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Darcy and Warblade end up in a coffee shop full of aliens!

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IC Date: December 12, 2018
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Posted On: 13 Dec 2018 03:50
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The coffee house 'Beans and Nothingness' is packed today - and it's clearly due to a nearby tour over-scheduling at Columbia.

If it weren't bad enough that the place is packed, the presence of so many clueless high school students and their parents - all of whom seem entirely unable to read the menu or choose a drink and snack - slows down the process further.

The regulars are immediately identifiable, since their eyes have long since rolled into the back of their heads.

All except one, at least: Sam, the snarkiest of the baristas, appears to be out of it. She's bussing tables, but her attention is elsewhere. Based on what (well, who) she's looking at, it's one of the nicer-dressed applicants in line, and the barista's eyes seem almost hungry with desire. In fact, Sam keeps slowly drifting closer to the line as she performs her cleaning duties, but the human buffer zone of frustrated would-be customers in between them keeps her at bay.

A packed coffee house is typically not something to be worried about.
Especially now that the weather is slowly creeping towards arctic ice winter.

However, a packed house due to a college tour is something DIFFERENT. It's on an altogether different level; especially for the regulars that frequent the shop. Which Darcy Lewis is definitely one of.

Still, she's weathering it with her good humor intact, as she murmurs beneath her breath, "Look at them -" Meaning the high school students that are currently cluttering the place up, "So new and shiny. Such newbs."

And while she fidgets in line (because really who can stand still that long?!) Darcy's gaze automatically flicks around the area and lands on a familiar figure.

Sam, a barista after her own heart.

Automatically Darcy raises a hand, waving, "Hey, Sam. Surviving the stampede?"

One of the nearest not-yet-freshmen to Darcy gives her a sharp side-eyed look and then scoffs, texting in a fervor, probably to her bestie.

As Sam's name is called, she snaps out of her daze and blinks, looking around for the source. "Oh," she says quietly before adding, "Oh! 'Sup, Darcy?" Sam offers a smirk and a chin-nod, stepping toward the regular. "Just tryin' to keep this place in order. Thought I saw somebody I knew -"

Sam thumbs over her shoulder, but when she turns her gaze toward the object of her desire, there's a man with bright green hair in an overcoat standing next to the student. He points directly at Sam at nearly the same moment she gestures toward them.

Suddenly, Sam growls, her voice multiple octaves deeper than it should be. "No …!" she says, and her skin takes on a pea-green hue, with a texture not unlike scales. Her eyes flash yellow.

"Grraaghh!" Sam shrieks, tossing aside a nearby table with a shove of her hands, revealing long claws at their tips, as she leaps toward the student.

The green-haired man in the overcoat pushes the student toward the front door and then moves in front of Sam. "Everyone /out/!" he shouts.

The kid texting is ignored. It's not like Darcy has never had anything said about her.

Especially in text.

And besides, Sam is here and chatting and that brings Darcy's attention fully on the other woman.

"Hey girl." Darcy greets back and then she turns a curious look in the general direction that Sam motions to when she mentions seeing someone familiar, "Oh yeah? Who's that?" The sight of the green mohawk catches her attention and causes the brown-haired woman's eyebrows to rise upward, but only for a moment, after all she's seen crazier things. Really.

"You gotta tell me where you met that dude -" Begins Darcy, but her words falter as Sam growls. That brings Darcy's gaze right on back to the Barista, a look of concern flickering across her features now.

"Uh Sam, you ok?"

Which clearly she's not, especially as the other woman tosses a table aside. "Holy crap!! Sam!" And while the green mohawk haired man shouts for everyone to leave (while pushing the student), Darcy freezes for a second. Then she shakes herself out of her shock and reaches for her messenger bag, "HEY! I don't know what's going on, but you leave her alone!"

From the bag a small compact device is pulled free, a taser and Darcy /knows/ how to use it.

Sam-but-maybe-not-but-what-the flings her arms back and forth, slicing open the man's overcoat and part of the wall beside him.

Beneath the coat is a metallic bodysuit, and the man flexes his hands - which, much like the barista's, extend into long, sharp talons.

He slashes at Sam's face, drawing blood, before looking past his opponent to the remaining woman. "Get out! I can't keep you safe here -" he begins, and then Sam gets a hand around his throat, turns him upside-down, and slams him into the floor.

"Wise words," the deep voice coming out of Sam's mouth intones. "Last chance to live," she purrs over her shoulder. "Having to chase down my prize will work up such an appetite…"

Yeah, it's becoming clear to Darcy that she's likely in *way* over her head.

Way over it.

But a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, and friends stick together. Even if they grow weirdly long sharp talons and speak in deep freaky voices. "Hey! I don't need protecting -" Yells Darcy Lewis, but then the barista that-was-once-Sam slams the green-haired man down. That seems to decide something for Darcy.

It also causes the brown-haired woman to stare a moment, then, "Aw jeez man. This is so not good."

"This is totally going to ruin my favorite coffee place, I know it." She mutters (mostly to herself) even as she takes aim with her taser and squeezes the 'trigger'.

The little prongs go flying, but not toward Warblade, instead they aim to sink their little hooks into Sam.


The taser prongs embed themselves into Sam's back.

As the electrical charge surges through the circuit, Sam spasms, and for a moment it appears as though there's an ugly-as-hell /thing/, green and scaly, trying to escape Sam's body, and then it's pulled back in. And then again.

Sam drops to her knees, dazed as well as tazed.

