Butler Hunt
Roleplaying Log: Butler Hunt
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Tasked with finding a couple of individuals, Domino gets a lucky break and randomly finds one of them.

Other Characters Referenced: Danielle Moonstar, Owen Mercer
IC Date: August 08, 2019
IC Location: Somewhere in NYC
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Posted On: 12 Aug 2019 17:17
Rating & Warnings: PG for some language
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Most Butlers send out for food and such. Have contacts that do the day to day shopping and what not, as they bustle around in their suits and such. Emery Papsworth however, can be found in the farmer's market, with brown paper packages in crates and loaded into the back of a sleek black Charger. Dressed casually, he wears a fitted black tank that fits appropriately to flatter his usually hidden musculature and tattooed arms. His long hair pulled back into a manbun, dark grey jeans and black and grey chucks on his feet. His eyes hidden with dark shades but nothing can disguise that wry and sometimes dimpled smile he flashes at a small older woman at a stall who is handing him a small basket of glass jars.


It's one of those moments. Three incredibly crowded cities. Two names on her list. No idea where to find either of them. At least the matte black on matte black on matte grey sports bike makes getting around a lot easier.

The world may never know exactly what cosmic force led to Domino being within the general area of a farmer's market but where this mutant is involved the universe has a way of providing. It's the black Charger which catches her eye first. Between his much more casual appearance and the sunglasses she almost completely misses her mark. The odds are about one in 8.7 MILLION and -somehow-..Neena's probability drive delivers.

The bike is brought to such a quick stop that it lifts up onto the front wheel, pirouettes around, then drops neat as you please into an empty parking spot perfectly sized for a motorcycle.

She just about throws the helmet onto the ground while fighting to pull it off of her head, upsetting her own sunglasses lurking beneath. Then it's a quick run toward the man, just in case the woman in biker leathers hadn't drawn enough attention to her arrival already.

"Emery! No shit!"


Emery tracks the arrival of the woman in leathers with a flutter of lashes as he looks over his sunglasses for a moment. He hasn't reached for a weapon but he did initially step forward almost protectively of the tiny woman behind him. There is an appreciative once over as the Irishman recognizes the woman from a rescue mission and he looks vaguely impressed as he folds an arm over his chest. "Hello darlin, ye lookin' a little less wet than the last time I saw you. You handle that bike as well as ye do your firearms." He jerks his head to gesture for her to follow him as he starts walking off with his basket of jam.


Huhwhat? 'Less wet?' "Yeah my first impression could have used some work," Domino swiftly admits as if she's entirely anxious to move past ..all of what had happened back there. Then Emery's giving her a compliment! A hand reaches to the back of her neck as she looks back to the bike, perhaps only now realizing how quickly she had come in while sticking the landing. "Oh..thanks."

Getting distracted.

Also following Emery as he walks. Well, alright. They can have this discussion while on the move.

"Dani needs your help." Straight back to business. "She told me to find you, we need both you and Owen ..whatshisface…" Neena trails off while snapping her fingers.

(M..? Mercenary… MERC.)

"-Mercer,- Owen Mercer," she concludes while pointing skyward. "We have a bit of a psychic bear problem on our hands. Dani seemed to think you two would know what to do."


Emery flashes a dimpled grin befor heading toward where there a couple of lawn chairs on either wide of a dark indigo colored cooler. That grin fades though as she continues and his nose wrinkles as if he smells something foul. "Oh for fecks sake…" He grumbles before gesturing towards a chair and settling in his own as he reaches behind his chair to retrieve a brown paper package.

"Aye teh Mercurial pain in my arse." He unwraps a package and inside is a presliced loaf of brown bread that smells fresh. He works a he talks. "Alright, dun just stand there lookin' like a beautiful deadly flower. Start from the beginning. Who are you, what do you know." He opens a jar of blackberry jam and starts spreading it on a piece of bread with a knife that seems to have appeared from out of thin air. Jammed bread is offered to Domino.


Really, they're..just going to sit around and enjoy the weather like nothing is wrong? Domino's looking slightly puzzled by this evolution, absently pulling the jacket zipper open before taking a seat.

"So you know what I'm talking about." It's a statement, not a question.

Confirmed! Aaand the man is spreading jam on a piece of bread. Clearly there is zero urgency here. Neena was out there for days racking up -countless- traffic violations and now she's being handed a free lunch like they were talking about the weather.

