Session KP117
Roleplaying Log: Session KP117
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Logan is doing some Danger Room training when Domino crashes the party.

Other Characters Referenced: Warren Worthington
IC Date: July 18, 2019
IC Location: Danger Room
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Posted On: 18 Jul 2019 22:57
Rating & Warnings: R for some language and a whole lot of violence
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In the hallway of the X-Men's base, just before the Danger Room, the red warning light is flashing casting everything in that crimson shade and letting those know that the Danger Room is engaged. Occasionally an electronic voice will lift to murmur quietly, 'Please be aware, systems are fully operational. Security level 7.' Just enough so it can be heard here and in the control room.

But it's inside the Danger Room where the action happens. Where the whir and clang of pistons firing and hydraulics shifting overwhelm most other sounds, at least at the moment. Heavy waldo arms jut out from the walls each armed with a myriad of vicious looking implements. A whirling sawblade keens as it slices through the air just inches above the head of the man rushing through the makeshift obstacle course.

There's a flash of fire as a flamethrower spouts liquid death at the man as he leaps past, the mechanism twisting and turning to try and track its target. Several more gouts are fired, but fall short even as the man in the black combat suit sliiiides under a pair of slicing blades.

Only for him to end up at the end of the course and /slams/ a fist into the big red button that holds a place of prominence upon a slight raised dais. With that impact the weapons fall silent, drooping from their housings in the walls and it leaves Logan there standing, scowling, and then finally growling to himself as he lifts a forearm to see the bright red area where some of the flames had licked to close to the skin and burned off all the arm hair.


With that big of an announcement that the Danger Room is currently active how could anyone nearby -not- be curious about what's going on inside of the blast doors? It's an easy trek up into the observation deck followed by a total disregard for the safety of the system and its lone occupant as tall black combat boots come to rest atop of one of the consoles.

It's a good show, though of more interest to the black-suited woman upstairs is that there's someone else on the team who has a few years and..rather clearly..a lot of experience under his belt.

Maybe Neena herself isn't all that old but it does kinda feel like hanging around a daycare sometimes. It probably doesn't help that she had 'gotten started' at a very early time in her life.

With the session coming to an end and the flame-kissed mutant inside catching his breath it gives the albino a chance to head back downstairs and make her way to those vault doors. She's giving it a one in five chance that they'll open for both individuals at the exact same moment.


And as the fates would have it the doors whisper open and she'll be right there on the ground floor of the huge obstacle course… just as that man is walking backwards towards her with his arms spread as he calls out to the system, "Alright, reset. Load KP117."

To which the Danger Room responds with a low whir and the clang of withdrawing metal arms and equipment as the system goes through its reset purge and begins to cultivate the first hints of imagery depicting what might at first glance seem like something straight out of feudal Japan. Low fragile seeming buildings in a walled garden with gentle water features surrounding them…

It's only then that Logan's nostrils flare and he turns, stopping just a few feet from her and drawing up short. She'll see those blue eyes sweep up and down, then one eyebrow quirk. And that's the moment the Wolverine greets her, "Who the hell are you?"


Ah, so this guy -does- know that the Danger Room can handle more than mechanical limbs and flamethrowers. Saves her the trouble of trying to explain the crazy system. With the doors open and what sure looks like a scene from Japan taking form she opts to step inside, there's no chance she's missing out on whatever this simulation might be!

"KP117 looks lovely this time of year," the woman idly remarks with an appraising look around the new change of environment. Then blue eyes are meeting blue eyes and an unexpected chill works its way through the pale one's spine.

"Do I know you..? 'Cause I feel like I should."

Half gloved hands nonchalantly come to rest at her hips, notably that much closer to the sidearms she's currently rigged with. One on each thigh and one under each arm with hands an equal distance away from both. Sarcasm gives way to caution, watching the scruffier scrapper when her next comment is delivered with flat-toned words. "Name's Domino." Then with a subtle upward tick of her chin, "Same question."

Clearly the guy belongs down here. He's more familiar with the Danger Room than she is. So why has she never seen him around before..?


His eyes narrow subtly, and again he takes in a short sharp breath if only to let it out with a short chuff of a 'hnh'. He lets his gaze slide off of her and towards the surrounding Japanese countryside that is manifesting around them, the steady trickle of a stream heard as the sun whirrrrls across the sky and then sets casting everything into the pall of night. Stars are bright and high, and then the noise of the stream is joined with the faint chirp of insects.

Arms folding over his broad chest he cocks an eyebrow at her and then responds, "Logan," Short, to the point.

That Logan? Sure people have at times mentioned him most likely. The Wolverine. Old member of the team, with a reputation that somehow gets around even though not too people are too loud about it.

Another glance, marking the gear and the suit, then he says, "Don't think we've met." There, that's not entirely unfriendly.


