The Dancer and The Agents
Roleplaying Log: The Dancer and The Agents
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Ren Kimura is interviewed by Peggy Carter and Agent May.

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IC Date: August 09, 2019
IC Location: SHIELD, Roosevelt Island
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* * *

It was perhaps a week since Ren Kimura had 'emerged' from her cocoon. SHIELD had kindly taken her in for the time after the accident- she had, after all, acted bravely to go and try and save SHIELD scientists… and something odd happened.

But in that week, Ren hadn't been able to really find time to herself- or time to dance. The lack of movement has driven her a bit crazy. She's full of nervous energy- a need to move.

A need to *dance*.

Phone in hand, Ren just happens to find an open bit of space that seems abandoned… somewhere she could stretch her legs. She takes a moment, looking at her new hands and arms- and just looks over, "Okay, play dance mix." she commands the phone. A song beings ( ) and Ren is off.

And such grace- it's well beyond what most human beings could ever hope to have. Her eyes are closed and she moves with such Inhuman Grace, her finger tips starting to shift before the ribbons appear.

It's almost hypnotic how the ribbons start to follow her movements, flowing and shifting as she spins, jumps, slides- the ribbons carrying a pink glow as her abilities start to manifest.

* * *

The fact that someone has undergone Terrigenesis recently is certainly something that SHIELD is monitoring very sharply. The tearing down of the Triskelion by the Brotherhood which led them to this older base that they have been building up is directly related to the substance that changed Ren into the dancer she is now.

SHIELD has been kind, SHIELD has been observant, they are still those things right now. However, they are also wary. Ren is still here for multiple reasons. She acted to save SHIELD scientists, but that does not always absolve anyone of anything. Double agents come in many forms.

From their place in medical, Peggy waits for a few moments to allow Ren to dance. Is she watching it for the beauty of it or to see what it is these new powers do for her? It's hard to tell. To the agent next to her, she says, "For now she is not hostile, but we do need to find out more about her and what the terrigenesis did to her."

Peggy gives a moment and then she steps in, tablet held against her chest and a smile on her face. "Ms. Kimura, hello. I am Agent Carter, this is Agent May. We are here to talk to you if you are up for it."

* * *

Watching alongside Peggy, Agent May can only nod in agreement. Their best defense at this point is knowledge. And the only way to determine that currently is by asking directly.

Following Carter, she stands quietly next to the slightly taller agent, her fairly generic dark-colored clothing not really giving away anything about why she's here. Her almost Vulcan-like expressionlessness and the wordless nod in greeting likely don't help much either. To the trained eye, though, she stands with the casual readiness of a trained martial artist.

* * *

Ren was quite into the dance- her eyes closed as she moves with the rhythm. There is no way she's not trained. She seamlessly draws on talent and experience to mix dance styles together in the same way others might mix fighting styles. Ballet and Jazz mixed with Salsa and Hip-Hop.

She's so deep into her dancing that she fails to notice either Peggy or May until one of them speaks up. She turns to face them- the ribbons hanging in the air before they retract all at once with a loud *SNAP*, not unlike that of a whip. "Oh.. I.. Yes?"

If she knows who either of these women are she's doing a very good job at hiding it. "I was.. er.. Just dancing." she looks to her phone, "Stop Music." she announces, and the music fades to silence. "I'd shake your hand, but.. I'm sort of afraid I'd hurt you."

* * *

"We can see that." Peggy gives a genuine smile to Ren. "We don't mean to interrupt you. There's only some questions we wish to ask. This is…you have been through a process. Has it been explained to you? Do you know what happened?"

Slipping into the room, she moves toward Ren, but also makes sure to give her enough space to stop her approach. The snap of the ribbons retracting is met with only a slight wince. The woman is used to the unexpected and keeps going.

"There is no need to shake my hand if you do not wish. From what we know, there was a car accident, right? And then you woke up here?"

* * *

Again, May wordlessly shadows Peggy, following her toward Ren and stopping a step back and slightly to one side, her hands clasped loosely in front of herself. Very much NOT any kind of posture to make it seem like they're trying to back the young woman into a corner, more like … a bodyguard shadowing someone of importance.

The ribbons retracting has her eyes sharpening with just a bit more intent, though it could easily be mistaken for bored interest.

She'd helped Carter glean what information they know about Ms. Kimura, so the British agent's words are nothing she wasn't expecting to hear.

* * *

"Yeah. There was this smoke or something coming out of the back of a truck or a van or something that got hit by a bus." Ren replies to Peggy. Green eyes go between the two agents. "I woke up here, in the medical wing." she continues, "I don't remember what happened after I opened the back of the vehicle."

