Joke's On Me
Roleplaying Log: Joke's On Me
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Rocket meets up with Batgirl with some information on the Punchline and the mysterious identity of The Showman

Other Characters Referenced: The Joker, Batman, The Punisher, Domino
IC Date: July 28, 2019
IC Location: Chinatown, Gotham City
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Posted On: 29 Jul 2019 06:57
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Batgirl sits on the middling rooftop on a pagoda that overlooks a block of Chinatown just off Gate Street. She has a box of Chinese food open — one of those classic white togo containers with the red hanzi written around its outside. She has one foot dangling off the edge of the roof toward the larger clay-tiled roof below, her other knee casually tucked toward her chest. She's picking out a bit of chicken coated in a flaming red sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

She had let Rocket know where to meet her. Below and just about a block over, a GCPD patrol car is getting loaded up with two triad thugs she had left on the corner for them. She watches the pair — just a couple of kids really — get ducked into the backseat. One of the GCPD officers glances up her way, and she raises her chopsticks in a salute. He nods and ducks into the passenger seat beside his partner. There's no attention drawn to her, letting the vigilante to do her thing. She knows which cops to call, apparently. She knows which cops are her dad's allies.

* * *

Tonight he doesn't bother with the ship. He doesn't even bring the sweet ride he mostly stole from Domino, but that's more on the account that it kind of stuck out, being the hot little number of a silver Lancer as it was. But he does get around, and sneaking around happens to be a specialty of his, partially due to what he is, and the rest owed to who he is. Rocket has been called many things, but so long as no one Terra-side has heard of half the things he's pulled in the galaxy beyond, he doesn't worry too much about arrested. That's only if anyone catches him.

He clambers up the side of the building by way of fire escape, this city having myriads of ways to get in and around places if you knew where to look for them. Tonight he's wearing a hoodie over his usual uniform, hood pulled over his head although he's allowed his tail to slip out from where he'd tucked it earlier, acting as counter balance as he scales his way up and finally slips over the building ledge and onto the roof.

A quick glance around is all he takes before making his way over to where the Bat-vigilante sits and enjoys her meal. "Dinner for one or did'ja bring anything to share?"

* * *

The sound of Rocket climbing up the fire escape is the first give away that her company has arrived, but its the actual question that draws her aqua-blue eyes up to the raccoon. She flashes him an easy smile while she chews through her bite, then she nods to the paper bag behind her. "There's egg rolls and fried rice in there." She then offers him out the container she's eating from. "Mandarin chicken?"

Only once Rocket has settled down beside her however he sees fit, she looks down at the city with its far-from-home architecture of pagodas and gold accents. "You got a lead on what went down at fight night?" Her eyes flicker over to him briefly.

* * *

He grins back at that, having been only half joking and hardly one to turn down something to snack on. One does get sick of pizza, after all. Wandering over to inspect the contents of the bag, Rocket pulls out an egg roll and plops down beside Batgirl to crunch away at it, waving a hand at the offer of chicken. "This is fine." Looking down at the cityscape from their viewpoint, he munches loudly on his egg roll before glancing at the Bat beside him. The grin he flashes this time is sharper.

"Got better than that. I got a location and the Showman's ID. …unless of course you figured all that out already." Fair bet with these Bats, right?

* * *

Batgirl just watches the raccoon for a long moment before she looks back out at the city. She's popping another bite of Chinese food in her mouth, and she's halfway chewing through it when Rocket gives her the quick summary of what he's found. She blinks over at him, jaw slowly closing back around the bite and then finishing it before she says, tone even, "No." She's been busy: Zane's death, Frank's dark past. It's piled up.

She scoots around another bite of chicken in the paper container before she glances back to Rocket. "What did you find?"

* * *

By then Rocket is finishing up the end of his egg roll, licking off his clawed fingers before he wipes his hand off on the edge of his hoodie. He nods a bit.

"That new joint that opened up a few months back, The Punchline? Match was held in some sub-basement. Least that's what my contact claims. And the showrunner? Probably not much of a stretch to see how it works out, but I was told it's your resident Clown." You don't hang out in Gotham and not hear about the Joker in some way or another.

"Guess there's been other fights, or at least one before the crazy show we ended up in, but they were more legit- well, as far as underground fighting matches go."

* * *

Batgirl should have seen this coming — honestly, the clues were there. But when Rocket announces its none other than the Joker, she almost fumbles her togo container. She looks over at Rocket with a widening of her eyes. "And you're sure? You're sure that the Punchline is connected to the Joker?" Then the redhead turns her gaze out at Chinatown and hisses under her breath, "Damnit."

Now she's lost her appetite, and she sets the container aside, chopsticks stabbed into the meat. "I'm an idiot. Punchline. The Joker." Would Batman have missed that? Probably not. "The other fights weren't quite so… themed?"

* * *

"My contact sounded pretty solid about it. And not at all happy about the fact that people are being pulled in to fight against their will."

