Something Thought Lost is Found
Roleplaying Log: Something Thought Lost is Found
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Rahne Sinclair returns to the land of the two-footed.

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IC Date: August 03, 2019
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North. Almost nearing Canada, so far north, with woods thick enough to become lost in, people sometimes still do silly jobs. Jobs like tree climber, or wilderness ranger. There are even hunters, even in this day and age, though most of them are only there for preservation. To protect the populations from the sick, the wounded animals who need to be put down.

The man pulls back again, hiding behind the tree with all the scratch marks. His eyes are wide and his pulse racing, as the monster tears another slice out of the tree trying to get to him. "You can't be serious. Darts? Joe, get out the real guns! That thing's insane!"

"I don't care what they say it did, we don't shoot anything without…" He's cut off by the roaring sound, as the thing they've caught dives to the other extreme of the chain, nearly ripping the piton out of the rock itself. "Okay, maybe. It's a lot bigger than they said it would be.."

"Wolves don't come that big! Did you see it trying to undo the screw? It was trying to undo the screw holding it in!"

"No it wasn't, it's an animal. It's not smart, just big."

Another leap, and the chain groans against the strain, and the men are, once again, glad it's over there and not here..especially with the dead deer they found, torn open so horribly that led them to this place..


There are many things that keep Danielle Moonstar busy.

Work. The School. Mutants. Friends.


It's family that now pulls her as the black-haired woman pauses in whatever she was doing. Her eyes unfocus and unerringly the woman turns in the exact same direction that Rahne Sinclair can be found in.



The naming of the pegasus brings the winged horse out of the stables, his head high and his wings mantled. He can sense something of what his rider feels and it agitates him. "Quick!" Calls Moonstar and even before the word is out of her mouth Brightwind is at her side which allows the Cheyenne to bolt up onto his back.

Then it's a mad-dash extremely quick flight across the treetops and as the duo nears the area of disturbance, keen Valkyrie eyes turn downward. It only takes a matter of moments for a break in the trees to be seen and pointed too.

Brightwind tucks his wings close and descends sharply for the small clearing below. There's a solid *thwump* as the heavy winged horse lands and as soon as his hooves are close enough to the ground Moonstar vaults off. "Stay here!" She yells over her shoulder, then she's gone.

While not necessarily running, she moves quickly as she ducks beneath branches, avoids roots, and approaches the area where the rabid wolf and the two men can be found.


While it may be rabid, it is most certainly upset. As the crimson wolf lunges, images of blood soaking its fur to make it this horrible colour fill the brains of two men, far closer to death than they would think. Closer than they could know, as the wolf's eyes spot its prey in the woods.

The chain wrapped around its leg stops it again, the jaws clamped around its forepaw keeping it from reaching, but the wolf snarls and bites at the air, trying to get there, to do something.

To save, but the men wouldn't know.

"I'm loaded," Joe says. Mark nods, having finally decided they need to do what's right. "This thing isn't calming down, it's getting angrier. Let's do it." And they both step out from behind the trees, well out of range. Just in case that monster gets free.

They don't even see the monster behind them. The thing in the darkness, as the woods shifts.


The two men step out ready to put the wildling wolf down and not two seconds later Moonstar breaks through the underbrush.


Yells the Cheyenne, who now happens to be on the other side of the clearing. The side closest to the wolf.

That gives Dani something of a view of the men, but more importantly the thing (things?) behind them. Shadows that definitely should *not* be moving that way. Dangerous shadows.

While Dani doesn't necessarily have her bow and arrows with her, she doesn't need them. Not when she can manifest any weaponry of her choice thanks to her psychic powers. She does this now. A shining magenta colored bow appears in her hand and with the surety of someone who shoots daily, an similarly colored arrow materializes and is nocked quickly against the intangible bow string.

She then shoots the arrow.

It might look like it's coming straight for the men, but in truth it's not! It's going behind them to try and strike the great shadow that moves.

Once the arrow is loosed the Cheyenne woman turns to Rahne. "Hold still and I'll get you free."

And as long as Rahne holds still long enough for her to work the trap, Moonstar is definitely going to try and free her.


One dives to one side, the other one just ducks; the men are clearly not trained. A gunshot fires, but for once no hero is harmed in the making of this rescue, and the bullet flies off to do no harm. A nice change, as the arrow flies true and slams into the center mass of WHATEVER it is that the wolf was so clearly trying to save them from.

