Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Roleplaying Log: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
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Wolverine and Domino are on patrol and run into some trouble.

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IC Date: August 11, 2019
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There's an ebb and flow to the shadows. Like the ocean.

Only this ocean is a sea of blackness.

Wherever the darkness touches crystals of ice can be seen. A frost that blankets the grounds, the trees, and literally anything it touches.

While the shadows are always moving at this particular moment they're quiet. Nothing pops out from the shadows, nothing leaves, they just sit there waiting for an opportune moment.

Perhaps that moment will soon find its way here. For not far from the edges of the shadow something glints brightly against the bleak backdrop.

It's small and golden and it's so very close to the shadows.

If a person gets close enough they'll find that it's a lyre. A solid gold lyre.

What the hell would a lyre be doing out here is probably a good question - but there it is.

The scents that linger within this area are a combination of that winter chill (from the shadows) and then several possibly familiar scents; Kitty Pryde, Angel, Dazzler and also Rogue.


It's all of people, and winter, and decay. The scents that linger. On the edge of the forest, Logan knelt close to that subtle ebb and flow of the winter's breath and the grasp of shadows. His gloved fingers lightly touch the ground, causing the faint ice crystals to quickly melt and leave just a subtle darkening to the fabric of his glove. Shaking his head he scowls, rising to his feet.
"So when you took this gig, Dom, you think you'd be dealin' with stuff like this?" The older man's voice is a low rumble as he climbs fully upright then starts to move. He stalks along the edge of the dark and then picks up the pace. He'll take point, his senses giving him the edge in a situation like this, though Dom's got the weaponry she can cover him well.
But then he gestures with a hand, "Somethin' over there." Voice lower, he starts to move towards that fallen Lyre.


The scents now lingering within the area may be lost to the likes of Domino but she's got Logan on hand to handle that whole 'sniffing the air' thing.

When Logan crouches down to brush a hand against the snow Neena says "It's weird, isn't it. Second damn week of August." This is soon led with a perplexed manner of expression. "Not even remotely. Keeps life interesting, though. A new crisis with every morning brew."

When it comes to the Lyre she doesn't need to rely on the other mutant's honed senses. She's pretty alright at spotting shiny things. It's even the right color! "Looks important. Hey, the other day Warren and Ali were saying something about finding some kind of object that might help us out. Think Dani might be trying to help us out from back there? Like throwing a key through the window?"

There's just a teensy little problem… How to pull it away from the shadows.

Dom hasn't let the bullpup rifle out of her sight since beginning her own patrol runs. Now it's kept tucked against her side with one hand while the other opens the channel over comms. "We've got something metal in sector four. Looks gold?"

The others should know what sector four is. She's explained it like six times!

With the call made she stares at the golden item and completely nonchalantly suggests "Looks dangerous. You can go first."


Domino's call is definitely received and in the background, before the line shuts down, there's a distinguishable, "Isn't that the front yard?"

She did tell them six times, but there are definitely some residents within these hallowed halls who aren't very good with para-military speak. At all.

Not that it matters. Not when Domino and Wolverine begin their approach towards that Lyre. As the two come closer there's a vague pause to the shadows themselves, and then like a great beast the malevolent awareness behind those shadows places its focus completely on Wolverine and Domino.

It's an itch between the shoulder blades as the two mercenaries move. Like someone has their sights right upon them.

And while the majority of that attention is upon the two it then shifts to the Lyre. With a quickness of a striking snake several tendrils of the shadow race across the grass towards the Lyre. There's almost an audible hiss as the shadows move, a hiss and the crackle of ice forming upon the ground in its wake.

However, now the question is who will get to the Lyre first?


"Ah crap," Logan says as he breaks into a run, pushing his heavy frame forwards at speed, faster than someone that weighs as much as him should be able to, surprisingly so. He ducks low as he rushes forth, cutting past several trees and trying to gauge the angle as he moves in.
Over his shoulder he snaps, "Cover me!" As if there's really anything to be covered from. But that doesn't stop him. His boots kick up divots of dirt as he charges, and just as he sees those tendrils reaching and making their grasp…
He leaps!


Sigh. "Yes it's the front yard," Neena swiftly and quietly comms back with her eyes poised skyward.

She's reminded of a saying about staring into the abyss and the abyss staring back. Coming closer to the shadows triggers a primordial feeling of unease and a definite tingling along the back of her spine. It's a feeling usually reserved for when her powers are at work..or when it feels like someone's about to put a bullet into her back.

There's a subtle *click* as the safety is removed.

"I've got a bad feeling aboutLogan don't!"

Yeah, he's lunging for the Lyre.