Does he feel stoked that he'd figured something out before the infamous Bat-ring? Yes he does. Does he show it? Mmmmaybe just a little, but it only surfaces in the slightest puffing out of his chest, although it's lost in the folds of his hoodie.

"From what I heard? The other fights were voluntary and winners got a payout." Which makes him wrinkle his nose. He might not feel as upset about the whole matter if there'd been prize money offered, although to be fair he'd still want to blow something up.

* * *

She's only human, Rocket.

The redhead draws her knee up to her chest, arm hooked around it. "Get the Joker involved, and all you're left with is the absurd. And the dangerous." She rubs her knuckles, and then her leg drops away again. "But it makes sense… why I was grabbed. The Joker wants me to play… and that was him introducing me to the new game."

Her jaw flexes. "So, now I need to let him know that we know it's him… and find out what the new game is." She flickers her eyes over at him. "This is Gotham. It's only going to get weirder."

* * *

"Is that how it works? It's a game? Or we talkin' like…metaphorically?" Rocket has no idea how these whackos work. Still, the thought of things getting weirder than they'd been in that carousel ring just makes him scowl.

"Maybe we shoulda relocated to Metropolis," he mutters. Except he didn't know anyone who was rich and would let them park their ship on the front lawn out there.

* * *

That's when Batgirl rolls her eyes slightly, and she shakes her head. "No. Literal game. It amuses him. Which means, there's something coming, and it's going to be bigger than freak carousels or whatever that was at the end of the fight."

Then she huffs out a low laugh, and she glances aside to him. "You'd be bored. Superman keeps that city plenty chill. At least here, you never know what freak villain is going to pop up and make your day interesting."

She stares out at the city once more, and her mind spins up possibilities. She flicks a glance to Rocket after a moment, "You sure it's the Punchline?"

* * *

The racconoid rolls his eyes. "Freak is right," he mutters.

He does have to smile a bit crookedly at that comment. "..mmmyeah, I guess not boring is good. And I can get away with so much more around here." Beat. "-not…that I do anything questionable whatsoever in my off time."

He reaches back for the bag and another egg roll. "Sure as anything. I just can't say who I got the intel from, of course. But I trust 'em."

* * *

"But it's home," Batgirl says with a smirk. Then she huffs out a sharp breath again, and her eyes go back out to the city. "You're the bottom of the totem pole, Rocket. You don't hurt anyone in this city, we're square."

Then she's squinting again. "Alright, so that means it's time to dig into the Punchline and then…" She grimaces. "Find where The Joker is holing up when he's not being The Showman."

* * *

"…even if they kinda sorta might be askin' for it?" Because he's already broke that rule the night he crashed that black market deal with Domino. And then there's that nutty cage match but that doesn't count, right?

Rocket noisily crunches into the egg roll, fried shrapnel skittering across his front and into the air before him, cocking his head at that game plan. "Sure, objective's easy, but how do we pull that off? Short of signing up for another fight?"

* * *

Now Batgirl takes in a breath, and she feels a bit of tightness in her chest. She looks out at the city, and there's a long stretch of silence before she says to the raccoon, "Don't tell me about it. Batman has a code, rules. He finds out you've broken them…"

But there's no threat from Batgirl there. She doesn't have room to offer it. Frank Castle is someone she calls an ally.

Now she grimaces, and glances over to Rocket. "Maybe we don't sign-up… maybe we just show up."

* * *

The Guardian wisely decides to abandon that subject, stuffing the last of the second egg roll into his mouth with a messy explosion of crispy shards.

Anyway, it's not like he killed anyone— ….wait, okay. So he can't exactly promise that as fact. But to be fair he was being shot at! And it's not his fault if he's a better shot than the guys shooting. Also, they're dirt bags.

Wiping his mouth with the back of a hand, Rocket considers a prospective party crashing and grins again. "Okay…"

* * *

Batgirl looks over at Rocket, and her own smile takes on a bit of a lift. "We get in there, we make our presence known, and we flip the game on him." The Joker loves that. It also threatens to instigate him, to push him to make a move. Dangerous on its own.

"I'll find out when it goes down next."

* * *

"Works for me."

Rocket nods at her. "Guess in the meantime I'll keep an eye out for things until I hear from you." And see what kinds of toys he can piece together that might come in handy. …and maybe get Groot a babysitter.

* * *

"You got it." The redhead bobs her head simply. Then Batgirl gestures at the bag of takeout. "All yours."

She tucks her feet under her as she hauls herself upright, and now she's got her cape doing that fluttering thing that all Bats somehow master. She looks down at Rocket. "Stay out of trouble, R." And then she's getting out her grappler so she can go swinging off to the next rooftop and into the night.

* * *

The offer of what's left of Batgirl's takeout meal is given a glance and a shrug as Rocket also gets to his feet, dusting off what's lingered of the egg roll crumbs. He scoops up the bag and turns towards the Bat lady, grinning his best innocent grin. It's not really very convincing.

"Back at'cha, Batchick," he salutes.

* * *

The purple-clad Bat is already soaring off, but she still calls over her shoulder, "It's Batgirl!"

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