It takes a moment for the name to draw recognition from the albino. "Wait—THE Logan? Like 'get shot then crap out the bullets' Logan?" She pauses and flicks her head to one side, as if processing this new sliver of information. "Well it's about damn time some excitement showed up around here. You've gotten yourself something of a reptuation on the team. Just in case you didn't know."

His remark about thinking they hadn't met before isn't confirmed by Domino, there doesn't seem to be any need for it.

Another few steps into the simulation and the door closes only to vanish into thin air. "Kind of peaceful for a combat sim," she thinks aloud while scratching behind an ear. "Unless I'm interrupting a personal moment. Because that might be even more interesting."

An idle pacing about will soon bring her in front of 'The Wolverine' with a Devil may care sort of smirk resting upon blacked out lips. "So what brought you back? If it was the Sentinels you're a bit late to the party."


As she talks she gets a slight turn to his lip that grows. Tinged with the sardonic and marred with cynicism, she can tell she ain't exactly winning points by going on about him, then again she might not exactly be losing them. He does snort, though this time it's close to a laugh as he shakes his head and looks away.

But it's when she makes her comment about interrupting one of his 'personal moments' that his features finally transform from that subtle curl into a smirk. Though he still shakes his head when he looks to her, one eye scrunching up.

"Well yeah, peaceful now." He unfolds his arms and then steps further out into the simulation, one rough hand lifting to gesture to the side, "But then the ninjas show up, and it's all blades and blood and mayhem."

He holds up a finger as if telling her to hold on a second then he lifts his head and says, "Computer, pause the scenario."

« Affirmative. »

He then looks back to her, "I had business. S'taken care of now." And that's probably as much of an answer as she's going to get about what brought him back.


Not easily offended: Check. Likes to go full-tilt in life or death situations: Check. Bullet-proof: Double-check. 'Logan' here seems to have a fair bit going for him, plus it's always reassuring that Neena isn't going to 'accidentially' gun down a teammate when using traditional ballistics.

Warren would never let her hear the end of it if she did.

'Peaceful' is all fine and good but it's the 'blades and blood and mayhem' addition which brings a slight glint to Arctic pale eyes. "Now we're talkin'" she asides while drawing two of those sidearms and giving them an idle roll around crooked index fingers. "I haven't shot anything all day."

Which miiight beg the question…why the hell is there a gun user on team X-Men? Did someone forget to tell her there is a strict 'no kill' policy in place around here?

Not that she's been particularly good about following that rule thus far.

With 'business' and 'taken care of' there's something of an understanding dip of Dom's chin. "I feel ya." No further details offered, no further questions asked. Neena's one of the last people around here to pry into someone's personal life.

"Alright. That should cover the small talk quota," she suggests with a rolling of shoulders. "Let's get this party started."


Another snort and Logan steps forwards into the tableau of years and years ago. He looks entirely out of place, the weathered and grim looking man stepping upon this almost dainty bridge tha gently arcs over the subtle curve of the wending streamlet. A water feature fills slowly with water as its bamboo form tilts sloooowly forwards and makes a faint 'thok' sound as it connects with a stone in the stream, then eases back upright now free of the water's weight. Almost like one of those bobbing birds from the sixties.

"This ain't exactly one of those sorta scenarios." He eyes her and then says, "Asides, who says yer invited?" That last he adds a bit of a lilt to the words as if daring her to argue with him.

But then he says, "Computer, resume scenario."

« Affirmative. »

The night doesn't seem to change, but there is a subtle… potential in the air, as if eyes were upon them from the darkness. Logan stands at the top of that bridge and says to her, "The ninja clan the Hand are gonna try and kill the family asleep in there." He gestures with a nod.

His lip twists, "Key here is we don't know when they're comin' or from where." He steps down the other side of the bride and then adds over his shoulder, "Only rules are no guns." Awww. "And…" He tilts his head back to her and there's a wry half-smile as he adds. "And we can't wake the family up. You still game?"

He faces her, hands on his hips, "Or without yer guns are you all outta tricks, darlin'?"


Invited? Domino hooks one of the pistols back over her shoulder toward where the door used to be. "There wasn't a sock on the doorknob." And so she invited herself. You're welcome.

Either way the scenario is resumed, an event which leaves another thin smile upon her sharply contrasting features. She's still happy to let Logan take point. It -is- kind of his simulation, after all. Taking over an operation without having any intel is grounds for complete disaster.

As he pushes forward she's close at hand without being -too- close, showing a clear familiarity with standard shadow procedures.

And… No guns.

"I'm starting to have second thoughts about you, 'Wolverine,'" she flatly snipes at the guy while holstering the pair. Yet, she seems to still be up for the challenge. He may have noticed some blades tucked away at various locations of her attire.

