The Strategy of Loose Ends
Roleplaying Log: The Strategy of Loose Ends
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Domino tracks down Emma regarding her recent capture but Emma already has plans on dealing with the matter.

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IC Date: August 02, 2019
IC Location: Outside Emma's penthouse, NYC
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Posted On: 03 Aug 2019 15:25
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She hasn't been home long. Not in comparison to how long she'd been gone.

Still, Emma Frost couldn't be holed up in her penthouse forever. And so now her driver can be seen with the car waiting in front of the building, assisting his employer out of the backseat of a dark sedan with tinted windows. The hour is surprisingly early for her to be returning to the building if one knew anything of her habits before her 'sabbatical', but here we are all the same.

She's dressed in a pair of chiffon slacks that have a gauzy overlay of panels, a silk blouse that wraps her neck but slits down the middle to her belly, and stiletto heeled sandals that could be deadly weapons. She's also more returned to her more common state, hair back to its perfect arrangement of immaculately blonde curls and nails sporting a perfect French manicure.

Before she's even out of the car, the doorman is opening the door for her.


Domino's going into this one blind. It's a risky maneuver and she knows it..but darnit if it doesn't feel like she may have a winning hand. Failing that she's always managed to talk her way out of iffy situations before, why should this one be any different?

Perhaps because she's dealing with one of the world's most powerful psychics and Dom -really hates psychics?- This is absolutely risky yet some corner of her instinct is pushing her in this direction with the belief that it will all work itself out in the end.

Maybe even for the better.

Old habits have her wanting to jump right into the car before Emma could get out but the albino knows when to exercise a little caution. There's a small window to intercept and a high probability of getting completely brushed off somewhere in between.

By comparison Neena's 'slightly dressed up' must still look like complete and total grunge for Emma. Black ankle boots, fitted black jeans, and an unbuttoned black shirt draped over a black tank. Skin tones aside Neena is like the complete opposite of her.

With a quick glance around the area Dom sets into brisk motion, timing the approach so that she can lock-step alongside Emma the instant that she's on the move.

"Miss Frost. You're looking—"




The moment she hears her name, Emma's world class side-eye is cast in the direction of the woman who comes up beside her. Her eyes watch Neena warily, but her chin does not so much as twist sideways. "The benefit of haute couture," she replies cooly.

But even as she speaks, her hand still on her driver's arm as she moves towards the door, her mind stretches out faster to unapologetically skim Domino's surface thoughts and send thoughts of her own. They resonate with a subtle displeasure, a feeling more felt as a psychic undertone than heard. « I assume there's a reason you're here without an appointment. »


What has become such a simple and casual act for the likes of Emma is like being cast into an unexpected round of PTSD for Neena. She should have seen this coming, hell maybe she DID, but having those words as gently transplanted into her mind as they are causes the paler of the two to suddenly stop and visibly bristle. In an instant the breath seizes within her lungs and her blood turns to ice.

Without an ounce of thought Emma's set up for something of a psychic backlash as memories of torment and pain leap out of their shadowy confines in a rush of fragmented imagery.

Then comes an audible grunt as Domino flinches, acting more like someone had just taken a shot straight at her gut. Her jaw clenches, her expression hardens, then everything gets shoved -right- back into the abyss.

Nevermind the beads of perspiration now dotting her forehead.

Up comes a hand, palm forward and completely empty in silent protest. "Okay, just..hold on a minute… I'm not in the habit of this but..please, I just want a chance to talk. Up front," she adds as if to say -not telepathically.-


If the response to Emma's telepathy has any real impact on Emma herself, any sway to mercy, there's not an outward sign of it. Not an obvious one, anyway. Despite the bracing of her driver's arm, the woman in snowy white still has all of her predator's mien intact, and she is in no rush to shed it.

As a matter of fact, her expression looks downright irritated as Domino betrays before anything else her own feelings on telepaths. She stops and her chin tilts just a degree higher as she turns her features in Neena's direction and considers her at length. "Fine," she states, and then she turns to her driver. "I'll see you in the morning, Alex."

There's a respectful murmur from him and a touch of his fingers to the brim of his dark hat in salute once he's unwrapped his arm from hers, makes certain she's steady, and then turns to go without another word.

"Come with me," the White Queen continues, carefully making her way inside through the open and waiting door and towards the elevators.


There's a reason for everything and Neena has her reasons for distrusting psychics. The 'voices in her head,' the thought of someone tampering with her memories or identity, it all has roots in reality and has played heavily into her upbringing. Emma's momentary contact was an echo of a reminder of what the albino had escaped so many years ago.

And what Emma had only escaped about a week ago.

