weeks) half of the room now holds Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Roman artifacts.

The artifacts are a variety of things; weaponry, vases, bowls, shards of various pottery, jewelry, small statutes and even scroll work.

The room itself is rather cool, obviously forced air keeping the whole museum at a consistent temperature. Various scents linger within the air as well, those of the visitors around, cleaning agents, and also something more earthy as well. The dry dusty scent of sand and papyrus, paper and paint, minerals. It especially lingers in that main room where the majority of the displays are found.

For the curator of this particular Museum, Kendra Saunders, can be found in the main room. She watches the various people milling around and occasionally, when someone asks a question, she materializes nearby to helpfully answer.


You know the great thing about museums? Sure, the art is great and all— but the ventilation systems are amazing. After all, they house such precious treasures that there are filters upon filters, excellent temperature controls and all the really stinky stuff is kept behind good, solid glass. It's not like the streets outside, where the wind blows scents for miles in a new, confusing morass. Of course Rozmeri is adapting to it - one must, after all - but the occasional break is nice while she learns her way around the city.

And so here she is, along with the crowds. Black boots, a Yankees blue baseball cap (gasp!), and blue jean shorts peeking out from beneath the oversized Gotham U black hoodie. Her tote is covered in fruit, and she mills like any other tourist, squinting behind her glasses to check the plaques, lingering on the jewelry and taking discreet sniffs near the interesting papyrus scents. Curiously or not, beyond the baseball cap and tote, the other accessory is a surgical mask around her neck. Maybe she's just worried about pollution outside!


Kendra continues to subtly hover around the edges of the crowd. Honestly, she can't help but smile too, seeing the people point and look and just mill about it. It really does make her feel good to see everyone here.

Museums after all are all about passing on the knowledge of ancient times and cultures, and ways of life, and in all her various lifetimes there's been one consistent thing to Kendra - the need to learn about those cultures and pass it along.

There's also other things too, like the need for Kendra to fight and bash bad guys skulls inward too. It's that part of her that also watches the crowd for any troublemakers and so far none are seen.

But oddities are and that's what shifts Kendra's attention over to Rozmeri.

The fruity tote is what first captures her attention, but what kept her gaze upon the other woman is that surgical mask. Sure it's not the weirdest thing she's seen (it really isn't), but it's something different compared to the other tourists.

Perhaps that's what brings Kendra Saunders closer to Roz, as the curator says, "Sometimes it's pretty amazing to see what they were able to create, isn't it?"

And as one gets closer to the papyrus displays the faint sent of old vegetation might be found as well, thanks to the various ways inks were prepared back then.


Rozmeri is studying the papyrus, and doesn't seem surprise when someone approaches to talk. Maybe she heard the footsteps? But either way she straightens and flashes Kendra a grin, "Yeah, it's pretty incredible stuff." If Kendra's good with accents, she'll peg that one immediately as Upper Manhattan. Heights. Explains the Yankees hat. "It's just so weird to think about how back in the day this is all they had to work with, you know? And some of it looks like, so basic and like unprofessional until you realize all they had was some guy with a bunch of rocks, a fire and a hammer." There's a gesture towards pieces of the jewelry.

Maybe Rozmeri is also into old relics more than she sounds. She does seem to smell faintly of ink, dust, and… something else, complicated. Or, no, actually strawberries. Why did anyone think of ink and dust? She clearly has on some sort of strawberry body spray.


Kendra listens curiously to what Rozmeri has to say and at the mention of the jewelry and the look of it, Kendra can't quite stop her laughter.

"Right." Agrees the short-haired woman, perhaps with that one word sounding her physical age of twenty-three. "Some of it is super clunky and chunky, but like you said the were limited on what sorts of tools they had."

"Though I've seen some pieces that could pass for jewelry you can find nowadays. Bynzantine jewelry, for example, is very intricate. In fact, we still some of their patterns and techniques to this day. "

Oh yeah, Kendra definitely nerded out there for a minute. Not that she seems to care.

Whether Kendra picks up on the other woman's change of scent is hard to tell, as she merely continues with her next question, "Have you been here in the city long?"


Rozmeri… looks skeptical. "I dunno, have you SEEN some of the stuff in the jewelry stores these days? I window shop ALL THE TIME and I can tell you, you can't get that kinda work with a hammer and dique some guy with a chisel donk-donking along." Yes, she totally mimes the 'donk donking' which is apparently a tiny hammer pinched between two fingers. But there's an easy grin and a laugh as she changes the subject, "Not really. Like, maybe a week or two? Maybe officially a few days because I moved but I stayed with my parents until my summer program officially began, you know? It's kind of a trip. Gotham's definitely an adjustment after the city." There is only one true city, guys.


Rozmeri's mime of a tiny hammer hammering prompts another grin from Kendra, and then it's back to the conversation at hand.

"An adjustment?" Kendra says with that same grin and easy good-humor, "It's *definitely* something like that. I'm pretty sure all of us should be taking some sorta Vitamin D with how much the sun hides behind the clouds here in this city, but like you said you get used to it."

Curiously again, Kendra asks, "What program are you attending?" And then also, "I'm Kendra, by the way. Curator to this little museum."

And does Kendra pick up that gauntlet that Rozmeri has thrown upon the floor? Nope! She just lets it lay there, cause let's face it, there really is only one *true* city and for Kendra it's not necessarily Gotham.


