The Hunt
Roleplaying Log: The Hunt
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Rahne looks for Dani, knowing she's in trouble.

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A battle currently rages unseen.

Light against dark. Death against life.

Demon against not.

While the warfare isn't on this particular earthen realm there are ways to see it. To sense it.

Those sensitive to such magical shifts might easily peer into the ether and see what can be seen. A woman fighting a shadow Bear. A battle that's evenly matched.

For those not sensitive to magic there are other ways to see -

The forest, so full of living energy, holds life itself within its wooden arms. That life vibrates with a magic of its own and allows those that can call the beast their kins to sense the vitality of the forest around the school.

Most days the forest is a bright place, a happy place, even as nature takes its predictable course.

But now something is wrong. Something is off. The birds have stopped singing, the small creatures have stopped moving.

Everything is silent and while the sun shines brightly overhead the canopy seems to close and darkness begins to gather.

For those curious enough to step close to the woods they might find the typical scents one can smell; dirt, animals and the vast amount of green growing things. Beneath those typical smells is something more, however. An unnatural decay that creeps outward, something that sings unnatural against every sense a person might have.

Fear has come to claim these woods as their own and with every breath it strengthens.


"I don't think she's coming out. Just leave her, she's got to learn on her own."

One of Rahne's comrades peers into the bush that the little redhead is hiding in for a third time, then calls out. "Rahne, please. Dinner's coming and you can't stay like this. It's not healthy. Please? We really do like you, you're just so hard to get to …open up?"

There's no response from the bushes, and after a bit the lady with the nice smile backs off. "Okay hon, you come in when you're ready. We'll be waiting." Then they leave, thinking that it's just another moment, another need for solitude.

It isn't. Rahne shivers in the bush's depths, holding herself in a foetal position as the waves of fear pass over her senses. She knows that something's wrong, how could she not? But it takes her a few minutes longer before she can creep out of the bush, on soft human hands and knees. Then she looks in the direction of the forest.

Dani. How could she not know?

So those bare feet take her in, and she walks, alone, into the dark canopy. She has her wolf, but the wolf is telling her to RUN! Run, run away! So it must be the human of her this time, and she steels herself and hunts.

But oh god, the stench.


The others aren't able to catch the scent from the forest, nor sense what might be within, because if they did they might have tried harder to bring the young woman back inside.

As it is, Rahne is left alone to her hunt.

When she steps into the wood all is silent. An unnatural quietness that lays heavily against each stalk of grass, each bright green leaf. Nothing can be seen, or heard, not even a scurry from the smallest mouse, or the buzz from the tiniest of insect.

Everything is still. Everything seems to hold its breath, even the forest seems to be waiting for something.

For the danger to pass.

But in this the forest may wait forever, for as Rahne continues to walk deeper into the woods, movement suddenly explodes from the shrubs and the branches, the roots and the vines. Creatures both big and small now run straight at Rahne and while it might seem like an attack, it's not. They flee something unseen and while the stampede might impede Rahne's view ahead and around of herself, eventually the herd of predators and prey lessens.

It clears and reveals the shadows.

Shadows that move. They twist and they turn with a life all their own and from the depths of their blackness coldness can be felt. The bite of winter, harsh and numbing.

And while that iciness is something to worry about, what's worse is the sense of an awareness that now turns to Rahne.

It focuses upon her and in them now is glee.

No matter what direction Rahne faces a shadow behind her suddenly moves. It morphs into a large shape, something reminiscent of a bear and while there are no eyes, or mouth, the malevolent presence from it might be felt.

For a moment, at least, then it moves to strike.

A shadow paw lashes out to try and swat Rahne off her feet.


The passing of the stampede had so much pull; not even two days ago, Rahne would have been one of them. She knows their feeling, she knows running. She knows both predator and prey, and in this body she is definitely prey. So small and helpless, humans are. Especially when they're still tiny.

No fur against the chill, but the wolf is in full retreat. So when that IT turns to look at her directly, she's alone once again. No eyes, or she'd be looking up into them, a tiny thing as a mountain falls upon.

With fire in her soul. Because she knows run, the wolf is screaming at her to run. But she also knows fight. And as this THING strikes her, knocking her down, she comes up slashing.

A werewolf, fully monstrous in return, from where she was tossed. With eyes of green fire, she answers the monster, Give Back My Friend! And she leaps into its depths, to commit to hell if it be there.

"You don't get her. She's not yours." The snarls are more than human, and the paw of shadow will not be ignored.

Even though she already bleeds, and knows how powerful it is. Oh lord, help me.


You don't get her. She's not yours.

Those words are a sting against the shadow's self. Against its awareness.

