Roleplaying Log: Multiplicity
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Starfire and Misfit meet Candice. Takeout happens.

Other Characters Referenced: Robin, Impulse
IC Date: July 24, 2019
IC Location: New York City
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Posted On: 24 Jul 2019 07:26
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* OOC Time: Wed Jul 24 00:52:03 2019 *

* * *

Two locations. Two crimes. Two identical 'sets of heroes'. They each wear a mask with a different emoticon emblazoned on it, and black bodysuits with kevlar padding. Happy face, sad face, devious smile, and… table flip? Of course, it may appear that one is dealing, at each location, with four different vigilantes… Except, 'group' is copied at each bank robbery, and each member of said group has the exact same build and body language. They're resolved quickly enough. The usual heroic banter. Some posturing. Threats are exchanged. And then butt-kicking commences. The 'groups' of heroes show preternatural awareness of each other and the field, working together in a superhuman display of coordination and cooperation. Oh, sure, the athleticism and skill are VERY impressive, too, but really, it's the 'teamwork' that's impressive.

As is the 'getaway parkour' that they're engaging in to go from roof to roof after the robbery has been 'wrapped up'. Both banks had been hit in a coordinated attack. Some crime boss or other figuring the police wouldn't have the resources to respond to TWO bank robberies at the same time. Smart thinking on that level. Stupid in a city rife with costumed do-gooders.

* * *

Earlier: It was a normal evening at the Titans Mall (don't ask about the tower), and with this team of young heroes, normal tends to mean 'involving food.' "I know you can bring us wonderful delicacies from anywhere, like the most strange and delicious waffles that one time, but let us do the 'eating out' this time, yes? Sometimes the journey is the destination. That is a saying, I think? Maybe Dick used it once." Perplexities at human idiom aside, Starfire has life in the city down pretty well, and even has a restaurant in mind. And they will not even fly/teleport! They will take the train!

The train ride allows some of the human 'girl talk,' but it also means that they are briefly out of contact as it moves from the above-ground routes of the outer boroughs to the tunnels under Manhattan. And when the two emerge from the station, not far from their destination, there are several updates beeping on their phones/space communicators/heroic bat-devices about a recent set of robberies in progress. "Different locations. Shall we split up? It should not take long to resolve such a simple crime before dinner!"

And so they do.

Thus both arrive just a little late, finding the criminals already tied up and waiting for the police. Starifre, of course, has come in to survey the area from the air, and it is in this fashion she notices one of the parkouring departures below. Oh, how the vigilante sorts love their rooftops. "Misfit, the situation here is already under control, and I see someone departing the scene. I am going to make contact." Soon enough, the fiery-haired alien has swept down to float along nearby, greeting the whole bunch with a smile. "Hello. Is that your handiwork back at the bank?"

* * *

Alas the poor poor Tower.

Also of course normal involves food. It takes a whole lot of calories to keep a speedster going. Also Charlie burns a ton teleporting. I mean Starfire seems to consist mostly on mustard. Don't shame us!

"Okay eating out it is… though that sounds like it means using my legs.. and walking…." okay Misfit is mostly kidding about that, she is in great shape since she is on the Batman Branded Fitness Plan. Still she has to complain mildly and tease her teammate."Also that does sound like something he would say.. or a fortune cookie. Take your pick." a grin.

"Okay.. so much for going out." when the comms light up with nearby crime. Charlie takes a moment to bounce back to the cave and get into her gear and then bounces right to the crime scene. Huh. Someone beat her to it.

"Mine is under control as well Starfire…." she teleports up high and uses her goggles and then teleports off to try to intercept her own batch of fleeing vigilantes "Engaging."

Which means Charlie appears in her slightly off-kilter batgirl costume right in front of the group of emoticon warriors.

* * *

Starfire's 'Group':

A pair of black clad heroes kneel down, hands linked, and the other two vigilantes jump into the linked hands one after the other, allowing them to be lift-jumped to the top of a taller roof. Once there, one kneels down with one hand outstretched for grasping, while her compatriot grabs her free hand to dig heels in and provide a counter weight. This allows the remaining two on the lower level to quickly allow themselves to be pulled up. Almost like a well-rehearsed acrobatics routine (coordination made easy by cheating mutant powers!). It is as they are all rising that the alien drops from the sky to float nearby. The masked 'vigilantes' all look at each other (an affectation to maintian the fiction of separate identities) and then, 'Devious Smile' steps forward to address Starfire,"You work with the Titans." The voice is deep, but slightly on the edge of the feminine register. Smooth. Playful, even.

Misfit's 'Group':

Like a group of less colorful power rangers, it is 'Table-Flip' that speaks to Charlie, this time as they cross a gap in a roof with four perfectly executed flips that end in a tuck and roll. When she rises to her feet? "You're with the Titans. Kind of in a hurry to get away." They split and try to dart around Charlie. "You wanna talk, you're going to have to move."