It's okay. In her heart of hearts, Rozmeri knows everybody yearns for the Big Apple. But she nods along to the vitamin D commentary, "MMmhmm. Plus it's so *smoggy* here. Like New York ain't exactly pristine country air or whatever, but somehow Gotham manages to be smaller AND have more pollution or something." Probably because New Jersey has more factories, let's be real.

"Anyway, I'm getting my Master's in business. I'm still sort of feeling out which field exactly, but I have until next term to figure it out, which is cool. And I'm Rozmeri Rosario" A hand is offered out, and the name is a sort of strange mix of 'ross/rose merry' or 'ross/rose marie.' Her brows do go up at the title. "Curator? That means you're like, responsible for this stuff, right? Woooooow. That's impressive." And Rozmeri actually does seem impressed. "How'd you get into old stuff?"


"The air here is for real different." Kendra agrees and with those words her eyes flick to the other woman's surgical mask, "You'd think we were back in the 1920s when coal factories were all the rage."

At the mention of obtaining her Masters in Business, Kendra says, "Nice! Gotham U -" She's obviously making the assumption from the hoodie Roz wears that Gotham U is where she's going, "Is a good school. A lot of great programs and people there." And when Rozmeri extends a hand, Kendra automatically reaches out to shake it. Her grip is firm enough, but definitely not crushing. She has nothing to prove with that handshake of hers. "Nice to meet you, Rozmeri."

"Ha, I sure am responsible for this stuff." Echoes the woman, her voice turning serious for a split-second, then it relaxes as she says with a laugh, "And it's really not all that super impressive, honest. The museum sort of runs in the family." Which isn't necessarily the complete truth, but it's what Kendra runs with, "So, while I can't say I took the appropriate classes or got a degree in any particular field, I've definitely had a lot of hands on experience."


Rozmeri notices that little glance, and looks down herself, smiling a little ruefully. And shrugs. "I sneeze more here than I do back home. Mama says to give it a few weeks to adjust then go see a doctor to check my allergies." It's not exactly a lie. It's a heavy omission of details.

She grins and easily flows into the talk about her university, clearly more excited to talk about /that/ than her slow adjustment to Gotham, "Yeah, I was sooooo glad when I got the scholarship from the Wayne Foundation. Yo, it was /intense/. They're one of the few like, legit really good scholarships for people gettin Masters degrees. Everything else is like, loan loan loan." She accepts the handshake, hands work-rough but no telling callouses for the detectives who look for that sort of thing. She also has nothing to prove with a museum curator.

Especially not when the curator mentions it's a family business. Rozmeri immediately nods, a knowing look in her eyes. "I gotchu, I gotchu. Yeah, it helps when you're raised in something like that. My dad used to work in kitchens back in the day, and I'm a pretty boss cook. I thought about culinary school but those hours are crazy."


"Loans." Grouses the short-haired woman in some obvious empathy, "Like okay, let me sign for a hundred thousand dollars that I'll never be able to pay back, but sure, I guess I don't mind selling my soul for a good education."

"I had some similar experiences when I was trying to get this place back up and running. Thankfully I found some backers who weren't interested in gutting me or the Museum." Which again isn't the full truth, but much like Rozmeri there's a lot of heavy omissions with the details concerning just who her backers are.

"And congrats on the scholarship. You'll find the Wayne name all over Gotham City, but I'm not going to complain about it. His foundation does a lot of good in Gotham."

"And not even just the hours, but that price too and the business too. It's so cut-throat, all the knives just come on out when you're trying to make a name for yourself." Yup, she totally went there with that terrible pun.


"With what he's paying for *my* scholarship I would rock a Wayne-name bikini around Gotham." Rozmeri jokes. She's exaggerating— but you know, full scholarships are expensive. So maybe she WOULD.

The talk about the culinary career has her snorting, suppressing a laugh. "Oh man, yeah. For sure. Give me business where all I gotta worry about is glass ceilings, sketchy accountants and a confused global economy, you know?" A flash of a grin for Kendra. "Plus business gives you some flex. I like options."


"Ha!" Kendra amusedly exclaims when Rozmeri jokes about wearing a bikini, "I'm pretty sure Mr. Wayne would get behind something like that." Cause you know, Kendra reads all the gab-rags about the Billionaire - he's a playboy.

Her amusement fades to something more understanding at the mention of flex and options. "Yup, I totally understand. Best to have some wiggle room, especially with all this craziness in the world. Sometimes it really makes you wonder about things."

Though those things aren't elaborated upon, not when Kendra's name is called. Hearing her name the woman automatically turns in that direction, "Oh shoot, it looks like Molly needs me. We're probably running low on singles again."

Kendra turns back to Rozmeri and says, "It was nice chatting with you, Rozmeri. Next time you're around the Museum come on in. I'll even give you the friends and family discount on admission price and anything in the gift shop."


"Ooooh, aight." Rozmeri says, looking both pleased…and a little suspicious. After all, who gives freebies so easily? Maybe it's because she's a scholarship student. "Thanks a lot, Kendra. I'm gonna go check out and see if I can find that Busy-teen jewellery or whatever you mentioned." There's a little friendly wave, before Rozmeri begins to stroll away, peeking at plaques to find this so-called good jewelry.

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