Sharing Darkness
Roleplaying Log: Sharing Darkness
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Logan leads a scouting team vs the Shadow. It nearly goes BAD.

Other Characters Referenced: Angel, Domino
IC Date: August 08, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's Mansion
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In the dead-zone between the shadows that reach and grasp and claw with their icy fingers, between the warmth of the summer evening with that hint of stars, it's difficult to draw the boundary between what the Bear has done to the woods, to be sure what is safe and what is not. Yet it will be important to know how big this mess is, how far its reach, and what they're going to do about it.

When word first came in Logan reacted poorly. Scowling, he was dead-set ready to charge out. Dead-set on matching himself against the bear, and didn't need to wait. But calmer heads spoke of wisdom, and another course of action was decided. Their best trackers were needed. To find out how large this impact was, how much of the woods were corrupted by the Bear's touch. It fell to Rahne and Logan, with him taking point and her to be there in case he wandered too far into the shadows.

It was a better course of action. That didn't mean he had to like it. And she could tell from the tension in his movements, the scowl. And when he stopped long enough to snarl up a wad of spittle and spat it into the dark that defied them.
"I hate waitin'." He says. Just that. And then they're moving again. And if she doesn't say anything, they might keep going in silence for the whole patrol.


Shifted to her wolf form seems necessary to keep up; Logan is a hunter, and his movements are either sudden and flowing, or paused waiting for the right moment. He gives little warning. She kind of likes it though, it feels more calm than his demeanor.

She fits in perfectly right now. The entire mansion has been trying to draw her out since her arrival, after three YEARS spent as a wolf. Draw her out, teach her to be human again. But she's just living in the moment now. It's not until she needs to speak that time catches up again.

And the curveless, shapeless little lady with the short-cropped hair reappears. "Ye dinnae have ta wait, Logan sir." She speaks with that accent, Scottish and strong. Logan's one of the only ones who was here when she vanished into the woods. Maybe even checked on her, but respected her decision.

She trusts that. "Pure hard tae ge back out though," she starts. But her stance says 'we could totally do it', belying her words. Teenagers.


At first the answer she gets is a grunt, but that's Logan. Given the choice he's not exactly loquacious, and rarely is he ever forthcoming. Though he does at times pause, nostrils flaring as he frowns. To most other people what he does always seems a bit mysterious. The word he hears most often from others when he's tracking are, 'What?'

But Rahne is right there with him for the most part. He's drawn up short by the chill in the air, the smell of decay and corruption. He shakes his head. Standing there for a time, three minutes… five. Eventually he speaks.

"M'not likin' this. It seems ta move."

And then he's walking again, silent, his footfalls feather light upon the surface of the forest floor. Then, out of character for him, he asks her to talk. "Tell me what's passed for you, Rahne. Last few months." Just to get her talking perhaps, or perhaps another purpose as he shifts his step, taking up more of a position on the outside as they walk on.


It does seem to move. It feels as if it's looking at us. Specifically us, as if it knows who we are. The shadows are alive, and the cold feels dark and hateful. As if it's only a matter of time before it's hunting us.

A fact that Rahne has to shift back to human again to clarify; she shifts whenever we move. Safer, and faster that way. But she isn't quick to answer either. It seems she's gotten used to quiet in her time.

The smile that she offers is gentle, human. Not a snarl, even if it is hesitant. "Sleepin'," she says after a time. "Pure stoan hard tae explain..ah didnae ken time anymair. Ye jist hunt an' sleep, an' it's simple." She sounds like she misses it, in a way.

"Then ah woke up…Watch it!"

She waves a hand, as a shadow moves toward Logan. It's clearly alive, though it has no eyes. And it's moving straight for him from behind a tree, a thing of darkness and power.

It seems that this isn't a one-sided hunt after all, and the thing is watching them in return.


Instinct has him twist to the side, claws slicing through his knuckles with a whisper and then locking into place with a sharp /shing!/ as he twists to the side, as if trying to slice the shadow in twain. But then he backs up and away, drawing his arm back as if the thing reaching him were some creature of fire and brimstone.

A look to the side and he waves her off, "Back kid!" Their orders are to stay out of the mess, to just get an idea for the place. Go in too early… and well.

Quickly he looks around, continuing to draw back and try and gain some distance. Moving along an angle to bring him closer to Rahne and lend her some help if needs be.


The big problem isn't the aim, the thing isn't evasive. It's relentless, it keeps coming even as it's slashed, so Logan has an easy target. The problem is…it's a shadow. So even the vaunted adamantium goes through it and does…nothing.

Rahne leans toward the ground, her legs already running, and the shift into wolf is so seamless she doesn't even miss a step. She's got that part of her mutation so neatly held it's just shy of perfection, and the crimson wolf doesn't hold back.

She runs. A glance backward is almost perfunctory, since she is tracking him by his scent. To her, it's so odd to have someone else who can do that on the team. But this is Logan.

And he gave her an order. A lifetime of following orders from men - she gets BACK.

But she's hoping that he makes it out too. Please don't make me have abandoned another teammate. Like I did Dani.

