Breakfast for Dinner
Roleplaying Log: Breakfast for Dinner
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Dani, Berto and X-23 chat about various things, including the telepath rescue.

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IC Date: July 25, 2019
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What time is it?

Groggy time, that's for certain. At least for Danielle Moonstar it is.

Sure, the mission to rescue the telepaths went … well-ish and she had a few hours to catch some sleep, but her body and brain are still *tired*.

It also doesn't help that she crashed here in the X-Base. The beds just aren't as comfortable as the ones in the Mansion Proper.

So, that's why Dani can now be found in the kitchen area making coffee. Very strong coffee. She might have some other items on the counter (eggs, bread, etc) to possibly make something close to breakfast, but first Moonstar fills her mug up to the brim.

The brim.

Thank god Warren buys the good stuff.


"Looks like somebody was out partying too late," says a voice. A familiar voice. A New Mutants voice.

Because yeah, it's Roberto da Costa.

Whatever time of day it might actually be, the Brazilian seems awfully energetic, which is probably because it's summer. Summer, with all that extra heat and sunlight to absorb. Summer, when everyone should be at the beach and not having to worry about kidnapped telepaths or armies of anti-metahuman murder robots, but instead they're having to worry very much about both of those things.

Dark hands reach for the various breakfast-adjacent ingredients Dani had laid out, as the solar-powered mutant - who is for whatever reason still in like half a buiness suit, and losing the tie and undoing the top buttons of the white shirt just makes him look rakish, the bastard - commandeers the task unilaterally. He's going for more ingredients, of course. And a pan. Even the more utilitarian mess and kitchen of the Adirondacks base has to have the basic makings of pancakes, right? Right.

The real shock might be that the billionaire playboy actually knows how to cook. Mostly, anyway. As long as he sticks to something easy.

"And here I thought you were the responsible one, huh? Ay, now I'm going to have to go do something reckless and come back at an even less reasonable hour."


The aroma of foodstuffs has been known to draw Laura from an impressive distance, but this? This might be a record.


Mostly because she hasn't been seen around the base in weeks, if not more. Now, this isn't precisely unusual behavior: she's a wanted fugitive with lots of troublesome business of her own that she doesn't tend to share. Plus Logan just turned up again, so it could easily have something to do with that. Still, her sudden appearance in the base kitchen, without comment or explanation, gives the impression of her truly being summoned from the ether by nothing more than a pot of coffee. It really does credit Warren's expensive tastes!.

In any event, despite its suddenness, Laura's arrival comes with the precise opposite of fanfare. Quiet enough that she does just sort of 'appear,' there's no immediate offer of friendly chitchat or small talk. She also takes a very… direct approach to the food. After pouring herself a coffee, and while Roberto is fetching a bunch of fancy extra ingredients, walks up and grabs a couple eggs from the carton. Is she… just going to eat them?


That familiar voice brings Moonstar around, her mug of coffee held carefully in her hands as she moves. Upon seeing the familiar figure and face of Roberto da Costa, Dani smiles. She just can't help it. He's part of the old crew, a member of that old team of theirs, and a reminder of a past when things weren't always so worrisome.

Of course, seeing him appear so neatly dressed (even half un-business-suited) and looking quite so energetic, "Berto." Dani begins, "I'm really going to need you to turn that level of chipperness down a bit. It's too early." Or is it too late? What time is it again?

When he takes the foodstuffs from her corner of the counter the Cheyenne can't quite stop the eyebrow that rises upward, but she doesn't stop him. Instead she just murmurs, "Please don't burn breakfast."

The seemingly sudden arrival of Laura causes Moonstar to shift her attention from Berto to absent-of-late young woman. "Laura." Moonstar says in greeting, "Good to see you around."

The sight of Laura grabbing those eggs from the carton doesn't garner a reaction from Moonstar yet. No, that'll happen only if Laura does really eat them straight from the shell.


She's really going to need him to turn down his chipperness, Danielle Moonstar says.

"Hah, no chance," Bobby replies, flashing the other New Mutant a bright smile that, given the nature of his powers, might actually gleam a little bit.

Although he's hurt at the suggestion he might burn the food. Such terrible slander.

"Although, I wonder if I could cook it with just my powers…" No, Roberto. No. Just no.

