Stakeout Reacquaintance
Roleplaying Log: Stakeout Reacquaintance
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After Wolverine returns to the mansion, he and Kitty stakeout a warehouse where Sentinels are apparently held and catch up.

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IC Date: July 16, 2019
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It's a dark night somewhere in New Jersey. Are all nights dark in New Jersey? It's hard to tell. Tonight, though, that is certainly the case. It's oppressively hot, one of the hottest nights of the summer so far. Somewhere in a treeline that involves mosquitoes and fireflies, a Wolverine and a Shadowcat perch in a tree and watch a building where there has been absolutely and utter no movement for two hours.

Intel has shown that this may be a place where there are Sentinels. Obviously, the X-Men are interested in what may be here and who may be running it. Therefore, Kitty and Logan are now in a tree to find out more without alerting suspicion. Lockheed, perches on a higher branch as a the higher lookout.

Annoyed, Kitty slaps at a mosquito that attempts to bite her on her forearm. "Tell me this is what you came back to do and I'll call you a liar," she brings up with a bit of a snort.

* * *

Normal garb replaced for black, Logan has the look of shadows and seems to blend easily with the long ones cast by the severe moon that looks down from on high. Combat boots, cargo pants, and a tight black t-shirt, he's completed by a backwards cap that at least helps manage his wild hair. But unless one knew to look for him… he'd be easy for the eyes to slide off of.
"Not quite." Is the low rumbling answer as he doesn't budge from that perch, seemingly one with the line of the tree but his posture letting him almost lounge with one leg along the branch and the other drawn back, boot resting on the limb.
His blue eyes slide to the side, no shift of his body language to convey any insight, but there's a small quirk at the corner of his mouth that might offer the hint of a fang if her eyes have adjusted enough to the night. Then his voice lifts as he adds, "Company's alright, but not exactly the settin'."

* * *

Settling in as comfortably as she can in a tree, Kitty leans against a branch and settles herself in for a long stakeout. There's no orders to take the base yet, and while she thinks she and the Wolverine have a good chance in taking it on their own, she knows that there's more to winning this battle. They're in this for the long haul.

With a snicker, she shrugs her shoulders. "Not exactly like this is out of the normal." Keeping her eyes on the building in front of them, she addresses Logan directly. "So, what took you out of the Mansion and what brought you back?" Kitty's not much one for beating around the bush. And she's also not one to mind him taking a bit to answer. "Not that it's not good to see you, Grumpyface."

* * *

A small snort is all she gets back, at least for the space of a few heartbeats, but she can probably feel the smirk inherent in that sound. He does at least go so far as to shake his head slightly, arms still folded over his chest as they've been for the last hour. Lifting his chin he motions towards the distant signs of activity of their designated target when he finally answers in a rumble of words, "Figures I do some runnin' down South of the border, blazin' with heat, then I come back up here and it's followed me."
He does, however, shift a little in his seat, one eye scrunching as his adamantium-laced bones complain with subtle metallic yet cartilaginous pops that likely only he can hear. He nods after a moment then elaborates on his answer. "Had an old friend call in a marker, had to help them with taking care of some coyotes that were doin' people dirty. Takin' them out into the desert and leavin' 'em there."
His jaw extends slightly then he grinds his teeth, old body language of his that she's read often in the past. Suppressed aggression, dissatisfaction, something for sure. "It's settled now."
There's silence for a time before he adds, "Mostly."

* * *

"Settled." Kitty repeats his words almost in the same tone that he said it. "Mostly," similarly quoted.

Lockheed flits down a few branches to find a branch right by Logan's and the small purple dragon gives him the skeptical look that Kitty is not doing right at this moment.

"It being only mostly settled, does that mean you may have to go off again? Say, in the middle of this registration business? Like, if you get a call now, you're going to go and settle things?' Kitty glances upward to Logan eyebrow raised, waiting for an answer. There's a bit of hurt in her voice as she says this, a bit of anger. "I get you've got things to do, but we need you here, too."

