Life is Ruff
Roleplaying Log: Life is Ruff
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Domino's keeping watch around the shadowy void lingering at Xavier's when she's met with some very peculiar company.

Other Characters Referenced: Danielle Moonstar, Emery, Wolverine
IC Date: August 09, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's, Westchester
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Posted On: 09 Aug 2019 19:45
Rating & Warnings: PG
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It's already been a couple of days. Moonstar is still missing, lost somewhere within that dark shadowy mass which threatens to ensnare and absorb anyone who gets too close to it. Contact had been established with two of the three people on Domino's list with the third promised to be included shortly. With the matter now out of her hands there's little to nothing left for her to do.

This..does not sit well with her.

Dani had made Dom promise to 'do what had to be done' if it came to it but Emery has made her question if that was really Dani's own words. The albino's at a significant loss, which also isn't good. She also feels -slightly- responsible since this all began during her 'watch.'

Now that she's sitting idle there's a whole lot more watching going on.

It's another hot summer day outside so long as the temperature is gauged outside of the darkness. The albino's typical armor has been switched out for tall black combat boots, jungle camo cargo pants, a black tank overlaid with an opened camo pattern shirt, tinted eye shields, and the usual fingerless gloves. Gloves which may as well be welded onto the body of a compact black assault rifle which she's carrying around while on patrol.

Ya gotta go with what you know, and what Neena knows is that anything physical stepping out of that darkness which doesn't belong is going to get sent straight back to Hell to the beat of nine hundred rounds per minute.


The first thing doesn't come from the shadows, though. It might seem odd, but no more than normal for the Mansion…and this once, perhaps even tame.

Because it's not a darkness that steps out, but just a large dog. Wolf blood, but the collar on it is a clear mark of someone's ownership, though wolves that colour are truly rare. The crimson fur is groomed, the wolf sniffs the air, then seems to look at Domino with curiousity.

And pads over, unless it's given those too-ready bullets, to sniff in a friendly fashion at Domino's side. The way that it keeps glancing at the woods though…intelligent, and wary. Female as well, if you know how to tell.

Seems Domino might have company for this watch.


Movement at four o'clock—!

A dog? No..maybe not quite. Seems a little too wild for that, in a manner of speaking. Not so far as the collar it's wearing. But who the hell around here keeps a wolf as a pet?

Maybe it's that Logan guy. He seems wild enough to keep a pack animal for a pet.

Domino's pacing slows to a stop while watching the animal walk on over, as sedate as can be, before sniffing her. The pale lady has definite traces of carbon, metals, oil, leather, and ..vanilla? Maybe she decided to go with a theme there.

"Okay, this is new," she levely declares before glancing about to see if someone else might be nearby. Like an owner. Because what the hell. The only other 'pet' she's heard about thus far is some doofy shoulder dragon thing which she's never seen with her own eyes.

Xavier's has some really strange policies…


The wolf headtilts oddly when Domino speaks. Not exactly a wolfish gesture, it's acting oddly even for that. Then it dances back a bit, behind a fallen log. And a memory slaps Domino in the face.

Owen Mercer, his arm torn off. A painful way to die. A glance ahead, another body. Second to die, a young woman, small, red hair cut close to the scalp. Unforgettable, and only the first few in a line of dead.

The short red hair of the young lady who was just a wolf looks from behind the log, her grey shirt hiding a lack of curves that's almost childish. Her pale skin and freckles, last seen torn open. Alive and well, but shy and uncertain.

The fact that it just shapeshifted from wolf into human almost might seem like a minor thing to focus upon then, the change so swift it was difficult to follow. But the girl is so clearly not a threat, unarmed and tiny, she would disarm even a priest.

"Are ye Domino?"

And Lord, that accent. Scottish, so very Scottish. And so quiet, she's trying not to offend. I mean, other than the sniffing earlier.


Oh shit it's happening!

There's a momentary blip within Domino where she loses sight of reality, hitting such a recent and disturbing flashback which isn't even real. It blocks the senses and triggers the mind into fight or flight. In that brief period of time she's lost willful control of her actions and fallen back to training and muscle memory.

When she comes back around she's ducked low, kneeling behind cover with the rifle brought up toward the shadowy mass and the sight brought up to eye level, seeking a target which ..never materializes…

Then comes the voice. Where most normal people might look over their shoulder this crazy high-strung lady rolls across her back and comes around fully facing the source of this unexpected voice with an expression wild enough that the shades don't fully conceal it.