There's a shudder and a wailing screech, inhuman and pained, as the shadow rolls and crushes a group of saplings. Too close, too large, the beast's eyes glow yellow in the dimming evening light.

The men still know nothing, more dangerous to themselves than to the enemy. "Get away, the wolf's dangerous!" "Lady, get back! That thing's a monster, it'll kill you!" Guns are raised again, still aimed the wrong direction, as the rabid bear rolls in throes of fear and agony not far behind them. They hear it, but they KNOW the wolf is dangerous. Priorities.

As Rahne Sinclair tries to reach them, to drag them away. She does not kill Dani Moonstar. Sorry guys.


"Dangerous?" Scoffs Moonstar as she goes about freeing Rahne from the trap.

"Are you guys blind?" The Cheyenne woman almost-yells, "For Spirits sake, *look* behind you."

For Dani surely sees the rabid bear that rolls behind them, lost to fear thanks to her arrow strike.

"The wolf isn't the dangerous thing here." And to make sure they get her point Moonstar makes sure to stand in such a way that the men have no clear shot. Not without shooting her.

"How about we focus on the thing that's really dangerous." Meaning the bear and while Moonstar may not be close to the creature, her senses clearly see the shade of death hanging around the poor animal, "And put the poor creature out of its misery."

And if they won't or can't Dani surely will, but she gives the two men the opportunity to make things right here.


Torn between two 'deadly threats', the men actually look. One of them does, at least, looks at how the great red wolf stands beside the Cheyenne, not harming her in the slightest. There may even be a lick involved, which forces him to lower his weapon.

"Joe." His voice is firm, and he puts his hand over the barrel of his friend's muzzle, pushing it away. Then he gets things done, and shortly afterward a merciful gunshot rings out through the woods. And things are silent.

As Rahne Sinclair holds out her paw to Danielle Moonstar, so much larger than memory would suggest. Her fur so very matted, her eyes remembering. Why hasn't she shifted?

Rahne's mind is awhirl. She saw Dani only yesterday, she was playing with her in the park. They caught a squirrel together the day before. It wasn't so long ago?

It was three years.

And the men deal with their bear, oblivious to the tragedy going on, as friends reunite.


The soul of that bear finds release and Moonstar sighs in relief.

Now her attention turns away from the men, away from the bear that's been freed, and to a friend long absent. A frown tugs at the black-haired woman's mouth and carefully, Moonstar lowers herself to something of eye-level with the large and matted-furred wolf.

When the wolf extends the paw to her Moonstar automatically takes it and while she holds the paw, the woman speaks gently. "Hey Rahne, good to see you." Her words are quiet and soft, as the sense of that whirling-wolfen mind is felt by the Cheyenne woman. "Brightwind's not far from here. What say you pop to two-legged form and he take us back to the school?"

And while she offers that ride back to the school, Moonstar doesn't yet move. Instead she waits to see what Rahne does and while she waits, the black-haired woman allows a soothing sense to flow from her.



The hunters get ONE last freak-out for today, nearly able to bring their weapons to bear on the wolf as it attacks. Springing at the huntress with what appears to be a deathstroke for her throat, the great wolf launches itself at Dani, paws pushing her back!

To the ground, and they pause an instant away from firing, as they see the wolf lick Dani's face with such clear joy that it could be any dog meeting its master, or mistress, or whatever. Whatever, as the wolf leaps back and dances for Dani, yapping and playing then leaping up to lick her once again. It doesn't seem so large, somehow, and definitely not threatening.

"Well, if that don't beat all."

Yeah, she's a friend. But not until the hunters are gone does she shift. And when they're gone, and she does, it's startling to say the least, and to be kind to the reader.

Not a day has passed. No curves, hair still short, face filthy. She's Rahne, but she HASN'T grown up? Maybe a little but it's difficult to spot, with that same old black skinsuit she always wore after shifting. So few outfits didn't tear away.

"Dani?" Oh, those human eyes are confused.


There was some anticipation that Rahne would jump upon her, but does the allow Dani to stay upon her feet?

Not at all!

Not when the very large wolf all but pounces upon her. As such, Moonstar finds herself upon the ground, with a reddish wolf licking her face. A moment of laughter bubbles from the woman's chest, as this harkens back to earlier times. Better days. When they were younger and times were … happier. Or perhaps easier in some ways.

