Aliens Falling From the Thirtieth Floor
Roleplaying Log: Aliens Falling From the Thirtieth Floor
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Jenny and Mari are minding their own business when a smoking alien falls from the thirtieth floor of a high-rise and splatters atop a car. Fun ensues.

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IC Date: July 08, 2019
IC Location: Uptown Manhattan - NYC
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Posted On: 15 Jul 2019 00:14
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NPC & GM Credits: Zealot
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==New York City - Manhattan - Uptown Manhattan==

Bifurcated by the green space of Central Park, Uptown Manhattan begins at West 59th Street and immediately divides into a distinct western and eastern half, before reconvening at West 110th Street at the northern end of the park. In contrast to the storm and furor of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, here the pace is slower and the crowds are thinner, owing to the area's more residential character. Here also can be found many of the museums and famed art installations of New York, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

On the west side of the island, closer down to Midtown, can be found the cultural and retail hub of Columbus Circle. Several businesses also have their headquarters here, among them the Time Warner Center, and the New York City studio headquarters of CNN.

Of particular note are two bulidings faced off on opposite sides of the circle, both of them overlooking Central Park. In character they are as unlike as can be; Rand Tower is old and ornate, standing weathered and stately in its place, while Fisk Tower spears aggressively into the skyline with the out-of-place gaudiness typical of new money.

<UW> - Upper West Side
<UE>   Upper East Side
<CP>   Central Park
<HA>   Harlem
Jennifer Hayden (jade)
Vixen (Mari)
Zealot (Zannah)
Midtown Manhattan <S>
**Midtown Manhattan
==Scene Begins==
Uptown Manhattan is rarely quiet, but it's usually pretty orderly, being largely of the classier, higher-rent districts of the City That Never Sleeps. But there are times when that orderly, calmer existence is shattered.
Like now!
One of the medium-sized high-rises explodes outwards, concrete falling all around with glass and steel; something just blew out the thirtieth floor, along with some damage to the twenty-ninth below and the thirty-first above. And then a big, meaty something comes plumeting out of the smoking, fire-wreathed crater in the building and falls … falls … falls and crushes a parked cab below with an explosive landing that sends bits of green-blooded flesh and exoskeleton in all directions.
Up above, outlined in the fire and devastation, a figure clad in crimson armor, besmirched with blood, soot and other stains, engages in a pitched battle with … something virtually undescribable. But H.R. Geiger is filing for copyright infringement.

Jen stares in horror at her freshly destroyed cab. Her hand was inches from the handle. She remains frozen for several seconds, eyes wide as dinner plates. The tiny green-skinned woman stammers something incoherent and starts backing up. Despite the heat she's in a light jacket that looks heavily worn and repeatedly darned, with jeans and low, practical boots.
"Fuck me!" the girl blurts, and finally skitters back away from the cab. She cranes her neck and looks upwards. A hand blocks the sun from her eyes.
"Goddamnit, fucking not /today/," she mutters savagely. "Okay. Okay. You can do this."
She takes a few deep breaths, then flies skywards in a flickering nimbus of green light. Energy washes over her, replacing her ratty clothes with a sleek moss-and-silver colored jumpsuit.
"Who the fuck is throwing aliens?" she demands as she closes in on the battle!

Vixen had been on her way home from a rather enjoyable shopping spree - a girl's got to live a little. But then there's green alien goo on her Prada, and she is little irked. But she'll deal with that later. There's a brief duck into the shadows - hopefully the packages she's abandoning won't be lifted while she's being a hero, but this is New York, after all - and then she emerges, in the costume best identified as her sleeveless pantsuit, the totem of Tantu resting against her bare throat.
Letting her fingers graze it, she is enveloped in the aura of a silverback gorilla for a moment, and begins to bound her way at rapid speed toward the monstrosity.

There is a guttural roar from the creature, and then two massive mini-gun laser canons are lifted by extra arms, swiveled into place as they chew through steel girders, concrete walls and reinforced glass all the same. Probably a dozen more people die in seconds as they are carved and burned to remnants.
But the figure in red screams, twin blades slicing forth, deflecting laser blasts back at the weapons and the creature; she is not so lucky as to have actually disabled either, but those are a half-dozen shots that didn't cut her to ribbons, or anyone else. "You filthy daemonite scum! Confronted with your mortality, you decide to slaughter innocents!" And then the woman in red, with stark white hair schmutzed with green gore and dark ash, leaps into the oncoming fire, deflecting with one blade as she takes a massive strike with the other towards one of the weapons.
Thus far, neither figure really responds to Jade's question. However, the ugly bastard does seem to have noticed her, and one of those miniguns is sweeping out, tracking towards her inexorably.

