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Roleplaying Log: Character Development
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Domino visits Deadpool. Things get… weird.

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IC Date: July 27, 2019
IC Location: The Poolcave
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Posted On: 27 Jul 2019 20:52
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Why does Domino keep finding herself in these situations..? Maybe it's her big damn conscience which has her somehow always being selected to seek out Wade Wilson. Or, heck, maybe her luck keeps running out whenever the thought of the guy comes back into play. Whatever the case may be she's right back at Sister Margaret's, though not at the bar this time around. Oh no. THAT would have been too easy. Today she gets to explore the curious and dangerous unknown that is…

The Poolcave.

Yeah, she just sorta invited herself in. Deal with it.

"Jeeeee-zus what is that -smell?-" she reviles while nudging the door open with a look which mixes disgust and horror. Maybe she should call this whole gig off. It's not like her conscience is doing much of the steering with her actions this time around, anyway. Well—yes and no. It's totally dead center within grey territory.

The albino gingerly tiptoes around a stinky bag of Mexican food which doesn't appear to be completely empty, sidesteps an old pizza box, and oh hey a Mac-10! She hasn't seen one of those in a while Half-gloved hands reach to pick up the dusty, greasy, cabony gun.

* * *


Behold! It is Deadpool! He is, for all intents and purposes, leaping from the ceiling and falling in slow motion towards Domino and his Mac-10. He must be doing laundry or something because right now all he's wearing is his mask and his Spider-Man tightie whities. He has no weapons in his hands but looks like he's going to do whatever it takes to stop this friendly thief from taking his gun without his permission. Or just taking his gun.

His suit is hanging drying on a makeshift clothesline that's hanging between his microwave his fridge but that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is that somewhere in all this mess are more guns that certain albino thieves may find themselves wanting to get their hands on. And she must be stopped! At the first sign of thievery!


He's still falling in slow motion. This is going to take a while.

* * *

At the sudden yell Domino's eyes snap wide open and she spins about to face the source of this awful noise only to see slow motion..?

And perhaps even more importantly he's not wearing his suit. Which means a lot of exposed skin. Which means—

"Holy Hell Wilson, you look like the topography of Mercury!"

Neena wasn't even planning on stealing any of Wade's things, it just happened to be there and she wanted to get a look at it. Though while Wade is stuck slowly falling she takes her time in side-stepping the pounce to come stand beside him, just..watching for a moment before asking "How the fuck are you even doing that?"

Then she places the SMG right on his lower back and lets it go for a ride. A very slow one.

THEN she lets Deadpool continue to fall as he pleases. A chair gets slid right into the line of his landing. Another chair gets slid closer so she can take a seat. Her legs come to rest on top of some other piece of furniture, nonchalantly pushing more fast food containers off to the floor so her boots have somewhere to go. A knife comes out so she can start idly picking at her nails with the occasional glance back to the other merc to see if he's done doing his thing yet or not.

Eventually she gets tired of waiting, complete with a rolling of pale blue eyes. "Sooo… Life's been kinda slow for you, huh." Oh, the pun.

* * *

"You know, I don't understand it either. I think it has something to do with Doc Brown's Theory of Gravity. It's weird, right?"

Wade says all of this while slowly passing Domino's side-step. "It's almost as weird as having alleged 'luck powers'." He licks his finger (through the mask) and puts out the sizzling 'burn' on his Spidey Whities. "BURN!"

He immediately runs out of Slow Motion Juice and crashes right into a pile of whatever's on the floor. Something shatters, something crumples and when Wade returns to his feet, there's a blanket tied around his neck and a melted Chimichanga in a 'C' shape inside of a 'Pizza Diamond' on his chest. His hands go to his hips and he poses with superheroic flair!

"Slow's not even the half of it." Wade slumps out of his pose and drops down into the chair that was put there moments ago. He grabs a gun off the table, shoots at the vending machine in the corner and a Nuka-Cola comes flying out. He catches it and offers it to Domino.

"Please tell me you brought me something to do. My nipples haven't been hard in weeks."


* * *

'Weird' doesn't begin to cover it. 'It' being 'everything that is Deadpool.' A level look is given to the Mouthy Merc at the burn, Dom replying with a casual "Whatever."

Honestly the best way she's found to deal with this guy, especially now that she's in his personal space (ugh,) is to try not to question much of anything and roll with ..well, everything. Thus when he comes bouncing back up as Chimichanga Man or whatever she tries to ignore the entire spectacle.

Partly because the guy still hasn't put any damn pants on.

