Ego Cleanup, Aisle One
Roleplaying Log: Ego Cleanup, Aisle One
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Frank and Helena are helping around Sherwood Florist when a customer arrives.

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IC Date: July 14, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Posted On: 17 Jul 2019 01:39
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Sherwood Florists takes some work to keep running. Dinah brings in some work now and then, helping hands and seasonal workers. But frankly it's the sort of work that is more than one person can readily handle.

Especially if that person is a bit of a control freak when it comes to managing her business, /and/ should be studying for summer session final exams.

So Dinah's been partially sequestered in the tiny break room behind the employee counter, fortressed in books and with her laptop in front of her. Headphones have been discarded so she can keep an ear out on the shop, and the friends who are helping her knock the dust off the furniture. Beyond the weekly shipment of sod and fertilizer and plants, there's just a lot of long-deferred maintenance that is piling up, from broken shelves and worn paint to missing lightbulbs and accumulations of dirt in the ventilation ducts.

"Hey so like, if you're not sure where to put the gardenias, I can come out there!" Dinah yells out into the shop. She leans sideways to be heard, clearly preparing to get up and abandon her work so she can fuss over the minutiae of ordering plants by species name, color, or what season it should be planted in.

* * *

"Nono, we got it—ow, damnit." Helena got the LOVELY task of cleaning out the ventilation ducts, likely because the others have seen that she's about as graceful as a newborn giraffe when she's left to her own devices for simple tasks.

Up near the front of the shop, Helena's up on a short stepladder, using a combination of a shop vac and a broom to knock all of the crud off of the ventilation ducts and into the vacuum. It's not difficult, it's not strenuous, but it's annoying. Seriously annoying.

"I think I need safety goggles. I just got dirt in my eye."

* * *

Look, Frank Castle has a ton of things he should be doing. But somehow he still finds himself down at Sherwood Florists helping out. He wears a simple white t-shirt and dark jeans, broken-in but not worn-out combat boots, and a faintly amused frown, "Dinah, I don't got the faintest fucking idea where the gardenias go. They're the white ones, right?" There's a reason he's been relegated to hefting heavy things around (not that the women can't do that just fine themselves, but he's not rated for flower tasks). He looks up to Helena, shaking his head and snorting, "Dirt in your eye? Really?" He snorts eloquently, picking up his to-go cup of coffee and guzzling down a sip before he sets it down and picks up the last bag of fertilizer to move it over with the others, which leaves him on shelf-repair duty next.

* * *

Helena flips a rude gesture at Frank's back. Because.

* * *

Yet another trip to Gotham brings the radio personality, this time, to the florists before heading back home. Trish Walker enters the establishment, she hears a shout about gardenias and smiles softly. She hadn't thought of them, but they could be just what she wants. "Gardenias. Smallish white flower. Men sometimes wear them as uh…" She points to her upper chest area, which is where they'd go on a suit, "as boutonnieres. You know, to prom or something. They're rather nice." She tells the man. Although it's not her place to tell the employees of the store what something is.

She clears her throat. "I'm sorry. Stepped out of place. I'll look around." She smiles politely and starts wandering around the shop idly.

* * *

Dinah hustles out of the backroom at Frank's complaints. Any excuse to do something other than her homework. She's in low Chucks, jean shorts, and a lightweight Gotham U hoodie that she definitely has had for longer than she's been in school. "Yeah, but they're ornamental," she tells Frank, moving to help him. A pair of nasty, scratched up old lab goggles are tosses in Helena's direction. "So they have to go with the—"

She picks up a couple of plants and regards Trisha with a fixed, pleasant smile. "Hi. no, it's fine. Welcome to Sherwood Florists," Dinah bids the woman. "Uh, we're just doing some cleaning and upkeep stuff. Midsummer sale," she says, "ten percent off all flowers in stock. Are you looking for something in particular?"

* * *

Still standing on the stepladder with the vacuum hose and the broom, having the goggles thrown at her without warning sets Helena to fumbling while trying to catch said goggles. But, she ultimately manages to not drop anything. Though, that's when she notices they have a customer. So rather than continuing to let the shop vac make its ungodly racket, she scrambles off of the stepladder and slaps the thing into silence.

"Uh, yeah. Sorry." She's dressed somewhat similarly to Dinah, though her shorts are biking-type shorts and she's wearing a baggy off-white t-shirt with words printed on the front: 'In my defense, I was left unsupervised'.

