Roleplaying Log: Ambushed
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DPS agents ambush a band of metas who had been ambushing the DPS while Quake ambushes the DPS and Moonstar ambushes Quake.

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IC Date: July 11, 2019
IC Location: New York City
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Posted On: 12 Jul 2019 02:59
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It's no secret that the DPS has been hunting down unregistered metahumans and that the Brotherhood is mostly made up of unregistered metas with an axe to grind. One group in particular had made it their mission to make things that much more difficult for the DPS somewhere outside of the ground zero which is more frequently known as Mutant Town. Their plan had been to dissuade the DPS from coming too near to this part of the city, attempting to stave them off however possible.

It worked..for a short time. The DPS have gotten smarter about these ambushes and began gearing up to catch those responsible in one proper round-up.

Of course, the Brotherhood has its own resources and somewhere along the way word had been carried down the line that such a retaliation was imminent. These metas in question may not be full-blown Brotherhoodites but they still fall under such protection. In addition, they had just the right person to offer as backup.

Someone new. Someone with some real potential. Someone who still hasn't completely proven herself, or her devotion to their cause.

Night has fallen and tension is in the air. The small group of troublemakers are already in position as the DPS trucks come rolling into town.

The mutants attack first, albeit subtly. One of the younger adults lays hands upon the road and transforms the pavement into a surface which is as slick as ice. When the first truck within the convoy attempts to slow down it begins an almost graceful slide down the street, colliding with a parked van which casts it into a lazy spin. The other vehicles in the convoy don't do much better, playfully bumping into one another as they drift along. Without the help of curbs and stationary obstacles they might have slid straight into the bay.

Then the officers start to pour out, wearing cleat-like metal treads on the bottoms of their boots. This moment had been expected.


There are some mutants and metas that straddle two worlds.

The registered. The unregistered.

The lawful. The unlawful.

The human. The non-human.

The good. The bad.

It's that last one that one particular mutant who has a foot in both worlds struggles the most with. How to help mutant and meta kind, but also uphold the law. How not to take sides, but take sides.

How to be a good person in a situation that feels as if she makes the wrong decisions on a daily basis.

Tonight seems to be no different. Because that's how life is, right? There are no breaks or rests, even for those who aren't remotely wicked.

As such, Danielle Moonstar is the one who hears the chatter increase at SHIELD HQ from the DPS agents. Oh sure, SHIELD knew definitely about what was going on, but were they actively involved in it? Not necessarily. Not after the terrible optics from Captain Marvel. The alphabet company has been playing it safe.

That, however, doesn't stop individual agents from reacting to things. Like Moonstar. Her expression twists and the Cheyenne quickly finds her way out, then it's a fast-paced walk to where Brightwind is housed.

Their flight doesn't take long, not with how fast Brightwind can travel, and high above in the sky the winged horse and his rider arrives just in time to see the trucks slip their way down the street. Just in time to see the officers of the Department of Safety boil out from the trucks.


Three DPS armored vehicles. Fifteen armed and armored officers with boots on the ground. Those on foot quickly set up a defensive perimeter with flashlights searching the darkened streets and alleys.

"Movement, northwest corner."

"Team three, investigate."

A flick of razor thin energy lashes out like a demented slinkie at one of the vehicles, snapping against its armored hide with an acute crack that leaves a vicious smoking wound within the body.

"Hard contact northeast!"

Then one of their vehicles simply disappears, falling through the street where a portal had opened beneath it. Thirty feet away the vehicle is ported back in, upside down. The heavy metal construction hits the ground with a jolt, cracking the street.

"More to the south!"

"Draw the net!"

A lone helicopter had been lying in wait not far away. Now it's sweeping into the scene with a searchlight projecting down upon the nested group of officers. In the distance and seemingly from all directions the sounds of engines can be heard as more trucks begin to close in on the scene. They're getting serious about shutting this terrorist cell down!

Again that thin, bright spiraled coil of energy lashes out, this time at a cluster of DPS agents. Before it can cut into them like it had with the truck the energy coil gets snared by a baton which one of the agents holds overhead, leaving the quick moving attack dead in the air where it shimmers and sparks with live current.