Then he goes and shoots a vending machine and gets a cola for the effort. She sticks the knife point first into the nearest table and catches the drink. "What was that about luck powers?" she teases, because really THAT was a lucky freaking shot!

Also what the hell is a 'Nuka-Cola?' Should she be concerned about drinking this..? Does she need to dig out a Geiger counter or something?

Stop thinking about it, Thurman.

Once more there's an airy and totally nonchalant "Didn't need to hear that" when Wade talks about his nips. After taking a drink she nests the bottle between both hands as they come to lie against her stomach, quietly regarding the other merc for a moment.

"As luck would have it I think I've found the perfect gig for you. It isn't contract work in the usual sense. Money for violence, over the top 'humor,' crowd-pleasing, and with lots of questionable actors to slaughter. All you have to do is bring yourself and your attitude and know that it's gonna get messy while you're busy getting your murder on. Sounds like it could be steady pay if you pass the audition. You like to kill people and you like to act, right? Should be a win-win."

* * *

"Well. I wouldn't say I like killing people. I'd say it's an awesometacular bonus to my neverending quest to find the asshole that made me look like I bathed too long in a vat of hot cheese made by the good folks of Ace Chemicals. But yeah, I guess you could say I love a little slicin' and dicin' for the right cause. And by cause I mean money. Or revenge. Or it being Saturday."

Wade takes a moment to cross one horrible leg over the other and reaches for another table (he has a lot of tables) to grab a saucer and a tea cup. He brings it up to his masked lips and takes a sip of the randomly piping hot liquid that is probably not tea but whatever.

"So let's hear it. Spill the tea, girlfriend."

Wade is anxious to get back to work. Or maybe just put some pants on. It could go either way.

* * *

Oh my god.

It's like a horrorshow. The room is plenty bad enough but nothing comes close to the room's owner. Neena can't even think of any further jokes to make about his situation, lost somewhere between that horror and pity. Powers usually come at a cost but Wilson paid a very steep price for his.

Was the lunacy ever a part of it or is that just how he had always been?

"There's a place out in Gotham that's been hosting fairly regular underground fights, but not your typical cage matches. These are ..elaborate. Brutal. No rules, lots of wildcards. I haven't seen so many pumped-up bodies in one place since that time I dropped into a Triad meeting. Total meat grinder. You never know who or what will get thrown into the ring with you. All you have to do is survive, but even if you don't I'm sure you'll be fine in a couple of days."

* * *

"Survive? That's pretty much my whole deal. Did I ever tell you about the time I called A.C. Slater a Wuss? Yeah. I was a pretzel for a least six episodes. It was brutal. But I eventually unfolded. Thanks to Billy Blanks a whole lot of Tae Bo."

Wade tosses the teacup and saucer over his shoulder to shatter violently and he focuses as much of his attention as he can spare on Domino. "I reckon a goin' a few 'rounds in the ol' cage from Spider-Raimi One can't hurt. How much do I get when I win? And will there be sexy ring girls?" Wade uncrosses his legs and sits up a bit straighter as he wonders about something even more potentially great. "Oh My Stan, are /you/ one of the sexy ring girls?!"

Excitement Intensifies!

* * *

When Wade mentions it being his whole deal Neena dips her head as if to say 'exactly.' She has a pretty good idea of who she's dealing with! Except for the whole 'being a pretzel for six episodes' thing. That bit goes straight over her head.

Gone is the teacup and a doofy accent comes in its place. As if to arrest the leap in excitement the albino holds one hand up, just a hint. Apparently it isn't a big enough hint as he continues about ring girls, aaaand

"No, Deadpool. I am not one of the sexy ring girls. Though there are some lookers." Hell, 'Lena' even caught Neena's eye a time or two.

She takes another hit of 'Nuka' as if to hold back on all of this and give it one final mental question of 'are you SURE this is a good idea?' But, all of the cards are already being placed upon the table. She can't very well back out of this now. Well..maybe she could but it might result in taking a katana through the jugular.

"The joint is called The Punchline. Lady named 'Lena' runs the place, you can talk to her about getting in. Just..don't get too into her. She's taken. By a very jealous sort who holds world-class grudges."

"Now this isn't a guaranteed in for you but if they like what they see, then..who knows."

* * *

"Hey. I look like I used razor blades for lotion and volcanic acid for a night cream. I don't think Lena or her Jealous Beau stand a chance against this unsexy beast."

Wade puffs out his horrible chest which is now stained with old pizza and chimichanga and it just makes him look worse. It actually helps with the smell a tiny bit, though. But how else is /Cancer/ going to smell?!

