The Hit on Zane Oldman
Roleplaying Log: The Hit on Zane Oldman
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Batgirl tracks down Domino for some mercenary style help then some Russian mobsters get beat up because Gotham.

Other Characters Referenced: Jessica Jones
IC Date: July 25, 2019
IC Location: Midtown, Gotham
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Posted On: 25 Jul 2019 22:55
Rating & Warnings: PG13 for some language and fighty stuffs
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Gotham may not have the problems associated with the DPS but it comes with its own set of risks. Of course, some people have to go and poke at the resident hives a couple of times just to see what falls out of them. Domino's made this city her unnofficial home while not crashing with the X-ers but..thanks to poking at various hives with various pointed sticks..there are still times where keeping a low profile is very beneficial.

This is one of those moments.

Not far away in an underground parking lot is where her 'borrowed' late 90's black Chevy Monte Carlo is currently seeing a bit of TLC from the Russian Khvostovski family. They've managed to track her back to the disposable vehicle and are gearing up to prove that good old fashioned car bombings are still in vogue.

The albino had been lucky enough to take notice, catching them in the act without getting noticed in return. She's already in enough trouble with those goons and frankly it didn't seem worth the bullets or the effort to try and make a point. On the contrary, she has no feelings toward the Chevy. Having a ready to go bomb could come in handy.

Neena's chosen to take a walk, keeping a low profile and sticking to the darkened alleys and corners. They probably have some more of the Family lurking about in case she pops up. Thus, she makes a point not to. She can lie low for a couple of hours, it's not the end of the world. It'll give her a chance to catch up on the new contract offerings through the dark web.


The dark web is home to all kinds of people. As Neena navigates potential leads on contracts, a message suddenly pops up on her phone. It nearly dominants her entire screen, and all it says is, 'Behind You.'

In the alley, leaning against the brick wall of a dive bar, is a Bat. By her red hair, she could be Batwoman or Batgirl, but something about the motorcycle leathers and purple tinge to her uniform clearly identifies her if Neena's keeping tabs on the Gotham Bat Family. Batgirl has her arms crossed loosely at her chest to match the casual cross of her ankles in those calf-high yellow boots. If she had a device out to send that message, it's absent now.


It's a total 'WTF' moment when Domino's phone is taken over by the message, causing an immediate rush of tension into her shoulders which almost as quickly begins to ebb away. With that great an element of surprise no one would have bothered sending her a message if they wanted to take a shot! Her head dips forward while a long breath is slowly released, the phone kind of bobbing up and down in her hand before she neatly turns off the screen and puts it away. Everything about her motions has that 'yeah, you got me' vibe going on.

"Someone nailed their stealth check tonight," she offers before turning around with arms folded together.

While the particulars of the BatFam aren't an area of study for her there are a few key details which stand out. The hair, the boots, and an edge of purple tint. It's not a huge gap to connect this woman with who Neena had mistaken as an imitation during the last fight down at The Punchline.

Such recognition is withheld for the moment. Instead there's an "Ooo, rockin' the leather. I've been snuck up on by -way- worse." The grin vanishes into a look of mock innocence as she looks about, asking "Hey this isn't a no loitering zone or something, is it?"


Batgirl shrugs a shoulder, and there's a hint of a smile lifting at one corner of her mouth. "Practice." She pushes off the wall, stepping forward with a casualness in her stride. Her arms loosen from her chest, hands instead hooking at her hips.

Then she snorts at the innocence — mock or not — and then she gestures slightly. "You think I got room to judge someone loitering around the alleys of Gotham City?" It's impossible to see the arched brow under the cowl, but there's still a bit of amusement in her voice that suggests it. Then she steps forward. "Jessica Jones gave me a pretty solid description of you, and so I did a bit of digging. You were at the YMCA in Brooklyn." She angles a look. "And in that digging, I found out you're a merc." There's no accusation there, or bite. Just a matter-of-factness that indicates Domino doesn't need to confirm it.


Practice. "Uh huh," Dom replies with an equal measure of casualness and idle amusement.

Man, she -really hates it- when people get the drop on her!

The loitering bit had been meant as nothing more than sarcasm. If one of the Bats has chosen to single out the pale lady then it's for a good reason and they -both- know it. Though this BatGal offers a little more information than expected. The name Jessica Jones being dropped goes straight into memory for later. The tone in this Bat's voice is similarly noted. There's no malice to be found. This is good.