"There she is, drop her!"

Then comes the weapons fire.


Dani watches the scene below with narrowed eyes, her expression stony.

"I guess it's going to be that kind of night." She murmurs to herself, though Brightwind flicks his ears backwards in response to her words. "Let's get down -"

And then the helicopter makes an appearance and all Moonstar can do is curse. It'd have been loud cursing, but the whirl and beat the of the helicopters blades drown out all of her words.

Thankfully, Brightwind doesn't need to hear any of Dani's words to know what she wants and with a tuck of wings the horse plummets downward.

While she doesn't necessarily have DPS sanctioned comm-units she does know what channel they're usually on, so as she descends toward the ground, she tunes right on in to their specific channel.

It's not cheating, promise.

Immediately the earbud in her ear comes alive with the chatter of the DPS agents below.

Half of her attention is focused on what the DPS agents are saying and doing, while the other half of her brain is focused on where the 'bad guys' are. Mostly Dani's trying to follow that coil of energy back to where it originates from. Wherever it may lead, Brightwind is going to land relatively close to and somewhere appropriately high, like a rooftop. Once down Moonstar is quick to dismount and with a look to Brightwind (who shakes his head in horsey annoyance - no he is not leaving her), the Cheyenne moves to the edge of the roof and looks down, then around.


This hasn't happened before… Upon hearing that one of the mutants is in trouble the others gear up to intervene, which means a change in their own methods of engagement. To help their own means to break cover. To break cover means to give the DPS officers additional targets.

It gets ugly fast.

One of the metas is about to take a baton to the head when he catches it and the baton starts to dissolve into thin air, the pale grey particles swept away like the smoke from an outdoor grill. This, too, is a known quantity. The baton was the sacrificial offering, a distraction so that other agents could move in with firearms loaded with rubber slugs. They open fire and give the mutant known around here as 'Ash' a whole lot more to think about.

'Spiro' in the alley seems to be all knotted up with that energy-attracting baton. As she tries to cast additional energy strings they're similarly entangled until she's left unable to cast more, and seemingly unable to withdraw those which have already been cast.

From the south end two of the agents get swallowed up in another ground portal courtesy of 'Trapdoor' who then dumps them from a dozen feet overhead on top of their allies. His own falling comes from thinking he took care of the situation, not realizing that more are rapidly closing in from behind.

'Slick' is in a tight spot of his own. With the agents wearing modified footwear he can't cause them to fall down. He's rendered almost completely useless. Agents quickly move in to take him down when there's a sudden yell from the entire team of five..and all five go flying out of the alley and back into the slippery street. Stunned and off of their feet they continue sliding along like pucks on an air hockey table.

"Command, they've got someone new here! Team two is down! RepeatTeam two isAAH!"

Then one of the armored DPS trucks gets shoved over by nothing more than a faint shimmering of the night air, landing hard onto its side then sliding off alongside those five soldiers.


Dani watches everything play out as it does.

A witness to it all. A familiar mantle she's held since registration passed into bona fide law.

Does it make it any easier? No. She can empathize on one hand with the DPS agents. They're doing their job. She can also empathize (much more easily) with the freedom fighters below.

And while the scene below looked like possibly it was about to wrap up, a new player enters into the fray. The shout across the comm from the DPS agents brings Moonstar's head up sharply, her gaze over to their position. Then the Cheyenne straightens from the edge of the roof and moves.

While she can't say she's skilled at parkour or anything like that, Moonstar has climbed and bounced from rooftop to rooftop many a nights, and so like some deranged rabbit, the black-haired woman moves across buildings towards the alleyway that the new contact seems to be originating from.


Moonstar's stealthy approach is made easier by Slick having made part of the battlefield inaccessible down below. This new person is forced to stick to the alleys. Following the maze and where the other metas are tangling with the DPS and it draws a nice neat roadmap for Dani to follow.