* * *

Frank looks up at the correction from… yup, a customer came in when he was calling to Dinah, but the New York accent causes him to drop his head down slightly, obscuring features that are familiar to many New Yorkers from appearing in 'Wanted: Armed and Dangerous' announcements on the news. "Sorry, ma'am. Thanks." There's nothing subservient about his tone, despite the bowed head, just military politeness. "Been a while since prom." Frank's smile is a lightning-quick thing, flashing crooked and boyish and then gone again. He sets down the bag of fertilizer in its place and heads back to get a tool-belt on and gather up materials for the shelf, "Miss Lance's got a great selection." See? He's not even an employee.

* * *

Trish in a casual summer dress and heels, with her hair still done up in a rather fancy fashion, one of those hairdos that you get done for a fancy event and you don't dare touch for at least an extra few days, just because of how much money was spent on it. "Clean up is always important. Cleanup and restocking." She says in way of saying that she doesn't mind how things look. Her accent, much to Frank's good ear, does betray that she's from New York. More Manhattan, with a hint of Upper East Side.

She offers a smile to Helena. "No need. I only just got here." There's also a nod to Frank and a chuckle. "Honestly, been a while since I've been to prom, too. It's just a little fact that stuck in my mind."

Looking to Dinah, Trish smiles. "Just looking for a few pieces to brighten up my apartment, to be honest. I haven't been floral shopping in ages and I'm due for some new flowers that suit the summer mood."

* * *

Well, Helena's not about to start up the shop vac again while there's a very nicely dressed customer there, so she unplugs the thing and then awkwardly bumps her way through to the back bringing broom, goggles, ladder, and vacuum with her.

Why the hell is she helping out in a flower shop again? She has a Master's and a teaching degree for crying out loud…. oh. Right. It's something to do until school starts up again. She tucks her accouterments out of the way then hovers back toward the back while Dinah does her floral awesomeness.

* * *

"That's it, next time I'm putting you on spoon sorting detail in the kitchen," Dinah informs Helena. She moves carefully to pull the line of sight from Frank and rests a hand on his shoulder. "Hey Pete, would you mind pulling those lightbulbs from the back? Thanks," she tells him. It's enough to buy Castle an excuse to hustle off for an exeunt stage right, and Dinah moves to meet Trisha.

""Mm. Well for housewarmings, I like potted plants, not bouquets," she suggests, and drifts in the direction of several racks of potted plants. "Peace lilies are very popular. So are Sunflowers, but I don't think they hold up as well. Do you have any allergies?" she inquires of Trisha. Dinah gives her a funny sidelong look, as if trying to place her face and voice.

* * *

"Wouldn't've known it, ma'am," is Frank's response to Trish. Apparently, he can actually do mildly charming, or at least not-rage-foot-in-mouth when he's being Pete. Still, it's a relief when Dinah catches his eye and directs him into the back room, and he sets down the shelving material and claps Dinah lightly on the shoulder, "Yes ma'am." There's a silent 'thank you' in the brief connection, and then he murmurs, "'Scuse me," to Trish as he heads for the back.

On his way, Frank stops by Helena, aiming to lean close and murmur, "Practice non-violent intel gathering?" It's a quiet suggestion, even as he slips past to deal with the lightbulbs that will somehow take at least as long as the New York customer is in the shop.

* * *

"That's rather sweet of you." She says to Frank, smiling softly. Glancing toward him as he leaves to the back, offering a little nod, Trish turns back to the front of the house, to Helena and then to Dinah. "Aw, peace lilies are always quite lovely." She responds softly. "I've never thought of having sunflowers in my home, though. That could be an interesting addition."

"Hmm, oh, no. No allergies. No need to worry about that." She follows Dinah further into the store. "Although, I could probably use a potted plant to give to my assistant. Preferably one that doesn't cause allergies, just in case."

* * *

Helena looks after 'Pete' and can't help but realize he's just offered her actually useful advice. Okay, she's got to at least try, right? At worst, this rich Manhattan lady will think she's the world's worst employee, and… she could not care less about that.

So, dusting off her hands, she approaches the two women looking at the potted plants and does her best to appear interested and goes so far as to … shit. No pockets. Okay, fine. "Your assistant? Cool. Are you a lawyer, or something awesome like that?"

What? She's trying!

* * *

"Orchids are great for gifts," Dinah says with a smile, and gestures at a rack of them just preparing to bloom. "Almost no one's allergic to them, and they smell great and last for a long time."

There's a lot of colors on display. They're perennials, so expect them to pop up the next season with some proper care and love," Dinah informs Trish.

Dinah moves to show Trish to the row of orchids, and when Trish glances away, she shoots a baffled look at Helena as if questioning why the woman's pressing a customer with personal issues.