"The Punchline, eh? Sounds like the perfect place for a bunch of JOKES! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Wade slaps his own knee at his horrible pun? Joke? Whatever.

"Cool. I'll work on my Wrestling Persona and show up to the next violent 'bout." Wade leans back in his chair only to pop back up. "Wait! Important question! Can I bring Bea and Arthur?" He nods over towards his sheathed katanas hanging up on the bathroom door. "I've been shooting a lot of guns lately and they are kind of pissed. I'd like to get 'em some action if I can."

* * *

No arguments here about the razor blades and volcanic ..acid..? Whatever. If Wade wants to push that envelope then he can deal with the aftermath, and probably survive it, and probably deal with it a second time. Whatever floats his boat.

As the guy puffs out his chest Neena grimaces slightly and holds up a hand to block most of the view from sight. "Yeah, that's..great."

The bit about the Punchline's name is responded to with "That's kiiinda the point." Seriously, the place is partly run by THE JOKER. And they have some pretty decent comedy nights. She even got to see one of their shows for free!

But! The important bit here: Wade's interested! Which, more importantly, means that Domino may well start seeing an influx of cash, herself! Though at the question about his swords she pauses halfway to taking another drink, momentarily looking blank. "Uh, probably? I mean there were people with swords at the last show I went to. You might not even have to ask, it's doubtful that anyone'd try to stop you."

* * *

Wade looks up from reading through a giant stack of binded papers with the words 'Current Scene'. "Heeeeeey. Waaaaaaaait a cotton eyed joe second."

The script gets tossed to the side and Wade narrows his mask eyes at Domino. "What do you get out of this? I mean, we go all the way back to New Mutants '98…"

It is at this moment that there's a shot of a framed picture of a panel from New Mutants #98 that has been photoshopped to look more like a selfie has been taken much to Domino's chagrin. Wade is even throwing up the devil horns in the 'photo'.

"So I know you're up to something! Spill it, Sister or this mask's coming off." Which could be one of the more dangerous threats he's ever made. He's ugly as sin under there. All the sins. Combined.

* * *

Wait what?

What the HELL?

The picture is taken. Stared at. Confusion runs rampant. She only recognizes two of the people on that cover and whatever it's meant to represent hasn't actually happened!

"Where the hell did you get this?"

Should she burn it?

She feels like she should burn it.

Before TOO long Domino slowly looks back to the uber-suspicious Deadpool. He's finally starting to figure out her M.O. All cards on the table, right?

"Okay, so I might be getting some manner of commission out of this arrangement. You get to have fun and entertain all over bad guy faces, I get to bring the pieces together, everyone makes a bit of bank, we all go home happy. It's hardly criminal, Wade. We're -mercs,- this is what we do."

* * *

"Oh! You're getting money. Cool. I thought maybe they promised you something bigger like Top Billing in a Sequel Movie or something. That's cool."

Suspicious Pool sits back in his seat again and looks all the more relaxed. Even the 'script' and the 'photo' are no longer in the room. It's weird how these things work out.

Whomever is in charge of editing these things before public consumption is really bad at continuity. Whatever.

"Go ahead and tell these fools that they've got a new champion coming! And that I'm going to want a cool belt! Like the one John Cena used to have! With the spinning thing! Make it a taco. A gold taco!"

Yeah, this is just getting weird now.

* * *

"Just money," Domino confirms with a non-threatening showing of hands.

Hey wait, where did that strange picture go? It was here just a second ago…

Okay wait nevermind the picture. The man is talking about a spinning gold taco belt buckle. Alrighty then!

The 'job' is done and the ball is rolling which means it's high time that Neena got the heck out of here. "Yeah, I'll..mention that. Maybe," she offers after finishing the Nuka. After a brief looking around for a garbage bin she almost gently places it right where her feet used to be on that 'cleaned' section of table. It looks like it fits right in around here.

"Though you might want to wear a little more before you introduce yourself. lot more. A whole lot more. Y'know what, just wear your murdersuit."

* * *

"Don't you worry about a thing. I'm going to do a whole shopping montage to get ready for this. There's like fifty variant costumes of mine that I can choose from. And they all make sure none of this rabid skin of mine is showing. It's gonna' be grrrrrrrreat!"

Yes, he even does the whole Tony the Tiger bit. Finger in the air and everything.

"Thanks for delivering, Domino! Make my ten percent check out to Wade 'The Fuckin' Wilson!"


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