A Shield
Roleplaying Log: A Shield
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After the fall of the Triskelion, Steve and Peggy reunite.

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IC Date: March 25, 2019
IC Location: The Triskelion
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Posted On: 16 Jul 2019 03:04
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Midtown Manhattan is a mess. It is a clog of traffic, smoke and dust. Sirens wail and police have cordoned off blocks at a time to ensure that no civilians will wander cluelessly into the aftermath of a building collapse or an attack. The city is still attempting to find out what is going on and what is happening to them. There is panic, screaming, crying, people taping things on their phones.

The building where the Triskelion once stood is nothing more than rubble now. There are still people gathered about the building, some in SHIELD gear, more in police, fire and medical uniforms. Many look shocked, others are injured, some are angry and a few are even crying. It is a strange scene.

Peggy Carter, once she was set on the ground by Tony, is attempting to wrangle who and what she can. She reminds people of their orders from Fury and has stationed herself in the coordination tent with other members of SHIELD, of the DPS, the NYPD and NYFD. Her hands have been bandaged and her arm is slung. Dust cakes her hair and clothing, but she seems focused on the task ahead of her, face tight and determined. It's the face she must have had often during the War when battles were going poorly.

* * *

Soggy red boots move through the streets, hardened soles occasionally eliciting a crunch from broken glass or concrete. The squish of wet footwear is easily drowned out by the tragic concert of the current situation; sirens mix with calls of various first responders and government agents, making the man's arrival almost completely unannounced. But all it takes is one fireman looking up from the conversation with a couple of police to undo all that. Efforts to cordon off the area are paused as the two police seem to lift their heads, the awe-inspiring sight keeping their attention locked on the waterlogged new arrival. They watch and wait, as if this one person would somehow change everything for the better.

A simple nod is given to them from the individual in question: Captain America, his shield placed on his back with his uniform soaked, but largely intact. His gloves tighten into fists before releasing them again, a vain attempt to get the water out from the areas that it leaked into during the long swim over.

Rogers continues to walk, a SHIELD agent moving to talk to him. The agent appears to be suffering some form of verbal vomit, just giving Steve the low down and perhaps then some. The Man Out of Time stops, looking at the young soul. A meaningful glance is given, pair well soft words delivered with a will that seems all but unbreakable. To end whatever inspiration he lends, Cap places his hand on the agent's shoulder, offering a few closing words as well as a question. The agent points. Steve sighs before continuing to run. It isn't until Steve disappears into the chaos that those in the entire area allow themselves to go back to their duty with renewed purpose. Whatever the words were, they were taken to heart by all, despite the fact they were meant for one. What were the final line that seems to carry resonance with so many?

"The only thing we can do in the wake of heinous acts is to work together to be greater than any evil before us. You can do it; it's why you're standing here now."

A few minutes later, Peggy hears a familiar voice. When she turns, Steve will be there. "Agent Carter," he offers simply, offering a formal salute despite his superhero helm being currently removed.

* * *

"I want to keep the responders focused on survivors. We can handle those that only have minor injuries. Reserve the ambulances for those in critical condition and those that we manage to save from the building. Many of our SHIELD agents are already relocating to make the site easier to access." Peggy Carter is still a woman who takes charge in a crisis. She is not a symbol of hope, she is not one to bolster the morale of troops…she gets to the heart of the matter and attempts to make sure that those that can do the most help are put where they can do that.

Peggy has been used to the chatter behind her, the sirens, the crying, the shock. When it slows to a hush and then rises up again, the hairs on the back of her neck rise. She knew what that meant on the frontlines and this very much feels like those days again. Then, the confirmation: Steve's voice saying, 'Agent Carter.'

Immediately, she turns and she sees Steve there. For a moment, the tension in her shoulders releases for a moment and her eyes get glassy with tears. The utter and immediate relief in seeing him there is easy to read on her face, one that moments ago was closed off and impregnable.

"Captain Rogers."