Either way, when Rahne jumps back, Moonstar finally gains her feet and stands. A grin tugs the corners of her mouth upward, "I'm happy to see you too, Furtop."

And while more could be said there's a pause as a familiar blur of Rahne shifting forms occurs.

Dani expects to see her friend, yes, but was she expecting to see one who's change so little? Definitely not. It brings surprise to Dani, though the Agent of SHIELD is able to keep the majority of that emotion from her features.

Worry comes next for Dani upon seeing the confusion in Rahne's eyes and hearing the question that is her name.

"Yup, it's me." The Cheyenne says, her tone gentle again, "How've you been, Rahne?"


"Ah don't know," the girl answers, her accent still broken Scots, her freckles still intact. She looks at the horse for a moment, then the so-familiar smile touches her cheeks. But the horse only holds her for a moment.

Then she's hugging Dani tight. Her arms are strong from so much running on them, her body fit. Her eyes leaking for no reason, and her lips spilling god's graces, a prayer if ever one was spoken.

"Bless me, you be real. Thes isnae a dream, yoo're really here." She doesn't let go, but she does look up at the taller woman. Then, with an amazed and completely without guile voice, "Ye cut yer hair."

It's the little things that stand out, apparently.


While this older Dani is not always one to hug quite so freely, this is Rahne.

Rules are different.

Danielle Moonstar hugs her friend back and when she exclaims the reality that Moonstar is truly here, Dani frowns in worry (again). Though she's quick to smooth the frown away when Rahne looks up at her.

"Of course I'm here!" Dani quickly says, "I heard your call. Where else would I be?" She could say more, but for now the Cheyenne tries to keep it very simple, very clear.

The mention of her hair brings a faint grin, though it's braided in her typical 'fashionable' statement, "Perhaps a little."

And for a few seconds there's silence from Dani, as she considers how best to phrase her next question. Or rather, questions, but for now she only asks, "What've you been up to?"

"Besides the obvious of trying to warn dumb would-be hunters that a rabid bear follows them."


She does step back, giving Dani the space she needs. Rahne was always good at spotting that, when someone needs space. Enhanced senses will do a lot. A lifetime of abuse will do the rest. But she was so much better at the school. She was!

So she gives the space, and she scratches her head with a hand. Glancing after the hunters, she gives a little headshake. Odd habits. But she isn't quick to answer, her mind trying to tell her what her wolf kept hidden. "Sleepin," she says, almost as if in a trance. Then she shudders, shakes it off. And bares her teeth, almost like a grin but forced. Very forced.

"'s time tae wake up, ah ken." She's decided, as she glances back at the woods. Then she takes a step toward the horse, who would scent a hunter on her. But it is not just a horse, and her rider is one as well.

Then with an inner strength that harkens back to the girl she was, Rahne turns to look at Dani directly, and says, "Ah micht hae missed a pure mess o' classes," with mischief in her heart, and happiness blooming again.


Sleeping. The way that's said and the way Rahne shakes it off. It's enough to bring Moonstar close to the red-head. She reaches out to place a comforting hand upon the smaller woman's shoulder, if allowed. "It's definitely time to wake up."

When Rahne takes a step closer to Brightwind, the horse turns keen eyes upon both women. One tall and the other small. There's no fear in the winged horse's gaze, nor his scent, only a bright alertness as he takes in his rider, her friend and the area around the trio.

For her part, Moonstar drops her hand to her side and follows after Rahne. It's only when the Scottish young woman speaks that Moonstar pauses in step. Then Dani laughs. "A mess of classes for sure, Rahne. Just so you know, you might even have graduated too."

Amusement lingers in her eyes and her voice, but her next words are quite serious and perhaps hopeful, "Ready to go home?"


Which is when the last, and most minor problem shows itself. Because, though Rahne enthusiastically agrees in her so-unenthusiastic way, ready to go on a level so deep that even the woods seem amused by it, she looks up at the horse.

"Uh…Dani? Hoo does et work?" The horse. She's never been near one that wouldn't run away, so she looks at the magic that is a horse, and has NO IDEA how to get on or ride one.

Luckily Rahne isn't alone. Not anymore.

And neither is Dani.

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