A Dance of Terrigenesis
Roleplaying Log: A Dance of Terrigenesis
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Ren awakens in a SHIELD facility and Carmilla is the first person to notice. Conversation ensues.

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IC Date: August 05, 2019
IC Location: Secret SHIELD Base
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Posted On: 06 Aug 2019 01:50
Rating & Warnings: G
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About two weeks ago there was an accident- a bus plowed into a SHIELD vehicle carrying some odd crystals that had been found in the 60's. Undoubtedly for some kind of experimentation- Terragen crystals are not widely available and are not, entirely, understood.

A young woman rushed to help those trapped in the truck and was exposed to gasses the crystals created upon that hard thump- she passed out, and almost immediately a cocoon formed around her.

Two weeks later that cocoon opened in a SHIELD medical facility- and Ren Kimura was promptly moved to a bed in that same facility- still passed out from whatever processes had occurred when she was in a metamorphic state.

"Ugh…" She speaks, finally, eyes fluttering as she looks around and tries to get a sense of just where she is- her heart rate monitor jumping up as she begins to sit up slowly. "Where am I?"

* * *

"Woah… Easy. Don't do what I did the first time I woke up in here. You shouldn't try to stand." The voice that greets Ren is soft but slightly wry and she speaks with a faint rasp to her tone that some might call 'smoky'. A quick look around would show a small woman nearby, with black hair and bright green eyes. She's wearing a short-sleeved gray t-shrit and dark trousers, arms folded under her head.

Carmilla's path to the SHIELD recovery facility was somewhat less convoluted. She was shot while on assignment and a SHIELD team brought her home to check out the injuries. Thanks to the body armour she wears and her natural resiliency this mostly resulted in fluids and careful monitoring. So Carm is stuck here with her heart beat displayed digitally and a bored expression.

"You are in a- secret hospital, basically. There was an- accident and you were brought here to monitor your condition. Or that's what the doctor told me…" Carmilla sits up slowly and takes a deep breath, swinging her legs down from the bed. That is when the distinct undercurrent of green in her dark hair will become evident to the eyes.

"What do you remember about what happened?"

* * *

Green-eyed and Black-haired herself, Ren turns to look at Carmilla as she speaks. "I was going to work and a bus ran a red-light and smashed into this truck…" she says as she begins to remember, looking down at herself- eyes growing wide as she notices her arms and hands for the first time. "What…?" she whispers, looking at what appear to be woven steel gauntlets- "What…happened to me?" she wonders then, looking over to Carmilla. "Did.. did they do this to my hands?" she asks, voice quiet.

The heartbeat monitor grows all the more insistent as fear rises in Ren's stomach.

* * *

"Given where you are I am pretty sure it was part of your accident. We can, um… Hmm." Carmilla slides down from the bed she was in and slowly makes her way over to Ren. The similarities in appearance might be confined to their builds, hair, and eye colour, but this is enough to be notable when they stand relatively close together.

"I'll look around and see if I can find your chart. The doctor will be back in a little bit and they will want to talk to you, but…" Carmilla gives a slow shrug of her shoulders. "It's okay. You're okay. I know it's a lot. It was a lot when this happened to me too."

The green-haired woman reaches out slowly to offer Ren her hands, both of them. Seh looks fairly normal - other than her hair and eyes, perhaps- with the most unusual feature of those hands being a metal bracer on her left arm. "I'm afraid they didn't fill me in on all of the details about what happened to you so I can't be that helpful."

* * *

Ren is just staring at her hands now- the claws, the metal. She looks over to Carmilla slowly, quietly. It's all very strange and things are change very quickly. "…What happened to my hands?" she wonders softly- looking at Carmilla's hands as they offered over.

The Asian woman pauses a moment, before reaching out with one hand to delicately touch Carmilla's hand- which ever is closest. "I.. can feel through them." she whispers, "They.. are these my hands? These aren't like.. gloves or something.."

"This is so weird." Ren says as she quickly pulls her hand back to look at the clawed gauntlets that have become half her arms and both her hands. Bending each finger- eyes wide as she looks back to Carmilla again- anything for help and support in this moment. Fear so very obvious on her face- if the racing heart-rate monitor wasn't an obvious clue.

* * *

"I'm not sure. There was a chemical exposure during the accident?" Carmilla allows her hand to be held. She gently grasps Ren's hand as well, holding it gently as the woman speaks of what she is feeling from it.
"But you can still feel through them. They're your hands. It's just… Different. It's okay, really." Carmilla gives into impulse, perhaps, and then puts a knee up on the bed beside Ren. She leans in to offer the woman a hug- physical support, at least.

"I'll page the doctor in a second and they can go over it. It seems like maybe you had a latent mutant power…? Maybe if you concentrate on them you can figure out more. It might not even be a- permanent thing…"

* * *

Ren sits there, looking at this green haired woman who's just sat with her and the offer of a hug. "Uh.. thanks." The hug is not taken- but given the current situation, it's probably not that surprising.

"I.. remember a gas, and then nothing- it was pouring out of the truck. I… I thought it was like smoke, from a fire or something." she's going through those moments. Trying to remember.

Ren's eyebrows knit together as she keeps closing and opening her hands- trying to get a better sense of exactly what's happening to her. Or rather, what happened. Each open and close brings with it the subtle movement of that metal of the gauntlet- shifting and moving as she just sits in shock.

"I.. I don't know. This looks pretty permanent." she remarks, as she peeks under her sheets to check if anything else had changed. Luckily, it was just her hands.