* * *

"Watch yerself, Scaly." Logan returns the eyeballing with a good measure of interest, though unlike the dragon, Logan's look has no fangs. Instead he crinkles his nose and then leans to the side, letting him catch Kitty's look and her gaze leveled at him.
"Never good ta speak in absolutes kid, you know that." Which, she knows, is an old cop out he uses at times to push people off a topic. But he knows that so he follows up with a few more words. "But for now. Yeah, it's settled. Fer better or worse you guys got me here."
Looking back up he lifts a hand to wave away one of the night's nocturnal insects, though he doesn't seem to be menaced quite as much as Kitty might be. He does, however, bring around what he's figuring might be the end of that particular angle of the conversation by saying, "So you done busting my hump? Or you wanna throw down?" That last is said with that grim growling tone of voice that he uses when he wants to send most other students scurrying. Only for her, it breaks at the end with the half-smirk of warmth and affection that he's held for ages for the young gal that's with him on this stakeout.

* * *

Lockheed sticks out a tongue at Logan as he calls him Scaly and then flits over to a branch nearer Kitty.

And while Logan talks, she turns her attention back toward the complex they are watching. Still no movement.

There's a long pause as Kitty debates a few things. Then, she sighs, as if trying to come to terms with quite a few things. After that long pause, she says, very seriously, "No, I don't want to throw down with you, Logan. It's bad form to beat up and old man."

Finally, she gives a bit of a laugh at the end of it, shaking her head. "Where have you been, Old Man? Seriously? We could have used you here. It's been a mess."

* * *

This time a longer silence preys upon them, hanging like a pall between them though she can still tell he's there, can hear his faint breathing and the small complaint of the tree's leaves rustling in the wind. Then a slow exhale of breath, steady and measured like one of the breathing exercises she learned from her time in Japan.
If most of the others asked him, he'd hedge. If they'd pressed, he'd flare and growl. If they'd try to wrangle it out of him he'd have stormed off. But Kitty. Kitty is a different sort with Logan. So unlike most any other people she's able to draw from him the story, though it's given to her quietly.
"I used to know a woman, by the name of Ramona. A few years back. Before you were born." His tone starts off as matter of fact, gruff, the way he relates situations or reports on a mission. But as the tale goes on she might hear tell-tale hints of his thoughts, his feelings in the inflection of the words.
"She was a rebel, fighting against people that… that did terrible things to the people of her country. For a time I worked with her."
Another pause as he seems to be mentally drifting back to that time, but not speaking. Not until his memories catch up and he adds, "We were close. She took a bullet for me. She didn't know I was…" He lifts a hand, uncurls it, fingers flaring slightly. "Didn't know I woulda been alright. So as she was dyin'… she asked me ta do right by her daughter. If she ever needed help…"
He stops there for a moment, and in the dark of the night his eyes are distant and back there in South America, thoughts having left the here and now. Only for him to bring himself back with a small shake of his head before he continues, "It was her daughter that called. Called in that favor." His brow furrows then and for a time she might well believe that was the end of it.
Only for him to finally add, "I did what I could."

* * *

A lot of people wouldn't know hat she would be alright if someone tried to shoot her, too. So, at that point, Kitty understands Logan. On the other things? That's a little different. While she maybe should have just waited for Logan to tell him exactly why he left and now why he's back…that's not really her way. She wants to know. She needs to know why people leave and why they return.

"Is her daughter okay?" That's what Kitty cares about in this story. "What's her name?"

Then, she asks, "Can I ask what the favor was?"

* * *

"Renata." Logan answers that much at least. That single word floating there in the quiet between them, accompanied only by the faint sounds of the wind and the leaves, the distant trill of some crickets. But like an apparition he then exorcises it by adding, "Her name was Renata."
And that's the point when even Kitty reaches the limits of Logan's tolerance, at least for now. She can tell by the way he shifts and scowls to himself then pushes away slightly from trunk of the tree to straighten up as he says, "C'mon. We need to focus."
His jaw sets and then he gives her a nod, "We got a job ta do."

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