You know. Just in case a psychic bear wasn't weird enough.

The offered slice remains perched upon clueless fingers as the albino attempts to rewind her brain. "I'm Domino. Dani and I operate in similar circles." It's probably best for her to keep their affiliations vague for now. "We were shoo-fighting some morons in the middle of a coke dealdon't askand Dani up and collapsed. Soon as I ran over it's like the..shadows..reached out and dragged me in," she says with some hesitation and a slight shiver.

"Next thing I know I'm standing in a snowy New York City with a trail of dead people. Pretty sure you were in there. Oh yeah, then Dani told me to shoot her in the heart," she adds on like it's nothing important before taking a bite of some REALLY GOOD blackberry jammed bread.



Those snazzy shades hide his eyes and that is probably for the best as he spreads jam on a second piece of bread for himself. Emery sets the jam basket aside with the bread on top and flips open the lid of the cooler to pull out two bottles of beer. Caps are removes deftly with the edge of his knife. Something very dark and very Irish as he listens. "Well, I'm Emery Papsworth, professional Butler and certified personal assistant." He introduces himself with that gentle Irish lilt.

There is a pause he turns to stare at Domino rather intently as she continues. Offering her a bottle. "Did ye see a bear? And did it touch you?" He has to ask carefully, taking a deep breath as he opens himself up to feel and make sure the person he is speaking with still has a soul.

Oh, it gets better and Emery just sighs and takes swig of his beer. "Well ye woke up so atleast there is that. After she asked ye to do her in, what did she say?"


Ah, -beer.- That's a universal language if Neena's ever seen one. Dark seems to do well by her, too.

"Oh yeah, I saw a bear. First it was attacking two animals. A bird and a wolf, I think. Then it morphed into Dani and told me to shoot her. Then Dani was fighting the bear separately. It was all some kind of convoluted and I was a little preoccupied with not losing my shit at the time."

A long drink of the beer suggests that yes, it absolutely agrees with her. Then comes a slight frown. "No. Neither the bear nor MoonUrsine had any physical contact with me."

It isn't easy recalling what all had happened that night but she tries. "Made me promise to keep shooting her, right in the heart, if it ever seemed to not be her. Then she made me promise that I would find you two and let Warren and Co know the score. I'm off to a pretty good start on all of the above."

Turning slightly to better look at Emery, she presses "So what the hell do we do about this?"


Emery twitches at the mention of a bird and a wolf, and he shakes his head slowly. "So, teh bear can take your soul. Consume it, leave your body an avatar to do its will. Or to do whatever you would do without a soul." He rolls his bread and takes a bite with a tiny shake of his head.

He takes another swig of beer and closes his eyes. "If you killed her, it might actually be what the Bear wants…."


Wait what now? "Come on now, Emery. Don't make this any more complicated for me. It reeeally sounded like Dani when she made me promise to pull the trigger."

And yet…

"But… Oh sonuvabitch. The first time it wasn't her, it was the possessed Dani. And she -laughed- after I put two into her chest. Did I just—"

No. What Dom needs is to just -drink more beer.- This is a thing which she can do.

"Okay. Great. So I'm officially more lost and annoyed than five minutes ago. Listen, Em. I've still got one more name on my dance card and an ever growing crisis on the home front. Either you find Owen or I will, doesn't matter to me, but when you're ready to help us make a move on this it seems that the Xavier Institute is ground zero for dark force shenanigans. Hope to see you there, it's gearing up to be one helluva party."


Emery sighs softly. "Give me ye contact information, I will invite Captain Feckface and yourself for dinner. I need to find Miss Dani's steed. I will explain it all to you and start to make plans." He leans over to wrap up the rest of the fresh baked brown bread and stands so he can offer it over. "She told ye to contact me because me specialty is souls. This is not mutants or magic, this is a spiritual ting luv."


Did he really just say that he was going to invite them both to dinner..?

Hopefully Dani isn't in too big of a hurry.

"Brightwind, yeah. Warren and Alison were discussing trying to find him as well."

A card with Domino's number is offered in exchange for more bread. Score! "You have a very peculiar specialty but it's looking like peculiar is exactly what we need. Be seein' ya soon," she says while giving Emery a mock salute with the beer bottle.

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