It's Still Just a Frisbee
Roleplaying Log: It's Still Just a Frisbee
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Let it be known: frisbees attract canines.

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IC Date: July 30, 2019
IC Location: New York City
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Posted On: 04 Aug 2019 22:55
Rating & Warnings: Fur alert
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It's another hot day. One of the smaller parks means less traffic. So it is the… octuplets? Are they octuplets? Whatever the case, the group of eight identical human beings has headed to the park. They've got different styles: goth, pretty in pink, casual, etc… Most of all of them are in some sort of bikini top and jean shorts, muscles gleaming with sunscreen. A pair lounge on a towel, while another pair straddle their backs, engaging in firm deep tissue massage. Yet another pair is tossing the frisbee. One is sitting back, reading a book, and the final one has settled in with a pear of wireless headphones, listening to some kind of music. They've spread out over a relatively narrow area, apparently deciding to pretend that this 'day at the beach' doesn't actually need a beach. Just a relatively sunny sky. The stares from passersby were intense at first, but as with most thinks in New York, it grew old fast, and now they've mostly settled in to relax.

And then, out of nowhere, puppy! Barking in that playful tone that dogs have when they want something, the twins with the frisbee have attracted four-legged attention. Yapping at them and dancing as if wanting to be involved, to be thrown the toy, the big red dog looks exactly like a kid wanting to dive in and play!

Except that it's an oversized wolf…hound? No, it seems to be an actual wolf, from the breed. Fur is matted and has burrs in it, it looks to need grooming, but there's also something around its neck. Collar? It's acting too friendly to be a real wolf. It also recognizes frisbees.


They'd be a little scared, except… Well, they're very durable… Plus mutants, sorcerers, and aliens all exist, and this is New York. So keeping a wolf as a pet? Unsettling, but… still within the recognizably 'okay' range. None of the 'twins' really look up from what they're doing, but the last one to catch the frisbee takes one look at the dancing, yapping red wolf, she curls her arm back, and drops into doggy speak with that deep, throaty voice of hers,"Want the toy? You wanna get the toy? Okay, go get the toy!" And with that, she launches the frisbee into the air, hard, sending it sailing off into the distance.


It takes no time at all before the wolf is dancing at the speech, butt in the air. Then it's launching after the frisbee!

Too well, too intelligent, it's not tracking the thing the way dogs do. It's clearly running ahead, blitzingly fast, and…waiting for the frisbee to come down into range. Too intelligent by half, it's almost expected when the wolf leaps into the air, grabs it in its teeth, and lands on human feet with the frisbee in tiny female hands.

Then the plastic circle is in the air again, heading back toward the ladies, the wolf chasing after as it to catch it itself! Herself, it seems. Shapeshifter!


Well, if the shapeshifter is going show off, so is she. The girl with the headphones pops up, running over, to kneel down and link hands with one of her 'twins'. The third 'sister' steps onto one of those hands, and together, her sisters launch her into the air with a mighty jump. This lets her leap up to catch the plastic circle while it is still high in the air, only to fall back to earth… caught by the pair of girls waiting nearby. They whirl on the shapeshifter, and tilt their heads as one, before the middle one extends a hand for greeting,"Nice jukes there!"


The sniffing is actually visible, as the wolf slows down before actually getting in touching range of the ladies. Octuplets or not, they have a scent and the wolfette sniffs the air, cocks her head, then whuffs at the hands in clear confusion.

Then she's human, about five foot tall and looking WAY too young. No curves, black bodysuit and no shoes. Red hair still, but looking military-short. And still confusion written on her face. She looks at the hand, then at the other girls. And looks MORE confused. Not talking yet, though, and her face is filthy.


It just so happens to be an identical scent other than the smells of their clothes and makeup upon them. The reader tosses her book to one of her other selves, who picks it up at the exact same page and goes back to reading. This accomplished, a fourth 'sister' joins the group, and steps forward,"Okay, no big deal… My name's Candice, people call me Candy. Here, she's just… I'm going to show you what she's expecting…" The twins shake hands demonstratively, then the new sister puts one hand on her sister's shoulder and gestures to the shapeshifter,"Now you? Do you have any shoes on you? Running around town looking like you did is a good way to get animal control after you."


The green eyes of the girl are surrounded by freckles. Clearly a natural redhead, given the complete utter lack of adornment and makeup. She pauses and seems to lick her teeth a moment, then looks down at her feet when asked about shoes.

A grin appears, wild and happy. Then she puts her right hand's fingers in her own hair, then lowers it to grasp hands with the 'twin' that's offering. She says a word then, but it's so garbled it's difficult to tell right off. Rolling an 'r' so hard it's almost a trill, it sounds like 'rain' but with a hard 'h' in the center of it. Then she nods, and tries again. It's not much clearer, but she's definitely saying that. "Rain."


Thankfully, the various brains of the twins can work together on things when they need to. Two, off in a room, somewhere else in the city say and repeat the name a few times, over and over, before Candy decides she's got it right, and then the quad smile. Since this other is clearly mutant, they decide being weird is okay. So they do their version of relaxing. Which means all four of them talk at the same time, in the same tone, with the same voice and the same words. Perfectly synchronized,"It's really nice to meet you 'Rain'. Oh, wow. I don't know many other mutants." The quad gathers around, very effusive as they examine their new acquaintance top to bottom, and one eventually pulls a pack of facial wipes from a jean pocket, and offers one to Rahne,"You got a little bit of a mess. I am so jealous of your hair and your eyes. Look at you, girl, serving looks."