Peggy blinks without tears being shed and she turns to those in the tent. "If you'll excuse me." Then, she steps forward and leads him toward a secluded area - a dust covered cafe with the windows blown out and empty. Then, she moves forward to wrap her one good arm around him, tight.

* * *

A wordless follow is given as Steve Rogers moves toward the caf? with a calm professional march, seemingly more ready for a briefing than anything else. But the hug comes and the professional demeanor swiftly fades toward a softer gaze. Gently, the sculpted arms of Cap move around Peggy, as if attempting to shield her from the entire world.

A few moments pass, the world seems to silence itself brief as Steve tries to remain in the moment, savering the simple blessing of not having to bury a /second/ Peggy Carter.

"Sorry, I'm late. Traffic was horrible," Cap offers, the attempt at humor poor that the mirth fails to rise in his voice. "When the communications were broken, I feared the worse, but I'm glad that there were some to help keep the causalities low. While the situation is bad, I can't help but imagine what would have happened if we didn't have the boots on the ground that we did." Steve pulls away slightly, if only to inspect the woman's injuries. "Are you okay?"

* * *

After all that has happened, Peggy still needs to keep up a professional barrier amongst others. In a less trying time she most likely would have waited till they were in true privacy to be this physically open where someone could see. However, the Triskelion just literally crashed about her head. She will take comfort from Steve where she can get it.

His joke is met with a soft laugh. He may not even be able to hear it, but he will feel the quick shake of her shoulders while she remains in his arms. Then, muffled by his uniform, she responds, "Yes, this is why you should never drive in Manhattan. I'll forgive you this one."

As they pull back, she nods. "You were with Michael. Is he…?" It's not like she always checks up on her brother's SHIELD schedule, but she is something of a nosy nellie.

As for her own injuries, she nods. "Angry imprisoned metahumans. One burned me. It was a distraction. This was a concise and coordinated strike against SHIELD and the Triskelion." She looks over Steve. "Are you? And the others?" He was on the new Helicarrier.

* * *

"He's fine," Steve begins swiftly, understanding the need for her brother to be safe. It's likely something she already knew considering the mannerisms of Steve preparing someone from loss were not there, but in these situations, perhaps nothing can be assumed. We took some losses, but considering it was the Brotherhood doing a direct hit on the helicarrier, it should have been a lot worse. Captain Danvers was able to do the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively. Agent Drew and Johnson did well, and well, you know your brother is almost as capable as yourself."

Calmly, a gloved hand moves to go through Peggy's hair as he continues to be the source of stability and hold her close with his other arm. His fingers move through her hair, combing it with tenderness, making sure to not pull any knots that might have been caused by all the chaos. In this caring time, his gaze looks about, still somewhat wary, both of people coming in at the wrong time as well as new threats they aren't aware of. After all, in times like this, you don't know when the conflict has officially come to an end. "And you know me, Peggy. If anyone can survive something crashing out of the sky, it's me. A little battered, but I'll be fine. I was getting ready to get into the thick of battle again, but seems like you all have things handled here for the most part."

* * *

Hearing about Michael is the verbal confirmation she needed. It's quick, a moment of respite amongst everything else. Knowing that he is alright, too, just lessens her worry. It's selfish, but sometimes that need should be quickly put aside so other things can be focused on.

Once that is established, there are so many logistics, people, organizations to worry about it. For right now, though? She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes as Steve runs a hand through her hair. It's a moment of stability and warmth amidst all this chaos and destruction.

Then, she is listening to what happened on the Helicarrier. "How did they even know about it?" she asks softly. "This is more than just the Brotherhood. And even if it was just the Brotherhood…" she trails off.

As for her handling the thick of the battle, she shakes her head. "They demolished the entire building, Steve. There was nothing I could do about it. I don't know where Fury is. He gave an order to meet up at a secondary base on Roosevelt Island but he's no where here."