Cover him? Yep, she's already on that! But what can she do? Well, she can do what she CAN do. Which means she can shoot at the shadows. The suppressor helps to keep some of the noise down but there's still an audible *crack!* every time a round bursts through and breaks the sound barrier.

At least none of them drive home into Logan's back. She's a better shot than that.

"You crazyimpulsivedolt!"


The shadows and Wolverine race for the same thing.

The Golden Lyre.

And while the shadows reach the Lyre first as soon as those dark tendrils touch the golden lyre there's a sudden terrible stench.

Those tendrils shrivel up and turn to ash which is what allows Wolverine to successfully leap and grab that musical instrument.As for Domino, those bullets do rain down impressively. They punch through the shadows resolutely, but do very little damage to the darkness itself. Up until a portion of it moves independently of the rest -

A silhouette appears and what can be seen of it is something big. Really big. Like the size of a house big.

A bear. Yes, it's definitely a bear. While it was once a normal creature it now no longer is.

The creature, which stands upon two legs, steps out of the black mist and roars. That sound easily reverbs within eardrums, but more importantly it echoes within the psyche itself. A touch of cold upon mind and spirit for those who are sensitive to such things.

Its pelt is brown in color, but when close up to it shadows can be seen tracing patterns into its fur. Like almost look like images; pictographs possibly?

Not that it really matters, not when one of Domino's bullets DEFINITELY pulls upon her luckiness and strikes the Bear right across the muzzle. It leaves a large furrow of red and black on its face and with a roar of rage and now pain, it swings its head sharply around.

Which allows it to focus on the person nearest it.

Which happens to be Wolverine.

Domino's luck continues to hold true.

With a swiftness that belies its size, the Bear lunges forward and tries to impale the man upon razor sharp claws.


The last distance had been covered in a tuck and roll, that had the Canadian mutant catching the Lyre by the grip and with him twisting to his feet as he recovers, barely losing a step. He rises up and then his nostrils flare as he catches the scent, something dire emerges from the shadows.
The X-Man's answer is to unzip his combat suit just enough to push that Lyre into the side of the lapel, zipping back up as he bares his fangs as he growls right back at the great creature. Then it starts lumbering towards him and he slashes his arms wide, blades slicing through the knuckles of his gloves and locking into place with a sharp /snikt!/
"Come on you bastard." He snarls and just as it charges him he /leaps/ the dirt and grime and wood splintering and spattering as its claws tear apart the earth where he stood even as he leaps forwards and past the creature, one arm slicing wickedly across the side of it as he passes, trying to gut the beast as best he can before he lands heavily and twists back up.


Interesting point #1: The lyre causes the shadows pain. This makes it useful, and useful means they can't let the enemy get hold of it.

Interesting point #2: Shoot into the shadows enough times and sooner or later you're likely to hit something! That goddamn bear is back and she just sucker-punched it right in the schnoz with a five five six. It also doesn't like physical impacts once it's manifested.

Yes, it's still creepy. It's also GROWN! And all covered in strange swirly patterns and stuff and—

She just jinxed the hell out of Logan, didn't she.

And he put the lyre under his coat. No, that's—no no no DAMMIT!

"Logan!" Domino's concern is less for the other mutant at this point and more for the item he's attempting to safeguard. The Wolverine'll be fine! Besides, he can handle himself.

He..CAN handle himself, can't he..?

"Next time you're bringing the damn grenades Dom," she seethes through a set jaw while taking shots at the psychic monstrosity. She has to get that lyre to safety and THAT means somehow getting LOGAN to safety. This probably means that she has to make herself an easier target. Ugh.

Neena comes in at an angle. Definitely closer to the wall of shadows. "Over here, Goth Smokey!"


Wolverine's claws cut into the side of the Beast and it causes another earth-shattering roar from the creature.

It also slices the thing wide open and while one might expect blood to gush, there's surprisingly little that does.

Sure, there's a bit of blood, but what actually pours forth is much darker, more viscous. Shadow and blood mixed together and when it drops to the ground it instantly freezes what it touches.

Then - because there always is one - the viscid liquid rises up and strikes at Wolverine. It intends to wrap around those deadly claws of his and if successful twine all the way up his arm.

And whether successful or not, its attention does shift off of Wolverine for a few minutes. It swings its great head in the direction of Domino now, as her bullets pierce through its darkened hide.

With a lurch, the Bear turns to face Domino, then it drops down to all four paws and as its front paws hit the ground its claws slice deep into the earth.

Beneath the ground shadows zigzag from the tips of its claws and burrow toward the Goth Mercenary.

There's perhaps the briefest of a telltale sign that something beneath the ground coming at her, as the grass along its path quickly wilts.