And the shadows pull closer, too fast, too fast! The shape…Sabertooth? No, but it seemed like him for an instant. No, someone deeper, darker. More hated.


The temptation is there, just the flashing outline of the silhouette is enough to draw a growl from the man as his hands bunch into fists with those bright blades fanning from the movement. His jaw clenches and for an instant… a brief instant, Rahne might well imagine him diving right in there, rushing into the darkness and embracing it.

But then he shakes his head quickly, pivoting in place sharp enough to kick up old leaves and moss as he breaks into a sprint, rushing away from the flare and creep of the darkness that menaces them. He gives it his all, though Rahne in her wolf shape is that much faster. For a brief moment it seems like those tendrils are slithering up and around seeking purchase…

And then once he hits a taller treeline they almost disappear instantly, snapping back with barely a whisper. He doesn't stop, however. Several more strides and he spins back, locating her with a quick look. Then the scowl again as he shakes his head.

"This is worse'n before."


It hisses, it actually hisses. Just for a moment, losing its prey. It's odd though; it didn't actually seem to be hunting Rahne. It was clearly after Logan.

Until the treeline, and the light. You probably don't want to be outside if the mansion's power fails, because the shadows will be …everywhere. Or the moon…

But the wolf is waiting, safe in the field. Then it's the girl, the shift so fast that it's difficult to even see, and she's checking to see if he's alright. "Ye made it.." well, duh. He's here. She blushes at her own stupid statement, but drives it down inside.

Too bad he could smell the emotion on her.

"Ah dinnae remember…was ah aroun' b'fore? What be happenin?!" Okay, that was worry. Not hidden at all, she really is bad at hiding her heart.


"Mmm," Logan's not exactly forth-coming with explanations or details, though he tells her. "It came for Dani before, caused a mess of problems…" He looks at her and seems about to say something else as he steps away from the treeline that granted them shelter.

"C'mon. Let's give it a wider berth and finish up." That said he sets foot back upon the trail, looking to at least finish up their circumnavigation before they're called in for the crisis briefing. His jaw sets in thought, however, and she likely can imagine the dark thoughts roiling through him.

Though at one point he asks, "Tell me what happened, kid. How you found out about this."


Slow enough to run on two feet now, Rahne doesn't cheat. She runs, short human legs pumping, and she's being pushed just enough. Even now he's an instructor, and the test of her fitness is apt.

"Ah coods tell. She an' ah coods always tell." She's not panting, she's got enough stamina for that. Years on the trail, in the woods. She's fit alright. And damn.

"Et attacked me, jes' like thet, back there. But ah wasnae smart enough, ah fought back."

She shakes her head, trying to shake it off as they turn around a bush, startling nothing. No animals are crazy enough to still be here. "Then ah was fallin', an' Dani was thaer. She tol' me tae run, run an' go. Tha' ah couldnae help yet."

She doesn't need to say what having to do that did to her. It tore her apart, it's on her face. But she only slows down, only a little.

"Ah haveta find Domino. Who th' feck es Domino, Mr Logan?"

She doesn't even blink at the cuss. Even if she did kind of half-ass it, it's a lot for her usual language. You know, Christian Purist.


It takes them some time, to wend their way around the grounds. And as they walk he'll answer her as best he can, though their journey is nearing its end. "Mmm," Again he holds his tongue for the space of a few heartbeats, then he offers her at least this insight. "Domino is a merc, Worthington hired her. Good worker. Smart ass."

That'll have to do about a problem like Domino.

"You sent a message? I'll send her word if I can." It's as they're walking back towards the rear grounds of the mansion, the pool and the tennis courts visible as they emerge from the woods. But he seems angling not or either of them, but instead for the quartet of picnic tables that are off to the side.

Once they're there he'll climb onto the benchseat of one and sit down on the tabletop, his boots on the bench itself. Leaning forwards he digs out his cell and swipes it to life even as he digs into his pocket for a cigar.

A few thumbstrokes and a message is flitted off to Worthington that might help in that regard since he's got a few more angles of contact with her than the rest of the team most likely. "S'just Logan." He says.


No message. She didn't know who to send to, or how. Hell she originally thought that 'domino' was a board game. So she kind of pulls at her short hair as she jogs along. Sometimes ahead, more often behind. It hardly matters.

She glances at the woods again, passing through a darker area with maybe a little more speed than would really be required. Just in case. But she shakes her head, not wanting to talk when he's…thinking. Or talking on the phone. Or doing ..anything. She was always a quiet one, good at being seen, but not heard.


A match flickers to life as he sits there and then applies it to the end of the cigar. He'll at the least try to blow the smoke away from her as he speaks, "You seem more at ease with the wolf side of you." He tilts his head slightly as if looking at her anew.

Then he looks away and takes a long drag on the cigar. "And your senses are honed." She can likely get a read on him, he still smells like the man he's always been. The scents of leather, and steel, and blood. Combined with the tobacco perhaps obscured things at times. But she can sense the tension in him, the wound up spring twisted taut that's there when one is on edge. Yet his exterior manner seems to show naught.