Neena idly guestures forward with a hand and states the obvious, "And here you are. Something tells me you aren't looking to hire any sooner than you're looking to haul me in, so what's the score. Come to see if I needed a counselor after that run-in at the Y?" she teases a little further. "Or maybe this has something to do with the awful write-up our antics got on the news because that was -just- a little bit biased," is suggested with a pinching of a finger and thumb.


"Look, if you haven't seen a counselor by now, I highly doubt that what went down at the Y is going to prompt anything different." Beat. "But we appreciated your help. Jess said you did some amazing if not improbable work to save those metahumans." Then, Batgirl gestures offhandedly, and that's all it takes to move on from that topic.

"You have some inside contacts, and I wanted to see if you could use those to help me find someone. A man named Zane Oldman died over in New York a few days ago. He was a correspondent for VigiWatch. I checked out the crime scene, and it looks like a professional hit." Batgirl rolls her shoulders. "I want to try to figure out who was hired to kill him. And why." Though, Batgirl has a solid idea to that question.


..Oh… The Bat's actually -thanking- Dom for lending a hand. Unexpected! Though Whitey seems to brush it off with a frown and a glance off to one side, grumbling "I just hope those kids are alright." She'll poke fun at a whole lot of topics but even she has her limits.

Then—wait. Hold up. So..the Bat Lady here IS kind of looking to hire Neena? With kudos filling in for currency. A dark brow gently arches upward and hands shift onto hips as she regards the cowled woman, absorbing a few more pieces of data as she speaks.

Zane Oldman. New York. VigiWatch. Professional hit.

"Wasn't me" she automatically states in a flat tone. Following is a gentle head-bob, "But I can sniff around some."

Is Batgirl in a tough spot here to be asking for help or is this more a verification measure? Either way it shouldn't be too difficult. Besides, staying on the right side of the Bats is an -awesome- perk card to have. Helping out could be a really smart play.

Another thin black smirk settles into place as the albino pats the pocket which her phone had disappeared into. "I've got your number. Oh hey, and if you're looking for some excitement there's some Russian mobsters rigging a black Chevy with an ignition bomb at the garage around the corner, section 4A."


The initial response from Domino — the denial of guilt — quirks up her lips a bit. "If I thought it was you, Domino, this would be a very, very different conversation." She turns slightly, glancing down the alley and then back to the mercenary. "Oldman was anti-registration, pro-metahuman, and pro-vigilante. I want to know who killed him, and if his death was contracted because of his sentiments. He also regularly covered Daredevil, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones in Hell's Kitchen. I'm trying to narrow down the motives, and then find the who."

Then she quirks her brows up at the news of the Russians and the Chevy. There's questions there, but Batgirl just offers up a lopsided smile. "You do something to irritate the mobsters around here?" She then shakes her head, looking down a bit. "Careful. There's a lot of alliances in this city that can stack up fast."

She takes a step back. "I don't mind a little excitement."


A slight shrug follows. Then a partial grin. It doesn't last for long when Batgirl offers a bit more on Oldman. "No shit? Ouch. Here I was going into this as a personal favor but now I want a piece of the guy that did him in, myself." Though as the description continues Neena frowns slightly. "In that case there's no shortage of suspects with motive to spare. Risky business. Guess it caught up to him."

When the Russians are brought up Dom offers something of a dramatic sigh and rolling of the eyes, "Those guys just didn't seem to understand that I already took on a job with another crew. Both sides wanted the same thing. In the end it didn't work out for anyone but I must have ruffled the wrong feathers.

Then comes another unexpected twist. Batgirl's clear offer to help brings both of the albino's brows upward a few notches followed by a proper grin. "Well alright. Let's see how the home team takes care of business."

She'll even lead the way if necessary! Though the one thing she's not ready to do is draw a gun. The Gothamites really don't like playing with firearms, do they.

Back in the lower levels of the garage Neena doesn't bother to take cover or sneak up on the guys. Batgirl's proven to be plenty adept at being sneaky so why not throw caution into the wind and be a distraction? She walks right down the middle of the lane and is only first noticed when she calls out to the few thugs finishing up with the Monte Carlo.

"You know..I -was- gonna let this one ride, but on second thought? Screw that."

One with a crowbar. Two with pistols. Hardly an even fight.


That earns Domino an incredible about of cred with Batgirl, and that shows in the way her smile turns sharp and genuine. She doesn't say much more about Zane, but instead turns her focus to the Russians.

Domino's assessment on the situation causes a bit of dry amusement to filter through her features. "Must be hard being the popular girl." Then she is gesturing Domino to lead the way, and the Bat falls into stride with her.