* * *

A soft sigh is given toward idea of the SHIELD head disappearing. It seems Rogers is not shocked by this. Maintaining his position, the blue eyes narrow faintly in thought. "Fury is Fury. You know when things go badly, he'll likely pull back, plan from square one and figure out piece by piece who to trust and how to go about getting things back to where they need to be. If he doesn't know all the players in this, going dark gives him the freedom to explore."

While Rogers isn't one for such styles, working with Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Fury himself has allowed him to learn somewhat of how secret agents work. Or at least the ones more involved with wet works than perhaps even Carter herself. He takes a moment to consider how this thing could have gone down.

"Considering the timing of the attack, I have a feeling it could have had an inside assistance,” he muses softly, the broken sentences only show the direct line of thought to mouth as he tries to process with the aid of a much keener mind than his own. “The registration had a lot of enemies who wanted to make a point and there are a lot of sympathizers even with people normally aligned to SHIELD. And sometimes, the bad guys understand the importance of teamwork and reaching to unlikely allies too."

* * *

Even though Peggy is not leaning completely against Steve any more, her arm is still around him, they are still connected. Generally she designates it her job to scan the area for other people, for threats. Right now everyone that is not in this room could be a threat.

"I think so, too. Registration is too new. This had to have been broiling for awhile. Either that or this could happen at any point because terrorists decide it so."

Fury being gone is worrying, but not so worrying. She's more trying to figure out his play. There is simply quite a lot going on.

She frowns. "Inside assistance." They've briefly discussed it before, but this is concrete proof. "SHIELD's been compromised and most likely still is."

* * *
“The problem with a large government agency tasked to protect the world from every threat known and unknown: eventually corruption will find its way in.” There is a short pause as Steve rubs the arm of Peggy. Normally there would be an issue of his work gloves messing with her nicer attire, but well, everyone’s clothes are shot for the day at this point. A soft sigh is given as Steve attempts to shift gears slightly.

“But that’s a problem for much later on. We have to focus on what’s coming tomorrow first, then we can look ahead. I should likely make a message about all this. I know a lot of the Avengers pushed for me to make an official statement with their blessing, I suppose it’s good I held off so I can use this time. We need to make sure people feel safe, like we are still here and able to protect.” A glance is given to the area to the debris and rubble and then to Peggy. “Am I needed out there, or do you all have all the manpower you need?”

After all, in the age of superheroes, even jobs like this can have ‘too much manpower’.

* * *

"I know. We've been worried about it for awhile, but I thought we had more time." That's always the case, isn't it? Everyone always thinks they have more time, there will be another tomorrow to fix it. Steve's gloves rub against the already ripped and burned clothes Peggy is wearing. Her sleeves have practically become short from all the tears and holes.

"We do. I think everyone in SHIELD right now feels as if they've been attacked." That's certainly, how she feels. It's understandable as she was, the whole organization in New York City was. "We have a place to retreat to, but this is…this is a blow." To be taken down so publically? So decisively? It's a huge morale kick.

The question about being needed is met with a smile. "I believe there are more than a few people out there who upon seeing you amongst them would help." Captain America has always been a symbol of hope and of safety. "Seeing you makes quite a lot of people feel safe."

Squeezing her arms a bit tighter about him, it's clear seeing him here puts her in that camp as well.

* * *
As the Agent of SHIELD holds him tight, there are a couple of seconds when Rogers returns the affection, wishing that the rest of the universe could be ignored, if only for a time. But times moves on and Steve slowly releases the woman. “Right,” he states for a moment, his blue eyes studying hers for a time. It’s unknown if he finds what he’s looking for as thought makes his gaze flicker slightly here and there, but he repeats himself and steps away. “Right.”

The attire is straightened up, a few pouches of medical supplies checked, and the arm straps on the prized tool of justice just so. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around,” he concludes with a large and goofy grin that seems warm, awkward, and with a hint of innocence that even the cries of the wounded can’t seem to dim. “Be safe.” And with that, Captain America makes his way into the fray once more. It’s clear for all concerned, that things will change… But Rogers will always be there for the woman who first believed in him.

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