If it had words it would call Rahne a fool, but as it is all that meets Rahne's ferocious words is a silence that holds mockery.

Then the unexpected happens, Rahne willingly leaps into the shadows. Surprise ripples through the shadow, but soon enough so does triumph.

Triumph that its prey was captured so easily.

Or is that willingly? Not that it matters. The shadow is happy and with its task completed it wraps itself around that tree and becomes inert again.

As for Rahne, she falls and falls.

There is no up, no down, nor sideways. There is just the sense of falling and a blackness that clouds all vision, even that of the werewolf. It only recedes as the young woman lands harshly against the ground.

Now sight returns, hearing as well, along with scent.

Wherever she is it's not earth. There is no touch of the sun, no dirt, no plant life, no life. There is only a ground of ice and the sharp tang of snow in the air.

In the distance there's movement. Two wisps of shadows that move, one large, the other small. It's only when a person gets closer to that movement that the shadows resolve themselves into figures.

The Demon Bear and Danielle Moonstar.

The Bear is large. Several times larger than Dani, but that doesn't seem to stop the Cheyenne.

She wields a sword in her hand and as the Bear brings its claws sharply down at her, Moonstar raises that sword up to block.

When blackened claws hit the edge of the icy sword sparks flare out around the two.

That halo of light gives a better view of the two as they fight.

The Bear, while large and terrible looking, is emancipated, with tears all over its great hide. Those gashes allow glimpses of bleached bones to be seen even as shadows roll within it.

For Moonstar she too looks different, for she wears the hide of a bear. Her face is mostly obscured by the 'hood' of the cloak which happens to be the snarling visage of a bear. Only her mouth and chin may be seen, as for the rest of the pelt it covers from shoulder to knee, only moving when the woman moves.


The shadow was expecting a chase, that tells her something. She's not even sure how she knows it, as she rolls to her feet. Feet, not paws. She knows them, but she thought that she was the wolf. She doesn't recall changing back…then it's shaken off and ignored, too minor to bother with.

Feet move her, and she takes the steps slowly. As images become more reecognizeable, faster. And then she's running, the battle ahead of her. She does as her instincts teach her, sniffing the air as she goes, taking in all that she can. Learning, if there is anything TO learn.

Another bear. It can't be a coincidence, she thinks as she skids to a stop. Tries to get behind it, though she's looking at Dani as well. "Wot do ye need?" she asks, not playing the hero. She's never been the hero, not going to start now. But she isn't even sure what's going on.

You can't have her, she's not yours. Why does this thing feel so familiar then? She doesn't have a magical sword. Just fire.


From scent alone there's very little to learn about the Bear. It's only the sharp scent of winter and ice, of death and decay, of anger and frustration.

Of fear.

Dani is different. There's the warm smell of life and humanity, of her own rage and focus and fear as well.

Then surprise and shock, as Rahne enters this realm and runs closer. That terrible surprise brings Moonstar's head up and the Cheyenne staggers backwards, away from the paw that swipes at her.

"Rahne, no." Comes Moonstar's immediate response, "No! Get out -"

Of here. Get out of here. That's the warning Moonstar wants to shout, but before that warning can fully materialize several things happen at once -

Rahne slides to a stop behind the Bear and she asks Dani what does she need, and with that moment of inattention the Bear strikes!

It's form rises up to its full height and while not as large as it once was, it's still taller than both women combined.

As such, its great paws lash out like lightning and like lightning it slams toward the ground in an attempt to entrap Rahne Sinclair. To cage her like days before, only this trap isn't metal teeth and chain. Instead it's blighted claws of ivory that try to capture her here in these shadowed lands.


This time is different.

She's already tried that once, and she failed. She just fell into the darkness, attacking this thing isn't the way. Get out…no. And this is SO CONFUSING, and she's scared and in too deep, and this is so soon after coming back, her wolf half wants to run, her were form wants to attack.

"No," she says, as the blighted bear moves to capture. This isn't the way. Her human, her self, is too slow to act and calls it an excuse for failure.

And besides, she actually -isn't- that fast. Lightning strikes, and she lets it for one reason and one reason only, in that instant of clarity that she's given after all the guilt is gone.

It gives Danielle the chance to strike.

Though she's fully prepared to shift to wolf form and run, if she actually gets the chance. I mean, let's not be stupid here. There's only so much that a practical wolfling will put up with in the way of Wonderland antics after all.

It's not exactly helping, but hey, Dani told us to.


The wolfing doesn't move.

She stays where she is and while another beast might ponder why its prey doesn't try to flee, the Bear doesn't. It goes for what it sees as an easy kill.

It goes for what it sees as weakness.