He doesn't follow through with that particular ridiculous musing (he is, however, privately convinced that it could work) rather turning on a burner and setting about the process of making what will no doubt turn out to be perfectly good if not spectacular pancakes. It's not like they have all the fancy trimmings they might find over at the mansion, here.

They do, however, have some sneaky new arrivals.

"Hey, Silent-But-Deadly," the Brazilian offers cheerily once Laura makes herself known. And just grabs a couple eggs from the carton. "You want those scrambled? Over easy? You're not just gonna crack them in a glass and drink them, right?"


To her credit, Laura does not eat them raw from the shell.

She DOES start to reach for a glass, so… yeah, it pretty much looks like Roberto was a few steps ahead of her on that one. Caught 'egg-handed,' as one might put it, she stands there a moment like she doesn't quite know what to do with the eggs now, apparently sufficiently admonished that she now reconsiders her initial plan. In this rare case, she does not have a contigency worked out. Ultimately she offers (surrenders?) them back to the chef, looking a little sheepish over the whole thing.

"Uh, any way is fine," is her answer, as it comes to how she'd like them prepared. Food as a luxury, or at least as something you enjoy, versus a simple biological requirement for survival is still an idea that's growing on her, maybe.

Left to wait on the food (and thus with no immediate activity to distract her), Laura does finally attempt 'conversation,' glancing between the other two before finally settling her attention on Danni. "Why don't you want him to be happy?"


Did she just hear him correctly? Cook the food with his powers?

"Berto." Moonstar says with something like a sigh mixed with a warning and possibly a plea to her voice. Thankfully, he begins to cook the food in a far more conventional way.

Back to Laura, Moonstar watches the other woman silently consider just how she's really going to enjoy those eggs. When the eggs are offered sheepishly back to Berto, Moonstar pipes up with, "I like scrambled myself. Can't go wrong with scrambled."

And since Berto is playing the part of chef now, Moonstar sets her coffee aside for a few minutes to rustle up some plates and silverware for people. Three plates, three forks, and three knives - even if some people come with their own brand of sharp cutlery.

Once the plates and silverware are found, Moonstar turns back in time to catch Laura's question. Surprise briefly flickers over Dani's face at that question and after a moment, Moonstar tries to explain, "No, no, I'm not really wishing him unhappiness. I was just trying to be be silly about my tiredness and his very apparent wakefulness."


"That's good," Roberto says about the eggs. "'cause I can only actually do scrambled."

It's probably not surprising, he's the sort of person who's had people to handle that for him for most of his life. He's quite wealthy, haven't you heard?

That means another pan and another burner, though, and regretfully having to keep his attention spread across both, despite not getting to try cooking either with thermokinesis. He could just imagine Dani's reproachful look if he tried to. He supposes that's just his burden to carry in this life, always being a sucker for not making a girl cry (by accidentally exploding eggs all over her).

"You see," Bobby starts to explain melodramatically, bowling right over the Cheyenne's completely reasonable explanation for why she was ribbing him. "Ever since we were first brought in by the Professor, Dani has been the serious one. No matter our shenanigans, young Laura, we could never really get her to loosen up. Sam always suspected that she was somehow related to Cyclops, being such a wet blanket all the time. So I, in my infinite generosity," he starts scooping out suprisingly nicely fluffed yellow scrambled eggs onto one of the plates. There was even some bacon that got cooked. "Have dedicated myself to keeping her from her gloomy path." Next, the pancakes, which he tries to flip just using the pan and it mostly works, although one of them kind of ends up just a bunch of pancake shreds. Still, perfectly good! "That way, nobody will ever call her 'Dani Downer' again."

It's quite possible nobody has been quite this aggressively full of shit in the Adirondacks base yet, but to be fair it is pretty new.


"I see." Laura may or may not entirely grasp the subtle dynamics in this clash of morning attitudes, or the humor that tends to go with it. "It is good to be active at an early hour," she declares, in the Brazillian's apparent defense. "However, your lingering fatigue is obviously a product of serious exertion. Considering we are afforded a large degree of freedom in our rest schedules here, you should take advantage of it while you are able, and get some extra rest." 'Get your z's when you can.' A very military-minded way of thinking about something even as simple as naptime.

In the mean time, she stands to watch Bobby juggle pans and burners. Maybe she's picked today to learn how to cook, since people are making a fuss about it. In any case, for much of his exaggerated story, her attention seems to be on the food as much as on him. Until she turns to answer at the last moment.