Dom likes to be in control of her situation but now while following alongside Emma there is a notable shift in that control. Her hand had been forced too early. She doesn't say a word or show any sign of thanks, she simply follows the other mutant's lead while Alex disappears down the road.

Hopefully the rest of this encounter will go a bit more smoothly…


Domino might notice when the driver leaves without so much as a word or glance in her direction. Perhaps might notice when the doorman does the same. For Emma, there is a murmured "Miss Frost." For Domino, nothing. But the door stays open long enough for Emma and her guest both to get through and she slowly leads on towards the bank of elevators on the far side of the lobby.

"I can hide you from the staff," she explains quietly, once she's there to wait in front of the sheets of brass. "But there's nothing I can do about the cameras, you understand."


It's a little eerie at first but the pieces are starting to come together before Emma outright confirms it. Neena's been a 'ghost' before but never quite like this… Though to know that the cameras would still notice her, she suddenly has to ask "Then why bother?"

She may as well get down to business while she can.

"Look, I just had some questions about ..the last time we bumped into one another." That seems like a harmless way to put it.

"There was a device which had been blocking your abilities. It somehow went missing during the last few minutes of the ordeal. Apparently there was a third party involved. I'm wondering if you might have any idea where it went or who might have taken it. We may have gotten you out of that place but we're not out of the woods yet, and that device can't end up in the wrong hands."


Then why bother?

"Because man is inherently lazy, more often than not," Emma states simply, with a tone of long-suffering. "And if they don't feel a need to look at the security footage, then they won't. And, in the very off chance that someone does, anyone who is looking at the footage won't think that anything's amiss, because their colleagues waved it through."

The doors open, and Emma steps inside and immediately places her hand on the wall rail after sliding her clutch purse against a scanner to the right of the door.

"And I don't know if you noticed, but I was a little… indisposed during the whole effort."


Domino goes silent for a moment before offering a slight "Huh" to Emma's explanation. That…makes a lot of sense. Psychics really do change the game, it can be difficult to adjust to the new rules.

Hearing that Emma was indisposed isn't unexpected but it still brings a faint sigh from the merc. "I know, and it's the worst kind of hell to be put through that kind of situation but as soon as I clipped the cord on that device people got their powers back. Somewhere between that moment and exfil the device vanished. It's like no one so much as thought about it until everyone was out of there. It's highly likely that another psychic was at work and like it or not, you're currently the best lead."

Dom brings her palms together and tries from a slightly different approach. "These people need to be stopped. If there's even a sliver of intel that you might be able to share about what you had been put through then maybe we can bury this nightmare."


Doors close, and the elevator begins to rise. "To what end?" asks the telepath of the gunslinger, her painted lips tilting down into a frown. "You don't bury the nightmare. We only get the unrivaled pleasure of watching it reinvented, reimagined, renewed."

Her lips then purse and quirk as her eyes lift toward the mirrored ceiling of the elevator car. "Or, I suppose, we could see it rise from its grave like a terrible B rated zombie film."

When the doors of the elevator car open, it opens into a posh corridor and Emma takes the initiative to disembark first. She turns towards one of the two doors, extracting her keys in the process. "It's not that I disagree with you, mind. I would appreciate knowing that there's one less bigot in the world."


Blink. Did Emma -seriously- just ask her 'to what end?' Granted what she says is true enough and not the sort of reality that anyone ever wants to hear, but to the albino's mind that's the talk of apathy. Suddenly Dom's finding some of her usual attitude being reinstated.

"Hey, don't be gettin' all doom and gloom on me here, Ems. If we do nothing then we're guaranteed to lose. But, if you'd rather wash your hands of your troubles then I'll just leave you to it with a 'better luck next time.'"

Here she tries once more. Third time's the charm? As they step off of the elevator and reach the next door, she says "If you want this bigot to get what's coming to him then help make it happen." Along with the verbal offer is a physical one, flicking out a business card between two surprisingly well kept black nailed fingers. "I'm serious. Anything at all that might come to mind. I don't enjoy leaving loose ends."


There's something sly in Emma's gaze as she turns to regard the card, and then to regard Domino. "It's not 'doom and gloom', if it's reality." From her uninvited guest's darkly manicured fingertips, slender white-tipped fingertips claim the card. "I've done this a time or two, and there's something to be said for managed expectations. Those cowards used me to help improve technology to suppress my kind. It's fear that drives those sorts, and it's not a fear that will suddenly disappear when retaliation comes."

She considers the card, and then slips it into her purse before pushing her way inside the door. "The thing about loose ends, my dear, is that every once in a while they form nooses for precisely the right people."

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