"Okay, yeah, maybe.." she says to Camilla just staring at her hands as she focuses on them- just watching as her finger tips shift and those ribbons of metal start to unravel, "What the hell?" she says, eyes growing all the wider as she *stares* at her finger tips as they hang by metallic ribbons.

* * *

Carmilla might actually be relieved by the lack of acceptance when it comes to the hug. She clearly has no idea what she is doing, judging by the vaguely uncomfortable, thoguhtful expression she is wearing and the way she watches her new companion.

"It might be. You never, um, know. Is all I mean." Carm takes a deep breath then, tilting her head slightly as she studies those claws in more detail. "It's kind of cool in a way, though? Not what you wanted but, I mean—-"

When fingers begin to shift and and the hand becomes a series of ribbons Carmilla is left staring openly. "Oh, wow. So, like, you can control all of those ribbons one by one? That's kind of amazing, right?" She looks up to gauge Ren's reaqction to that suggestion.
To be fair, Carmilla is *staring* too. She's just trying to keep a positive spin on it.

* * *

"I don't know…" Ren answers Carmilla's question, her voice quivering with a mixture of curiosity and horror. "I.. I don't know what's happening." Ren says again as the ribbons zip up and the fingertips return to 'normal'… or what is the new normal, anyways.

"Jesus…." Ren whispers in fascinated, barely restrained terror. Her heart-rate monitor is beeping heavily now, and has certainly caught the attention of one of the nurses who hurries in to check on the patients.

"It's okay, you're going to be okay…" The Nurse says as she looks back towards another, "Go, get the doctor." the nurse moving forward to put her hands on Ren's shoulders and guide her back to laying down- "Just lay down, it'll be okay, the doctor will be here shortly."

Ren looks over towards Carmilla, then to the nurse, her breathing barely restrained.

* * *

"She's right. You'll be fine. Just, um, do what the Nurse says and I'll sit with you while we wait for the doctor, okay?" The Nurse spares a glower for Carmilla but the green-haired woman earns some good grace by staying out of the way until the Ren situation has been adequately dealt with.

"When I first figured out I was different I put my best friend in a coma by holding his hand." A beat follows and Carmilla blinks once before hastily adding, "You're fine. I just didn't know I- could… So when I got nervous I kind of hit him with it, all at once."

Carmilla speaks in a softly measured way, turning her head slightly to watch the Nurse moving among the other beds. "My eyes and hair turned green and I was afraid to even go near anyone for awhile until I figured out what was going on. I know it's not the same, but I kind of get a little bit of what you're going through here,"

Carmilla gives a wry, humourless laugh and reaches up to scratch the back of her neck before continuing with, "I thought I was toxic and anyone who got close was goin to just…" She shrugs vaguely. "I learned to control it, though. You can make it work."

* * *

Like many hospitals, when someone is on the brink of a freak out a sedative is prescribed. When one deals with potentially super-powered individuals that is doubly true. An injection into an IV and Ren is visibly calming, breathing easier as she lays back and swallows. "Oh man.. Ativan." she mumbles, knowing the drug from feel alone.

"What am I going to do now?" she wonders softly, looking again to Carmilla as she speaks- telling her about her own experiences. Nodding slowly, "That really sucks." she replies, "I'm sorry to hear you went through that." she manages as she lays back, lifting hands to cover her face. She almost immediately pulls her hands away.

* * *

"Don't be. It's done now. I just mean…l I have a little idea of being surprised with something like this goes." Carmilla is watching as Ren relaxes visibly in front of her, her lips pursing lightly. She nods once at the mention of ativan.

"As for what you do now we can beak it down a little. Um. What did you do before? … Are you going to be safe with your family and friends? How do they, um, feel about mutants? I'll help you out. Probably, the whole group here will if you want it, but really the first step is just-" she takes a deep breath, "Figuring out which bits have to change. If… ANything, you know? What do you do for work?"

* * *

"I'm a dancer." Ren answers. "I.. take jobs where I can, freelance. But, who's going to hire a dancer with metal hands?" she asks next, eyebrows furrowed as she just closes her eyes and lays back. "Oh, man.." she groans as she just lets her eyes close. "Goddamn it." she groans softly, "I don't know what to do anymore…."

"Well, SHIELD is always looking for good people." Comes a voice- the Doctor stepping into the room, "We can help you with what's going on, now." he assures the young woman, "We do need to do a few tests, though, just to make sure you're healthy. It's not everyday someone metamorphizes inside a cocoon." he mentions as he comes to check on Ren. "I guess." Ren replies softly.

"I don't really have any family near here. Everyone is on the west coast." She then replies to Carmilla. "I was disowned a long time ago now, so.. that's not a problem anymore."

* * *

"SHIELD took care of me when my thing happened," Carmilla murmurs. She looks up at the Doctor and he gets something of an upnod. The green-haired woman shifts back slgihtly more to allow the doctor to do what he's doing without her presence being an issue. Eventually, she just stands up more completely from where she'd perched herself on the edge of Ren's bed.

"You might be surprised by the dancing thing. You still don't know what you can do with those hands," Carmilla continues softly while the doctore is fiddling with the instruments. "From what I saw so far it could be pretty amazing. …But you know. I'd listen to the doctor. This is a good place. It's worth considering it, if you want somewhere to be where people definitely can handle you being a little different…"

"Thank you, Ms. Black, but could you give me a moment to deal with the patient?"

Carmilla gives the doctor a nod and whispers to Ren, "If you want to talk again I'll be around. I'll check on you a little later." Then the green-haired Italian mutant starts to walk away from the bed, leaving Ren and the doctor to their own devices.

* * *

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