Well, that simplifies thing. The airborne Not-A-Green-Lantern recognizes Zanna immediately. Attire notwithstanding, there are just not that many statuesque amazons with silver-white hair in the world.
It's been a while, but Zannah stands out a bit in the memory.
And it cinches things when that monster starts panning an autogun her direction. Jen's eyes go wide and she flings a series of shields up in front of herself, thin but densely stacked and sharply angled. A clever move; low-energy, high chance of stopping even a major hit.

Vixen admittedly isn't up to speed on the nature of the daemonite, but she reckons her claws are magic imbued, and if they don't work, try, try again. With the spirit of the silverback imbuing her, she takes a running leap onto the creature, digging those razor sharp nails into its hide and hanging on like a vicious tick.

"No —- !!!" Zannah shouts, as the accursed creature turns its weapons on the small emerald-hued girl floating in mind-air. She had no idea the girl's shields could hold back a weapon like this, and she is a bit astounded when it works. But she quickly slices her blade down through that autocanon in the moment of that opening, and then hops up and kicks the creature in the maw to set it off-balance.
Vixen manages surprise, and gets her claws into the daemonite; unfortunately, she can quickly determine that the thing is - at least so far - healing up every scratch almost as soon as she manages to dig a furrow into that demonic-seeming flesh.

"Fuck!" Jen falls fifteen feet at that first splashing impact to her forcefields, arms pinwheeling before she remembers she's not actually, y'know. /Flying/.
She stabilizes, surges up to level with the thing, and stares at it with wide, horrified eyes. Zannah and Vixen are slashing and cutting at it, to little effect. Maybe…
Jen makes a fist in the air and flings open fingers at the monster. From her hand flickers spinnerets of green light as thick webbing starts to cling to the beast. Curiously, the webbing doesn't seem to effect Zannah or Vixen at all. They can't even interact with it.

Alright, the thing recovers fast. But there are always the soft spots, and determined, using the strength and power of the mightiest of primates, Vixen begins to climb, clawing into the creature's skin with every heave that takes her closer to the creature's head. And when she finally arrives, she digs one claw deeply into the flesh there to anchor herself, and then lets go, swinging in front of one of the creature's eyes and slashing her claws across the soft, liquid orbs.

When Vixen claws the thing's eyes out, it howls and screams, thrashing with rage, managing to club the schmootzed platinum blonde in the red armor to the ground with a sudden chaotic swing. But that thrash throws the creature up into the green energy webs Jade has strung over it, which means all of its might and power is now being directed through those webs and back to Jade, like to toss the little emerald girl around like a bug, if not for the advantages of her power.
Zannah manages to drag herself back up to her feet, groaning, and then leaps forward to slice through the second autocanon before the thing can bring it to bear again, both of them exploding messily. Now, the daemonite is reduced to nothing but claws, and it is doing all it can to get free and get those claws onto these pesky damned women! Damned primate mammals!

Jade's rooted solidly in air by a force as inexplorable as gravity. The webbing gathers and sticks and binds the monster bit by bit, spiderwebs scaled up a hundredfold. And there's a lot of it, more and more, interfering with neither woman but increasingly complicating movement and responses from the lumbering hulk.

"Would one of you FUCKING KILL IT ALREADY?" Jade screams at the two women, her voice high and tight with adrenaline.

Vixen lets out a yelp as the thrashing dislodges her; she goes flying. Twisting mid-air, she lands in a crouch, intertia dragging her backward as she digs into the ground to slow herself. "We're trying!" She snarls back. He hand brushes her amulet once more, and this time, the energy aura that manifests is that of a rhinocerous. Getting a running start, it looks like she intends to tackle the thing.

"That would be the entire reason I am here." the warrior woman in red intones calmly; she doesn't even raise her voice. But she does leap forward again, leading with those impossibly sharp blades and trying to get a purchase on the killing machine made flesh.
Given the opportunity of the creature's limiting movement, Zannah leaps up and stabs down into the thing's neck and upper chest, literally coring out an opening despite the rapid healing and then shoving something from her belt inside and leaping away.
Vixen charges and slams into the daemonite, which cannot move very far and certainly cannot avoid the impact of hundreds of tons of fast-moving rhino … energy. Anyway, it's a slam, if not a dunk.
And then a corruscating white and orange energy field starts erupting from inside the creature outwards. And there's this odd high-pitched screaming wine all of a sudden …

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