"The HELL was that?!"

And where'd the wolf go?

And who is -this- chick??

Whever she is, clearly not a threat.

The stubby rifle droops down to her side as she frowns then glances around. "Yeah, that'… Where did you come from, exactly?"

It's highly unusual that someone truly gets the jump on Neena. Not like this!


The redheaded ..child? Woman? Hard to tell, almost unimportant…the kid looks at the gun and manages to go even paler. On a Scot, that's nearly like holding up a white flag except that it's actually her face.

Hands empty, palms up, the kid has tried to duck behind the log even more, and when she hits the ground her hands go over her head.

Military-short hair, someone's shaven her head, and recently. But peeking around instead of over, the young lady whispers, "From….th' mansion?" It seems that Domino's strong response was as disconcerting to the kid as it was to herself. The fact that the log isn't overly large helps; she's undersized and can hide easily.

"Aam pure sorry. Dani tauld me tae fin' ye. Donnae kill me, Ah didne mean tae scare ye."

Then, said so quietly it's difficult to make out, the kid whispers something that almost sounds like 'I'm a werewolf'. But you could be mis-hearing, she was awfully quiet there. And her accent is strong, after all.


Jeezus, it's just a kid. At least she THINKS it's just a kid but either way! Neena's quick to come back to her senses, sliding the rifle around until it's nested diagonally across her back so that she can similarly show empty hands.

"Hey..hey, it's alright. I'm not gonna hurt you. Things have been a little crazy around here lately, you really shouldn't be hanging out around this place while ..while we're undergoing some shadow renovation."

How else do you explain what's happening around here?

The werewolf part may be missed but the majority of Rahne's words are heard. "That is a seriously strong accent…" Dom mutters under a breath before coming back to her feet. "It's alright, you can come out of there. You know Dani? She's a friend of mine."

WOW does it feel strange to be using the F-word again… It just sort of rolled right out all on its own. It's also enough to make the albino hesitate.

Did she really just refer to Dani as a FRIEND?


She creeps out from cover, the black skinsuit under her shirt covering her. Bare feet, normal person. Not a wolf at all, the Scottish chick stands up and…leaves herself dirty, not dusting herself off.

She keeps a bit of distance, though she's clearly hoping to come closer from the way she leans in, and takes the occasional, unconscious step. Toward Domino, not away. It seems that the rifle wasn't enough threat to really frighten her off.

"Ye be Domino," she says, kind of unnecessarily. We already covered that. "Dani..when ah waus en th' shadow, she tol' me ta fin' ye. She be mah friend, too." She pushes her hands together, screwing her fingers into a mess, and her voice gets quieter, more hopeful. "Tol' me ye'd know wha' was goin' on. What can ah do?"

She's BEEN inside?? Oh yay. And how is that shock-short hair so perfectly the shade of that wolf?


Hmmh. That kinda looks like an X-Men sorta uniform under the girl's shirt but she's so uncertain of herself. They aren't putting her on any active missions, are they? Domino can't see that kind of scenario ending well for anyone involved.

"Yes. I'm Domino," she confirms then breathes out a gentle sigh. "Or Neena," is added in a defeated lilt.

Wait, hold up a tic. A ghostly thumb is jerked back toward the coalesced shadows. "You went in there?" Ho boy. She dips forward forward enough to massage her forehead, holding back the groan which threatens to follow. "… I only know a teensy little bit about what's going on but what I do know is that you do -not- want to go in there."

This is emphasized by a finger stabbing toward the shadows again, done so without first lifting her head.

Both hands drop and her head returns upright, looking to Rahne again. "Right now there's nothing we can do other than keep an eye on the situation. Help should be coming soon."

It had -better- be coming soon…


No. No, that can't be right. The girl shakes her head, eyes almost litearally puppydog eyes, and threatening to leak onto her face. "Ye cannae jis tell me ta do nauthing?" she asks, though from anyone else it would have been a statement. A tearing heart behind it can be heard, somehow, some way.

"Ah kin feel her! She an' ah have…" she waves her hands, trying to find words. Something more, she's trying to say. Obviously. So she pauses, closes her green eyes, and takes a deep breath. Calm, calm.