With the challenge issued one of her brows lightly curls upward as she meets his look. "Just keep watching. Maybe someone'll get lucky."


"Nah," Logan says as she makes her quip about the sock on the doorknob. He's still walking along the small path. "That's Fridays. Thursdays are ninjas." Did he just joke back? Maybe. What passes for a Logan joke perhaps.

"Sometimes they take their time." He tells her as he moves towards the small house that rests connected to the walled garden. His steps are silent, and his words are quiet. She might well notice that the burn mark on his arm is no longer red and even there's some faint stubble of arm hair having grown back.

There's a subtle shift of shadow and then out of the darkness there's a low /pffft-whok!/ as a thin arrow strikes the base of a tree just a hair off from where she might have been. It hums as it vibrates there, and against the skyline crouched upon the top of the six foot high wall are a quartet of figures all with bows and all taking aim.

"Then again, sometimes they don't." And with that Logan /breaks/ into a run, darting forwards and as he moves she'll see the silvered blades slice forwards from between his knuckles, locking into position with that sharp /SHNG/ of sound like steel sliding along steel.


"I'll mark it on my calendar," Domino deadpans back.

There's a lot to be learned from one another before the fighting begins. How they move, how they talk, where they go for cover… Neena's learning plenty about Logan, probably at the same time that he's learning about her. Military training. Experience. Muscle memory. Keen senses. This ghost of a woman is quick, quiet, and alert.

She's also up against The Hand who -might- have a slight edge over her when it comes to stealth.

The sudden appearance of that thin arrow partly buried into a tree instantly pushes her into motion. Take cover THEN look. Her eyes are somewhat wider than before after ducking behind that same tree but it seems as though the Hand had been anticipating the move.

"Ah fuck m—"

One of the archers suddenly flinches as a twig-like *snap!* can be heard, the string on his bow breaking and lashing the guy across the face. That's ..uncommon…

Arrows softly thunk into the dirt as she takes off in a sprint as well, no longer tailing Logan but finding her own path. Where she only has a couple of matte black throwing knives at her disposal the sudden inclusion of what amounts to forearm-mounted machetes has her breathing a "Holy damn!"

Lugging around a store's worth of firearms isn't exactly a mutant ability but you know what else isn't? Having freaking SWORDS coming out of your arms! There is -no damn way- that occurred through nature!


Deceptively fast, eerily silent, Logan's rapid charge towards the ninja is this crazed silent thing even as she makes her way in those first few dance-like movements shared in the beginning of a fight like this. He's his own arrow fired at them, two strides forwards, then a third planting his foot and letting him /leap/ into the air.

The ninja are already on their back foot, the fouling of the bowline enough to get one of the hand to fall backwards from the impact and a second to eye this event with something which might be called incredulity if they could see their faces or their eyes. But it's the other two that are reacting, on their back feet as Logan closes the distance. Each of them go for their blades, one reaching over his shoulder, the other at his waist.

But it's too late. Logan's already upon them, each fist /slamming/ hard into their chests and spouting a cascade of blood as the tips of the claws jut out their backs, even as he crashes further into them and takes them both down over the edge of that wall and behind it out of view. Even though this is a simluation, if the X-Men have a rule against killing… Logan sure isn't fighting as if he has that rule too.


One inoperable bow and another distracted archer certainly helps to even the odds, then even more so as Logan bumrushes two more and—

—freaking -impales- them.

"-Awesome-" Neena mutters under a breath before doing a complex leap and twist into the air which sends one of those smaller blades zipping through the evening air to drive clean into another surprised assassin's jugular.

His sudden reaction is complicated by still having an arrow in hand. Said arrow comes around with the rest of his arm and stabs his buddy right in the stomach. This in turn causes the guy to dip forward just in time to take a dagger of his own straight into the back of his neck.

The arrow gets ripped out of the one guy then slammed home into its original owner thanks to a swift interception by a monochromed hand. Two more ninjas down..and now Domino has a bow and arrow of her own! It's only one arrow but she's willing to take her chances.

Also where the hell did Logan go..? It's like he rammed those two sorry excuses for ninjas right off of the map!

(Worry about that later, Thurman.)

The back of the arrow meets the string and she's scanning for another target, ever the sniper.


Once she's on that wall she gets a good angle on what's going on. There's no problem pin-pointing the sniper, then again he might be any of a number of ninjas… in the crowd of them… on the other side of that wall.

Perhaps it's an error in the program or perhaps it's just an option that's involved when multiple 'players' are keyed into the scenario. Whatever the mystery, Logan and his new partner are confronted with a crowd of thirty some ninjas /rushing/ from the tree line. It's a thing of madness straight out of some Tarantinoish dream. None of them shout, none of them scream a war-cry. Yet on they come, blackened blades still catching the light of the moon.