* * *

The elaborate routine is not lost on Starfire, who watches it with wide, curious (and pupil-less) eyes. It seems fascinating to her, in a way, to watch such intricate movement, perhaps because of the dedication and training it suggests (even if it is anything but the case), or perhaps precisely because she typically pays gravity so little regard. In any event, she adjusts toward a more upright position, still hovering out over empty air, once the group has stopped to address her.

"Yes, that is so. I am called Starfire. From what I guess is your 'handiwork' back there, you are also engaged in the… extra-legal pursuit of justice?" That's a nice way of putting 'also an illegal vigilante.' "I have never seen you in any of our briefings," she goes on, and since Tim holds a LOT of briefings… the next guess seems logical: "Are you new to the city?"

And then, after a beat, she follows up with something a little stranger. "Were you part of a circus? A good friend of mine was once in one, and he even took me to see one here. It was the first time I ever saw a group of people all move like that together. It is very impressive!" She may have a thing for acrobats, OK?!

* * *

Well okay they seem pretty spunky. Not that Misfit is deterred by random well choreographed vigilantes. I mean she is with the Titans and the Bats. Do you look vaguely like a circus act. Sold.

"Sure.. I'm Misfit and yes Titans… I mean .." she vanishes with a slash of pink smoke and appears up ahead of them again. "So new in the area.. solving crime… good costumes.. like the appeal on social media…" when they run past again she appears down the way once more. "So what do you all go by?"

On her comm at one point there. "Four of them, costumes with smiley faces. Seem okay so far. Not registered though." she checked the bat computer in one of those hops using her goggles.

* * *

Group A:

"We're the Planarians." A tiny lie. The plural, that is. And also a joke. For those familiar with biology, a specific type of worm infamous for being able to be cut in half… with each half being able to grow into a new worm entirely. "You can just call us vigilantes." The others refuse to speak to keep the lie of singular existence alive. "We're not sensitive about it. Not new to the city. Just… usually low profile. First time I've done anything bigger than a convenience store robbery or a park mugging. It went well. We've trained a lot. We could… maybe teach you if you ever want to learn, though… with flying that seems pointless? That's way more impressive." Yet another coordinated series of jumps lead her towards a lower roof. Unbeknowest, the two groups are unerringly heading towards a common meeting point.

Group B:

"We're the Planarians. Misfit. Yeah. I think I maybe recognize you from TV." More of that perfect, flawless coordination as the roofs are treated like their own private street. "You could say we're a… new organization, though we're not new here. We've been training a long time." In other words, they've only just started costumed do-gooding. All the other stuff was strictly 'do-gooding stranger in a hoodie'." The speaker looks to the side at Misfit, chuckling under her breath,"I'd have a troll face if it fit the theme."

* * *

"Then we have that in common," Starfire echoes back, as Misfit comes through with their registration status. Unlike the bat-folks, she has a distinct lack of fancy headgear with built-in doodads, although her outfit boasts a rather futuristic aesthetic and seems to have built-in comms, where she simply holds both conversations aloud. Her attention focuses on the group once more: "So you are working in two squads? There are quite a lot of you, in fact you could almost be a team yourself!"

The name does not register any particular meaning with her, mostly because most of her biological knowledge is decidedly extraterrestrial. In fact, if she knew what was going on, Kori would probably just assume she was a Carggite!

What may be surprising is that the offer to teach Starfire a few tricks sees the alien descend the short distance she is hovering to land in front of them. "It would hardly be pointless. Powers always come with limitations, just like any weapon or skill. One should never rely on a single resource in battle. On my world, this was an important aspect of our training, that knowledge of warfare must be all-encompassing. Diplomacy and martial technique, armed and unarmed, flight and… well, I am also very good at riding giant lizards. And kangaroos, as it turns out."

See? This is the fun of hanging out with the Titans. You get to deal with cosmic nonsense without being a bunch of old squares. "Since you have completed your mission… would you like to accompany my partner and I for a meal? She is with your second team, but we had just been on our way to eat when we heard of the robbery."

* * *

Nope. The name is definitely not on any records Misfit has access to. There is a flicker in her goggles though as she has DITTO check in on it.

She teleports again keeping up and talking as they approach and pass her once more. "They could definitely be a team." she notes to Starfire and then to the one talking to her. "Well if you were a bad guy you would be a troll.. way to gamergater for me though.. meck…" and another teleport.

"Where are we going?" is finally asked by Misfit.

* * *

Group A: "We are many for we are Legion!" The girl cackles, as if that were somehow hilarious. Well. She tries to cackle. It's more of a giggle. All that brain power, and she's still indulging a silly streak… She's young, after all, and enjoying the adrenaline rush of risking her life. So maybe she doesn't always make good decisions. "Our numbers seem to be just enough. Still, your world sounds really rough. Too much war. Not enough play, it sounds like. Okay. We can practice, and maybe you can show me some sweet alien martial arts. Also, digging your hair, hun. Eyebrows? Totally on fleek. Getting food is… questionable… There's a… secret identity issue if I don't have my mask on, and I can't really eat with it on." Verbal whiplash ahead!