It's only when close enough to Domino that the tendrils burst through the dirt and grass and lashes out at the woman's ankles and legs. Similar to Wolverine, the shadows attempt to entwine the woman's legs and if possible yank her feet from beneath her.


With almost a snarl the whipcord of shadow slithers and wraps around Logan's arm, yanking it down and out of line as he tries to pull and twist away. He scowls, growling sharply as he pulls eve as he watches the great creature moving to menace Domino. "The hell away from her!" He shouts, trying to draw his arm free of the shadows and failing.
There's a /snakt/ as the claws in his free hand withdraw so he can push his hand into his suit's lapel, grabbing the Lyre. He tries to swing it down to perhaps sever the cord holding him, even as other shadow lines slither closer to him.
"Dom, yer faster, get this and get the hell outta here!" And as he says that he brings his arm back and /flings/ the Lyre at the other X-Man, trying to at least get that and her free enough to make an escape.


This thing is bleeding super-chilled ichor. JUST in case it wasn't creepy enough. It's also ripping Neena's eardrums to pieces, super freaking loud!

And then it's trying to grab a Wolverine by the claws which in her mind is -never- the right answer.

And THEN the scary bear is turning her way again! It isn't lunging at her though, instead… Oh. Oh that can't be good.

The albino has her own thought process running wild. Bullets hurt it. It's super cold. Suppressors get super hot. It's trying to claim Logan.

Dom empties the mag then throws the rifle end over end toward the shadows wrapped around Logan's arm.

Already there's an unexpected twist when Logan throws the lyre back at her.

With her arms already outstretched it's like they're just -waiting- to catch the thing before it's even loosed into the air. When it comes down the catch is nice and neat with the edge of a thumb brushing against the strings from one end of the instrument to the other, making the moment seem a little more like a fairytale than a fight for their lives. Or whatever it is they're fighting to retain.

Also, hey, she has the Funny Gold Thing! It should be a simple matter to do a backflip and bounce back to safety but catching the unexpectedly thrown item did set her back a second or two…


They are definitely fighting to retain their souls.

Possibly their lives.

Things happen quickly now -

Wolverine brings the Lyre out and slashes it down at those black ribbons of blood and shadow. The touch of the magical thing causes the shadows to lose its grip for a second or two, up until he throws the Lyre at Domino.

Once the Lyre is out of his hands, however, everything changes.

The ropes of shadow-tainted blood lashes back out at the feral man again. They intend to twine around both hands and arms this time around.

The border of shadows near Wolverine are also not idle. It roils forward toward the man and like a wave ready to knock a surfer down, the shadows rear up to engulf the man in its darkness and pull him within the nearby bedeviled woods.

For Domino, she strums the strings of the Lyre and the notes it produces are truly beautiful. Like an angel's voice. It's enough to give the shadows burrowing toward her a moments of pause, but only a moment.

Then with a burst of grass and dirt the shadows show themselves right next to Domino. Her second or two of inattention gives it the perfect window of opportunity for its icy touch to wrap around her ankles and calves. It yanks hard to knock Domino's feet from beneath her so that should she fall, she finds herself falling straight into a pool of waiting blackness.


The black creeping and curling shadows slither over Logan's body as he strains and twists to the side. Blades slash and slice but either it does no harm or there are always seemingly more tendrils just within the slithering fabric of the dark.
A length of shadow grasps his ankle and pulls sharply, slamming him to the ground as fingers dig into the dirt and grime of the forest floor.
"Go on, Domino! Get outta here! Ru…" The last word is cut off as a tendril slithers over his mouth and then the shadows make one greater yank to draw him sharply into the greater darkness.


Wow, what a lovely little song that device plays—



It's like the first stabbing jolt of hypothermia when diving into an ocean chilled below the freezing point. Muscles seize from the shock and a rare but completely genuine look of utter surprise flashes across the albino's face as she starts to lose her balance.

It's all she can do to fling the lyre away from the shadows and deeper into the non-infected woodland. Maybe it could have helped them but in her mind it'll be better served helping those who know what the hell they're doing. When it comes to fighting psychic nightmares and shadows she just doesn't know the score.

Neena never has a chance to call back to Logan. The only point of communication she can give the guy is that wild panicked look of 'we just fucked up.' He's gone in a heartbeat, right before her eyes.

Then she's falling backward but the expected impact against the ground never follows That's already somewhere else. There's a momentary yell from the depths of her lungs then Lady Luck simply ceases to exist with dead silence taking her place.


Wolverine and Domino are consumed by the shadows and pulled within.

As too is the infected bear.

All that remains now is the Lyre thrown into the woods that still hold sunlight and warmth. The gold once again glinting against the darkness that surrounds it.

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