"Mr. Summers is a well-disciplined leader. While I very much doubt the two share any genetic relation," and… maybe she knows a thing or two about strange genetics, "It would be to her credit if she emulated some of his methods. I just didn't understand the trouble with being energetic in the morn- I missed the joke." Progress! She knows there was a joke to miss, at least. "It relates to your different states of energy and readiness. I understand it now." And she's thoroughly killed it through over-analysis.

Also, poor Robert, running headlong into her bizarre adoration of Scott Summers, man of many spreadsheets and tactical briefings.


That melodramatic tone from Berto brings Moonstar's attention right on back and over to him.

Oh yeah, she's heard that tone from him before and it just causes her to reach for her coffee again. Coffee is always better with a story, right? Definitely!

And so, the Cheyenne *listens* to the fabulous tale Roberto da Costa tells about their younger-selves. That name of Dani Downer almost causes her to choke on a sip of coffee, but thankfully Moonstar manages to clear her airway.

"Berto, please don't make me shoot you in the ass. Again." The Cheyenne says in a tone that's full of *seriousness* and for a minute her expression reflects that as well, up until Moonstar grins.

How can you not? This is Berto! That sense of humor and melodramatic flair is contagious and it even manages to pull a chuckle from the tired woman.

Laura's defense of Scott Summers prompts another flash of a grin from Moonstar, "Yes, definitely a joke."

When the food is finished Moonstar reaches for a plate - breakfast foods are something you just don't willingly pass on by. "Thanks, Berto."

Then with a look between the two, Moonstar's expression returns to a serious note, her voice grim, "And while I don't necessarily need anymore more help sounding like Scott, I will ask if you two heard about the telepaths we rescued yesterday? Apparently some scientists were looking to try and create suppression tech based off their experimentations." Which might helpfully explain just what sort of serious exertion Dani encountered to make her feel so tired.


"You wouldn't damage a priceless work of art like that, would you?" the Brazilian wonders, on the subject of his getting shot in the ass (again). He even gives it a little wiggle in Dani's direction, making a nuisance of himself in only the way one of their little found family could to each other. The New Mutants were the closest most of them had to actual siblings, though obviously Roberto da Costa was the incorrigible troublemaker of them. Just so long as the troublemaking didn't involve demons and hell dimensions, that was somebody else's specialty.

"Sure, Scott's a good leader," Bobby agrees, despite the rest of what he'd been saying having been a joke, trying to brighten things up a bit. "But he's definitely a downer. I can't get through that many powerpoint presentations when they're for work, and I pay people to make those!" Military discipline isn't really Sunspot's thing, despite his own father's best efforts to be a disciplinarian. Before he can say anything else on the subject of Scott Summers' starch-shirt ways, though, Dani brings up something of more immediate consequence.

"Telepathic suppression, huh? Not trying to protect themselves from the ol' mind-whammy, but cutting it off at the source?"


"I have been away." Pause. "Traveling. However, I have reviewed all of the after action reports filed in my absence," Laura supplies, somewhat predictably in the latter part. This is why she likes Scott, report junky that she is. "If you are looking for any feedback on the tactical elements of the operation, I can provide notes later, although at a glance it was executed effectively." High praise!

Once the food is ready and she has no more staring to do, Laura moves to join the others at the table. She seems perfectly happy to use real tablewear rather than her built-in variety. And in fact, once she digs in, it is with a fair degree of zest, despite the somewhat fragmented status of the pancakes after Robert mangled them. She doesn't seem to mind that the food isn't pretty, and has quite the appetite! Omnom.

"Power suppression has always been one of the primary tools of organizations antagonistic toward mutakind," she observes, after swallowing a large mouthful. "Seeking to undermine, remove, or otherwise invalidate the resources and advantages of your opponent is one of the oldest pillars of strategic thought. And while powers like mine are dangerous in a standard deployment… telepaths are frankly several orders higher when it comes to their tactical and strategic value. How anyone hope to defeat an enemy that knows their thoughts, let alone has the ability to intefere with them?"


That bum wiggle from Berto prompts a slight amused shake of Dani's head, but really, that's it. There's too many years between the two for Moonstar to be dazzled by his tush. Nicely shaped or not.

