Dance Dance Revolution
Roleplaying Log: Dance Dance Revolution
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Brann tries to find his way into Frenzy's good graces.

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IC Date: July 23, 2019
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The underground rave club is jumping. Almost literally. The beat vibrates through the floors, the walls, shivering the ground around it like a very very *tiny* earthquake.

Once inside the club the music is almost overpowering. Electronic noise and notes reverberate through the air as the DJ spins as many songs as she can for the night.

The club itself is rather spacious and is mostly dance floor. The only types of seating are small tables and none of them hold any sort of chair or stool. It's all about the standing, dancing, and moving. No lazy feet here, please.

For Frenzy, she's sequestered in a corner of the club. Her tall form is clothed in black and upon her table sits a variety of the glowing bracelets you often see at any sort of respectable rave.

While her head tilts occasionally with the beat, her expression clearly reads 'move on' when people casually approach her, as her eyes flick around the room.


Clubs. Dancing. Drinking. This can be found in plenty of cities. What won't usually be found in these clubs in most cities is a particular red headed young gentleman. He's made an appearance the last few nights, a new face. That is if new faces mean a thing in a place like this. At least it's a new face that's becoming a regular face.

Brann Driver is awkward on the dance floor, but that hasn't stopped him from trying. What little of dancing he knows is mostly from when he does his light shows, so he just goes with it. Every now and then he gets himself a new mixed drink of some kind and, glancing around, will use his mutant power to set it on ablaze for a few seconds before blowing it out and taking a sip.

There's not too much talking, but when it does happen, he keeps his ears open, or rather strains them, for talk about the registry or mutants or anti-human sentiment. He makes a comment here or there. 'Yay mutants!' 'Registry sucks!' 'Humans are boring!'

Tonight he makes a daring choice to head toward the table in the back corner. He's noticed the person sitting there turning people away, but perhaps his curiosity has been piqued.

"I like the bracelets!" He calls out, making a broad motion in their direction with the hand holding the drink. "Colourful!" If accents could be heard over the music, he definitely has a New York one.


Are new faces seen here? Probably not by the masses, but for those that pay attention to such things they are noticed.

And Frenzy is one that notices such things. While she hasn't overtly watched Brann, she has kept him in her peripheral vision. When he's been close enough she's also listened to what could be heard.

Which isn't much.

Still. She watches and waits and when he approaches her attention sharpens.

His comment doesn't get an immediate reaction. No, Frenzy purposely makes him wait and only after it's apparent that she's making him wait does the Behemoth of the Brotherhood turn her gaze over to the young man. She gives him the once over and when her gaze returns to his face Frenzy intones, "Go away."

Then resolutely the woman turns her gaze away from Brann.

At least she didn't punch him, right?


"Hey, sure thing boss!" Brann looks back toward the dance floor as he smooths out his singed t-shirt. Did he really expect to get far at this table? He's been glancing over every now and then as well, especially as people approach. Nobody stays long, and pretty much nobody gets a bracelet.

"Golly, Miss." He turns back to Frenzy. "I really do like red. It's sorta my thing…" He points to his hair. "Sure I can't pay ya for one that has bright red? I'm good for it, I swear!"

He raises an eyebrow and shrugs. "Tell ya what, I'll give ya twenty-five bucks for a red one!"


Golly, Miss?

That just brings Frenzy's gaze back over to the young man and the Bruiser of the Brotherhood just frowns.

There are quite a few things Frenzy could say to Brann and all of them flit through her mind, but she only allows a few words to actually escape.

"What do you really want?" Asks the taller woman as she shifts just enough to comfortably look at the young man. "Because only fools say golly or miss to me and except their lives not to end quickly."

And while some might smile to dispel the inherent threat in those words, Frenzy doesn't. Instead she just raises an eyebrow at the undercover SHIELD agent.


Hey, now he's getting somewhere! He's not exactly a trained operative, but maybe that's what they're hoping will work in Brann's favour, that he seems more genuine. After all, it's mostly being himself that got him here. Well, the mutant part of being himself.

"What, a guy can't like red?" He almost pouts. "Fine, can I sit?" He does anyway, without thinking or waiting for an answer. It's just part of who he is, he does this a lot. Not think, that is.

"Look, part of it is, I needed a break from all the dancing." That's sort of true. He doesn't get this active often. "Hey, you like magic?" He places his mixed drink down on the table, he hovers his finger over the liquid and suddenly fwoom. The surface of the liquid is on fire. "Ain't that cool? And then, then, watch this!"

He brings the glass a few inches from his mouth and starts to make a sucking motion with his lips. The fire starts to twirl up almost like a straw and goes into his mouth. When all the fire is gone, he grins. "Tada!"


The music that reverbs around Brann and Frenzy quiets for a moment, then the silence ends as a new song begins. The one is a touch slower, but not by much, and the rather pop-y electronic-infused notes whips the crowd up again. A multitude of feet hit the floor and dozens of bodies sway to the music that echos around the room.

As Brann speaks, Frenzy watches impassively. It's only when he sits down that the woman's expression twitches into something that might be described as annoyed. That display of meta or mutant powers doesn't seem to help or appease her irritation either.

In fact, when he finishes with that grin and his 'tada' one might say the emotion on Frenzy's face deepens.

"How old are you? Sixteen?"