"Dani an' I…" she starts, intentionally choosing her words, not panicking. "We ken each other. Ah can always fin' her. An' she can fin' me. She knows if ah be in trouble. Ah know she be alive. We're linked."

"You Can Not tell me nothin! Please, mess Neena! Et's so hard tae not run in right now an try tae rip 'er free." Okay, she's not being as careful now. But it was nice while it lasted.


This is not happening.

Neena came here prepared to fend off Satan himself with one of the best modern military rifles the world could provide. It doesn't do her any good against a crying desperate youth.

Once more her head dips forward into an awaiting hand, massaging the pigmentless skin with another curse drifting out in the faintest of whispers. Today calls for a LOT of whiskey…

"Listen, kiddo. I can, and I will. If the others knew that I was standing guard out here then I'd probably catch heat for it, too."

The difference is that Neena doesn't give half a shit what anyone else thinks she should or shouldn't be doing. She's here. She's doing this.

It hits her a little late. This girl has a connection to Dani? She can -feel- Dani? This is also the same short haired ginger Neena saw in that vision of snowy New York City.

Completely slaughtered.

Then comes the admission. Little Red here can barely keep from rushing into the shadows. This prompts a completely different response from the mercenary who rushes forward those few steps to physically catch Rahne by the shoulders.

"I CAN and I WILL because right now there is -nothing- that any of us can do. Now get a grip, girl. If you can't keep yourself in check then you'll compromise everyone here. Understand? If you jump back in there then we'll have TWO people to find and rescue and we'll all be weaker for being down another person. Dani is counting on -all- of us to come together and be smart about this, not to run off half-cocked."


Urgh. That hit her, apparently. Like nothing else the white-skinned lady has said, that last part hit her, because she goes stiff under Neena's hands and she visibly bites her lip until it bleeds. Just a little, but even a touch of blood stands out on white skin.

Something Neena would know, and how much desperate distraction it takes to bite that hard. But the kid drops her gaze after a moment, and it's all the admission she has to give. She mumbles something into her shirt that sounds like a promise. Literally "I promise", though she's shaking as she does so.

Girl needs to learn to talk louder.

The oddest thing would be the fact that she hasn't actually cried. No real tears, just almost, and nearly sort-of. Even now as she lifts her chin, the deep breath of acceptance isn't accompanied by the complete breakdown that you'd expect. Just a breath, shaking but deep.

And, "Ah'm gonna pray, an' keep watch," as a compromise. She looks up into Domino's eyes, power and a final refusal to bend on this last point evident. Evident..and unmoving. "Ye'll nae be alone."

You'll never be alone. It echoes in her mind. Dani's last words to her. It makes her harden herself. This isn't over.


Oh my god, now this chick's on the verge of self-destructing. She's biting herself to the point of drawing blood… Domino is not prepared for this sort of engagement!

And now she's stuck babysitting some immature ginger girl as well as a soul-absorbing shadow rift. Lucky her.

At least Rahne is standing down. Any further escalation from here would not have been pretty and could have ended up with Neena having a very difficult conversation with Warren later on.

But praying? Praying is harmless. And having another set of eyes is hard to argue against. But Dom's not willing to leave it at that and go back on patrol. She's going to stare good and hard at Rahne for a while longer, as if driving the point home of who's in charge here out of willpower alone.

"Then sit down and pull yourself together. You're no good to any of us unless your head's in the game." A point which she happens to know too damn well from personal experience.

"You see something or feel something, you say something. I'll call it in."


She nods to Neena, but then she vanishes. She vanishes, and the wolf is back, sitting where she was, offering stronger senses, sharper eyes. But this wolf isn't the nice, friendly wolf from earlier. It looks the same, yes, but it absolutely does NOT. The jaws are stronger, the fangs shine more sharply. It has more visible muscle and the fur is somehow darker, to fit into the shadows deeper.

This THING isn't a toy, or a pet. It still has the collar, but it's a weapon the way the other wolf was a friend. The way a rifle isn't your friend, until you need it more than you need an empty hand.

This is what will be watching, in the dark. And it's not asking permission. It's just a good thing that you know that good little girl behind the dark green eyes.

And it watches the shadows, without a word. Wolves can't talk, after all.

There are no tears. She's part of this, and there'll be no breakdowns. But there will be backup. Apparently.

Babysitting might be a bit less difficult than expected.

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