Laura's mention of reading all the acton reports since her absence causes Moonstar to eye the woman for a quiet moment. "I suppose I'm glad someone reads them …" And at the praise from Laura about the execution and effectiveness of the mission, Moonstar offers a small smile, "Thanks. It was a pretty hectic scene, but we were able to get everyone out we could and learn some intelligence on top of it."

Berto's mention of cutting it off at the source garners another nod from the Cheyenne woman. "Pretty much, which I suppose isn't too surprising. Like Laura said -" And here Moonstar turns her eyes back to Laura, "I'm sure they fear exactly that. The unseen spy in their midst. Someone who doesn't even have to be in the same room, or possibly anywhere near them."

She shakes her head and while her food sits before her the woman focuses more on the coffee for a few more minutes. "This time though we were able to stop them, or at the very least put a heavy crimp in their plans. What I find most odd is the fact that they had mutants fighting for them. Or the research, at least. I don't think they cared about the scientists."


The tactical talk draws a contemplative silence from Roberto, but then he's never really seemed like the strategist kind - unless you were to ask poor Doug Ramsey, who never could beat the Brazilian at chess for some reason. Effectively having grown up with the reality of telepaths, they were all well aware of the advantages of that particular powerset (and, at the very least a little bit trained to deal with it, thanks to some of Xavier's more esoteric teaching, effective even for people who didn't luck out and get some kind of psionics), but…

"Well, any mission everybody comes home from alive is a win, especially when you make sure the bad guys don't get what they want, huh? I'm guessing it's too much to hope there was any word about the Professor, speaking of powerful telepaths."

What else Dani has to say about the mission is more troubling. Roberto casts a glance at Laura, before returning his attention to the sometime valkyrior.

"Mutants? Like for sure, not some other kind of meta? Though, guess it's not like mutants don't have as much reason to be concerned about telepaths as anybody else…"


“Does no one else read them?" Laura seems briefly filled with great concern at this horrible thought! Poor, lonely reports, sitting there alone and unread.

Boring paperwork that only she and Scott enjoy aside, the young woman is left to mull over the odd revelations of the recent mission with the other. "Mutantkind, historically, has never been wholly united, so it is not without some precedent," she points out first, in a very much 'stating the obvious' kind of bland factual tone. "To anyone without such powers in particular, they could seem like an especially grave threat." And then her expression turns somewhat more thoughtful, brow furrowed as she stares into the demolished remnants of her breakfast plate.

"Perhaps it is not that strange at all. For base humans, the idea of any ability - 'power' - beyond the norm is terrifying. They lack context for comparing such abilities." She now looks up again, gesturing between them. "Indeed, for many, a visible power like mine or Robert's is more terrifying even if it is essentially quite comparable to conventional weaponry. Because there is a visual element they can easily grasp. But something more subtle?" And here, the gesturing hand ends on Dani. "That's harder to grasp. But among mutants living along side one another, we do understand the differences between our powers and the great impact of those that seem more subtle. And it is only natural to make comparisons - and potentially feel jealousy. Therefore you might profile an involved mutant as one who had some experience working alongside their psychic brethren: long enough to grow resentful of them."


Mention of Professor Xavier. That brings Moonstar's gaze over to Roberto for a silent moment, then the woman shakes her head negatively. "No." Is her simple answer, voice tinged with sadness.
As for Roberto's last question about mutants or metas that brings a furrow of Dani's brow now, as she considers her answer. "I can't say for certain." She finally admits, heavily, "They could have been either or. Not that it necessarily matters I suppose, it's still odd that they were helping to protect a project that might effectively suppress their powers."

It's something to ponder on for certain.

Over to Laura, Moonstar nods in agreement with the woman's assessment. "I agree. The flashier powers likely seem much scarier to humans than the quiet types, but like you said we all know what's more worrisome at times."

At the mention of jealousy a thoughtful look settles on the Cheyenne's features. "Yes, I suppose jealousy could be part of it as well." And perhaps to lighten this somewhat heavy conversation Moonstar sends a bit of side-eye to Berto, "I always *knew* you were jealous of me, Berto. Always knew it."

With that said Moonstar grins to both and sets her coffee aside and reaches for her breakfast. "Come on let's finish breakfast and once we digest we'll run through a Danger Room scenario. There's some of us -" Berto! "- who don't always keep a schedule of regular sessions in the Danger Room. Best to change that."

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