Then comes the next tell. The shadowy form of a woman briskly marching along, wearing black and gunmetal grey armored shells around her palms and forearms. Each one has green and a purple wire, all of which are currently lit up like glowsticks.

Dani won't be able to see the woman's face from up above but the gauntlets might remind her of an awkward probie hacker back at the Triskelion who had to wear power inhibiting gloves in a very similar fashion. After the Helicarrier was brought down she had disappeared, as if she managed to fall right between the cracks which the Division was left to frantically try and pave over following the attack.

Ash is the next stop on her tour. DPS reinforcements had already closed in and gotten the drop on him. It's almost too easy, with a flick of a hand she sends them scattering against one of the alley walls. Another hand is held down to Ash. As he takes it with one hand and holds his head in the other his attention is cast up toward the rooftops for just a moment…

Dani's cover is blown.

Wide eyes and a finger pointing right at her. Then the other girl looks up. Those wide, dark eyes may look familiar to Dani even with the heavy shadowing that's been applied around them.

'Quake' certainly seems to recognize the person camping out overhead, though the frown she now wears is anything but friendly.

Ash is given a quick slap on the shoulder. "Go help the others, I've got this."

Then she's branching off to another alley, keeping one eye up overhead.


Did Dani really just blow her cover?

Yup, she sure did.

Not that it matters, not when Quake looks up at her and recognition flares for both women.

Now Dani likewise wears a frown on her face, but before she can shout 'stop right there!' or something else equally cheesy 90s-cop-movie-sounding, Quake runs.

Almost Dani loses her, in that maze of alleyways, as the Cheyenne literally stands there a moment having a completely one-sided conversation with herself. It goes something like this:

Was that?
It was.

Dammit. I wanted an easy night tonight.

Then Moonstar gives chase.

While the rooftops are heavily shadowed thanks to the night, the helicopter with its searchlight does little to help Moonstar. It briefly illuminates her here and there as the black-haired woman chases after the MIA Hacker-of-SHIELD.

That illumination doesn't seem to stop Dani, not as she zigs and zags every which way on the rooftops to follow after Daisy. It's only when Moonstar runs past a fire escape that the woman finally descends fully to the ground. Here is where she finally shouts, "Stop right there!"

At least it's not 'stop or I'll shoot?'. That's something at the very least!


Quake was trying to get them both away from the other metas AND away from the DPS. This, at least, seems to have been accomplished without too much trouble. But it's only a matter of time before the inevitable face to face occurs. Neither of them are likely looking forward to it.

At Dani's call to stop Daisy actually -does- stop running, though in its place she spins about on her heels and holds her palms forward in an obviously defensive posture. Those light pipes are still glowing. That probably means something important.

"You shouldn't have come here, Dani. This wasn't your fight."

It's all the warning that she's going to give Moonstar before the air between them transforms into a concussive battering ram meant to fling the Cheyenne a solid dozen feet back or so. At least she isn't given The Wall Treatment like those DPS officers but if Daisy is attempting to pull her punches it could probably use a little work!


This isn't her fight?

The look Dani gives Daisy right now is equal parts incredulousness and disbelief.

"Pretty sure it is, Daisy. What the hell are you doing here?" Almost Dani says 'and on the wrong side', but thankfully those words are stopped short before she can say them. It probably wouldn't help this situation.

Especially not when Quake keeps those hands of hers raised; dangerous weapons in such tight quarters. It causes Moonstar to tense even further, "What the Hell is going on -"

Here. That's how she was going to end it, but then that wave of concussive force is sent her way. Sure, Dani tries to move out of the way, but she's just a hair too slow and so, Moonstar gets hit quite nicely by that force.

It flings her backwards and the Cheyenne lands hard on the ground and completely flat on her back.

There's several seconds of no movement from Dani, as she lays there stunned, but then her synapses start to work again. The Cheyenne woman immediately rolls to her knees and while still upon the ground, Moonstar raises her eyes to the other woman. She could possibly wheeze another 'what's going on', but the Agent of SHIELD saves her breath.