"S'good that you've made some peace about it."


Peace. That's a good way to put it, though she seems to almost be waiting. Waiting for life to happen, she's gone a little too far into the wolf. For example, she doesn't think that a response is needed to any of what he said for a bit too long, until his gaze draws her up again. Out of it, out of the moment and into being human again.

Her voice is apologetic. Her words more so. "Sorry et took sae long. Ah didnae mean tae worry everyone." She sniffs the air; even human, she's not noseblind the way humans are. Even without the enhancements, she's paying attention. That's more than so, so many.

"Ah missed a mess o' classes though." She moves a bit, when the wind pushes the tobacco her direction. Then adds, "Did he answer yet?" Impatient. That's…actually good. It means she's got something to fight for again.

Even if there is a lot to catch up on.


The phone is darkened once again by another swipe of his thumb, and he pockets it. "Not yet. It'll buzz." He leans forward, resting his forearms on his knees, fingers interlacing as he levels the full weight of his regard on her. Watching, gauging. Something about Logan's gaze that has always been disconcerting, judgmental even when it's not intended.

Then he looks away, "M'sure you'll get a chance ta make up the classes." A mundane answer as his thoughts shift away for a moment. Then he looks back, "You did right, kid. By Dani. I mean."

Another drag on the cigar then he ashes it and adds, "If yer kickin' yerself for leavin' her behind or blamin' yerself. Just sayin. You did right."


Her face darkens, almost angrily. The little storm that never shows itself on her face, in her fists. She DOES have a temper! One would think she was immune to that, after so long being the wallflower, the quiet footstool for anyone in the world. Odd that it'd come out..when Logan was being kind.

It takes her some time to drag it out though. When it does, however, it's probably misdirected. "We were nae supposed tae lea each other alone anymair. Ne'er again. Et was uir promise!" She closes her eyes, pushing it inside, but she's so…mad. A broken promise from a friend. Or to one. Either way, she left Dani alone. After the promise, after so long alone herself.

After she'd only JUST gotten humanity back, and friends.

Oh god, so mad. She starts visibly praying, trying to calm down. Our father, who art in heaven..


"I kinda know how you feel, Rahne." His use of her name directly, speaking to her calmly as he looks at her. His blue eyes are gentle, almost seeming to not be at home in the features of a man so weathered and haggard. "But trust me in this… if you had stayed there. Stuck with her. We might never've known what was happenin' until it was too late."

He ashes the cigar and sets it down to the side so he can turn to face her. "Right now, there's a big part of me that wants ta say screw it, and run out there and go in there and not come out until we got Dani free and clear."

He looks to the side, off into that distance, then back towards her. "But I know that if I did that, we don't know what would happen. Our best chance is ta go in there together. And come out together."


She finishes her little prayer, all the way through. But she's listening, her eyes are locked on Logan with an intensity beyond her apparent years. The oddest thing about her is how she's not developed, not grown, though she HAS aged. It's not natural. She's still the exact spitting image of when she walked away, at fifteen.

The mind inside is more, stronger, the senses, grown. The woman, unformed. She's only grown some muscle, but even that is whippish instead of thick. It's like her mental image defines her, almost.

Come to think of it, she's never needed a haircut.

"Tha' sucks," she says, with a bluntness that comes from the wolf. It must, Rahne was never that direct. Then, after a moment longer, "…ye soun' like ye have had tae do thes before." Sharp, yes. She was never dumb.


"Ehn, I'm old and have lots of experience. Eventually ya slam yer head up against a wall enough times ya start ta learn somethin'." That said Logan flares a hand slightly as if waving it off and turns his head back. The cigar is reclaimed and he lifts it up to take another drag before holding it lightly in one hand between index and middle finger.

"Guess what I'm sayin' though. Is that we'll get her back." His blue eyes distance for a time past her as he works at the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. A small shake of his head is given before he adds, "M'not gonna tell ya ta not worry. Think we're all pretty worried. Just when it comes to it." He looks back at her, meeting her gaze. "Don't let it affect ya. Don't hesitate."


She's quiet for a good while, then. If he couldn't tell by scent he might think that she'd gone wolf again, to pass the time in no-time, in the moment. As an animal. But she's waiting it out as Rahne, determined to be ready when she's needed.

Even if she isn't. But the next thing she says tosses that thought forever.

"Ah ken still feel 'er. She be alive." She's linked to Dani. She can find her. As her fists curl up, fingernails digging into her hands, fingers white.

The smoke from his cigar seems so small a worry tonight.

Then? "Ah'll try." Lie. She'll worry. But so will he, so that makes them even.

And her eyes tell the truth, looking back at his.


A single nod is given to her and then he leans over, and very gently ruffles her hair and gives a faint pat before pushing himself off the table and drops onto the sidewalk with a thump. He starts walking towards the mansion as he says over his shoulder. "C'mon, let's head inside. Give the intel to the chuckleheads and see what's waht."

And with that, he sets words to action, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket and strolls on inside.


The other mutant follows him in. Though she pauses to look out, for just a second. Into the shadows.

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