The girl doesn't seem to be completely carrying her side of the conversation as yet, but she takes the wipes from Candy's hand without hesitation. It seems she trusts more quickly than what she should, throwing out the concept of feral children being scared and easily freaked out.

"Au ken scent ye," she says in a truly harsh accent of some sort, it sounds Irish or Scottish but without any attempt to be nice to english listeners. 'Auken sintya' is how it sounds, but luckily Candy's got enough brainpower to break it down into syllables!

As the girl is opening the package to wipe her face, though she frowns a little at the compliment. And turns her back a little when cleaning. Odd habit, but at least she knows how to wash. And adds, in passing, "Aem not a servant," with a trace of confusion in her tone.


Candice laughs easily, but not 'meanly' as the woman protests. "Nah, that's not what I mean. I mean… you're looking good, girl. You have natural beauty. That's super lucky and pretty cool. And look at you, so athletic and slim. You're so small! I'm super-jealous, though I know I'm not supposed to be." She laughs it off, but she's not just being nice. She does indeed find herself jealous of smaller gals. Still, they're patient enough. "Do you smell things that well shaped like this? Oh, wow, I have so many questions, but it's probably not polite."


With the left side of her face cleaned and the right side only half-done, 'Rain' peers at Candice as she speaks with honest and open curiousity…and some confusion. She touches her cheek with fingertips when she's told that she's…attractive? It's so easy to read her, she's ridiculously open with her emotions.

Hunching down a bit, she gets the wet wipe dirty and kind of forgets it. Too much to answer, she seems to just pick a point and focuses on it. "Ah'm nobody atall. Ah jist smell thengs. Hoo dae ye smell thengs?" To be fair, she might not have any perspective other than her own to work with. "Nae es good es a wolf." Then she just looks up at all of Candice's selves, hunched down, and seems for all the world to shrink into herself a little.

NOW she's acting defensive. What changed?


Candice pulls back. Well, the four of her near Rain pulls back. Hands go up apologetically and she offers,"I'm sorry… did I offend you? I smell… well… probably a little better than most humans, just because I can compare sensory data, but… probably not superhuman or anything. Sorry if I upset you. You've just got a lot going on, and I guess maybe I come on too strong for a lot of peoples' comfort." She's babbling again. Her other four selves, meanwhile, seem to be hunching down where they're hanging out. All eight of them are blushing as if embarrassed. "… and I should probably totally shut up."


Without warning, the girl is a wolf again. Not running, but the shift is so fast it's nearly impossible to tell. She sniffs the air in Candice's direction, then gets up and walks a little. It's so odd, she's a strange mix of human and wolf even when she's clearly one or the other.

But then she's human again, as fast, in that black bodysuit that seems to just appear on her body, the collar vanishing. And her face still half-clean. "Ah dinnae ken alla tha'.." she says, smiling a little again, though with a bit of worry on her face. But she walks up to one of Candice, just one, and reaches out to touch her on the hand. Just a touch.

"Es nae you. Ah'm stupid, dinnae be sad. Ah doan' wannae hurt ye, hen.." then she looks at the other Candices, and offers a sad smile. And hangs her head. She seems to be on the verge of turning to go, her free hand turning to a fist. Tiny fist.


She stands stock still when the girl goes wolf again, waiting carefully for the girl to show some measure of comfort. When the girl is human again, she smiles, if gently. "Sorry. I'm used to being the weird one, so I'm not really usually self-conscious. Every now and then, though, I remember. I transitioned at a young age, so when I found out I was a mutant, it was kind of almost a relief, in a weird way? Being trans? Sure. Being mutant? Sure. Being trans and mutant… I was never going to be normal. Sometimes I forget I make people uncomfortable."

Still, after the girl touches her hand, the girl lets out an,"Oh. Em. Gee. You are just too much!" And cue a quad of Candices holding out their hands for a hug,"Noooo, don't go. We can still hang out! I'm weird, you're weird, we can be weird together. I spend so much time talking to myself, after all."


The comment about transitioning doesn't even get an eye blink. Well, one eye blink, but enough on her face to convey that the concept didn't register with her at all. She's just listening and trying to figure out what all the english-speaking lady is saying. So when she's surrounded she almost visibly pales.

But the expected freakout doesn't happen. She's got control, she's not an animal. She just stops talking and goes rigid as the group of Candice surrounds her, clearly uncomfortable and hands shaking. Okay NOW Candice has done something wrong, apparently.

But she forces a smile. It just looks forced though, as if she's trying desperately not to offend. In abject terror.


"Oh! Oh, that did it! Oh. Crap. Sorry, sorry!" The girl looks embarrassed and backs away. "Nevermind. Um. I'll just give you your space. You… have personal space issues? Or do you not like the compliments? Um… Super sorry!" Not exactly a freakout on her part. She IS back to feeling rather… rough, though, alright. Each one of her links hands behind her back. "I am super bad at this. Like super bad. I'll just… be over here?"


Space issues would make sense. Rain hasn't shown much willingness to touch, has she? Even touching Candice's hand seemed to be a big deal to her. Shaking a hand was something that took a minute to psych herself up for. And she's standing there now, not arguing, just standing in the park, as Candice retreats.

The little lady looks at Candice, then at her toes. Then at Candice again, and she sighs as her hands tighten into little white fists, clearly upset over SOMETHING. Then, without warning, she says, "Rahne Sinclair," with still the accent, the rolling r's, but enough to identify her. "Ah'm no a monster," she says softly. And then she is, running into the woods nearby, four feet padding away fast. And a crimson wolf into the woods, with half of her face fur cleaned.

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