Group B:

"The idea is to be a troll to the 'bad guys'. Anyway, it doesn't matter 'cause it didn't fit the theme. Theme's important. Makes people take you seriously. We spent a lot of time figuring things like that out before we really tried the bigtimes." They consider for a while, before they offer,"Going to meet up with Planarian 1, 3, 6, and 7."

* * *

"You are wrong and right, about my world. We love to play, *very* much." And at this boast, the alien woman's smile sparkles. You better believe that a Tamaranean party is a thing to behold! "But the universe is full of war. Sometimes we are forced to put aside the things we enjoy to protect those we love and care for. I think you must undertand this too, to take on the job you all have." Despite the serious turn in the topic, Kori continues to smile. If anything, that seems a constant with her. She is the very definition of sunny, complete with the occasional fiery flicker in her hair.

… which she seems to take very well to compliments of, reaching to curl a luminscent lock briefly around her finger. "I like your masks also. They are very creative!"

The next topic is a little more perplexing, however. "I do understand that some in this business take secrecy very seriously." Hello, dated a bat-ling. She *totally* understands. "And that is to be respected. Hmm. Well, at the very least, I would be happy to meet the other half of your team who are with my partner. Perhaps we can even change our dining plans, and pick up something that would be easier for you to… enjoy on the go." She's watched some heroes get /very/ creative jamming hotdogs under their masks!

* * *

There is a huh from Misfit "That is not the best name.. we need to work on your name." not getting the science reference really.

She teleports again, though this time she just appears by Starfire. "My four are coming to join this four." pause. "I like the theme but I don't really like the name much Starfire."

Misfit looks the four already with Starfire over now. "Am I getting takeout?"

* * *

When they finally meet, it's like an episode of Power Rangers. Lots of of 'hoohah' noises, high-fiving, back slapping. And then, on the mention of takeout, the Planarians do a quick re-calculation. After all, these are well-known professional heroes, and they're offering to meet her halfway. And anyway, she'd calculate losing her mask, and taken appropriate measures… So… One of the Table-Flips speaks up,"I guess it's not like you guys aren't a known quantity. Tell you what… If we can eat up here, then I won't have to worry about passersby recognizing me. I like chinese." A pause, and one of the 'sadfaces' speaks up,"The name makes a lot of sense, and I thought really hard on it!" Still, as one, the group forms a half circle, and about two or three minutes, another two with a 't(-_-t)' symbol for masks arrive… via the roof exit, rather than than parkour. They each have laptop bags over their shoulders. "What are we getting?"

They arrange themselves in a half-circle facing the other two, and then one by one pull of their masks. They have face paint on which seems specifically lined out and swirled to mess with facial recognition, and casual inspection, with the only variation being the stylized numbers, 1-10 on each of their foreheads. It is, after a moment, perfectly obvious that it's the same face. On repeat. Apparently… they're either naive or really impulsive." A pause. "You hang out with Batman's son. He'd probably figure it out pretty quickly." Yes. She assumes Robin is Batman's son. Otherwise, he's prancing around in tight bodysuits with someone much younger, and that's all sorts of OTHER questions.

* * *

"I think rooftop take out would be an acceptable compromise!" Starfire declares with an easy laugh. And takeout with Misfit she knows is one wild ride. Indeed, as if to give her friend a chance to show off, she glances toward the humorously hi-fiving gang of vigilantes. "Do you have a preference? Ask for anything you like and it will be here in, what is the word? The jiffy!" Chinese? They may end up with food FROM CHINA. Who knows.

As for the name debate? "I do not understand it, but English is not my first language. Or my fortieth, for that matter. While I am able to absorb the syntax, sometimes vocabulary and idiom can be problematic. Is the name some sort of reference? Is it to strike fear, or…" Again, too much time hanging out with bat-people.

Naturally, she stands aside as the group continues to debate amongst itself, but when they begin unmasking, she DOES show some immediate surprise. And then, well: "Ah! I have heard of this. Are you from the planet Cargg?" Told you! "No, wait, that is not correct. I believe Carggites are limited to two or three duplicate selves. This is quite remarkable." The bit about batman's son earns a giggle and a glance to Misfit, but perhaps that is a topic for another night! But one big question remains: "Will we need to order more food?"

* * *

"Right then. Rooftop Takeout." she looks between all of them celebrating and then squints a little bit at.. all of them. "Okay quintuplets are a little extreme…" she notes with wide eyes and then looks to Starfire.

Also no Misfit does not remove her cowl or goggles. She works with Batman. She also doesn't clarify anything about Robin(s) yes plural or them being Batman's son or not. Damn Damian.

"I'll just pop over to Impulse and my favorite chinese place in Los Angeles and get like a couple of everything… back in a jiffy. Well everything good." and with a slash of purple smoke Misfit is off to pick up celebratory vigilante dinner.

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