That is probably because she passed out the minute she got a face full of that gas and was in a cocoon almost just as quickly. "I've been here about a week now, lots of tests. Mostly nice people. Doctors were a little.. pokey at times."

A lot of pokes and prods. Bloodwork. Various drugs in her system- recreational levels, really not that unusual given her social circle of dance clubs and the like. "Uh.. so.. do you guys know what happened to me?" she wonders, looking between the two other women. "Am I like.. a mutant or something?"

* * *

Peggy nods and taps in this information onto her tablet. "Yes, I imagine they did wish to know more about the process of what happened to you."

Tapping a few more things onto her tablet, she gives a quick glance toward Agent May and then back down to her tablet. "It is a process."

* * *

May's eyes flick over toward Peggy to return that glance, clearly unimpressed by being very subtly put on the spot. But, she takes it in stride other than that glance.

You owe her tea for this, Carter.

"Not precisely mutant," she speaks up for the first time since entering the room. "More your inherited extraterrestrial genetics have been activated by the gas that was coming out of that vehicle."

Oh yeah, that's breaking it gently. Not.

* * *

Ren blinks a few times as she processes May's words- looking back to Peggy then back to May. Her eyebrows knit together. "What? I'm… not sure exactly what that means."

"I'm not from space, though. My family is from Los Angeles." she says, her voice lilting upwards, half a question and half a statement.

"So.. what happens now? Is this like one of those men in black hide me away forever things?"

* * *

Peggy gives May a look of her own. There will be tea, but she has her reasons.

"I am sure they did. We are not entirely sure of all the factors, however, what we do know for sure is that for some people, far back in some people's past, their mother or father did not exactly come from Kansas." She looks to May, "That is the proper saying, is it not?"

Then, back to Ren. "And if that the case, when this happens, it does mean that certain outcomes are predicated."

As for her and her powers, Peggy shakes her head. "So far it seems as if you make ribbons out of…yourself. That can be rather alarming, though not exactly dangerous. However, we are also in New York. So when you resurface, we shall have to register you and your powers. As of now, though? I think it more important to know what those powers are and how they work. That is certainly not a hide you in the basement forever scenario."

Peggy looks to May. "Does that sound about right?"

* * *

May nods to Peggy again, and adds a bit more to her initially VERY slim explanation. "By inherited, I mean added to your ancestral DNA somewhere between ten and thirty thousand years ago. Possibly mitochondrial DNA, hence all of the bloodwork."

And then the 'how they work' comment comes up. "And that's why I'm here." She reaches into a pocket of the light jacket she's wearing and produces what looks like a black silk sash. "This is the closest analog I can get to your ribbons. Have you tried intentionally controlling them?"

* * *

"Well. Um." Ren says, "I figured out how to like.. release them." she offers to both, frowning a bit. "I don't really know much about it, I mean, I was able to do something while I was dancing…" She continues, "But.. I don't know more than that." she admits, she gives a bit of a smile, "Sorry, I'm not sure what I'm doing with all of that."

"Uh…you plan to teach me to use my.. er.. powers?" Ren asks between the two- looking a bit uncertain. Not long ago she was just a young woman enjoying raves at night and free-lance dance jobs other times.

* * *

"Yes, we will attempt our best to teach you to use your powers. That is what you have now. We will train you as best we can in them, but each case is different. You are here to ensure that you will not harm others or yourself."

Standing, Peggy taps a few more things into her tablet and then looks to May. "You've given us all the information that we should wish to know, thank you. We or other will be back to help."

* * *

At Peggy's words, May refolds and tucks the sash back into her pocket with the quickness and ease of practice. Something Ren will never have to worry about, most likely. She gives Ren another polite bow and looks to Carter, ready to follow the younger-looking agent back out of the room.

"And if you want," she adds almost as an afterthought, "you can ask for either or both of us at any time." No, there's no guarantee they'll be able to respond. But the girl can at least ask.

* * *

Ren nods slowly, "Would it be alright if I just.. danced some more? I need to move." she says, nodding towards the open space. "I need to process all of this." she continues, "It's a lot to take in." And she really still needed to just relax. To feel a bit more herself. It really is a whole lot to process. "I'm going to need a minute.THanks. I'll let you know."

* * *

As Peggy moves toward the exit, she nods to Ren. "Dance as you wish." It helps both SHIELD and Ren for her to have more control. It costs them nothing.

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