Now, instead, the woman's eyes narrow and while she doesn't necessarily reach for her powers … yet … she does pull her ICER out in one fluid motion. Then she fires three bullets in a row, one after another, and all aimed at Daisy.


There's a most peculiar edge to Daisy's stare now that the two are alone. It's more than recognition of who had been a former teammate, more than realizing they're in a difficult situation and that Quake's about to take the first shot at the Cheyenne. It even goes beyond the concerns of the DPS and the meta allies whom she had left to fend for themselves in light of this new challenge.

Is Daisy -worried- about something..? Like worried about something more than getting caught?

Dani isn't given long to consider the ultimate underlying emotion before she's sent flying.

Then Dani ups the ante by drawing an ICER. Quake only has one defense against firearms and that's more of the same ramped up to eleven.

She has time for a panicked "NO!" as her head twists to the side and her arms come higher. Unfortunately for Dani the alley helps to channel Daisy's power that much further. It's like being dropped right into a wind tunnel running at full tilt, a thunderclap of explosive vibrational energy that threatens to ripple the concrete itself.

The resulting blast sends a fully loaded dumpster into the air. A fire escape gets mangled and snapped apart like it was made out of toothpicks. The grimy water lingering on the ground gets turned into a fine mist. The brick walls flanking the two buckle against the strain, fresh cracks forming as a dense cloud of dust gets swept straight down the alley.

But what the hell happened to the bullets? Daisy's still standing… No impact marks to be found. If Dani's really lucky her ICER will still be in one piece. Nothing else in this alley is!

The former hackerette utters an "Oh god…" before her wits return enough that she can spin back around and try to make a run for it!


While Dani sees a hint of Daisy's underlying emotions, that doesn't stop the Cheyenne from pulling her gun, or firing.

There's too many questions to ask. Best just to tranq Daisy and bring her in -

Only it doesn't go quite as planned. Not as the other woman reacts to the perceived threat of Danielle Moonstar, and those ICER bullets.

The alleyway becomes a small point of windy and vibrational hell. Enough that Dani's gun falls from her grip, not that Moonstar seems to really care, not when the dumpster goes flying and dust kicks up. Not when the fire escape twists and groans and then snaps.

That's enough to cause the black-haired woman to raise her own arms defensively against flying projectiles.

When it quiets and settles, Dani's own harsh breathing might be heard. Yes, she's seen and been through a lot of things, but an earthquake in a proverbial wind tunnel isn't something she'd like to repeat.


Not that she can ponder those feelings long, not as Daisy turns and makes a break for it.

Dani staggers to her feet and psychic energy coalesces in her hands. A bow forms and while she normally would take the time to form arrows that specifically look like arrows, tonight there's no time.

As such, Daisy will find a psychic 'arrow' flying at her, one that looks like it was crudely drawn by a three year old. Still, that doesn't stop it from still packing a psychic punch.

As long as it hits her, that is.


It should be an easy target even despite Dani being rattled from the blast. Quake's going full-on retreat and there's not many places she can duck to or objects she can hide behind. She'll never see that psychic arrow coming. Hell, she doesn't even know Dani -has- psychic arrows at her disposal!

It's a lesson which won't ever be forgotten once one of them hits her.

In a flash Daisy's world is turned upside down and so many haunting images flood into her mind. False memories which seem so real…

Reading a story outlining the deaths of both of her parents because of an uncontrolled burst of her power.

A power surge so intense that it shattered every bone in her body.

Being solely responsible for having brought down the Helicarrier.

Half of the city being devastated by an earthquake.

The entire city being destroyed.

The entire -planet- being split apart.

Vaporizing everything she knows.
Everyone she cares about.
Left a broken shell placed in stasis in a metahuman prison buried so deep underground that it doesn't have a name…

What Dani would see is the retreating 'mutant' getting pierced straight and true with that psychic arrow right before she falls not -to- the ground but -through- the ground. The suddenly unconscious Brotherhood initiate going by 'Quake' has just been caught by the teleporting meta known as Trapdoor.

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