Several turn and launch arrows in Neena's direction even as one reaches near her perch and starts to /leap/ into the air in front of her. But Logan? Where did he go? He's probably some twenty feet off to the side in what looks like a pile of black clad forms all trying to leap and lash and surround the figure with his claws bared.


Oh. Holy. Shit. That is a lot of ninjas. Domino's one arrow? Suddenly feeling rather inadequate! Now's the time to really push that ol' X-Gene.

The arrow is lined up and ready to launch when one of the assassins leaps up out of nowhere in front of her. The arrow goes high, completely missing its intended target. Instead it punches through the skull of a different one of the guys rushing forward in the crowd…

…Who then unintentionally decapitates one of his neighbors with the sword in his hand.

The unexpected spray of blood blinds a third long enough to trip and impale himself upon his own blade.

Several more simply get tripped up in the tangle of bodies and limbs, actual domino effect.

As for the guy getting all up in Neena's grill? With the arrow loosed her foot slips upon the wall and she starts to drop, pushing past the jumper just so that when he means to come back down he misses his landing zone and slams the bottom of his chin against the corner of the structure, resulting in an unsightly mess and one more assassin down for the count.

Back on the ground his sword neatly falls into Dom's awaiting hand as if the entire ordeal had been choreographed. She blinks once, stares at it, shrugs, then rushes onward. She may not be invincible like the Wolverine but she's often at her best when doing something stupid!


The world seems to just fall into place around Domino, making her almost casual movements seem like a carefully orchestrated series of maneuvers. The Hand die in silence as they lash out towards her and in turn are struck by the woes of fate. One loses his head entirely and his collapsing form fouls the aim of another. Her arrow wreaks havoc as it careens from one to another, and then just as several are about to leap at her their footing is fouled.

And then the blade in her hand, it's almost a picture perfect moment when she brandishes it and charges forwards. For in that moment as she rushes ahead, Logan had burst forth from the few that had dared to defy him. There are cuts upon his arms, one in his shoulder, the injuries already closing though his blood mars his clothes. In an instant they are almost shoulder to shoulder as they rush in, his features twisted into a wild grin that bares fangs only moments before they each dive in to the battle.

It is a thing of wild abandon, madness. And at the end of it, as the dust settles around them, as the bodies slowly burn and feed upon themselves as each ninja in death turns to smoke… it leaves them there once again in the curious peace of the night.

Logan turns to look at her, breathing a little harder than normal but with that half-smirk still on his lips. His shirt is a lost cause, torn and shredded to pieces by the myriad of broken blades that lie discarded around them. He reaches over his shoulder and grimaces then withdraws an arrowhead with a wet squick sound then tosses it away.

It's only then that he turns to her and says levelly, "Not bad."


They're on the same side and all..Neena and Logan..but bumping up beside the guy in the heat of battle with all of the blood and violence and the expression that he wears,'s just a little bit unsettling.

As in, kinda terrifying.

Does she ever look like that when really diving into so much carnage? Maybe on rare occasions. Often she's too busy poking fun at the moment as a means of keeping herself from worrying too much.

Once there's an end to the massacre and the bodies of the fallen start to disappear into thin air Dom carelessly tosses the stolen blades aside so that they too might vanish in peace. She's taken her scrapes, though clearly not as badly as Logan had. Whether due to the changes in safety conditions between the two or because she was fortunate enough to miss the bigger hits is difficult to tell. Regardless, the Hand did succeed in claiming most of her breath.

Because that was a whole lotta ninja.

When the arrow gets pulled out of the Wolverine's back Domino visibly cringes. "Ah—god, I felt that one," is muttered. Then a hand comes to fall heavily upon his nearest shoulder, spattering crimson droplets all over the two. "We should do that again sometime."


Logan looks at the aftermath, then nods to her sidelong, "Yeah…" He says at first, then he turns and starts to walk towards where the entryway was, dusting his hands as he moves. The wounds are already sealing and closing, though she might see old scar tissue still evident upon the man's chest and back, looking like grievous injuries he must have sustained in the past.

But then, as if realizing that he just agreed with her he adds a little bit more, "Maybe. We'll see."

He rolls one shoulder and winces faintly, a faint metallic yet somehow cartilaginous /pop/ sounding as he moves to the door. "Seeya round, Domino." The double doors whoosh open, bathing the night in eerie other-worldly light, as if an invisible UFO just opened its doors.


Huh. If the guy can heal damage so easily then how could he have wound up with scars? What could have possibly done enough damage that he could never fully recover from it? It would be prying to ask but dammitall if Dom isn't super curious now.

'We'll see?' "You liked it and you know it," she replies with an amused and bloodied smirk. Then at the 'seeya round' she calls louder "It was good for me, too!"

Then she's left standing in the dissolving simulation all by herself, looking down and around while muttering "Why the hell am I still here?"

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