Domino had given her location in the garage, so when they get inside, she slips away to find her way down. Besides, there's too much light down here and someone who spots a Bat will call it into GCPD.

Domino gives her casual warning to the threesome, there's the light sailing whisper of a batarang and it collides with the fluorescent lights just overhead. With a explosion of filament and glass, the lights go out above them, and one gets a sudden yellow boot sole to the back of the knee.


Quick, dark, and unexpected. That's how the local team gets shit done. One pistol goon is dropped to the floor before he has a chance to aim at anything useful, his weapon sliding beneath the car they had been working on. The other two guys are more than a little confused. The ambush didn't come from Domino… Who else is there?

«The white bitch has backup!»

«Call the others, idiot!»

While camping out in the alley Domino had found this lovely Tiger Eye patterned marble lying on the ground. It looked like it hadn't been there very long. It got a free ride in a pocket but now it's coming out into her hand. A flick of the wrist sends it bouncing and rolling down the ramp toward where the others are struggling to get themselves in order, the one with the crowbar trying to help the kicked guy back to his feet while the other is chasing shadows with his sidearm. The downed guy, weaponless, makes a point to try and contact the others.

And onward the marble rolls…but Neena's no longer walking out in the open. While Batgirl took a turn with the distraction the pale lady made the most of it.


When the pistoleers drops to his knees, his back is met with another firm kick to send him on his stomach. Which lets Batgirl swing her elbow at the crowbar guy. Then that same yellow boot steps right on the back of the fallen guy's neck, and all he can see in his peripherals is Batgirl's dark expression, red hair lit by an overhead light a few yards back. "That's not how we say hello to visitors."

Of course, she underestimated the crowbar guy, and she gets a whack right across her kidneys, and that staggers her a bit. She's recovering fast, flinging out a razor-edged batarang that cuts across the third thug's arm to make him twist away.

All eyes are on her, and not at all on the albino and her rolling marble.


If one were to rewind this scene on a security camera it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact event which set off the chain reaction but the armed mobster getting sliced by a batarang would be a strong contender.

The cut to his arm causes a reflexive twist from his arm which bumps the trigger and fires off a shot.

The shot smacks against a concrete pillar, rebounds off of the floor, then comes back and strikes the already broken light cluster overhead.

This frees up one of the fluorescent tubes which comes crashing down onto the crowbar guy's head who stumbles backwards.

The heel of his foot lands as perfectly as you please onto the marble which has just finished its journey down the ramp and beneath the Chevy.

Crowbar goon slips and falls backwards, cracking his head upon the floor.

The crowbar itself leaves his hand on the way down and smacks into the pistol shooter with a *Clung!* right as he is starting to correct his aim back at the shadowy outline of a woman in tall yellow boots.

He hits the floor.

The crowbar lands pointy-end into the joint of his elbow.

His hand jerks and takes a shot.

The bullet zips beneath the car and drills into the shoulder of the first guy Batgirl had kicked over.

HIS pistol gets flicked away, spinning about as it skids across the polished cement floor.

Then Domino is standing over two of the downed thugs with each hand imitating a pistol leveled at both of their heads. "Bang."

Warren would be -so proud of her- tonight.


Batgirl isn't even sure she can track what just happened, let alone why it all just happened. She just stands there in the aftermath with a kind of casual tilt to her eared head. She turns slowly toward Domino and her brows arch. "How…" Nope. She decides not to ask.

She tugs out some zip ties from her belt and starts to go about securing them. "I'll get a call into GCPD." She flicks her eyes up to Domino and a little smile twitches into place. "You're a bit of an oddity, aren't you?"


Domino simply dips her head and holds up two empty palms, feigning a 'you got me.'

She's about to take both of their pistols when she sees Batgirl securing the lot of them and offering to call the cops. In that case she may as well leave the evidence behind. Though a quick check under her car reveals that yes, there was a bomb being installed, and the bullet which had passed beneath the car somehow severed the wires on the device. The inert charge is pulled from beneath the vehicle and set aside somewhere obvious, the cops can find that too.

"Just doin' the best I can with what I've got. Thanks for the assist, you'll be hearing from me later."


There's something in that look that has Batgirl chuckling. "You and the Punisher would get along." After all, how else does Frank keep up his arsenal? Then she's zipping the last ankles together, and she looks up toward Domino as she deals with the bomb.

Domino is offering up her thanks, and the promise to get in touch. "I know you will," the redhead says, but when Domino turns toward her to offer up any other reply, Batgirl's already vanished.


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