Scythe like talons descend like an axe, intending to slam into the ground around Rahne Sinclair. A cage of bone, fur and keratin. A cage of fear.

Only before that trap can close around the wolfling Moonstar reacts.

One minute she's in front of the Bear and then the next she's right next to Rahne. The sword she carries, covered in glittering frost, rises upward and the Bear finds the point of the blade burying itself deeply within its paw.

There's a great roar of pain, a quaking of the earth beneath Rahne and Moonstar's feet and around the blade seeps a brackish sludge-like substance. Demonic blood. It drips down the blade and towards Dani's hands and while she sees it the Cheyenne doesn't flinch away from it.

Instead Moonstar pushes further against the paw, holding the creature at bay with her strength and the bite of her own sword.

In that second, as the Bear struggles with its impaled paw, there's a moment. A moment that Danielle Moonstar turns to her friend. "Rahne -" There's a wealth of emotion there when Dani says her friend's name, "You can't be here. This fight isn't winnable with just the two of us and I'll be damned if it takes your soul too."

"You have to go back and when you do find Domino, she can tell you what's going on."

"She can help. Then find me again, with the others. Follow the trail even if it leads into darkness."

She's going to need help, to escape, to break free.

"Do you understand?"


She wants to do more. It's in her eyes, in that link. She could turn werewolf, put her hand on the sword as well. The two of them together could try to bury it deeper into the thing's heart, right now. Isn't she help? Isn't she already here?

But that's in her heart, and the only reason that Dani would even see it is that they're so inextricably linked. Because Rahne's eyes shine with the mission. Either that or she's just embarrassed by the lack of usefulness thus far.

"Ah dinnae want tae leave ye," she admits, but she's already leaning down to start the transformation. Not time for arguing, and she's here to do what DANI needs, not what her useless, waste of an ego wants.

And the wolf is small this time, primed for speed not combat. But as it streaks between the claws it whines, so very desperately wanting to stay. Not to go, not to run away and leave Dani in this fight alone.

We weren't supposed to leave each other alone, her heart yells. Not anymore.

But she's running, a red streak of hope. Leaving behind part of her own heart, and a broken promise she breaks freely. One more thing to forgive, if ever that comes.

I understand Dani. I'll find …who's Domino?

You know, probably not the best time to ask that.


Rahne's admission pulls forth something of a smile to the Cheyenne's features. It shows both love for her friend, but also sadness.

There's a finality to that smile of hers. There's an understanding deep in Moonstar's heart that this time the Bear won't let her go. This time her soul will never be saved.

That when lightning strikes twice you rarely survive from it.

Does that stop her from doing what she needs to do, however? No.

"You have to." Moonstar says to her friend, "You have to leave. I'll be okay." Lie! "You don't need to worry about me." A second lie!

"We'll see each other soon." A third lie!

But all of those lies are said and all of them are spoken with the utmost sincerity, because Moonstar knows her friend. It's what needs to be said, it's what she needs to hear.

Then the little wolf runs. She slips through the claws and races across the darkness and that's all Moonstar needs.

With a grunt the woman pushes back against the paw, uncaring that its blood spatters upon her skin. Uncaring that it burns with each drip and drop. All that matters is getting Rahne out of this dark dimension.

Seconds later Moonstar rips her sword free of the Demon Bear's flesh and then with a smooth pivot, the Cheyenne turns her back to the Beast.

She raises that sword of hers high and then slams it into the ground below. There's a great crack like thunder and then the ground around the Bear and Moonstar shatters. It splits into great chunks of ice and blackness and as Rahne runs a shadow opens up before her. It leads back into the woods, back to the world of the living, back to the Mansion and the relative safety of the light.

And when Rahne's heart cries out with those words of hers - they weren't supposed to leave each other alone - Moonstar's own cry of 'You're never alone!' might echo out from the darkness.


For even with death the Valkyrie knows it's not the end.


Running feels like the opposite of what to do. Running into the darkness, it stops being about the feet and the pumping of your heart, and more about simply being more than what you are, keeping focus and keeping it true. A goal, a goal you will achieve even if the light goes out and you're forced to do it on the wings of your soul.

And since that's exactly the case, Rahne runs til the darkness gives way, and her heart's fire carries Dani's words with her.

Dani wouldn't lie to her, after all.

The mansion is bustling with life, dinner in full swing. They've kept her a seat, and a plate is set for the little redhead, but if she doesn't come it won't surprise a soul. They're used to her oddnesses, her absences. Chatter and life fight away the fear and darkness outside, so when a piece of it knocks on the door, nobody even bats an eye.

Knocks, then bangs. And the door opens, and with her face as red as her hair, Rahne heralds dinner's early end.

"Who be Domino? Ah needs to find him….NOW."

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