The green-haired man rights himself and crouches. "Hit it again!" he snarls. "We might be able to save your friend if you send another charge through right - /now/!"

Outside, most of the college tour group stands taking video of the scene and sharing it. A few take duck-faced selfies with the brawl in the background. #nyclife #coffeeclash

Darcy is a pro at wielding tasers, it's true, but when it comes to hitting her friends with that electrical surge she can't quite be as ruthless as when she tazed an Asgardian Prince.

So, when Warblade asks her to hit Sam again with a full dose of electricity, Darcy's attention shifts right on over to him. "What? Are you crazy? It might kill her!"

That thought alone is what makes Darcy hesitate, though not for long. Not when Warblade says now with such force. Almost automatically Darcy pulls the trigger again which allows the current to flow once more.

"This better work!" She shouts at the unknown man, threatening as much as she can for the sake of her friend's life. "Or I'm going to be *totally* pissed off here."

"Lady," Warblade replies, "if you want her to have a /chance/ at survival, you need to do it!" He tenses, ready for …

The scaly green creature launches forth again from Sam's form, and the clawed man rapidly slices and dices at its face. It continues separating from Sam, and it falls apart into mauled chunks of meat as it does so.

Sam, meanwhile, is thrown backward by the force of the creature's movement, and she hits the floor with a dull thump, out cold.

"I think … I think we got it," the man says a moment later, breathing heavily after his reenactment of a garbage disposal. He looks up to Darcy. "You can call me Warblade. Your friend - is she still breathing?"

Luckily, she is!

At the second sighting of the scaly green creature separating from Sam, Darcy just gapes.

Sure she's seen a lot, but even she can find weird things weird.

And disgusting things disgusting, like the whole slicing and dicing and meat chunks. Just ew.

"It?" Darcy says, a shrill note entering her voice, "Can you please *tell me* what *it* is? Or was?" And while she does want to know the answer to that very important question, his prompt about Sam causes Darcy to turn.

Almost she forgot about Sam. Almost. "Oh my gosh, Sam!" She states and rushes right on over to the fallen woman's side. Hastily now, Darcy crouches down and feels for a pulse. "Oh thank gawd, she's still alive."

"She probably needs an ambulance." Darcy continues to speak, likely moving into babbling territory, "I'm sure someone's already called them though. The police too." Her attention shifts back to Warblade, "So seriously, what just happened here?"

His lips pursed, Warblade exhales quickly through his nose before replying. "It's … probably better not to know. They're everywhere, and they only care about certain people. Those of us who know of their existence are targets."

He offers a lopsided grin. "Ever see 'They Live'? It's kind of like that, but without the cool shades."

Sam groans, her eyes fluttering, as Darcy checks on her. "Wuzza … bluh?" she mumbles.

Outside, a stern father folds his arms and says loudly to his wife and son, "And /that's/ why you're going to Iowa State! There's no /aliens/ in Iowa!"

Warblade slowly stands, looking around. "I try to keep this sort of thing more covert, but I couldn't get here any sooner. I'm sorry about that." He glances at Sam. "You had a fling recently with someone named Alex, right?"

Sam blinks and then nods slowly.

"Yeah. We took care of that, too." Warblade sighs. "Look, I've got to run before any authorities show up. But try to stick to your existing friends circle for a while. These … things … like making use of bodies they've already gotten access to."

Sam's expression is one of abject terror, her eyes focused on something miles away.

"They Live? Like from the 80s? Who hasn't seen that Classic." Remarks Darcy in something of a dry tone, even as she listens to all of what Warblade has to say.

Her expression shifts from incredulous to something like exasperated, but when Sam stirs Darcy looks back at her friend.

"Sam, you're ok. You're safe. It's ok now."

Platitudes for the traumatized young woman, but they're offered earnestly on Darcy's part. It's only as Warblade stands and mentions leaving that Darcy says, "Oh wait a minute! Dude, you cannot just say all of that and imply there are aliens -" Yes, she heard that father, "Running around body-snatching us all and then leave. That is so not cool!"

"What can I say?" Warblade replies solemnly. "I have a fondness for the 80s and the 90s. Guess I just felt more alive then. Filled with invincible power." He looks at his bodysuit. "Ironic, I guess, in hindsight."

He begins moving toward the back door when Darcy stops him. He nods in response and shrugs. "You're right. I didn't want to say anything at all, but I felt you were owed at least a partial explanation. It's all I can give. You don't want to be haunted by daemons, kiddo," he offers in a tone that's probably more patronizing than it should be.

"Keep an eye out, though, and you'll find yourself in deeper than you might expect. But they've got their eyes out, too. It's why I try to stick to the shadows!" Warblade pushes open the back door and slips into the alley.

Just then, ambulance and police sirens can be heard approaching above the commotion of general activity.

"Whatever!" someone else protests in response to the alien discussion. "You know the government's testing out new chemical weapons with whatever they put in our coffee, right? /Right?"

"Dude, I didn't even get my coffee yet," someone else grumbles.

"Well, then maybe the /antidote/ was in the coffee!" the info-warrior retorts.

That tone of his isn't missed and Darcy can't help but retort back, "Hey! I have friends in high places! I can *totally* ask the questions."

She yells after the retreating form of Warblade. "Don't think I won't dig around for the gossip!"

Then he's gone and the brown-haired woman says, "Cause I totally will and I'll find out what this is all about too."

But first she waits with Sam, murmuring softly to the other woman as the two wait for police and EMTs to arrive.

This particular coffee run has definitely been memorial, that's for certain.

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