"I don't talk with kids. Come back when you’ve graduated high school."


Looking back at the dance floor, Brann rolls his eyes and shakes his head. This most definitely is not his normal scene. He turns back to the 'friendly' Miss across the table.

"I ain't here to argue age." His eyes flash as he grows more serious. "But I can't go back to high school, and I doubt they'd let me back to do my GED." He leans back a bit. "'Cause there are those out there who think someone like me is more of a nuisance, a danger. Why let me have a pretty piece of paper when someone 'normal' can, right?" Is that it? Are those the words he's suppose to say?

He looks back to the crowd on the dance floor for a moment before looking back at Frenzy. "Look, I don't know you from Ms. Pac-Man, and you don't know me from the Pillsbury Doughboy. But the world is gettin' less and less friendly for people like me. If I had the chance to turn the tables, I would. But for now, is it too much to ask for a red wrist band to brighten up day a bit?"


Is this kind of club either of their typical scenes? Likely not, but still here they both are.

And while all of his words aren't necessarily the right ones, there's enough of them that Frenzy looks less irritated and possibly a touch more curious by this point.

The mention of the red wrist band brings her gaze briefly down to the tabletop at those glowing little wristbands. She doesn't move to offer him one just yet, but she does unbend her rather unfriendly stance by the tiniest of bits.

"What's your name?"

It's possibly not much when it comes down to it, that request for his name, but for Frenzy and who and what she represents it is.


There's a bit of hesitation at his name being asked. Brann takes a moment, sipping on his drink, think about it. Putting his drink down, he leans on the table. "Brann." He states over the music. "Driver!" It's almost as if his last name were an afterthought. "Brann Driver."

He takes a deep breath in. "Look, I'm sorry to just spew like that. But you know, things ain't fair and they're gettin' worse is all. He tries to smile. "But what's a guy to do, huh?"

This time he takes a long sip of his drink, finishing more than half of it. "I'm sorry, you don't need none of my sob story." He chuckles.


His name brings a slight raise of her eyebrows, or perhaps that hesitation of his does. It's hard to say.

Still, he did offer it and that's something. Does Frenzy return the favor? No, not yet.

She just listens to the rest of what he has to say, even as she occasionally glances out towards the dance floor and all those who line it.

Most of his words don't cause an overt reaction, not until he asks (possibly rhetorically) what's a guy to do.

That brings a sharp look back over to Brann. She can't help but echo that question of his, "What's a guy to do?" Before she continues with, "Everything you can, that's what. Don't just stand on the sidelines and lament what you've lost, or what was taken away from you. Stand up and take it back for yourself."


"You say that like it's easy." Brann frowns. "Like there ain't no consequences for the actions I'd take. You know there's police out there, right?" He shakes his head. "I mean, don't get me wrong. It feels like…like I've been on the sidelines too long." He forms a fist on the table.

"I've been afraid to show who I am." He laughs. "Afraid of what? That people might be afraid of me?" He shakes his head at idea.

"So tell me, if you're so smart?" He tilts his head. "How do I take my stand? Take what I deserve?" At 'deserve', he hits the table with his fist, knocking it slightly, as his fist bursts into flame.

He leaves his hand on the table for a moment before lifting and opening it up. The flame dissipates rather quick. He doesn't know who is or isn't watching. Better to play it safe and sound, so to speak.


"Life is never easy." Frenzy responds immediately with, "And there are always consequences. Especially when it comes to something that truly matters."

The rest of what he has to say garners a brief shake of the woman's head. She should say something, that's for certain, but when his hand bursts into flames the woman turns a look to the flame enshrouded appendage. It's only after the fire dissipates that the woman speaks again.

"Sure sounds like all you're doing is letting your fear freeze you into inaction."

Frenzy reaches for the glowing bracelets that sit on the table and picks them up. "Stop doing that and I bet you'll find your life turning around."

Once all the bracelets are in hand the woman straightens, obviously intending to leave soon.


"You're right." Brann nods. "Maybe I have been lettin' fear…freeze me." He raises an eyebrow. "But here's the thing about fire an' all. It's good at meltin' those things that're cool." A grin tugs at his lips.

"So maybe I don't wanna be afraid no more. Maybe I let my flame melt away the fear. What then, Miss…Smartypants?" He leans back, crossing his arms over his chest, almost defensively.

"There'll be consequences?" He asks. "Fine. Then they'd better be in my favour. Except…" He looks down, as if uncertain. When he looks back up at Frenzy, it's with hope. "How do I make sure the consequences benefit me?"


Smartypants. That brings a reaction from Frenzy, "Call me that again and I will break you in half."

And she's quite serious too, there is no tease to her voice, or any sort of humor, just a promise in there.

Those last words of his … Frenzy just shakes her head. "Nothing is ever guaranteed." She begins, "No one is lucky enough to only have 'good' consequences come their way. That doesn't mean you don't do what needs to be done, you just take the good and the bad."

"When it comes to the bad kind then all you can do is try to survive. Survive and learn from it and try again another day. It's what we all do."

"Good luck in figuring it all out, kid. Try hard not to get arrested after you do. Jail ain't a fun place to hang around in. Especially when you're different."

And with those words said, Frenzy gently pushes away from the table and walks away. All that's left behind from their interaction is one red glow-y bracelet, right there in the middle of their small table.

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