* * *

Trish looks to Helena, who seems to have just appeared behind her out of nowhere. "Lawyer?" She shakes her head. "No. Nothing like that…though I suppose I do talk a lot for a living, just like they do." She giggles softly. "I'm a radio talk show host. Trish Talk. I'm Trish." She explains. "My assistant works rather hard, so I like to give her gifts every now and then."

She nods to Dinah. "Orchids would be wonderful for her. That's a good choice. At least it was easy to choose for her!" She grins a little. "Now just to decide what I'll keep for my home!"

* * *

Also (hopefully) where Trish won't see, Helena shrugs back at Dinah, then with a poorly hidden glower heads back for that broom again. She starts working on sweeping around the shop floor, mentally fuming at Frank's terrible suggestion. Hmph. See if she listens to HIM again.

* * *

"Oh! Hey, yeah, I listen to your show," Dinah says, and brightens a bit. "Awesome. I didn't know you lived in Gotham, I figured you were up in like New York, or something," she remarks. "Or… I guess I never thought about it," she admits. "Well hey, glad you stopped in!"

Helena hustles off and Dinah helps pull a few more orchids down. "Sorry for my friends," she adds, a beat later. "They're not sales people. They're just here helping me knock the dust off the rafters and put some fresh paint down." The shop doesn't look dilapidated, by any means, but it's clearly in need of a face lift all the same. It must be nearly a century old, or at least parts of it are.

"So orchids for your assistant, got it. For your home, lilies and tulips are fantastic. They grow well and are low-maintenance. If you are really bad with remembering to water plants, I've got some succulents that are very hardy," she says, gesturing at plants suspended in dry pots. "Takes a few drops of water a day to keep them alive, and they'll live for years and years. Little cactus and crawling vines, that sort of thing."

* * *

"You do?" Trish brightens a bit. "It's always great to hear when others listen. It's always good to know that someone out there is listening." She grins. "Oh, yes, I am living in New York, actually. I was just here in Gotham for the day. Just had some last minute business before the show tomorrow." She explains. "And I wanted to pick up some flowers on my way back.

She glances toward the back, toward the others. "Oh, no. It's really okay. I understand. They seem like lovely people, really they do!"

But, back to the flowers. "Yes. Orchids for my assistant. Lilies and tulips for my own place would be wonderful." Trish replies. "Thank you so much. You have quite the lovely shop here. How far ahead would you need for floral arrangement?"

* * *

"Full arrangements?" Dinah asks, chewing the inside of her cheek. "Four weeks notice, there I can get you anything in the world. I can do it sometimes in two weeks, but the rush shipping can get, uh. Prohibitive," she cautions Trish, politely.

"But I've got 'em all in stock right now. I can send you home with the orchids if you like, and do a delivery to New York if you don't have room in your car?" she suggests. A smartphone's dug out of her back pocket and she does math on it. "Two hours drive time, cargo, bridge fees… uh, figure seventy-five bucks for delivery," she hazards. "Could get those over to your home… tomorrow," she hazards, casting an eye at the clock.

* * *

"Well, we can always discuss full arrangements at another time." Trish nods. "Sometimes they're needed for events and such. But don't you worry." She says happily. "Prohibitive isn't exactly always an issue, especially if the arrangement is exactly what we're looking for."

She looks around and then shakes her head. "Oh no, thank you I've got myself a car service that us waiting for me and that has enough room for the plants. Thank you for the offer of delivery, though."

* * *

"Oh, yeah, for events," Dinah says, realizing the direction of Trish's thought. "No, that's not a problem, either. Same deal, just need lead time. Which, I mean— I know, not always easy to wrangle up a thousand flowers for a funeral or something," she admits, wryly. "Short notice. But I've got some backup option in place. Other florists. We try to look out for each other. Well, the small ones do," she amends. "The FTC is a bunch of jerks. Big corporate guys. No souls," she explains.

Dinah starts scanning the barcodes on the tags with a smartphone app, the machine going *chaching* each time she does. "Uh, okay. How about grow-aids, do you have any of these?" She digs a little set of hollow green stakes off the shelf. "You put one of these little guys in the pot and it helps the plants grow a little more productively. Fertilizer, kinda."

* * *

"Of course." Trish listens intently to Dinah as she speaks. When you listen, you learn, after all. "That's certainly good to know and worthy of to think of." She shakes her head in mention of the grow-aids.

Digging through little clutch of a person, she pulls out a credit card. When all is done and paid for, she'll get help bringing the plants to car. "Thank you. I'm sure I'll be back soon for more!"

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